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GMO Internet To Stop Manufacturing And Selling Mining Rigs



GMO Internet To Stop Manufacturing And Selling Mining Rigs

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet Inc. is walking away from the cryptocurrency industry, announcing that will no longer develop, manufacture or sell bitcoin mining hardware.

The decision, while directly related to the precipitous drop in the price of bitcoin this year, was specifically attributed to GMO Internet being forced to record a massive loss in its cryptocurrency division.

On a consolidated basis, GMO Internet reported a loss of 35.5 billion yen ($321 million) in the fourth quarter with a 24 billion yen ($217 million) loss coming from its hardware arm and 11.5 billion yen ($103.5 million) loss coming from its in-house mining division.

“After taking lots of insurance and consideration changes which is in the current environment of business, the company expects that it is difficult to recover the carrying amounts of the in-house-mining-related business assets, and therefore, it has been recorded and decided to record some of the more extraordinary loss,” the company revealed in a statutory filing which is also moreover reported Wednesday by the report which has been revealed.

GMO Internet itself is a broad-reaching Japanese tech firm with interests in online advertising and media, internet financial services and mobile entertainment. Its entry into the cryptocurrency market, however, was poorly timed.

It debuted in September 2017 at the height of the cryptocurrency bubble with an in-house designed 7-nanometer bitcoin miner. The cryptocurrency market peaked in late December 2017 and early January 2018, with prices crashing by more than 80 percent and more in some cases since then.

GMO Internet may survive its exit from the cryptocurrency mining business, but market leader Bitmain Technologies Inc., the company GMO was attempting to mimic, is in all sorts of trouble.

On Christmas Day, it was reported that Bitmain was in the process of laying off up to half its staff, amid reports of bitcoin mining companies declaring bankruptcy and bitcoin mining equipment being sold for scrap. Unlike GMO Internet, Bitmain doesn’t have an alternative business it can fall back on if cryptocurrency prices continue to plunge.


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Why Is Android App Development Important for The Growth of Your Business?



Android App development image


When we talk to someone about Android app development, they will say it’s a good idea. Indeed, they are not wrong, but getting foresight information regarding app development is also essential. Therefore, getting detailed knowledge is crucial before diving into the app development process. However, there are several aspects that you have to consider. The first thing is that you have to select the app platform. On which app development platform are you going to launch your app? For example, you are going for Android or iOS.

No doubt, there are several app development platforms. On the other hand, Android and iOS will remain the market leaders if your budget allows you to recruit an in-house android app development company and launch your app on both platforms. Those are much better. But, using one platform can be expensive; you need better funds, resources, time, and a skilled team.
No doubt that the world is using mobile phones and that there is no way of going back. Customers use their smartphones to find local shops and restaurants etc. Your online branding activities can be seen via mobile platforms if you own a business or a brand. Moreover, just making a website is no longer enough. Users are leaving their desktops and mostly rely on mobile apps. On the other hand, it increases the demand for android application developers and iOS developers.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Android App Development Is Important for Business Growth

Extensive Pool of Customers

According to Statista, of the third quarter of 2020, Android users could select from 2.87 million applications, making Google Play. On the other hand, the app store was on top with the highest number of apps to download. Moreover, if we talk about iPhone. App Store was in second place. App store with around 1.96 million iOS apps available. These numbers can vary from the actual number of apps.
There is a reason behind it. It is because Apple and Google delete low-quality content apps regularly from their stores. However, Android apps run on several devices as compare to iOS. On the other hand, these numbers indicate that the Android apps have access to a larger user pool. Moreover, if we talk about apps, the number is regularly increasing.

Bigger Innovative Potential

Google’s philosophy of creativity and freedom is filtering into the applications it hosts in its store. To be a brainchild, Android is just a lot more enjoyable to play with. The strategy for including apps is much more flexible, giving developers more freedom to explore and innovate. Selecting Android for your app can encourage your business. On the other hand, it also offers new ideas that create more value in user’s lives.

Easy Installation

The best thing is that you are not restricted to Play Store. You are allowed to download an Android app from a website too. In other words, the Google Play Store apps can be hosted on a third party’s website. Android’s (SDK) software development kit enables this.
Moreover, it also offers the flexibility to install the app directly to your computer from the command line. All of them make the application available to the highest number of users around the globe. It is the main reason to invest in android app development.

Easier Entry to Market

If you want to develop an app on the Android platform. You have to enroll as a developer. Moreover, you have to build an android package kit (APK). After creating the kit, submit the complete details to the android app development platform. However, you can easily register yourself on the Android platform. On the other hand, if we talk about iOS, you have to pass multiple stages in iOS for registering yourself and getting registration approval.

On the other hand, the best thing about Android development is that an Android app deploys in a single day. There is a reason. It is because Android frequently gets authorization from the platform. But sometimes it gets almost 2 or 3 days, depending on multiple factors. However, in iOS, this same process needs nearly weeks. On the other hand, it allows developers to update the app on Google Play Store.
It is because they have to satisfy the customer’s need. So, when developers get feedbacks for an app, they update the app. however, if we talk about Apple App Store. It is pretty challenging. It is because the developer has to submit a new update and run the process. That is why this process is a little more complex and time-consuming. No doubt, this Android is more effective and efficient than iOS.

Custom ROMs

In Android, the custom ROM (Read-Only Memory) relates to the firmware of the mobile phone. However, Android is open-source. It allows a developer to change and recompile code. On the other hand, the developer is also allowed to adjust it to several devices.

It includes the design and behavior of the device. A mobile application development channel uses this skill as it allows them to create countless code variants. Therefore, developing new features and modifying an application to new devices swiftly.

Compatible with More Devices

No doubt, every one of us knows that Android dominates the smartphone sector. On the other hand, Android can run on more devices as compare to iOS and other OS. Moreover, the entire industry is changed by Android OS. In today’s market, the manufacturers that produce devices that support Android applications are increased compared to iOS.

One factor that has a high impact in the market as well as on customer mind. It is affordability. It is the main reason behind using Android devices more than iOS. There are several other aspects too, but it is the central aspect. However, going for Android app development is a good choice. It is a wiser decision, and on the other hand, it also contributes to increasing your profit.

Lower Development Cost

Every choice, like going for Android app development or iOS both has different costs. It is the same as you are going to buy a car. You have to decide which car to purchase. Similarly, in in app development, you have to decide which platform is best for your app. most people find themselves in the middle of the ocean. When it comes to the investment and the expected outcomes, this inner tension is natural.
However, this tension question comes to our mind at last. Generally, the first real question that comes to mind is which app development platform is cheaper. We create multiple questions in our minds. We often think about the advantages and disadvantages of the app. However, this situation is part of our life. It often happens to us when we buy a car or app. So, when it comes to app development, we do the same every time.

On the other hand, you have to make a one-time payment of $25 for a subscription. In other words, a person will register or upload their app on Google Play Store, and they have to pay this amount as a fee. Similarly, you have to pay in the Apple App Store. However, in Apple, one has to pay around $99 a year. Moreover, Android is still open-source. It is easier to choose.

Most of the developers prefer Android app development over iOS. It is because it offers substantial advantages over iOS. When it comes to app development, most of the developers will go for Android. The mobile app development platform pays more attention to Android apps. These platforms dramatically cut and reduce the costs of the entire process.

Final Notes
The mobile industry is booming. Investing in mobile app development is worthy for every business. If your company isn’t on mobile till now. And you don’t think about investing in creating a mobile app. You’re already behind your competitors.

If your competitors aren’t on mobile. They’ll be on mobile soon. Many of the young people started using mobile a long time ago.

Smartphones are now used by around 75% of the younger population. With out-of-date techniques, it’s challenging to engage the millennial generation. Even if they have access to a traditional PC, young people prefer to use their mobile devices. There are several reasons to choose and invest in Android, and each one has some worth.

Whenever you made any decision regarding anything, consider your team. For example, selecting a platform will be much better if you involve different departments, individuals, and preferences. No doubt, Android is the most preferable and best option for startups and growing businesses.

On the other hand, it can also aid big companies in achieving their goals. There is a reason. It is because companies have to “Understand the benefits of having an app. For example, increasing revenue and targeting more customers, etc. You can select the best software development company for your project. Several well-known and award-winning companies offer their services in this field. You can choose one of them aftermarket research.

You can increase brand recognition and loyalty among many current and potential customers by developing mobile applications for Apple, Android, and other mobile operating systems. In truth, many customers now expect a firm or brand to have its mobile application.

It suggests that gaining a competitive advantage over other businesses is becoming increasingly important. On the other hand, multiple companies are adopting app development. They know if they miss this opportunity, they leave behind by their competitors. Moreover, having an app for your business can increase your brand and company reliability.

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Top aspects for Starting a Career in data engineering



Career in data engineering

Big data has benefitted many individuals to get high-salary careers. Big data professionals have a huge market demand in the current market.

Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, and Big Data Engineers rank among the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn.


What is data engineering?

Data engineering is the process of developing and building systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data. It is a vast field with several applications in various industries. Firms have collected huge amounts of data, and they require data infrastructure and personnel to sort and analyze the information.

This resulted in the demand for big data engineers who work to design systems, which collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret. The main objective is to make data accessible so that the firms can take help of it for evaluating and optimizing their business overall performance.

In this article, let’s talk about the crucial aspects that an individual needs for a career in data engineering.

Earn an undergraduate degree

The most important aspect to start your career in the field of data engineering is to have a bachelor’s degree, as the job demands a good knowledge of various basic concepts. One can do a degree in any of the following:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Technology

Have a good sense of programming

The field of data engineering requires good coding skills. A data engineer must have a programming background. They must have a keen interest in data as well as finding patterns in data. One can enhance their knowledge of the programming languages by doing a big data certification. The important programming languages one must have knowledge of are as follows:

  • R
  • Python
  • SQL

Learn latest technologies

The individuals must have a good knowledge of the latest technologies that are essential to perform the day-to-day tasks. Following are the important tools that the data engineers use:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Beam
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Oozie
  • Apache NiFi
  • Apache Flink
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Impala
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Crunch
  • Apache Apex
  • Apache Storm
  • Heron
  • Hue

One can also start with the three giants in the market: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Learning these latest technologies will help an individual to offer the best inputs, which can be used for developing scalable data pipelines.

Develop communication skills

It is very important to develop one’s communication skills to be part of this growing field. A good big data engineer should have the following qualities:

  • Communication skills: This job role demands interacting with people like stakeholders to know their demands before development.

·         Ability to design: In their job role a data engineer creates simple creative designs where the architecture is not overly done.


  • Detail-oriented: Data quality plays a key role in developing data pipelines. The quality and integrity of the data in the pipeline will determine the quality of the rest of the task.

Get professional certifications

There are several industry-recognized data engineer certifications that an individual can do to enhance their skills before starting their career in this field.  Certification offers excellent knowledge and guidance by giving exposure to real-time projects.

Gain entry-level job experience

One of the best aspects to get entry into the field of data engineering is, getting an entry-level job. There are many firms especially start-ups who are offering positions for qualified graduates. Once you gain good experience, try solving problems by choosing public data sets and develop a system.

End Notes

If an individual wants to start their career in the field of data engineering, they must enhance their skillset and do a certification program that offers better knowledge. It is highly recommended to stay updated with the latest technologies.

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Marketing amid Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond



Marketing amid Coronavirus pandemic and beyond
Marketing amid Coronavirus pandemic and beyond

Life before the global pandemic situation seems like a blur today. We only cherish it in our albums or talk about the incidents. Everything we knew, changed overnight. Every industry felt a sudden change during covid times. Though the initial phase was panic and despair for each of us, we gradually adapted to the new normal. Social distancing laws made us all confined in the safety of our homes.  

Lockdown and work from home culture were adapted overnight. Many companies started laying off employees in big capacity and saved cost-cutting. Marketers wanted to stop site advertising for their brands. Not just meetings but almost everything started taking place online. The Internet came as a saviour and respite for many industries and revolutionize their spaces in the pandemic era.  

If social media spread timely information and trends to keep audiences busy in making Dalgona coffee or take some weight loss challenge, it also provided unlimited entertainment and education sped up massively in its space, and online shopping continued in an undisrupted manner. Weekend get-togethers and family gatherings converted into virtual meetups and with less personnel touch.  

In marketing, many brands realized that the pandemic was not the time to step back but forward. They found a way to amplify their products online and set out to engage with audiences on digital platforms. Global pandemic and lockdown indeed discerned the true potential of digital marketing. 

We have seen major shifts happening all over the world. Marketing space has spruced up with various tactics to increase their sales and reach out to the masses in digital space. Global pandemic also brought perspectives to look at the things around us. Lockdowns have affected the businesses that were mounting up losses each day, which kept them clueless about keeping up with uncertain times. When business was thinking how to buckle up the sales amid lockdown, they found no way out. Many of them have cut down the advertisement budgets to save a big portion. Many brands explored the digital space to the public their products on global channels and saw it as an opportunity to leap into action in digital media. They have used the online channel to advertise their product line and provide value for customers and they did this through digital marketing. 

We indeed have witnessed:    

  • Shift from offline to online- Various brands have switched from offline to online marketing during the Covid19 pandemic after realizing the true potential of digital marketing.  
  • Digital Scope is huge – The scope of digital marketing has widened and enabled marketers to reach out to customers through social media, websites, Instagram reels, virtual events, webinars, paid games, giveaways, and much more.  
  • Every space and industry requires digital intervention and application for its functionality. Hence, digital marketing is the talk of the town and opens many doors for industries and job aspirants who now have a flourishing career to look ahead.  

Our generation never before have experienced disruption of life before. Covid-19 helped us realise the essence of technology in tiring times. If technology has opened the doors to virtual way of connecting with people, tech experts have ample opportunities to explore and make future of digital marketing sustainable.  

Brands followed ways to penetrate products to masses in this tiring time –  

  • Soaring social media presence –  

Brands made an active social media presence to communicate and meet customers’ needs and build trust. It helped in highlighting the brand and engage with customers directly. 

  • Pay per click (PPC) Plunges –  

Paid activities were in place before the pandemic too that helped in boosting sales. Even if brands had an organic marketing strategy, their main focus was to bring in more and more leads for sales. When many companies webbed their presence on digital media, there were chances of brand visibility going down. There, brands began to realise the importance of having an ongoing and organic strategy in place. For that, SEO and content marketing was the answer that continued to play a central role during the lockdown.  

  • Lockdown has also mushroomed influencers in digital space-  

We witness a spike in memes about working from home, Dalgona coffee making challenge a lot more. For making the product visible in the tech space and market, influencers played a huge role in propagating these trends. We also have witnessed many influencers on the internet during this period, and the trend is bound to continue. 

  • Growth in voice searches-  

Considering work from home and huge screen time, people tend to go for an easy way to search for anything on the internet. They adopted voice search on search engines. Many AI-powered devices are readily available, resulting in all kinds of queries people were making. It was natural that the current crisis resulted in surging in voice searches. TechEela agrees to the market research about it is expected that 50 percent of searches will be done via voice in the coming few times. 

Sitting at home and operating has eased the work and has given time to many for pursuing their hobbies buried under the carpet for years. Technology indeed has helped us to bring everything in our plate at ease. We have often heard from many that the future is digital. As far as marketing is concerned, yes, it has and the pandemic has only helped expedite it. 

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5 Things to Consider while Buying QuickBooks Cloud Server



QuickBooks, by Intuit, is an accounting software primarily targeted towards small and medium-sized organizations. It takes care of business payrolls, tracks expenses, invoices, bills, and even generates reports.

5 Things to Consider while Buying QuickBooks Cloud Server

QuickBooks is easy-to-understand and robust accounting software. So, a decision to adopt QuickBooks in your business is a smart decision. And an even better decision is to buy the services of QuickBooks on the cloud.

It will come with all the benefits of cloud computing, such as anytime and anywhere access to your information and multi-user collaboration over a shared virtual platform.

Furthermore, choosing a reliable cloud service provides better security, robust backup system, compatibility across different devices, quick technical support, reduced infrastructure cost, and the list just goes on.

As more and more applications are now available on the cloud, even QuickBooks has paved its way there. However, there are certain things you need to consider while buying QuickBooks Cloud Server. Let’s look into these.

1. Clarity regarding your QuickBooks requirements

You need to be sure about your QuickBooks requirements and the key features you are looking for in it. Evaluate factors that include whether you have a QuickBooks license or require a new genuine license, what your budget is, and the number of users before choosing a cloud server.
It is because the characteristics offered on-premises can be very different from the features available on the cloud. Aso, every QuickBooks edition (QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, or QuickBooks Accountant) offers a different feature. So, businesses must understand various versions of QuickBooks and even communicate their needs to the vendors very clearly.
Questions like which edition, which year, how many users, why virtual desktop, and so on need to be answered by the cloud vendor. Also, ask about firewalls, backup recovery, and disaster management. All these questions will help you, as well as the vendors, to reach the right QuickBooks Cloud server for you.

2. Understand the functionality of cloud

As working on a cloud is quite different from working on-premises, it is better to learn and understand how cloud computing works. It is good to get all your doubts cleared before you take your QuickBooks to the cloud.
You may even learn how these cloud features can help your business grow and allow you to focus on your core business rather than your day-to-day routine tasks. Once you become cloud-savvy, you will have infinite opportunities to explore and experiment with ways to innovate business operations.

3. Keep your employees well-trained

You and your employees need to be trained and updated regarding all the functionalities while taking the QuickBooks to the cloud. Most of the time, your employees will be using this technology on a regular basis. Let your employees brainstorm and develop their queries and doubts, and then let the cloud vendor clear them for you and your employees.
A few training sessions can be scheduled for your employees with the cloud vendor to make this process easy. It will immensely help make things quite clear at the beginning itself, as initially, there will be several challenges and back and forth processes involved while taking QuickBooks to Cloud.

4. Reconsider your IT requirements

While taking your QuickBooks to the cloud, make sure your internet connection is very strong. It is because, in the Cloud, everything will be done via the internet only. A robust and good internet connection from a reputed vendor is of utmost importance. So, make sure you don’t suffer from slow or broken internet bandwidth regularly.
You can even consider having backup power for your internet to not interrupt your internet connection even if the power is not there. Even a secondary internet connection from a different ISP could be considered as a backup.

5. Detailed research on the cloud vendor

Several QuickBooks cloud vendors are mushrooming. So, you need to be careful and do your homework well. Learn about them, compare their offerings, rates, and services thoroughly.
Make sure they have-

  • Round-the-clock support
  • Technically qualified professionals
  • Easy access and are well-experienced
  • Strong customer base with a good reputation
  • Intuit certified services
  • Good server performance (such as High-Performance Computing (HPC) with robust data backup)
  • Convincing customer feedback
  • Regular security audits and biometric access
  • Smart data encryption technology

Ask more and more questions, before selecting the cloud service provider, as data is a sensitive and important asset for companies now. Go ahead only if you are satisfied with their answers and information.


Remember, in today’s data-driven world, the way you handle and utilize your data is the most significant deciding factor for your organization’s success or failure. Today, the more you can manage your data well, the better your chances of succeeding. It is crucial to consider the above points before you zero down to your QuickBooks cloud vendor as it is not easy to regularly change your vendors. Trial and error methods will not work as this can lead to high investment and time costs. All the best!

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The Top-rated & Best DVD Ripper of 2021: Copy All your Discs Easily and Quickly




What exactly is a DVD ripper? 

Brief Introduction:

A DVD ripper, as its name is depicting its main purpose that it’s basically computer software. It has the capability of converting DVD or any other Blu-Ray into some different file formats that are mostly used in everyday life, primarily in the mp4 or ISO format because these are high in demand and most compatible file formats for all hardware devices.


These DVD rippers are used to transfer videos on Digital Video Discs or simply DVDs to take back up or edit the DVD content into several other formats. It is also playing a vital role while converting a DVD video format to help them play back on different types of mobile devices and media players. With the help of DVD rippers, you can convert DVD to MP4 or any other file format.

A DVD ripping software can help to download the detailed information and data automatically from the given music database like the artist, album, movie, songs, etc. One of the amazing features that can’t be neglected is its ability to stream DVDs format to other available online video formats.

Best Video Converter – WinX DVD Ripper:

After getting an understanding of DVD rippers, let’s dive deep into the features of one of the best, top-rated, and most advanced authenticity and secure DVD rippers known as one of the free computer programs called “WinX DVD Ripper.”

Whenever you started looking for the best of all DVD ripper of all time, you will definitely see the name of “WinX DVD Ripper,” and it has become a buzzword amongst its competitors due to its advanced functionality, speed factor, versatility, and many more rich features that makes it’s a most special one.

Deep-Dive into the WinX DVD Ripper’s Fancy and Enriched Features along with benefits

  • Free DVD Ripper: most of the DVD rippers that you will online cost you more, anywhere from 50 dollars to 100 dollars or sometimes more than this. But, the most feature-rich and highly-rated ripper is the WinX DVD ripper that is completely free.
  • Liable Freeware: WinX DVD Ripper is a program that is legitimately freeware; it means they will never demand that you purchase add-ons, donate, pay for additional fees of features, stop using it after long days of no use, etc. You can enjoy this tool without watermarks at any time.
  • DVD to MP4 and Other Supporting Formats: WinX DVD Ripper is the best free DVD ripping software for transferring DVD to other digital formats while using various formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, AVC, WMV, MPEG, HEVC, H.264, etc. If you intend to have a ripped DVD to MP4 without compromising quality, you need to choose the WinX DVD ripper.
  • Video Edit: you can customize or edit your video by adding text, images, subtitles to a DVD video. You can set different properties of a video like rotate, saturation, and brightness. Editing tools are adding another superiority of cropping, trimming, speeding up/down, zooming in/out, and you can preview the source and output video too. Feels like video-editing software?
  • Acceptable DVDs: WinX is, fortunately, accepting all DVDs, including 99-title DVDs, old DVDs, TV series DVDs, region DVDs, homemade DVDs, non-standard DVDs, new release DVDs, etc. Despite these, WinX DVD Ripper gives you more power to customize output content in any way that you like. Furthermore, it can perfectly clone your entire DVD contents to DVD folders and ISO images.
  • Output Devices: it is supporting iPad, Xbox, iPad, PlayStation, and more devices.
  • Lightning-fast Speed: that time had gone when DVDs were ripped one after the other; it’s a waste of time! If you ever think about the fastest DVD ripper software, then 47X faster is considered the faster one with multiple core tech and unique level-3 hardware acceleration properties.
  • Advanced Settings: space-saving or utilization and quality are its core features. E.g., support of the high-quality engine, 80 percent space-saving after ripping the file of H.264 to 700MB instead of 8GB.

How to Backup DVD with WinX DVD Ripper


Step 1. Download WinX DVD Ripper on your computer. Then click “DVD Disc” button located at the top left corner to load the DVD.

Step 2. Choose an output profile. Hit “Browse” to define which destination folder you want to save the DVD video to.

Step 3. Click “RUN” to begin ripping and saving copy-protected DVD movie to computer right now.

You can upgrade your free edition to another amazing mix-match called the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum program and Get WinX DVD Ripper Advanced Version with Special Offer now.

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How iPaaS Can Be Used




Innovations are constantly being made to software applications that are improving how companies of any size can boost their workflow. By intertwining all business processes, a database can become an undeniable asset to change strategy now and benefit a company in the long run.

With an integration platform-as-a-service or iPaaS, companies can build data integration between their cloud service and on-premises applications. Let’s take a deeper look at what services like iPaaS have to offer.

What’s an iPaaS?

When looking into the developments of cloud integration and automation, there are great benefits in systems like iPaaS. iPaaS inherits the characteristics of the cloud. This allows for data sources to be properly translated in real-time, all with a simple internet connection. iPaaS provides a library of connectors that allow your applications to intermingle with one another, as well as with some for specific apps like Salesforce and some with a communication protocol. These connectors effectively work to make a central system through application integration.

An iPaaS moves data between applications, helping to transform any dataset for a specific function. iPaaS maps out data flow to both your source and target apps. This type of cloud application software not only creates a stronger workflow and balance between different environments but also monitors and manages those integrations. An iPaaS provides a web-based solution to not only solve problems but keep a level of transparency from the top down in any industry.

Using iPaaS

An iPaaS has emerged as a vital integration tool throughout this digital transformation. It can help users to exchange data between each dataset provided to a system, enhancing customer and employee experience. This also lays out the facts from artificial intelligence in plain sight, allowing for these new applications to properly migrate data from legacy systems. These cloud-based systems come with more transparency and easier access. This will bring in data from personal information from vendors to third-party providers for a more well-rounded data management system.

These iPaaS solutions help to replicate data on a regular basis for analytics and archiving. With regulated templates in these datasets, there’s greater accuracy and an ability to make important decisions on business processes in real-time. This can be formulated through multiple data sources within a warehouse, or raw data within a data lake. An iPaaS can also integrate external data from sensors into your business processes for the deployment of new strategies or products at a greater rate than you may have dealt with in years past. This middleware makes it easy to integrate smart devices to connect to networks outside of a corporate firewall.

How can iPaaS benefit your business?

iPaaS can become an undeniable asset as an integration solution. This allows businesses to be able to rely on automation to help their data management team better focus on higher-value activities. Validated connectors that are already integrated with application-specific APIs, or Application Program Interfaces. This also allows for businesses to use an iPaaS provider, and grow their companies with integration capabilities that become more vast. This greater usage rate will help to reduce the stressors on a company’s IT department while changing integrations rapidly.


iPaaS, through the right service provider, can modernize your industry while avoiding significant data loss. This software breaks down barriers between data silos, integrating them together at a high speed and efficiency. It also business users to properly funnel data sources to be able to use their iPaaS offerings to the best solutions for a company’s future. This not only helps people work smarter but also more efficiently than ever before. This assures greater data integrity for vital decisions for years to come.

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How Has Technology Influenced E-Commerce



How Has Technology Influenced E Commerce

2021 has been a year of immense growth for e-commerce. The dire need for making certain things available to customers online during the pandemic has caused a rapid increase in creating solutions, which involve the heavy use of technology and innovation. Here is how technology has helped the e-commerce industry in recent years.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have had a great impact on the e commerce industry. With so much technological advancement, no one has the time to open their computers, go online and make a purchase. Even if you have the best online store people would rather choose convenience and buy from a store that has a mobile-friendly user interface as they can shop online when they do not have access to their laptops or computers. Mobile phones have become a necessity in our life instead of a luxury. Social media is also more accessible on mobile phone. It has also become easier for businesses to market to customers to social media.


E-wallet is a good technological advancement that has given a boost to the e-commerce industry. E-wallet is a quick mode for transaction of money and allows customers to send and receive through electronic gadgets and devices. This is a quick and convenient option as compared to other forms of payment, which is the reason for its wide spread use in the US. The procedure is simple and easy, so you do not have to fret about learning a new system.

Subscription Services

E-commerce subscription services are a recent advancement that have gained popularity very quickly.  E-commerce companies offer these services to send you stuff on a weekly or monthly basis once you pay a subscription fee. Subscription services are of three types: replenishment, curation, and access. The advantage of these subscription services is that customers can try out new products instead of sticking to one. This makes it extremely attractive for customers.


With increase in technology, product customization has become easier. This is a great attraction for customers. E-commerce makes it easier for customers to customize a product according to their needs. More involvement of customers in the creation process leads to higher engagement and customer loyalty plus it becomes the driving force for innovative ideas.

Personalized Product Suggestions

With technological advancement, it has become easier to keep up with what your customer likes, dislikes, and purchases. A company can note this easily and make personalized suggestions to generate more sales. This is a win-win situation for both a company and customers. A customer does not have to go through extensive research to get what they want and a company does not have to put excessive effort to understand each customers need. The technological system has advanced enough that it can save customer details on what they have bought in the past, and what is a part of their wish list, so that they can make recommendations to customers for the future.

Virtual Reality

There were days when things like online furniture shopping could not have been imagined. However, gone are those days now. Virtual reality has allowed customers to see how certain furniture is going to look in their room. Similarly, other products like home lighting, hair care products, glasses all have made their way to the e-commerce market by allowing customers to try out and see if a certain thing complements before they finally buy it.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of a business. With technological enhancement many e-commerce companies use cognitive supply chain management. This means that supply chains are more intelligent, predictive, and self-learning. This consequently leads to a better customer service.

Shopping While You Game

With promotional contests, giveaways, and loyalty programs shopping has turned into a game, which makes it more interesting. This has become possible because technology has allowed us to collect and manage data without the need of human interference. This also becomes motivating for customers to try new products. For example, buying a certain item may earn you points, which you can collectively redeem for something else in the future.

Voice Search

Technology has become so convenient that we can now replace typing out a certain query with a mere voice command. With Siri and Alexa, we can now just use our voices to search, browse and buy products from a website. Voice assistants are an enhanced feature that you can also use to operate your smart devices like a Smart Home Thermostat.

Final Thoughts

Technology has no doubt influenced the e-commerce industry quickly and positively. However, we should still always be careful while purchasing online as cyber security is a real issue. We should not take these advancements for granted and always make responsible use of the internet.


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Top 10 Tips For Beginners And Veterans – Escape From Tarkov



Top 10 Tips For Beginners And Veterans - Escape From Tarkov

New at the legendary Escape from Tarkov? Or have you been playing it for quite a while now? In either case, a little help never hurts.

You might be unfamiliar with specific tactics that could enhance your game and make you better. But what are those? To know more about these ways to ace your game, visit Battlelog. Escape from Tarkov hack from their team is the best way to master the game. Plus, we also have these 10 tips and tricks for EFT below that you can check out!

1.  Master Maps One-by-One

Being a trader of all crafts and master of none never benefited anyone. And if you do that with Escape from Tarkov, you’ll never improve your skill. As a beginner, try not to divert your attention to various maps unless you’ve mastered one or two.

When you start playing EFT, begin by trying maps like Customs and Interchange. These maps aren’t too tricky and familiarize you well with the game. Once you’ve mastered them, move on to improving your fighting skills. But remember, learning maps one by one is the best way to become an expert.

2.  Pro-tip: Practice Offline

You’re an EFT pro, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need practicing occasionally. In fact, the more you practice, the better you’ll become. But practicing in the online mode isn’t a wise option. Because you will keep losing health and spend your money unnecessarily.

So to practice, switch to offline mode. It’s the best way to learn how to fight Scavs well, how the maps work, and where extraction points are located. Keep polishing up your skills in the offline mode.

3.  Insurance Works in EFT too

Insurance isn’t just for your car and home anymore. In EFT, you can insure your weapons and belongings. This doesn’t mean that if the enemy loots you, you’ll get compensation for them. But it’s still advantageous because it often lets you have your weapons even after you die.

If you’re an experienced player, insuring your weapons is even better. If the enemy who loots it from you later dies, you can claim your weapons back. This way, you don’t lose those precious guns and rifles after a challenging game.

4.  Be Careful After Killing

You might be tempted to loot an enemy as soon as he dies. Even experienced players often do it. But this isn’t always a wise move.

When you kill someone, there might be some other enemy lurking around. And in your fit to loot the dead, you might not even pay attention to the enemy who’s hiding nearby. So after you kill, wait for a little to see if anyone surfaces or makes a sound. If you feel like the territory is safe, proceed to loot and move on.

5.  Be a SCAV friend when playing as a SCAV

Escape from Tarkov often lets you play as a SCAV. When you do, you don’t have weapons of your own. But you also don’t carry any liabilities. So even if you die in the game, you won’t lose essential weapons.

But here’s something every pro player knows that a beginner should too. As a SCAV, you shouldn’t attack other SCAVs. But why? Isn’t that foolish? Well, not really. In fact, doing that will attract negative attention to you and make the game difficult.

6.  Complete Quests – Lots of Them

Completing quests in a shooting game might sound lame to you. But it is an excellent way to gain experience and some other perks.

In Escape from Tarkov, you can complete various quests to get rewards and gear. Of course, some quests don’t reward you as much, and the items they grant aren’t helpful. But you can always trade them or sell them to stock up on weapons. Use the Flea Market for trading such goods.

7.  Go to Dorms

This tip isn’t really for beginners. But for experienced players, it makes the game thrilling and more rewarding.

Dorms are a dangerous location because they often contain the best loot in EFT. They are also home to the SCAV boss, and many players frequent this place looking for loots. But when you’re feeling up to it, raid a dorm to get the best loot possible.

8.  Switch between passive and aggressive style

This rule works for any combat game, but for EFT, it does wonders. As a player, you should have enough instincts to know when to play passively and go aggressive.

As a rule of thumb, be as passive as possible unless you’re faced with an opponent. Move around sneakily and make as little sound as possible. But once you’re in a fight, don’t shy away from landing a few hard blows of your own.

9.  Have a CMS Kit

In Escape from Tarkov, it will be too difficult to win if your limbs are dead or wounded. You have to reach an extraction point without your feet working properly. But recently, the makers added a surgical kit called the CMS to the game.

With the CMS kit, you can get your limbs healed quickly. It is a significant investment, and whenever you plan to go for combat, keep this one handy.

10.Know Your Sounds

EFT has an excellent sound mechanism. You can hear your enemies, and they can listen to you. In fact, everything from aiming a gun to moving makes a sound. So you have to be highly conscious.

While trying to ambush or kill someone, aim at them from as far as possible. This way, there’s little chance of them hearing you. Similarly, move stealthily to make fewer sounds. And no matter what, pay attention to enemy sounds too.


Whether you’re an expert veteran or a newbie at the game, you will benefit aplenty from these 10 EFT tips. Comment down below which one helped you the most in your game.

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Work Breakdown Structure and Outsourcing




Every outsourcing project should create and make a WBS available to all its outsourcing staff. What is a WBS and how can it help you manage your outsourcing project? All projects consist of small tasks and quality control procedures. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) breaks down all the tasks that must be performed on the project and estimates timing and resources for each task as well as the order the tasks should be done in. It pays to have a clear and effective WBS in all your outsourcing projects.

An effective Work Breakdown Structure starts with high level activities (these may be your milestones) and breaks these activities down into lower and lower levels until you’ve covered every conceivable step in the process. Before you ever begin work on a project, also confirm with your outsource staff that they understand the overview and the individual components of your WBS and give them the opportunity to ask questions. It is never helpful to assume that they have it all under control. It is preferable that if any questions or problems arise they do so before the project has even started.

An example of a WBS is if one of your milestones is submission of the first draft of chapter one of a book someone is ghostwriting for you. You would then break that down into its smaller steps, like research, outlining, and writing. These steps would then, in turn, be broken down into even smaller steps, like types of research, verification of facts, and so on.

For each low-level task, estimate time needed for completion, start and end dates, human resources required, and in what order each task should be completed. Obviously, facts can’t be verified until the research is done but you get the gist.

If you have the knowledge and background to begin a WBS during the planning stages for your project, please do so. Regardless of whether or not you’ve already started the WBS, work with your provider to nail down the details and finalize the breakdown.

A well thought out Work Breakdown Structure is of immense help to any project, small or large. It enables your freelance staff to work with confidence and it enables you to know that your outsourcers can carry out the work competently. A good Work breakdown Structure will also minimize hiccups, saving time, money and energy.

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Potential Cost Savings Associated With Legal Outsourcing




“How much can I save?” “What is the cost of legal work done offshore?” “Please give me a quote for 100 hours per month for legal work done in India.” “What is your hourly rate?” “How much do you charge for ______?” These are the questions and requests directed my way at the beginning of conversation when someone contacts me about sending certain legal tasks offshore for completion.

Regularly I advise potential clients that the first question to be asked, either of a lawyer or someone potentially assisting in the outsourcing of a legal project, is not “how much?” Instead, at the outset, determination should be made whether those who would work on the project have the skills, training and experience to complete the assignment(s) in a quality fashion. This necessarily involves a clear delineation of the proposed undertaking and the expectations of the outsourcer. Further, what are the assurances of confidentiality? Can the time deadline for completion be met? What about conflicts of interest? These questions should be asked of every U.S. lawyer whose services might be retained. Likewise, they should be asked of every person or entity involved in outsourcing legal assignments. It should be noted that offshore lawyers are not licensed in the U.S. and do not provide “legal services” or advice. Foreign attorneys, working offshore, complete assignments under the supervision and review of qualified U.S. attorneys in generally the same manner as paralegals, summer law clerks or junior associates in the U.S. Indeed, the Code of Professional Conduct requires such supervision.

Cost savings achievable from outsourcing, however, seems to be the burning issue of the day. Large law firms, in particular, are looking for ways of cutting costs to maintain profitability or to even survive in challenging economic times. Dan DiPietro, client head of Law Firm Group of the Citi Private Bank, offered Storm Warnings (American Lawyer, Dec 2007) in observing “for the first time since 2001, expense growth actually outpaced that of revenue from January through June, depressing profit margins.” Sounding an ominous note, DiPietro observed that the biggest expense increases were in associate salaries and in occupancy and technology costs. His warning proved prophetic, as a number of old-line law firms closed their doors in 2008 including Heller Ehrman, Thelen LLP, and Thacher, Proffitt & Wood. Other large law firms are reducing staff and lawyers, including de-equitizing partners. Corporate clients are cutting the number of outside firms they engage, while pushing them to become more efficient. It is becoming increasingly apparent that difficult decisions are on the horizon for many law firms and their clients. Law firms want to retain their rainmakers, secure the best legal talent available and keep their profits per partner high. Clients want their overall costs for outside counsel reduced. How will these issues be addressed, particularly in a difficult economic climate? Outsourcing is one way of potentially confronting the challenges. Thus, the question, how much can I save?

Assuming the proper initial inquires have been made and adequately addressed, what are the cost savings reasonably attainable by an outsourcing U.S. law firm and its clients? Answering that question necessarily involves a comparative analysis of revenue and expenses. Suppose a large U.S. law firm wishes to consider outsourcing work that might otherwise be performed by one U.S. associate working exclusively for one of the law firm’s corporate clients. The junior associate bills 2000 hours annually at the lawyer’s hourly billable rate of $200.00, for a total annual cost to the corporate client (and income to the law firm) of $400,000. The law firm’s expenses chargeable against the income produced by its associate include the lawyer’s base salary ($160,000) and bonus (say $20,000) plus the associate’s share of overhead expenses for occupancy, support staff, benefits, marketing, recruitment, technology and other expenses. In its 2006 survey, Altman Weil, the well-regarded legal consulting firm, estimated average annual law firm expense per lawyer at $161,893. (Doubtless those expenses have increased since 2006, but, for the purposes of conservatism, we will use Altman’s 2006 number in our example.) Altman’s breakdown included promotion ($7,136), reference ($4,655), equipment ($9,299), occupancy ($25,879), staff ($55,147), paralegal ($17,911) and “other”($41,866). In the Altman survey, “other” includes malpractice insurance premiums and settlements, payments to former partners, recruiting costs, and other expenses not shown separately. Adding the associate’s share of expenses ($161,893) to the associate’s total earnings ($180,000) it is apparent that it costs the law firm a total of $341,893 to produce $400,000 in associate income. Let’s call it a $60,000 law firm profit attributable to the associate’s efforts. Put in other terms, it costs the law firm $171 per billable hour of the associate’s time to produce $60,000 of profit.

Now, assume the same 2000 hours were produced offshore at a cost of, say, $75 per hour instead of $171 per hour. (Higher end outsourced work such as legal research or writing might cost in the range of $75.00 per hour, while other kinds of work such as document review would likely be less. For purposes of our analysis, we estimate the overall offshore costs toward the higher end.) The actual cost to the law firm for 2000 offshore hours at $75 per hour would be $150,000 instead of $341,892. Further, the law firm’s client could be billed, say $240,000, for this work instead of $400,000. (Recent bar association ethics advisory opinions allow for a reasonable supervisory fee by the law firm, providing the client is advised of the off shoring and the Code of Professional Conduct, particularly Rule 1.5, is followed). The client would happily achieve a savings of 40%, while the law firm’s profit would also likely increase. Moreover, the law firm would require fewer associates at the ever-escalating salary structure (now starting at $160,000 base) for lawyers from top tier law schools. Because of overall lower costs and a fewer number of new associate hires, the firm would be able to more effectively compete for a reduced number of premier U.S. attorneys it decides to hire. Over time, partner equity and distributions would be shared with a fewer number of individuals. Thus, an outsourcing program for selected legal assignments, carefully implemented and supervised, can potentially result in greater client satisfaction and retention as well as enhanced law firm profitability.

In 2007 Mayer Brown, a 1500 lawyer Chicago based law firm, purged 45 equity partners. While denying any sort of crisis, James Holzhauer, chairman of the firm, commented on the move: “It’s necessary to manage a law firm like you manage any kind of big business and make sure you have the right staffing going forward.” Outsourcing, seen by some law firms as the enemy of law firm profits, may in fact be the opposite. Without doubt, even if some law firms are reluctant to change the traditional ways, their clients are not. In August of 2007 observed that “clients are pushing firms like Jones Day and Kirkland & Ellis to send basic legal tasks to India.” It is significant that this “push” came well before the global financial collapse of the last quarter of 2008. Regarding law firms, Holzhauer cautioned in March of 2007: “This (law business) is to a certain extent a fragile business. Our greatest asset is our people. If you’re not economically strong so that you can retain your best people and attract other strong people from elsewhere, a fragile business can have problems.”

Corporate clients are on a mission to reduce legal costs. Some of those clients would prefer to supervise the outsourced work in house, while others apparently are content with their chosen outside U.S. counsel overseeing the offshore work. Irrespective, legal outsourcing is on the table for consideration of cost control. “How much can I save?” is a question being asked by those who, a few short years ago, never imagined entertaining the concept of legal assignments being completed offshore.

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