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Trump may use executive order to ban Huawei, ZTE purchases



Trump may use executive order to ban Huawei, ZTE purchases

U.S. President Donald Trump is taking another stab at Chinese technology firms Huawei Technology Co. Ltd. and ZTE Corp.

Trump is looking at issuing a new executive order that would ban U.S. wireless carriers from using equipment manufactured by the two firms, according to a report in Reuters. Such an order would come as a big blow to the Chinese companies and could also hurt the rollout of 5G networking infrastructure across the U.S.

The U.S. government has long accused the companies of working at the behest of the Chinese government, arguing that their equipment could be used to spy on Americans.

If issued, the executive order would force the U.S. Commerce Department to prohibit U.S. firms from buying equipment made by Chinese telecommunications suppliers on national security grounds. The action, which Reuters says has been under consideration for eight months, is expected to happen in January and would not need the approval of Congress.

Huawei and ZTE already face big problems in the U.S. market, as government agencies have been barred from buying their products under a new defense bill that came into law earlier in the year. Other Western governments have since followed suit. In the case of ZTE, it has also been singled out with heavy sanctions against it, though they were lifted following prolonged lobbying efforts.

Despite all that, the companies are still doing good business with smaller wireless carriers in the U.S. that focus on providing connectivity in rural areas, Reuters reported. That’s because Huawei and ZTE’s network switches and similar products tend to be less expensive than those sold by competitors.

Indeed, Huawei’s equipment is so popular that one of its executives reportedly sits on the board of directors of the Rural Wireless Association, an industry group that represents carriers with fewer than 100,000 subscribers. The RWA estimates that about 25 percent of its members rely on hardware made by the Chinese firms and worries that these members would be forced to remove this equipment and replace it without compensation, costing members about $800 million to $1 billion.

White House officials said a block on Chinese networking technologies would not delay the rollout of 5G services in the U.S., but Huawei’s rotating chairman, Guo Ping, this week said the move would have a negative impact.

Analyst Holger Mueller of Constellation Research Inc. said the situation was a delicate one in the absence of any concrete evidence against either of the Chinese companies, as any ban on purchases could easily backfire on the U.S. in terms of its infrastructure development.

“Barring any proof being made public, it comes back to the interpretation of the situation by elected officials,” Mueller said. “Getting this wrong can could have massive consequences for the proper working of any developed economy. What I’d like to see is engineering stepping up and proofing the chance of equipment being tampered with, or even better helping to design systems that actually tamper proof, not just by foreign actors, but anyone.”

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Must have technologies to built the Best e-commerce Tech Stack




E-commerce companies have access to an infinite range of techniques that allow you to transform your customer experience throughout your shopping trip.

The problem is… having so many alternatives to “power up” your platform can make it an overwhelming process to select the best tech stack for your e-commerce shop.

Whether you are re-evaluating your e-commerce tech stack or constructing one for the first time, you will discover helpful tips through our educational series, Power Up Plus, which highlights the state-of-the-art techniques you should prioritize to improve conversions and efficiency in your e-commerce shop.

Created in cooperation with six topic specialist partners across the Shopify Plus ecosystem, the series allows you to download each chapter to find the finest instruments and strategies to achieve the e-commerce success of your brand.

In this article we’ll talk regarding how to create the finest e-commerce technology stack for e-commerce to boost revenues and efficiency :

1 – Power Personalization with data-driven Customer Experiences :

As the e-commerce world continues to develop, distributors face increasing pressure to offer more appropriate shopping experiences for consumers.

81% of customers want brands to understand their products, anticipate their requirements, and know when to get to them.

Nosto, the world’s leading platform for e-commerce personalization, offers information that can reveal personalized content throughout the entire shop experience can lead to :

An average conversion rate of 1.3X higher

An average order price of 18 percent greater

An average 2X increase in shopper time spent on your site

Because of developments in Artificial Intelligence, the opportunities for providing 1:1 customization to your clients at every touchpoint, device, and phase of their shopping trip is now infinite.

And since distributors around the world use strong information and insights to customize how clients navigate their brand, this website feature is no longer a “good to have,” but a “must-have” to maintain up with your rivals.

2 – Automate E-mail Marketing to meet your Audience’s Needs :

You placed the reputation of your brand on the line with every email marketing campaign you send out. Marketing and sales offer already inundate the inboxes of your customer.

Why should your message be opened? And what prevents them from unsubscribing?

Using private, data-driven email messages and campaigns, you can transform one-time buyers into repeat clients. Many instruments are accessible to automate this process and optimize popular client lifecycle campaigns that take off your plate repetitive, time-consuming duties.

3 – Increase conversions via User-generated Content :

User-generated content (UGC)— in the form of client reviews, on-site Q&A and shopper-submitted pictures — is a strong way to communicate and get consumers to advocate for your brand by channeling your customers ‘ genuine, trustworthy voice.

The power of social proof is massive, and customers are, according to Yotpo, “161 percent more likely to purchase on average if they see UGC on-site, including reviews, photos, and Q&A, versus if they don’t.”

And the content of on-site customers has a major impact on conversion rates. For instance, once Shopify Plus and Yotpo client UNTUCKit improved their order-to-review response rate by 53 percent and gained more than 10,000 reviews a year, the firm presented their reviews alongside client photographs selected from their Instagram.

4 – Boost Brand Advocacy with Reward programs :

It is a hard task to build a significant and emotional connection with your internet clients. The excellent news is that a program of incentives is a strong way of fostering that allegiance between your brand and your best e-commerce clients.

You can generate an engaging and vibrant brand experience by using instruments such as to offer reward programs such as points, VIP levels, and client referrals.

Better yet, the capacity to delight clients with rewards in return for buying or signing up for exclusive possibilities will motivate clients to join your program by inspiring emotions of happiness, belonging, and confidence.

They will also be motivated to keep engaging with your brand and share it with others— building the backbone of a flourishing society that promotes brand advocacy and connects with fresh clients.

5 – Optimize your On-site search Experience with Smart search

Because users who complete a search in an e-commerce site search bar are almost twice as likely to convert as customers who don’t, it’s essential to have an ideal on-site search experience to assist tourists to discover what they’re looking for quickly.

Klevu’s team evaluated $1.4 billion in total online trade over seven months from 869 online stores last year. The research disclosed that the site search was immediately attributable to over $360 million (27 percent of the complete recorded company).

Third-party solutions like Klevu can assist turbocharging the search features of your indigenous Shopify — using machine learning and AI to produce quicker and more precise outcomes.

Optimized machine learning search outcomes, based on characteristics such as clicked products, search queries used, and add-to-basket, help automate product sorting and merchandising. Not only does it reduce the overhead cost of manually selecting the most appropriate products to show, but it also saves you time and money.

6 – Enhance your ERP Integration with Full-scale Automation :

It may be time to begin shopping for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) scheme to integrate with your e-commerce shop if you frequently process 200 to 500 orders per day.

That’s because, according to research by Radial, the price of fulfilling an order is a whopping “70% of the average order price.”

One of the easiest ways to distinguish your company from the contest is to integrate an ERP system, streamline your activities, and transform the end-to-end shopping experience of your clients.

Indeed, the latest Panorama Consulting Solutions research discovered that with an ERP system in place, 93 percent of the companies they surveyed enhanced some or all of their business processes.

EndNote :

Mike Fiebach, Fame House’s founder and CEO — a digital company that develops e-commerce shops for some of the world’s most renowned recording artists — thinks that tech stacks for his customers must stay agnostic technology for their companies to be future-proof.

Author Bio :

Varun Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product

development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations – Magento Development Company.

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7 Reasons Why 4k Projector is the One For The Future




The drooling idea of 4K projectors has taken fans to the next level, with the intent of massive projection screens. With its image resolution, the projector can blow up to 120 inches or more. The two-fold standpoint resolution difference is the most obvious reason for having the 4k projector.

With the 4x increase in pixels, you will be able to view textures, wrinkles, and even individual strands of hair. Of course, the giant projector image is worth watching and exciting. Conventional projectors require a commitment and work to deal with the project overheads and long stretches of wires, but with the advent of 4K projectors, many of the inconveniences are solved by plug and play projections.

4K projectors are becoming popular due to their efficient space-saving designs, longevity, brightness, and quality. From each corner, you get the smother image with perfect contrast ratio.  Here are the seven reasons for having a 4k projector at your home or office.

  1. Viewing experience

Viewing experience gets better when you have more accurate and realistic colors on the screen. 4k projectors make the video content and images sharper and brighter. The vitality of a 4k projector is that it does not fade image or video but always stays bright. Seasoning 4k projectors would become the best thing in offices and homes.

On the other hand, conventional projectors always resulted in duller and dimmer presentations due to the lamp source, which fade over time. But with the advent of 4k projectors, brightness lasts longer, keeping all visuals beautiful and brighter. One of the best products available in the market is BenQ TK800, which is undoubtedly the right choice for you. The features include HDR images, sharp 4K with the colorful, bright, and big picture. It handles the motion and input lag for gaming in an excellent manner.

  1. Pixel density

pixel density

pixel density

Pixel density is the biggest differentiator among projectors of all times. These projectors have a large display of more than 8.3 million pixels. It has taken the project quality to the next level. It’s incredible to have such high-quality screens that are four times of 1080 HD displays pixels. You would have a whole new level of presentations, professional and entertainment experience with the visibly brilliant pictures. The immersive nature of detailing would undoubtedly make the projector a mandatory piece for the future. The highly efficient laser light source delivers exponentially stable, bright, and high contrast pictures with excellent color accuracy. JVC DLA-X5900 is the best projector in pixel density with the D-ILA projection system, 3480 x 2160 resolutions, around 1800 lumens of brightness, impressive HDR and is gaming ready.

  1. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The high dynamic range would allow you to have more detailed viewing content. You can have perfect darker blacks and brighter whites with the HDR projectors. HDR entails the users with excellent contrast and higher visibility to the smaller details of the picture. HDR content like gaming, TV, and movies has taken an upward trend by allowing users to view the streaming services on the big screens. The HDR-compatible projectors can function up to 20,000 hours. The prime objective of such operating hours is the elimination of the light source replacement.

  1. Color range

HDR compatible projectors perceive the content as reality and deliver a wide range of darker and brighter colors. Conventional projectors always displayed duller and dimmer images and videos because of the lamp source, which was required to be changed. The advent of 4k projectors keeps brightness lasts longer, keeping every presentation beautiful and brighter. HDR contrast capabilities have transformed the images in greater depth, which makes an excellent choice for enthusiasts.

  1. Fewer interruptions and productive outputs

4k projectors allow users to be more productive without the hassle of changing the lamps during presentations or lectures. There is no chance of disruptions when delivering essential points to the audience. Moreover, it has lower ownership cost in the long run due to less hassle in maintenance prospects. Filter replacement cycles of high-resolution projectors make it available even at the peak operating conditions as well. There are no significant additional things needed for purchase, which makes it quite affordable in this era.

  1. Minimal Installation

Fortunately, in the advanced technological era, the latest 4K projectors eliminate the need for the time taking installations. There are no such special installations requirements. Additionally, these light source projectors allow you to instantly turn on and off without the hassle of waiting for the lamp to cool down and warm up. One of the best 4K projectors is BenQ TK800, and JVC DLA-X5900 requires minimum installation and provides a higher projection.

  1. Higher Reliability

Modern 4k projectors come with a lot of built-in features which provide ease of flexibility to the users. These projectors last longer with reliability and an extra piece of mind. They deliver super performance and reassures you on the long term basis. Moreover, there is also a considerable reduction in electricity bills and are environment-friendly too.


Conclusively, the two-fold standpoint resolution difference is the most obvious reason for having the 4k projector. With the 4x increase in pixels makes the quality of the picture outstanding. The detailing makes it a mandatory piece for the future due to its immersive nature. The highly efficient laser light source delivers exponentially stable, bright, and high contrast pictures with excellent color accuracy.

Moreover, HDR entails the users with better contrast and higher visibility to the smaller details of the film. Viewing experience gets better when you have more realistic objects on the screen. Pixel density is the biggest differentiator while considering the different projector ranges, which make the video content and images sharper and brighter. They have a large display of more than 8.3 million pixels with contrast capabilities which have transformed the images in greater depth. There are no such special installations requirements. They last longer with reliability and an extra piece of mind. It delivers super performance and reassures you on the long term basis.

Moreover, 4K Projectors has lower ownership cost in the long run compared to its maintenance prospects and filter replacement cycles. The best thing is that you can start with the simple projector and upscale to the Ultra high definition 4k projectors. The vitality does not fade image or video but always stays bright.

Most importantly, the picture quality, better color, lower noise, higher contrast ratios, better lenses and optics, and higher output light are the crucial factors when considering the 4K projector.

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5 ways to choose Broadband internet service provider



5 ways to choose Broadband internet service provider

The most important factor in choosing your broadband package is what type of Internet user you are. Once you’ve determined that, it’s very easy to find a package that meets your needs.

Not all broadband connections are the same. With a selection of ultra-fast fiber and standard broadband packages, you have a lot to do in finding the product that meets your needs.

The more people use the connection, the speed of the internet service provider will become slow. If you have a large family or you live in a shared apartment building with four or more people, you should look for packages that are fast-paced for the people who use them.

Internet service provider recommends that joint flats and families have unlimited offers. Nowadays, this is the most common type of business offered by most internet service provider. So you can use the Internet to the fullest without having to worry about further data being shorted or billed.

Suggested broadband package types:

Or a large household with four or more permanent users: unlimited fiber-optic broadband, the average download speed of 34 MB +. Available from most vendors including Virgin Media, TalkTelk, BT, Sky, PlusNet, EE, and now Broadband.

Apartment with up to four people: Unlimited broadband in most cases, average download speed should be 10 MB + enough. If you watch a lot of movies or download a game, you can benefit from high-speed connectivity, but standard broadband will still be enough.

Individual users: If you are a general user and primarily use the Internet for email, surfing, or social media, a low-cost fixed-use package may be okay.

Broadband for students

If you need a fast internet service provider, you should research and then sign the contract.  With all the talk about megabits and download times, it is sometimes easy to understand that the broadband package has bolts.

You can send email, share photos, watch Netflix, check Facebook, and play games via 8-Mbps broadband connection. Fast broadband – broadband fiber optic products in general typically appeal to people who download more consistently and have the most applicants.

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Broadband for film and TV admirers 

If you enjoy downloading HD movies or making major use of TV streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you will be considered a frequent user. Strong consumers want to pay extra for fiber optic broadband. Fiber is faster than standard broadband, and that means you can download movies, music and games faster, so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time for buffers and entertainment of your choice.

Broadband for families

Especially in families with young people who have grown up with the Internet, a family is almost certainly a strong consumer.

If you have four or more people in one household, you probably use and run multiple Internet-service providers based on devices. If you are online at the same time, you should sign up for a Fiber Optic Broadband package to ensure a smooth connection.

In addition, be aware of which broadband providers provide parental controls so you can protect your children online. Most providers already offer. However, before signing up for a package, check the supplier’s website.

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Broadband for scholars

What distinguishes student’s broadband from other broadband packages is that contracts last for nine months instead of the usual 12 or 18 months. The short duration of the contract means that students are not required to pay broadband fees during the long summer holidays. At this time, they are probably at home. But be careful because most student broadband packages also include setup fees. So it pays to sit down and find out if you get a student broadband package or a cheaper, longer contract, the better.

Broadband for companies

If you run a business, it is best to sign up for a broadband package that suits your business needs. Enterprise broadband packages are different from standard consumer contracts with additional services such as static/fixed IPs, web spaces, and email addresses that name your company. They also provide enterprise-grade security to protect sensitive information from sight, and when your contact is down, the customer gets better customer support to reduce its financial impact. Adding TV to your broadband bundle gives you a wider selection of programs, including movie premieres and high-profile American plays that you need to watch.

All ISPs now offer free Wi-Fi routers to their packages. This is important when connecting multiple devices such as laptops and game consoles to the same line.

Internet security software

Internet safety should be a priority for everyone. For viruses that can infect a computer simply by visiting malicious websites, opening email attachments, and downloading files, it is important that you protect your computer and your data from attacks.

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Technologies Boosting OTA Testing and Configurations with rising solutions



Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing

The Over the air (OTA) test is a process to understand the performance and reliability of a wireless device. OTA testing is a way to know the designed or selected device’s performance, by measuring its signal and antenna efficiency. Since the OTA testing is a requirement for cellular telecommunications and internet association, it is authorized by many regulatory agencies, standard organizations, industrial bodies, and telecom carrier services. Anritsu & ETS-Lindgren combine to introduce 5G NR OTA measurement solution. Qualcomm Technologies to introduce lab for end-to-end OTA configuration for 5G mmWave. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global over-the-air (OTA) testing industry is expected to grow at a significant CAGR from 2018–2025. Following are certain measures taken by the companies.

Anritsu & ETS-Lindgren combine to introduce 5G NR OTA Measurement solution:

Collaborating together, the companies are rising the ways to improve LTE solutions. Anritsu, a Japanese multinational company and ETS-Lindgren, an India-based private firm, announced a combination of Anritsu’s Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A for 5g OTA testing along with ETS-Lindgren EMQuest EMQ-100 Antenna Measurement Software. The accurate and flexible solution permits the user Equipment (UE) developers and manufacturers to distinguish and approve the 5G OTA conduction of their designs. This way, the existing customers become able to improve their LTE solutions to carry 5G new Radio (NR) due to this collaboration.

The MT8000A test platform by Anritsu supports the new 5G technologies, such as wideband signal processing and beam firming, which is needed by 5G NR enhance mobile broadband (eMBB). Apart from this, sub-6ghz (FR) and millimeter wave (mmWave) band (FR2) signaling RF tests covering 400 MHZ to 6ghz, also the 28 GHz and 39 GHz 5G NR bands are supported by MT8000A. Both the non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) modes are supported by the MT8000A. It can also be coupled with LTE-A Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C to provide an upgrade path to 5G for LTE customers. The MT8000A is a 3GPP Release 16-ready and is identified as the most stable, accurate and flexible 5G platform for RF testing in the industry.

Qualcomm Technologies introducing lab for OTA configuration for 5G mmWave:

A 5g mmWave lab and testing facility by Qualcomm, where Sony becomes its first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to take the advantage.

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subordinate of Qualcomm Incorporated, has declared an enlargement of its 5G NR testing facilities, to involve a new lab-created for the end-to-end OTA configuration for 5G mmWave.

The new 5G mmWave lab and test facility will be located at the research and development (R&D) center of Qualcomm Technologies, in Farnborough, UK. The Wave Lab and test facility will indicate and assist the capabilities of commercialization of 5G NR mmWave, by allowing OEMs and European operators for testing and fine-tuning the mmWave devices and network configuration.

Qualcomm Technologies and Sony have announced that Sony will be the first OEM to utilize the lab, which is getting launched by 5G R&D facility. A pre-commercial mmWave mobile form factor devices will be provided by Sony, to the facility for capacity, throughput, latency and reliability test of mmWave in multiple deployments scenes.

mmWaves brings huge capacity, multi-Gigabit peak throughput, and low-latency connectivity to smartphones and Laptops for a heavy urban environment, indoor venues, and enterprises. Since 5G has the ability to carry higher data rates for users, it proves to be perfect for utilization in high-density indoor environments including stadiums and shopping centers, as a supporting technology for sub-6 5G utilizations.

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Fibocom selected Keysight’s 5G test solutions 5G RF DVT Toolset:

A 5G network emulation solution will boost the validation of 5G new radio modules (NR) in devices.

Fibocom Wireless Inc., a China-based IoT & Mobile Internet communication company, has selected the 5G network emulation solutions 5G RF DVT Toolset, by Keysight Technologies, Inc. an America-based technology company. The 5G network emulation solutions are subjected to boost development and validation of 5g new radio modules for the PC market.

Fibocom has selected Keysight suite of 5G network emulation solutions, in order to support its goal to supply connected mobile ecosystems with commercial 5G-powered internet of things (IoT) modules. The users can attain rapid validation of device performance and consistency results, by using similar test tools and test cases across the ecosystem. Keysight motives to provide a comprehensive mobile device performance validation capability in OTA test environments by combining its 5G network emulation solution with purpose-built and proven chambers.

OTA tests are important, as it tests the performance of a wireless device, that may degrade due to certain reasons. If the antenna’s that are providing the signal is placed in a miserable condition or the user carries or holds it in a wrong way, the device may suffer low LTE uplink and downlink speeds. Mostly the manufacturers of Internet of Thing (IoT) and M2M device requires OTA certified products as they reduce complexity, reform potentially costly design errors and meet the demands in the global market. The increasing use of IoT and Smart devices are one of the major keys for enlarging the global OTA testing market. Advancing the testing technologies will bring growth to the OTA market.

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A Look into Top Web Development Frameworks in 2019 and 2020



web development framework

A web framework refers to a software framework that is intended to main the development of web applications. This includes web services, resources, and APIs. Web frameworks are a standard way to build and deploy new kinds of web applications.

Choosing a paramount web application framework is not an easy task. There are many of them on the market, and each of them has its specialties. Some top development frameworks have been commercialized in 2019 and will go well into 2020. The right choice of a web framework can accelerate your work and business while a wrong decision can cost you extra time and a higher budget.

The following are the best web development frameworks in 2019-20.

1.      AngularJS

AngularJS is simple to use. It is an open-source web framework precisely designed for single page web applications through an MVC architectural pattern. Since it is a front-end framework it is designed to deal with web pages proficiently. This framework experienced massive hype following a renewal this year. After the Angular 2 release, it gained more momentum. The latest version is Angular 4, which is much better than its previous version. This Google product has shown to be well merited which is why it is in all the top web development frameworks list. It is now accepted as a vital part of the future of web development.

2.      React

React is an exceptional part of the JavaScript library. It is developed and maintained by Facebook and is of very high quality according to recent reports and surveys. In 2018, React surpassed Angular in almost all possible indicators, numerical and user-estimated. It is flexible because it supports small file sizes and simple updates that do not disturb the permanency of any page. It also flawlessly combines with other libraries if required.

Despite these advantages, the knowledge of additional tools is required for full coding, so the learning curve to use React depends a lot on which background solution the user chooses. It also does not support optimized documentation. As of this year, React is part of the most requested set of solutions. Customer complaints are significantly less in comparison with Angular. It is used by corporations like Airbnb and Twitter and by 2020 it is projected to again occupy the first lines of the ratings.

3.      Redux

This library is considered to be the best software for managing the state of any application. The main task for Redux is updating indicators and maintaining relevance. The key elements it is answerable for is pressing buttons, time-out, and form input control. It has control over the execution of action and return of the page to a general view. Redux also gives constant updates of visual information to the user.

Only a small percentage of developers who have dealt with Redux would not like to bump into it again. Furthermore, the majority of users who heard about it are interested in learning more. As a rule, Redux is used exclusively with React.

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4.      Laravel

There is a demand for the use of a framework for PHP. The backend that uses PHP is Laravel, and it can be the best choice you make. It is a Model-View-Controller framework that is being extensively used worldwide. It has been active in helping issues with a web development company.

When compared to other frameworks, Laravel is a relatively new one. However, it has many strong and powerful features. It comes equipped with API support and offers some decent packages that extend its reach. The only disadvantage of using this platform is that it is not suitable for heavier projects. Besides this lacking, it helps you create meaningful and high-performing backend in your web development projects.

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5.      Symfony

Similar to Laravel, Symfony is another PHP web framework that fits well into any complex enterprise of a page. The latest version is Symfony 3.1, which is quite a stable framework. It aids full stack developers in building scalable websites that are dependable and can assimilate and work with several open-source platforms. Some of these include PHPBB, Piwik, and Drupal. It comprises of a group of PHP components, an application framework, a community, and a philosophy, and they all work simultaneously to help developers progress towards a common goal. From 2019 onwards, Symfony is widely considered to be a sophisticated framework for web development.

6.      Ember

Ember is one of the most trusted and mature Javascript frameworks. Released in 2011, the web development it has accomplished has led it to rapidly grow and gain influence in the industry. The core features it houses are strict organization, an advanced version management system, and support of old as well as modern technology. Ember allows you to make properties out of functions which is a good idea when working with bindings. It has been approved as a great framework for creating complicated web apps and is used by companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Heroku.

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7.      Node.js

The main concept behind Node.js was to utilize non-blocking and event-driven I/O. These tend to persist against real-time applications with massive data running on distributed devices. Node.js is essential to accommodate specific needs. Not only is it employed as a framework but also a necessity for a proper functioning web development environment. It is still a developers’ favorite even today since it builds fast network applications. It can further handle huge connections simultaneously with high performance. If you need an entire JavaScript with all the tools, then this framework may be perfect for you.

8.      Ruby on Rails

The Ruby on Rails framework (RoR) is written in the Ruby language. It is used today by more than 826,000 live websites, and companies like Airbnb, YellowPages, and Groupon, among others. This web framework has a wide spectrum of uses, including solving more complicated development problems. RoR offers many tools and unlimited libraries that decrease development time. The framework is also big on test automation, which is a valuable feature for software quality. With RoR, you can create cloud-based applications, social networking platforms and different other types of web platforms as well.

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