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The best guns in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ and the places they are present



Most of us must have played the recently released game Red Dead Redemption 2. Well, if not till now, then what are you waiting for? Go play it.

Though Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with lots of scenic horseback riding, dialogue, and wonderfully rendered cut scenes, there is rarely a mission to be found where you are not using guns or will see guns blazing. The Read Dead Redemption 2 is basically a third person shooter game, where toy have a myriad of guns to carry while riding through the heartlands of America. But, you must be wondering, which are the best guns which can be used in the game to make the job a lot easier?

Now, in the time where we are comparing and ranking almost everything, let us now see some of the best guns in Red Dead Redemption 2 and also the places where they can be found. Every gun in this list has its own pros and cons, and a lot depends upon the user how tactically and properly he uses the gun. Leave it. Here they are –


Well, let us start from the smallest weapon in hand – Revolver. Revolvers can be well used for close to mid range combats. There are a few rare revolvers that can be found all through the game, but these are the two favourites that can be bought from the gunsmith.

Schofield Revolver

Schofield Revolver

Though the Schofield Revolver does not have the greatest of damage and range by default, it can be customized into one of the most well-rounded revolvers that can be used in hand with great damage, range, rate of fire, and reload speed. There are actually two places where you can find the gun – you can buy the gun from the gunsmith for $84 or you can steal it from the doctor’s office in Valentine.

Don’t worry! Here is the method how you can steal the gun from the doctor’s office. In order to steal it, you have to first look into the building through the back window. The box on the table in the back room holds the revolver. This revolver has one more feature – it can be dual-wielded to increase its versatility.

Double-Action Revolver

Double-Action Revolver

Well, it may not be the first choice in guns, as it is the weakest in the revolvers’ class. But only in the beginning. After proper customization, it can become a powerful revolver with the greatest combination of reload speed and damage rate. It can be bought from the gunsmith as well.


When we have talked about revolvers, why not take a look at some pistols? Yeah, revolvers are generally more preferred over pistols, but a pistol is also worth grabbing and customizing. Here is the sole pistol which can be handy.

Semi-automatic Pistol

Semi-automatic Pistol

What? Is this one over the Volcanic Pistol? Yeah. The Volcanic pistol may be good in damage rate, but the semi-automatic pistol is greatly capable of beating it in rate of fire and reload speed, when fully upgraded. And, you can surely deal much damage with a gun having upper hand in reload speed and rate of fire. Isn’t it?


According to my knowledge of the game, only three repeaters exist in the Read Dead Redemption 2. While we could clump repeaters in with standard rifles, they offer closer to an “automatic” firing mechanism than the standard rifles you can get. So, it will be wiser to carry a standard rifle along with a repeater in hand. Here is the one I prefer.

Carbine Repeater

Carbine Repeater

I know this repeater is inaccurate in it’s firing range at first, bit if you customize it, you can make the range much better. And combine that with great damage and reload speed and some decent firing rate, you will get a great gun for gunfights as well as hunting. And guess what? You get this repeater early in the game.


No, this section is solely about standard rifles, and there will be no snipers on the list. With this being said, there are only two rifles – the Bolt Action Rifle and Varmint Rifle. Now you have an easy choice.

Bolt Action Rifle

Bolt Action Rifle

When it comes to mid range to long range weapons, I bet you can not find a more versatile standard rifle than the Bolt Action rifle. It has only one bad spot – it has low firing rate. Other than that, when fully upgraded, it has somewhat the best possible range with an added scope than any other gun in the game. As said earlier, it is not suitable for close range combats because of its low firing rate, but is handy for defensive shootouts.

The character Arthur gets thus weapon in Chapter Three of the story.


Yeah I know that the Bolt Action Rifle can serve as one of the best long range weapon, but traditional snipers are somewhat different. If you’re looking for a traditional sniper, designed purely for picking off enemies from a distance, there is this option.

Springfield Rifle

Springfield Rifle

As a starting sniper rifle, the Springfield Rifle has the highest damage and a great range as well. When upgraded, it has maximum damage and maximum range. But, one blank spot again. No matter whatever you use or how much you upgrade, the rate of fire and the reload speed will still suck. And, just like other traditional snipers, you should use this one for long range fights only.

You can get the Springfield rifle anytime from the gunsmiths.


Taking any type of weapon into consideration, but the ultimate close range weapons will be the shotguns, which can shred enemy into pieces with just one deadly blast. Though any shotgun can be dangerous, but I have two personal favourites.

Double-Barrelled Shotgun

Double-Barrelled Shotgun

When upgraded, the Double-Barrelled Shotgun features the most damage in its class, as well as well-rounded range, rate of fire, and reload. The Double-Barrelled Shotgun has the best rate of fire of any shotgun.

The Double-Barrelled Shotgun can be bought from gunsmiths.

Semi-auto Shotgun

Semi-auto Shotgun

While it deals slightly less damage than the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, the Semi-auto has significantly faster reload speed, making it especially good if you sometimes get a little reckless and trigger happy.

The Semi-auto Shotgun can be bought from gunsmiths.


William Charles is a guy with a job who’s lucky enough to win every single time. He writes about sports because he watches sports. He watches sports because he writes about sports.

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6 Top Reasons To Invest In Coupon Marketing in 2020



Coupon marketing is one of the best techniques, not only to increase sales but also to build your brand image. Through coupons, you can also gather a considerable amount of data from customers. It’s not important whether your business is large in size or small, coupon marketing is an excellent way for every business type. It will definitely help you to attract many customers and gain their loyalty. The approach you use to run a coupon drive must be constant with the manner your marketing department works.

How To Start A Coupon Campaign?

After deciding a reliable coupon service, you will have to plan a proper tactic. At the start, you should offer fewer voucher codes and target a few people. Gradually spread your campaign and approach a more extensive portion and area. Make sure that you track the performance of the coupons and collect the essential data from consumers receiving the vouchers. Patience is necessary for such stages. And you should be aware that such strategies do take time to show a positive and productive result.

There are many other reasons why you should invest in coupon marketing in 2020. Therefore we have created a list below:

There may be many products which would not be as popular as the others. Selling off such products is not an easy task. With the help of coupon marketing, you can quickly get away with less popular items by giving a buy one get one free opportunity. Consumers will buy a popular item, and you can give out the less popular item for free. In this way, you will get away with extra stock in hand. Without wasting or discarding an item, you can get away with it. This will not only empty your inventory but also will help to advertise your brand

2. Reactivate Old Customers

Many consumers purchase a product once from you and need a push to make a new purchase. In order to reactivate those old customers, it’s better to offer them a coupon. A coupon would help them give a small push and activate their purchasing power again. They will automatically be attracted to your store. That coupon can also help to maintain a customer for a longer run.

3. Attract New Consumers

There may be many consumers who have never heard of your brand. Once they see a coupon, they will always want to save their money and get products at lower prices. Coupons would help to attract new customers, thus causing more significant sales and customer loyalty. Every person wants to save money; therefore, that coupon or discount would also include the consumer to switch to your brand instead of the alternate they were willing to purchase.

4. Get Rid Of Older Products

Many products that have a closer expiry date are hard to sell-off. In the end, the business has to discard them. By giving out coupons on such products, people will buy the products easily. In this way, the company will get safe from facing any consequences. Instead of facing a loss, the business would sell the products at a breakeven price.

5. Inexpensive Advertisement

Coupon marketing is one of the most powerful marketing and advertising tool for businesses. When you distribute a coupon, all essential details will be mentioned in it. In this way, everyone would get to know a lot about your brand, including website, contact number, and address. Instead of wasting money on expensive mediums such as television or radio you can easily print coupons on by facing the printing costs only. This shows that now you can advertise your brand easily through an effective coupon marketing strategy.

6. A Good Way To Advertise A New Product

Coupon marketing is an excellent way to launch a new product. Many consumers hesitate to try a new product on the market. With the help of coupons, people will be encouraged to seek your new product, thus causing a great way to advertise it. If people would like it, they will want to buy it again and again even if you don’t offer a coupon later. Eventually, the new product, as well as your brand, will become popular.


In the advanced world where digital marketing is taking the lead, things are frequently changing, so it’s essential that we also change our strategies. It’s best to use the best and leading technologies available to make our business succeed. Having clear objectives and a piece of useful knowledge about your target market will make you prosper by applying coupon marketing. Keep in mind that social media will be the best medium for communication.

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Zomato Acquires Uber Eats Reason Behind The Deal or Failure of Uber Eats



On January 21st, 2020, food delivery giant Zomato acquired Uber Eats. From this time Uber Eats discontinued its food delivery operations. Users traveling outside India can still enjoy the benefits of Uber Eats. Now all its delivery partners, consumers, and restaurants will be directed to Zomato. Zomato acquired food aggregator Uber Eats for ₹2,485 crores, and after this deal, Uber Eats holds ownership of 9.99% in Zomato. After the deal, 245 employees of Uber Eats are on a cliffhanger. Zomato hasn’t given any statement about the absorption of these employees.

Apart from the growth in the smaller cities and towns, the significant business of food delivery app scripts like Swiggy and Zomato is around 65% comes from the top cities. Now with the Uber Eats consumers, Zomato holds about 50-55 percent of the food delivery market industry. Now developers are focusing on developing Zomato clone scripts.

The on-demand meal delivery service UberEats, connected with Zomato. The potential for many of these online delivery services is substantial, with around 44% of consumers using food delivery services at least once per month in the United States. Furthermore, the survey also found that 43% of consumers claimed to order their food online with an additional 13% ordering using a food delivery app. (source)

Uber Eats’s Journey in India

Cab hailing company Uber started its food delivery services in 2017. At that time two industry giants Zomato and Swiggy were already there. It was the first food delivery company that had a celebrity brand Ambassador – Alia Bhatt. Zomato started in 2008, and after five years, Swiggy began in 2013. By the time Uber launched its food delivery services in India, these two already had acquired more than half of the market. Zomato had around 40 million users, where Swiggy had 42 million users and the newbie Uber Eats had only 10 million user base at that time.

After starting the business in 2017, the average order value (AOV) of Uber Eats was rs 400, then in 2018 AOV was rs 300 with 3.5-4 million orders per month, and last year in 2019 it was rs 250. The AOV is showing its constantly dipping market. Besides having less user base, the users shared their grievance on twitter saying that the company Uber Eats was way better than Swiggy and Zomato. “The delivery experience, additional taxes, and application user interface of Uber Eats were much better than its competitors,” users said.

Big Wins for Zomato

Zomato got quite a lot from this deal according to experts. Zomato got all its delivery partners, Customer information, business details, customer order history and much more. The delivery partners will benefit from this deal because everyone wants their food to be delivered home at the quickest. More people will order means, more delivery boys and more employment. Zomato serves more than 70 million users every month in 24 countries, with a partnership of 1.5 million restaurants. The addition of Uber’s business will definitely take this figure higher than Swiggy.

Reasons: Why Uber Eats lagging behind Zomato and Swiggy?

There are several reasons for uber Eats lagging behind Zomato and Swiggy. Here we will discuss some of them.

  1. Facing Last Mover Disadvantages

Where UberEats started its business in 2017, its competitor was already set its feet in the market. They were almost on the top when Uber began its food delivery business as a newbie. There was a lot of pressure on Uber Eats as being a newbie in the market. Being a latecomer in the food delivery market, Uber faced many challenges which lead Uber to this deal.

  1. Slow Growth

Being a latecomer in the industry with limited resources, made Uber’s growth slow. Where Zomato was serving around 500 cities, Uber was only serving 44 cities at that time. The hyper-competitive market and low-value orders slowed its growth. The food delivery market is not so easy to crack.

  1. Less Funding and High Discounts

When Uber Eats started its business in India, it did not get enough funding from the investors. Even its parent company Uber also didn’t provide enough funding. While becoming stable in the market, Uber Eats needed to follow a high discount strategy. Where the competitors were getting substantial funding; hence they were offering impressive discounts that were making them popular in the market. The massive discounting approach was one of the reasons for its downfall. The company losses around ₹2,197 crores and more debts were following it, which made it difficult for Uber Eats to sustain in the market.

All in All

There are other food delivery companies also in the market like Foo

panda, Dunzo and many more. But the leading players of the game will be Swiggy and Zomato. In any application-based business, only one brand remains on the top. With the huge success of these applications, online food delivery app development companies are seeing their future in it. The other brand remains for back up, and there is no space for the third one. Any brand which is not on number 1 or 2 face difficulty to sustain in the market and face difficulty to make a profitable and successful business.

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