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All New Planned Releases for 2019 on Netflix



All New Planned Releases for 2019 on Netflix

With a new year comes new titles to stream on Netflix. The third season of the Netflix original A Series of Unfortunate Events will drop Jan. 1, while Grace and Frankie, Friends From College, Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Call My Agent! And Club de Cuervos will all return for new seasons in January. Additionally, part two of the fourth and final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be released Jan. 25.

A number of original films will hit Netflix throughout the month, including Black Earth Rising, And Breathe Normally, Lionheart, Justice, The Last Laugh and When Heroes Fly. Following the success of the true crime docuseries. Making a Murderer, the streaming service will debut Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes on Jan. 24.

On the film side, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Jersey Boys, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp and Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles 2 are among the titles that will be added to Netflix in January. Shows like American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace and the fifth (and final) season of Z Nation will join the streaming service’s library.

Here is the complete list of films and shows coming to Netflix in January, below.

January 1

• Photofest

• Across the Universe

• The Addams Family

• A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3

• Babel

• Black Hawk Down

• The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

• City of God

• Comedians of the world

• The Dark Knight

• Definitely, Maybe

• The Departed

• Godzilla

• Happy Feet

• Hell or High Water

• I Know What You Did Last Summer

• Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

• Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

• Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

• Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

• It Takes Two

• Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

• Jersey Boys

• Mona Lisa Smile

• Mr. Bean’s Holiday

• The Mummy

• The Mummy Returns

• Pan’s Labyrinth

• Pinky Malinky

• Pulp Fiction

• The Strangers

• Swingers

• Tears of the Sun

• Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

• Watchmen

• XXX: State of the Union

January 2

• Monty Python and the Holy Grail

January 4

• Courtesy of TIFF

• And Breathe Normally

• Call My Agent!: Season 3

• El Potro: Unstoppable

• Lionheart

January 9

• Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

• Godzilla: The Planet Eater

• Solo: A Star Wars Story

January 10

• When Heroes Fly

January 11

• Friends From College: Season 2

• ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium

• Sex Education

• Solo

• The Last Laugh

January 15

• Revenger

• Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry

January 16

• American Gangster

January 17

• Patrick Harbron/FX

• American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

January 18

• Melissa Moseley/Netflix

• Carmen Sandiego

• Close

• Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

• Girl

• Grace and Frankie: Season 5

• IO

• Soni

• Trigger Warning Wth Killer Mike

• Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 5

• The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: Season 2 Part B

January 21

• Justice

January 24

• Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

• Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

January 25

• Animas

• Black Earth Rising

• Club de Cuervos: Season 4

• Kingdom

• Medici: The Magnificent

• Polar

• Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4 Part 2

January 27

• Z Nation: Season 5

January 29

• Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: One Show Fits All

• Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp

January 30

• Screengrab/Disney Pixar

• Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles 2



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Want to Become a Famous Actor? Learn to Become a Screenwriter First



Establishing an acting or screenwriting career can take an awful lot of work and time, and of course, luck. Like the old adage goes however, the more time you spend at it, the more luck you’re likely to have. While for the former, you can increase your chances of becoming a Broadway theatrical and/or Hollywood onscreen success by attending a certified acting school or taking acting lessons from some of the most successful actors in the business, screenwriting is a different animal altogether. It is a craft that can take years to perfect. The point however, is that people who know how to write good screenplays can increase their chances of becoming a successful actor also. 

Some of the most renown actors in the world have actually started out as screenwriters. Just a handful of these include the late theater writer, Sam Shepard, plus the likes of Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Orson Welles, and so many more. Even two-time Pulitzer Prize winning, New York City-based novelist, Norman Mailer, wrote and acted in his own movies and off-Broadway plays. That said, could becoming a successful screenwriter be the catalyst for greater things in the Hollywood or New York City, like acting in your own hit movie, TV series, or long running plays?     

According to, becoming a successful scriptwriter depends on two factors: persistence and pure luck. Since you, as a wannabe writer have total control on how much dedication you devote to learning your craft, you can only hope that luck will be on your side.     

According to the experts, you can increase your chances of getting lucky in the screenwriting business, and potentially the acting business, by following a set of general guidelines. Here’s just a few. 

10,000 Hours

Says, sociologist Malcolm Gladwell came up with the 10,000 hours rule which states, for an individual to become a master at anything, “he or she must devote a minimum of 10,000 hours of practice, study and application to the discipline in question.” That’s the equivalent of working for about a full year and a half, non-stop, without taking even a moment to sleep or eat. 

But to break it down into simple terms, writers must always be writing, every day. That doesn’t necessarily mean you must write for 10,000 hours before you sell your script, and perhaps even get a role acting in it. That’s where a little luck comes into play. In all likelihood, however, your first few screenplays will be horrible. That said, you’re going to have to learn from your mistakes and continue to spend a lot of time at your writing desk before you get lucky.    

Go West Young Man or Woman

If you want to increase you luck in the screenwriting, and potentially the movie acting business, you should consider a move west to Hollywood (if you wish to become a famous playwright and Broadway Theater actor, go east to New York City). Hollywood is where all the action is. While it’s not absolutely necessary to move to Hollywood in the digital age, being distanced from other, more famous screenwriters, actors, and film executives can hurt your chances for success. Taken a step further, according to, making the move to Los Angeles is one of the best things you can do to help your screenwriting and acting career.  

Dissect as Many Movies and Successful Screenplays as you Can

It only makes sense that if your dream is to get into film, you should watch as many films as you can. You should also watch them multiple times and in turn, analyze and dissect how the screenwriter put them together. The same goes for reading screenplays that have been produced. You should read and study them over and over again, line for line. After all, a screenplay isn’t like a fluid novel, it is more like an owner’s manual for actors and production crews. In short, it’s your job as a writer to set the scene, create the dialogue, and make the shift from one place to another in as few words as possible. One of the unwritten rules of a good screenplay is that it contains more white space than writing.

Get an Agent

When it comes to getting professional representation, the old conundrum applies: You can’t get an agent unless you’ve had one of your screenplay’s (or published novels) produced by a reputable producer. But then, you can’t get your script made into a film by a reputable producer unless you have an agent. 

So then, how can you go about getting an agent to represent your work? In the old days you could write a “query letter” to a prospective agent telling them you’re the next Matt Damon, and how talented you are as a writer and actor, and how they must represent you immediately or lose out on a lot of potential cash. 

These days however, it’s better to network with likeminded screenwriters and actors who’ve enjoyed enough success (and yes, luck), to have earned themselves solid agent representation. If they see value in your work, it’s good bet they’ll write a letter on your behalf to their agent. In the end, that agent may very well take you on as a client. If that happens, you are officially on your way to not only becoming a successful screenwriter, but also a famous actor.

Multiple Income Streams

One of the most financially responsible reasons for learning the screenwriting craft prior to becoming an actor, is that if one career doesn’t pan out, it’s quite possible the other one will. Or, if you are able to become a success at both, but your acting career fades for a while, it’s a good bet your screenwriting efforts will pay the bills, and visa versa. 

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Meet Airrack, The Man Who “Hacked” YouTube’s Algorithm



Photo Courtesy - One Day Entertainmen

By Connor McCrory

Most of us were ready to let go of 2020, but for 23-year-old Eric Decker, better known as the up-and-coming YouTube sensation, “Airrack”, it was a celebration like no other. He’d just spent eight days on an abandoned island off the coast of Florida, live streaming his epic and unexpected rise to one million subscribers.

Airrack had set out the year to grow his YouTube channel from scratch to one million subscribers. He had no idea where chasing the goal would lead him, or that a global pandemic would roll through, but what unfolded is the stuff dreams are made of. 

A Star Is Born 

Eric picked up his first camera when he was just nine years old and instantly fell in love with it. He became obsessed with the simple concept that you could create something all on your own, and then upload it to the internet for others to see.

“When I was in fifth grade, I remember spending the whole night figuring out how to download the footage from a floppy disc to my computer and going through the editing process. That’s when I knew I wanted to do YouTube,” Airrack told Scriberr News.

Photo Courtesy – Eric Decker

Growing up in Atlanta, Eric tested out all sorts of ideas for YouTube channels, from trampoline backflips, to lighting things on fire. But it wasn’t until 2015 that he developed the idea for “Airrack” (pronounced “air – rack”). The project would become an experimental place for him to test out all the different types of content he wanted to make. 

Distracted by school and other business endeavors, the idea for Airrack sat on the back burner. But in 2020 that all changed… 

The Rise of Airrack

In January 2020, Eric set the goal to grow his “Airrack” channel from zero to over a million subscribers in that year alone. If that sounds like an audacious goal, it’s because it was. Reaching that milestone would put him in the hall of fame for YouTube greats. 

With a fire burning under him, and the clock ticking, Airrack began executing. He quickly adopted a “do what it takes mentality”–which meant lots of travel, coffee,  late-night editing, reinvesting all his cash into the videos and eventually even moving across the country in the middle of a pandemic. 

Airrack’s strategy from the start for growing the channel was to mix crazy drive and work ethic with a theory he calls “social hacking.” He says social hacking is “when a creator takes an idea that is popular in pop culture right now, and puts their own spin on it.” 

Add a bit of calculated risk (spending lots of time and money on an idea that might not work out) to the mix–and you’ve got all the elements of a classic Airrack episode. 

When it works out, it pays off big. And when it doesn’t? Well that can get pretty messy. 

The best example of this epic combo is when Airrack bought famous YouTuber, Logan Paul’s $90,000 Mercedes Benz couches. He took out a loan from a bank to pay for them, flew to Los Angeles, rented a U-Haul and picked up the couches. 

Photo Courtesy – Eric Decker

Airrack turned his newly purchased couches into a four episode series, where he skydived with, surfed with and traded in the couches for a car. The “Couch Series” has since amassed over 8.4 million views, led to increases in hundreds of thousands of subscribers and paid back the big price tag.

Other great examples from this year were trying to crash Justin Bieber’s wedding, sneaking into a Mike Tyson fight, delivering the world’s largest pizza to the Hype House on a crane and many more. 

But the epic fails and big-time struggles proved just as huge as the wins. In one of Airrack’s first major videos of the year, he documented sneaking into one of Dan Bilzerian’s infamous parties. 

The video quickly started gaining hundreds of thousands of views, and it didn’t take long for Bilzerian’s team to catch on, contact him and threaten to sue for an undisclosed 6 figure sum if he didn’t take the video down in three days. Airrack obliged, and looking back on it now says, “It was a huge mistake, no one should sneak into someone’s personal residence uninvited. It was my mistake and I own it.”

Another crazy and unexpected hiccup happened in early-September, when Airrack got stuck on an island off the coast of Florida while shooting a video. 

Photo Courtesy – Eric Decker

He says, “it ended up being one of the scariest moments of my life. It also ended up being my most expensive video. I had to max out around $20,000 dollars on my credit cards to make it happen and get a plane back to the U.S.” 

Not all of us can stomach something like that, but Airrack knows it’s the game he’s playing.

Growing the Empire

After some initial success and realizing he wasn’t going to be able to build the channel alone, Airrack began the search to start building a team. He was clear on the fact that the only way to scale was for him to focus more on what he was great at — coming up with ideas and executing them — and empower others to do the same.

A lot of the channel’s success in 2020 can be attributed to Mack Hopkins, a 19 year-old videographer and editor from North Carolina, who dropped out of film school to join the rocketship. He’s to credit for the signature Airrack graphics and fast-paced storytelling.

Photo Courtesy – One Day Entertainment

“Mack was in a very prestigious film school, and ended up calling me after one of my early videos, saying he was inspired. Shortly after he joined the team and history was made,” said Airrack. Mack is now a central character in all of Airrack’s episodes, bringing in all sorts of comic relief. 

Airrack also decided to bring on One Day Entertainment as his exclusive management. Zack Honarvar, the founder of ODE, is one of the rising stars in digital management and has proved a major asset to solidifying partnerships and building the business behind the channel. Airrack says, “Signing with One Day really took a lot of work off my back, and gave me more time to focus on creating.” 

Photo Courtesy – One Day Entertainment 

The growing team jokingly refers to themselves as “Airrack and Associates.”

What’s Next?

The Airrack 2020 story is really just a story of never giving up. He started the year at zero, living in a closet and sleeping on a bed without a box spring. He was completely broke, and uncertain of whether he really had the chops as a YouTuber.

The days in-between were filled with bumps, bruises and the occasional triumph. And when he rounded the corner of the year, still 250K subscribers shy of his goal, he did what you’d expect to do–he doubled down.

With only a few weeks left in the year, Airrack and Associates launched an affiliate tool with the team over at Stir, a creator finance business that just raised a $4M seed round from big names in the creator space such as Jack Conte, Casey Neistat and Homebrew. The tool generated unique links for fans to track subscribers referred in exchange for prizes, and had over 100K sign-ups.

Photo Courtesy – Eric Decker

Then, Airrack and Mack (purposefully) stranded themselves on a remote island off the coast of Florida with a 24/7 livestream running all off hot spots. The pitch was “we aren’t leaving this island until we hit a million.” So, for back-to-back-to-back days, they called subscribers, played games, did pushups and tried not to lose their minds all while on a livestream. 

And on Dec. 27, after a year of sleepless nights and crazy bets, it finally happened. The Airrack channel crossed the one million subscriber mark. Mack and Airrack left the island and livestream the same way they end all of their videos– by staring into the camera and saying what’s now become a fan favorite tagline:

 “That’s pretty much it — I’m leaving.” 

So, what does this all mean for the new year? Are they gone for good? Will they be back for more? 

Airrack and the team are currently on a 2 week (much-deserved) “content break.” But don’t worry, the channel will be back in full force sometime later this month. 1 million was just the first milestone, not the last.

And when we asked Airrack what his fans should expect from him in 2021, he said matter-of-factly: “I can’t say much, but if you thought this year was big, oh man, next year will be even bigger.”   

If this year was any hint, well then we can’t wait to see what he has in store.

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Life is a series of different events. It never stays the same, and for sure, nothing lasts. More than often, people are agonized by the haphazardous and instability that life brings along itself. But even though on the surface, there seems to be no specific reason for why there are so many twists and turns in life, every situation teaches an individual something new and unique. With every circumstance that a person comes face to face with, they are only one step closer to reaching what they are actually meant to do in life.

The famous author Stephan King worked as a janitor at a high school before he realized what his true calling was. Before Giorgio Armani became one of the top fashion designers all across the world, he studied medicine and then left university for serving the military. Harrison Ford, the TV star, became a self-taught carpenter before he made the switch to the entertainment industry.

Muhammad Shaikh, the well-known Islamic scholar, shares a similar story. Before the influential scholar devoted his life to Islam, he would act for advertisements as a model for his video rental shop. It was only a matter of situational changes that helped Mohammad Shaikh realize that he was sent to the world for a whole new reason and that too, a very sacred one.


Mohammad Shaikh was born on October 6, 1956, in Karachi, Pakistan. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ghulam Nazimuddin, were both Muslims, and he grew up learning the basic principles and values about Islam. Even though the family was religious, they weren’t “extreme Muslims.” This made the boy a cultural Muslim who had no idea about the daily practices of Islam, and he offering only his Jumu’ah prayers or Eid prayers ad reading the Holy Quran without understanding the verses.

His grandfather, Captain Ghulam Fareeduddin, was an associate of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. His family-owned ‘Video Cottage’ a video rental shop, which was part of the family business. A student at the Happy Home School, he completed his primary education and went to Islamia College.

In 1969, Mohammad Shaikh’s father passed away, and the young teenager was left to look after his family. After graduating from the college, he was inducted in National Survey announced by the prime minister for the 1971 war and was deployed as part of the military police at the Rajasthan borders. Knowing that the forces were not where he wanted to be,

Mohammad Shaikh got himself enrolled in the Merchant Navy, and was selected as a cadet, and very soon was here he was promoted to the rank of the Second Officer. Financial stability is what he was looking for at the time, and the Navy paid him well. Besides that, Mohammad Shaikh also got to travel the three-fourth part of the world, and he performed pilgrimage at Makkah.

It is during his time on the ship that he had his “first sign.” There, he met a devout Christian who was well-versed with his religion and had a plethora of knowledge about the teachings of the Bible. The man asked a series of questions and got Mohammad Shaikh thinking about what kind of Muslim he was.

The Christian asked him if he was a Muslim, to which Mohammad Shaikh responded positively. The man then said, “Bible was revealed before the Holy Quran, and the Quran has stolen the teachings of the Bible.” Mohammad Shaikh was perplexed by the statement, and when the man saw his expressions, he said, “tell me something from the Quran, and I will bring a verse from the Bible that states the same thing.” Unaware of the verses stated in the Holy Quran, Mohammad Shaikh couldn’t give an answer to the man.

A few minutes conversation with the Christian left Mohammad Shaikh uneasy, and he began questioning himself.


Five years later, Mohammad Shaikh resigned from the Navy and joined his family business. For expanding his business, he started shooting advertisements for his shop, that had its branches on Tariq Road and Defense, Karachi.  This developed an interest in filmmaking, modeling, and documentaries in Mohammad Shaikh.  His photographs appeared in advertisements in magazines, and he started to work on making documentaries as well.

Still shaken by the conversation Mohammad Shaikh had with the Christian, Mohammad Shaikh gradually began to find his way into religion. He started by reading the translated Quran and the watched videos by scholars such as Ahmad Deedat.

During this time, Mohammad Shaikh got his second, and final encounter with a life-changing experience. One day a man entered the shop and asked Mohammad Shaikh for an unavailable movie. Upon learning that the shop didn’t offer the movie title, the man got really frustrated and left the shop. He returned a few minutes later with four other men and a gun. The man started hitting Mohammad Shaikh on his head, and he could feel himself becoming unconscious. As if that wasn’t enough, he felt another gun on his chest and heard two gunshots.  Knowing that this was probably how God would take his life, Mohammad Shaikh vowed to be a better Muslim and said to himself, “Lord, save my life, and I will dedicate my life to You.”

From then on, Mohammad Shaikh realized what his true calling life was, and he devoted himself to the Lord and his teachings. In 1988, Muhammad Shaikh was the only candidate selected from Pakistan when Shaikh Ahmed Deedat selected 30 Daee’s from across the world to undergo Da’wah training and comparative religious studies at the IPCI headquarters in Durban, South Africa. After successfully completing the course, he was awarded the certificate by Deedat.

His dedication made him the 4th Most Influential Muslim in the World in an online poll conducted by Reuters in 2009, and he was featured in the book “The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2010” by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre.

Mohammad Shaikh was also invited by several notable organizations such as The Department of Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities in Dubai to talk about Islamic topics. He was also invited to deliver speeches by organizations in Houston, US, and Toronto, Canada.

In 2005, Muhammad Shaikh survived an assassination attempt in which he was severely injured. He was shot by a person during a lecture in his educational center in Karachi. The bullet passed through his face above the jaw, damaging the nerves and breaking several teeth. Thanking God for surviving this violent attack, he carried on with his life. He then established English and Urdu IIPCTV Internet Channels. He has been independently researching The Quran since 1987 and has compiled above 50 reference booklets and has delivered these lectures in both English and Urdu languages.

His dedication got him featured in the book “The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2010,” published by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Aman. He was given honorable credentials by “The 500 Most Influential Muslims” book published in 2011 and 2012 under the category “Preachers and Spiritual Guides.” In a poll by Reuters-Faith World, he was publicly voted as the 4th Most Influential Muslim in the World.

Mohammad Shaikh also designed the world’s first Color-Coded Quran, which helps people easily understand every word of the Quran with its grammatical value. It was launched by IIPC Canada and is electronically available on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Store!

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The Long History of Celebrity Car Wrecks in Las Vegas



las vegas

Celebrity deaths seem to hit us in a special type of way, despite the fact that we may not have known these people personally. As anyone can attest, the whole world was in mourning after the January 2020 death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, and the more-recent passing of Lord of the Rings Star Ian Holm has also brought an outpouring of love from the worldwide community. It’s never easy to lose a star that you look up to, but when so many pass in a row, it can be a bit hard to deal with. 

With the amount of celebrity deaths that have happened this year, including the incredible songwriters Bill Withers and John Prine, we thought it would be appropriate to take a retrospective on those souls that have been taken from us too early. While the majority of accidental celebrity deaths seem to take place in California, there is one other hotspot for tragedy in the West: Las Vegas. 

Early Las Vegas Car Crashes

You may have heard of Evel Knieval and his death-defying stunts, but one stunt in Vegas almost left him with career-ending injuries. Upon seeing Caesar’s Palace for the first time, Knievel knew that he had to jump the fountains that decorated its place on the Strip, and so on New Year’s Eve in 1967, Knievel attempted to jump the fountains on his motorcycle. He says that as he hit the ramp for the 141-foot jump, he felt his motorcycle slow down unexpectedly and was unable to make the jump, landing on a safety ramp and skidding into a nearby parking lot. 

Despite his failure, the crash skyrocketed Knievel’s fame and thrust him into the spotlight. He suffered from a crushed pelvis and femur as well as multiple fractures to the rest of his body and a serious concussion and spent months in the hospital recovering from his injuries. Even though this was a very serious crash, Knievel was able to walk away from it and keep performing stunts for the next decade until his retirement.

Modern Vegas Car Wrecks

Unfortunately, modern celebrity car accidents in Las Vegas seem to be much deadlier–in the 2010s alone, several celebrities have died in pedestrian or traffic accidents, and with rising amounts of traffic in the city each year, it does not seem like this trend will die down. 

In 2010, a freak accident took the life of Steve Lee, a Swiss musician and singer for the band Gotthard. A semi-truck swerved and struck a parked motorcycle, sending the motorcycle flying towards Steve Lee, who had stopped somewhere near the Utah state line to change into wet-weather gear. Lee passed away due to his injuries and the entire music community mourned his loss.

Jonathan Kaufer, an American director and screenwriter, passed away after a car accident in 2013. Kaufer was most well-known for being a writer on the hit sitcom, Mork and Mindy. While on a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Kaufer lost control of his vehicle and was ejected from the car. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and there is still mystery surrounding what exactly caused the crash that took his life. 

Most recently, Jeremy Geathers of the New Orleans Saints and the Orlando Predators passed away in 2017 in Vegas when he was only 30 years old. Geathers was attempting to cross the street when he was struck by a limousine and died due to his injuries. He was an alumni of UNLV and son of former NFL linebacker, James “Jumpy” Geathers. 

Accidents Can Happen to Celebrities Too 

Any town with a focus on entertainment and nightlife is going to see its fair share of traffic deaths, but Las Vegas has seen more than usual, only topped by Los Angeles for the number of celebrity car wrecks that occur there. It may seem as though celebrities are invincible, but accidents like these reveal their utterly human quality: their mortality. 

Many families have trouble managing grief after a loved one has passed away, but it’s even more difficult when doing so in the public spotlight. For instance, Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant, along with other family members of the deceased from the tragic helicopter crash in Calabasas, are in the midst of a legal battle with the company that chartered the helicopter that flew in that January crash. While it’s obvious that winning a wrongful death case against this company won’t bring their deceased family members back, hopefully they can prevent these types of deaths from happening again in the future. 

It’s never easy to lose a celebrity that you look up to, especially one whose promising career was cut short due to a tragic accident that could’ve been easily prevented. We mourn the loss of those who have passed, and hope that the rest of 2020 will be a little bit easier to handle. 

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music artist

Throughout life, there are many things that touch a person’s heart and soul and gives peace. For some people, it is art, some people are touched through words, some people are affected through other’s life stories, some people are inspired by movies, while some people find their comfort and peace through music.

In literal meanings, music means vocal or instrumental sounds. But figuratively, music is more than just sound production for people across the globe. People turn towards music when they are in love, or when they are hit with heartbreak. It is a source of peace and joy, an escape and solace. People tend to lose themselves in music, dancing to its tunes and humming altogether because it makes them feel alive.

People who are inspired by music find inspiration in not just the lyrics, but also in the tunes, and the beats together. They find their comfort in listening to the songs and aspire to make a difference in the world through what they write and create. From the population who writes music not just for themselves, but also to share it with the rest of the world, Di Higrade stands distinguished.

This US-based Afrobeat/Dancehall artist creates music with the hope that everyone who listens to it can relate to it, and his songs are the perfect reflection of his thoughts.


Born on August 26, 1989, Di Higrade opened his eyes in Tema, Ghana. Birth named Roger Akutcha, Di Higrade grew up without his parents. He had a tough childhood having to look after himself while also dealing with every situation all by himself and not having anybody to depend on.

As a child, the only thing that brought comfort and peace to Di Higrade was music. He would spend several hours of the day listening to music, enjoying the songs, and humming to its tunes. His happiest hours of the day were always attached to music, where he would be lost in his own world and had nothing to worry about.

It wasn’t long that Di Higrade’s love for music started blossoming, and he turned towards writing and composing his own songs. After several hours dedicated to writing a song, he had finally created a masterpiece when he was just ten years old!

Excited to show the others what he had come up with, Di Higrade performed his song for his friends, who were stunned by his voice and talent. His friends cheered him and bucked him up for the fantastic show he had put on.

The admiration he got from his friends was all he needed to realize that he was passionate about writing and creating songs, and even more eager to be able to perform in front of large crowds. Knowing that music was more than just sounds for him, Di Higrade was determined to make a difference with his music. He was sure that music would always be a part of him, and he was ready to share his creations with the world.

Di Higrade had grown up listening to various popular artists like Bob Marley, Vybz Kartel, Movado, Shaggy, Sean Paul, and many others. By the time it was his turn to create his own music, the instinct to turn to the Afrobeat genre was natural. Di Higrade made up his to create songs with a fusion of Afrobeat and Dancehall genres.

Apart from drawing inspiration from the artists he listened to, Di Higrade brought life to his music through his life experiences. He is a firm believer that music something that unites people together, and as an artist, he was compelled to create something that would help his listeners get comfort, just like he had once as a child.

Di Higrade uses his tunes and lyrics to bring his experiences and emotions under music in a big way. He says, “Going through the experiences makes me appreciate life more. Life is a beautiful struggle. I always put these experiences into music to send my story out there.”

He released several singles comprising the Afrobeat and Dancehall genres, which gave the listeners something new and unique to look forward to. Being appreciated by a large crowd, his singles gained immediate attention and helped gain recognition around the world.

In 2015, Di Higrade released his single HTML. HTML is an abbreviation for Hello To My Lover. The song was released under the label Tubhani Muzik, with Owuraku of Butterfly Concept Entertainment as the director of the high picture quality and the classic video of the song. Hello To My Love is a classical ballad, a love letter for the artists yearning to see his lover. The song narrates the artist’s heartache when his lover is gone. The track is the perfect combination of piano drive pop-soul sentiments and twists that burst more towards the highs and falls back consistently into deep emotion that is perfectly depicted in the artists’ soft vocals.

On Christmas of the year 2016, Di Higrade released two more singles, ‘Obsession’ and ‘Party Time.’ Both the tracks are Dancehall bangers. These tracks are total knockouts for all kinds of festivities.

The fast-tempo track Afro-Dancehall jam, Obsession, was produced by Denswag and is dedicated to all the hot girls across the globe! The party song, Party Time, was produced by “Go Low” hitmaker, Tubhani Muzik, and is dedicated to all party-goers!

The same year, Di Higrade released three more songs, 90’s, Prove Dem Wrong, and Enemies, all of which are known for their silvery vocals and unique melodies.


Aside from being an extremely dedicated music artist, Di Higrade is also a kind human being and supports justice and equality. Realizing how big of issue poverty is, he addressed the problem and said, ‘Can you imagine what it’s like to not have enough food to eat and go to bed hungry at night? Poverty is not a joke.’

After days of hard work and struggle, the artist today stands distinguished as a musical artist and a fitness model. He serves the US Military while continuing to release his music!

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Overview of the Celebrities Involved in the Biggest College Admissions Scam in American History



15 Celebrity Romances Are Dramatic Enough To Be Hollywood Blockbusters

More than 30 wealthy, well-connected, and/or famous parents were charged in the biggest college admissions scam in American history. The list of defendants is resplendent with celebrities and moguls in the entertainment industry, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

According to court filings, these individuals were alleged to have paid massive bribes, ranging from $100,000 to $6.5 million, to get their children admitted to prestigious academic institutions such as Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, USC, etc.

Celebrities Ordered to Serve Time in Jail

The aforementioned actress Felicity Huffman, famous for her role on the television program “Desperate Housewives”, was ordered to serve 14 days in prison, one year of probation, perform 250 hours of community service and pay a $30,000 fine as part of her criminal sentence, which was handed down in federal court. Huffman pled guilty to paying $15,000 to have her eldest daughter’s SAT score falsified so she could get into a prestigious university. Huffman reportedly masked the $15,000 as a charitable donation for disadvantaged young people, according to

Additional Charges Filed Against Celebrities Fighting the Allegations

It appears prosecutors offered lenient sentences to the parents who agreed to enter guilty pleas in this matter. The parents who are fighting the criminal charges, which include actress Lori Loughlin, famous for her role on “Full House” and “Fuller House,” are facing harsher penalties and additional criminal charges, including conspiracy to commit federal program bribery. If convicted on all of the charges filed, Loughlin could potentially be ordered to serve up to 40 years in prison.

Scope of the Scam

Federal law enforcement officials, when they learned of these bribes opened an investigation titled “Operation Varsity Blues,” a reference to the popular 1999 film about a high school football team in Texas. The investigation, which lasted a year, included an array of different investigative techniques, including the use of wiretaps, undercover operatives and a team of agents employed by the FBI and IRS.

Investigators detailed a scandal that perverted much of the admissions process for America’s elite colleges. Unlike most other SAT cheating cases, the scheme reached deep into the academy, implicating officials who allegedly subverted the missions of the universities themselves.

The government stated it has evidence that defendants paid close to $25 million in bribes to coaches and test administrators between 2011 and 2018. In some instances, the bribes would be disguised as charitable contributions, according to Bloomberg News.

According to federal prosecutors, the admissions scam had two major components – (1) bribing coaches to recommend admission for students whose academic performance was below average for a university and (2) bribing college exam proctors to help students cheat on admissions tests by allowing professional test-takers attend the exam or provide students the answers to the exam.

Bribery Charges are No Joke

As you can see, being charged with alleged bribery is quite serious. Whether you reside in California, New York, or Nevada, a conviction for bribery could result in you having to serve years in prison. For example, bribery is categorized as a Category C felony in Nevada . If convicted, a defendant can be ordered to serve between 1 and 5 years in a Nevada prison and have to pay up to $10,000 in fines. In addition to state bribery charges, there are also federal bribery charges that can be filed under United States Code § 201, among other federal criminal statutes.

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Female Celebrities that have had Hair Transplants




Hair loss is common in men and women and about half population in the world can suffer from abnormal hair loss at some point in their life. 

If we do not take necessary measures in a timely manner, a large number of hairs get lost and bald areas develop in the scalp. Hair transplant is the only option that restores hair growth on bald areas. 

This article discusses female celebrities that have had hair transplants. If you want to know the celebrities who believe in hair transplant, this topic is for you.

Hair Transplant is a Growing Trend in Celebrities

Losing hair is common in all over the world and about the half population in the world can suffer from abnormal hair loss at some point in their life. 

You already know that celebrities are also human beings just like us and they also suffer from hair loss due to different reasons. 

A growing number of celebrities have started to undergo hair restoration surgeries to restore hair growth. Here, we are going to discuss authentic hair transplant cases. 

Female Celebrities that have had Hair Transplants 

A number of female celebrities around the world have tried hair loss and their results are good so far. Though most celebrities do not admit to it, some of them have made their hair transplant experience public. Let’s see some notable figures who have had hair transplant in the past. 

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

You may already be familiar with Naomi Campbell who is a famous American model. It is known to many that she has been struggling with traction alopecia for several years. This illness took a toll in 2014 and people were able to see it in her picture. It was then when people started to discuss it and point it out. 

Due to gossip on the internet and chatter around her, she seriously becomes concerned and stressed about this problem. That was the time when she considered different options to restore hair growth. Her hair transplant came to light when people saw here wearing a head wrap in a formal event in 2016.

Fergie Duhamel



Our very own Fergie is also believed to have undergone hair transplant in the past. She is known as the frontwoman of the Black Eyed Peas and a solo star of her own. She has been dealing with thinning hair for quite some time until she made mind to take hair restoration surgery. 

One of the reasons for her hair loss was to routinely wear hair extensions for performances. A busy start like Fergie feels it quite hard to handle such kind of problem and that is why she decided to put an end to it as soon as possible. Before she faces more problem, she took hair transplant and she is happy with the results. 

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

You might have heard of or watched American TV series ‘friends.’ If yes, may also have watched or heard of Jennifer Aniston. She was the lead role and her hairstyle was a great hit. A large number of women at that time also adopted that hairstyle due to its unique appearance; you know what, this haircut was named after her (“The Rachel”). People still have this hairstyle. 

Some experts are of the view that this legendary hairstyle caused damage to Jennifer Aniston’s hair. It is due to the reason that hair extensions these popular actresses wore on set eventually took their toll on them. Actually, hair extensions pull hair and hair may become weaker as a result. So Jennifer Aniston developed bald patched in the scalp due to hair extensions. 

She overcame this problem by taking a hair transplant. Her hair is still fine and she is enjoying the benefits of hair restoration surgery. 

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Most of the people who use the internet and watch TV know Oprah Winfrey. She is a notable TV personality and philanthropist who has got fans from across the globe. She has been on TV for decades and we have seen her changing different hairstyles. But the story does not end here. 

No one of us has ever noticed that she has had a hair transplant. Yes, she has had hair transplant due to hair thinning and baldness problems. In the start, she hid her hair loss problem but she opened up at a later stage. When this problem took a toll on her, she decided to undergo hair transplant surgery. 

Celebrity Hair Transplant: Concluding Remarks 

This article discussed female celebrities that have had hair transplants. If you want to know the celebrities who believe in hair transplant, this topic might have helped you.

In the end, we can say that hair transplant is a good option to restore hair growth in bald areas. 

A hair restoration expert can guide you further if you need more information about this topic. Contact the nearest doctor with a list of question and learn more about your hair loss.

Read More: Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Stop Hair Loss

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Apple Has Lost $450 Billion of Revenue Since October 2018!



Apple Has Lost $450 Billion of Revenue Since October 2018!

Just about three months ago, the California tech-giant was enjoying a smooth ride with profits coming in, constantly; considering the fact that it was also the most valued company on the planet, last year. But since October 2018, the freefall of its revenues has generated a lot of ‘negative buzz’ among the analysts, the investors, the consumers, and also those who are the admirers of Apple Inc. in one or the other ways.

Apple has so far lost $450 billion of revenue since October, which is more than even the ‘overall value of social networking giant Facebook’. The total value of Facebook is about $383.76 billion. Well, FB’s total worth is also more than the total GDP of some countries like Iran, Norway, and Austria!

Now, you can imagine how big the loss is for Apple, even taking into account that it’s still got a lot of money and will probably make up for the losses very soon.

On Thursday, the iPhone maker’s stocks fell by 9.96%.

Way back, three months ago, on October 3rd, 2018, when Apple hit a peak of $232.07 per share, it gained a market cap of $1.16 trillion. But now, it just dropped to a low of about $142.19 per share (new results may vary from the article’s figures), clearing out a massive amount of $450 billion from its revenue. And on Thursday, January 3rd, Apple’s market cap was standing at $710.97 billion, as per the reports of Macrotrends.

And now Apple has also lost its position as world’s third most valuable company to Google’s Alphabet.

Apple has been struggling to maintain its aura for a while now and many experts are saying that to boost the revenues further and by a large number, Apple should also try to enter the budget-flagship or budget range of smartphones, as per the current trend. But that, for now, seems unlikely since Apple is a luxury phone making brand and always keeps the priority very high for the value of its products.

But it needs to understand the changing scenario in the markets currently, across the globe. If it keeps going like this then brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi will eventually end up becoming the true ‘smartphone profit makers’.

It looks like a state of a ‘slight’ emergency for Tim Cook and his team to sustain the company’s growth, just like it was moving three months ago.

Even the famous tech YouTube channel Unbox Therapy also came up with a video recently, discussing how Apple should move ahead if it has to live up to the fast-growing trends. Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs the channel, also talked about Apple’s recent decision to make the iPhones in India, in 2019.
Source: Business Insider

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Top 10 Disappointments of Entertainment in 2018



Top 10 Disappointments of Entertainment in 2018

2018 was a fantastic year for movies and TV. This is the year that gave us Infinity War, Black Panther, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and that’s just looking at some of the good Marvel movies released this year. On the TV side, we got The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix’s weird sci-fi show Maniac, and many more instant classics.

But that pendulum swings the other way, too. For all the great entertainment in 2018, there were also plenty that didn’t live up to the standards we expected. These were movies and shows that we were excited for – however tentatively – and that turned out to be huge let-downs.

Here is the list of 15 shows and films that did not live up to the expectations of the viewers and were somewhat big – or small – disappointments.

1. Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

The first season of Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones was easily one of the best examples of the collaboration between the streaming and comics giants, possibly even the best of all these shows. We were excited about Season 2, right up until the point we actually watched it.

Well, trying to do a Marvel superhero story without an actual villain is a bold idea that could have paid off. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t in this case. The season’s main plotline and massive twist was ruined by bad casting as Janet McTeer and Krysten Ritter had absolutely zero chemistry as alleged family members. And every storyline was a total bore. Unlike the other Marvel/Netflix shows, Jessica Jones hasn’t been cancelled yet, but we hope that will likely change soon.

2. American Horror Story Apocalypse

American Horror Story Apocalypse

American Horror Story Apocalypse

The eighth season of American Horror Story had a great premise: Not only was it the end of the world, but it also promised to finally tie events from the show’s previous seasons together, from the original Murder House to Coven and beyond. It even got off to a promising start, as the first couple of episodes of Apocalypse set up plenty of mysteries we couldn’t wait to learn the answers to.

But after those opening episodes, Apocalypse took a wrong turn. Yes, it felt like a fun twist at the time, but the following episodes proved disappointing week after week. The show started providing answers, but they weren’t the ones we wanted. It spent a half dozen episodes in flashbacks and the all the actions we wanted came to long after. By the time Roseanne star Sandra Bernhard joined the cast for a terribly cheesy turn as a Satanic cult leader, I was done with this season of American Horror Story. Weren’t you?

3. Venom



Seeing a Marvel movie on the list is really surprising. Even I was while writing. But, it happened. Venom is a movie that feels like it was written in 1998 by a 7-year-old, then buried in a time capsule, unearthed 19 years later, and made into a movie without a single revision to the draft. It is truly a movie from another time, and all that’s missing is someone doing a kick flip over a set of steps while Korn plays in the background. From Tom Hardy’s accent choices, to the movie turning into an over-the-top action flick where the final battle is filled with muddied CG, those who were looking for a great Sony spin-off movie found themselves a bit disappointed, even though this movie made $800 million, worldwide.

As for the story, it went a number of directions, many of which could have been a good movie of their own. Eddie Brock working as a journalist and ruining his girlfriend’s career: it’s okay. Brock trying to rebuild his life and take down the Life Foundation: even it is okay. Brock losing his mind when the Venom symbiont is taking over, creating a horror aesthetic: it is okay too. Wacky buddy cop movie starring Eddie Brock as the fall guy covered in black oil that talks funny and wants to eat livers: this is not okay, Venom. The weird comedic choices this movie made killed it for so many viewers. Why does Venom need comedy?

However, with the announcement of the home release of the movie, fans of the Venom character were desperately hoping for the rated-R cut of the movie. However, upon its release, fans got three deleted scenes, some behind-the-scenes footage, and that’s about it. As much as we wanted an extended scene of Woody Harrelson in a red wig, this wasn’t what the people wanted to see. Venom is one of the few movies in 2018 that disappointed people twice.

4. The Predator

The Predator

The Predator

The original Predator is unquestionably an ‘80s classic as it combined sci-fi horror thrills and exciting action, and helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the biggest stars in the world. But unlike the Alien or Terminator series, the quality drop from that first movie was fast, and none of the following films were anywhere near as good as the first. So expectations for a new Predator movie in 2018 should not have been high. But the fact that Shane Black was on board to write and direct suddenly raised hopes that he might actually deliver something to equal the first movie. What would the writer of Lethal Weapon and the director of Iron Man 3 do with this series?

Unfortunately, as it turns out, not very much. The Predator was just as mediocre as its predecessors, and was badly hurt by extensive reshoots and incoherent editing, as well as the controversy about certain casting choices that Black had made. The Predator has its moments—the cast is good, there are some funny scenes, and some of the early action is exciting. But the film gets worse as it continues, and emerges as what we should have guessed it would be all along—yet another not-very-good Predator movie. Time to skin this franchise and hang it upside-down for good.

5. Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 1 was easily one of the best seasons of sci-fi TV ever, which made our hype levels for Season 2 off the charts—maybe even a little too high. Maybe there’s a parallel universe where Westworld Season 2 lived up to our expectations, but that proved impossible in this one.

Where Season 1 was a carefully plotted, well-paced exploration of well-trod science fiction themes, Season 2 was a total mess in comparison. The tone was uniformly grim, the characters we used to like were unrecognizable, the plot was muddled beyond comprehension, and important details were withheld for no reason other than to string viewers along. The show’s creators must have been mad at the Redditors who guessed all the twists in Season 1, because Season 2 seemed designed mostly to befuddle the show’s most dedicated fans. By the time it reached its conclusion, we didn’t want to know the answers anymore—we just wanted it to be over. Right?

6. Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

In The Crimes of Grindelwald’s third scene, a character who we never learn anything about despite her constant presence throughout the entire movie murders a toddler, for no reason, just off screen. Even Michael Myers, famed slasher movie villain of the Halloween series, didn’t sink that low, although you could tell in the most recent one that he considered it for a moment.

This moment perfectly sets the tone for the rest of this movie: a grim, overly dramatic, mean-spirited entry into the Harry Potter universe. Fantastic Beasts 2 can accurately be described as a loosely connected series of mostly sequential events, though it’s often unclear how it gets from one scene to the next or why the characters do any of the things they do. Maybe worst of all, The Crimes of Grindelwald has no sense of wonder at its own magical world. Millions fell in love with Harry Potter because the wizarding world felt like a place you’d want to live, despite its bad elements. Inhabiting this movie’s magical alternate history for a couple of hours will just make you want to get obliviated so you can forget the whole thing.

7. The Cloverfield Paradox

 The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox starts out riffing on the early structure of movies like Alien and The Thing, with some cursory efforts to establish personalities and relationships for its half dozen or so characters. They’re all basically interchangeable by the end, and you’ll be hard pressed to remember most of their names by the time the credits roll. But the movie really starts to fall apart once the crew activate the particle accelerator—a poorly explained attempt to solve an energy crisis back on Earth—and find themselves suddenly staring at a star-filled void where the Earth used to be.

There are some memorable moments early on, like when a mysterious stranger arrives on the station by apparently teleporting into the interior of a wall, wires and power conduits spliced through her hands and legs like vines that grew through her. The movie’s few moments of body horror—like another scene involving a character’s eyeball—are its high points. But The Cloverfield Paradox quickly devolves into total camp nonsense from there on out, and it never recovers any of its early poise. After 10 Cloverfield Lane, we were excited to see where the Cloverfield universe would expand next, but no longer.

8. Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising

There was something magical about the original Pacific Rim’s giant monster battles, glossy, rain-slicked colours, and seemingly effortless world-building. It’s possible the sequel never stood a chance at living up to that, especially since visionary director Guillermo del Toro chose to focus on The Shape of Water, which won the best picture Oscar for 2017, instead of returning to direct Pacific Rim Uprising. And sure enough, Uprising was a disappointment.

Most of all, Pacific Rim: Uprising is just confusing. If you haven’t seen the original, it’s unlikely much in this sequel will make sense. Concepts like Drift—the way Jaeger pilots mentally link with one another—are poorly explained, despite this movie spending plenty of time attempting to recap and revisit past events. And if you did like the first Pacific Rim, you’ll likely wonder what happened to all the distinctive side characters, the stylish action, and the flashy aesthetic. Pacific Rim: Uprising might have seemed like a pretty good giant monster movie if it didn’t have to live up to the gigantically cool original, but unfortunately, it simply can’t escape its predecessor’s massive shadow.

9. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story made nearly $400 million at the box office. But in the franchise era, when film companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make hundreds of millions more, this was considered a box office flop, especially against the film’s $250 million budget.

Yes, Solo was poorly marketed; it came out five months after The Last Jedi, which prevented it from building steam. But Solo’s failure also confirmed a problem that was present in the prequel trilogy and present in Rogue One: We do not need answers and backstories to the most granular details of the original trilogy. They’re better left to the imagination.

We don’t need 30 minutes of CGI to explain why the Kessel Run is important. We don’t need to learn how Han got his dice, or how Han got his blaster. These things lose their mystery and their specialness when they’re over explained, and they cheapen rather than enrich the source material. Nostalgia is a poor substitute for narrative, as Solo unfortunately demonstrated.

10. WWE (All Rosters)

WWE (All Rosters)

WWE (All Rosters)

The year started off well for the WWE as there was a wonderful Royal Rumble, followed by a fantastic WrestleMania. But history will remember 2018 as the year that WWE got caught with their pants down. They put dollars over ethics with their ongoing Saudi Arabia partnership. And when their top star, Roman Reigns, relinquished the Universal Championship to fight a recurring battle with leukaemia, WWE hit the panic button and put the belt back on Brock Lesnar, a part-time, rarely-seen-on-TV champion. This is what happens when you’re too singularly focused on a single wrestler, to the rest of the roster’s detriment. No one is ready to step up.

SmackDown is consistent. Developmental league NXT remains consistently brilliant. And the women’s roster, with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey at the forefront, is firing on all cylinders; they’ll probably main event WrestleMania in 2019. At least they should.

But across the board, the men’s division needs better writers and more compelling reasons to fight one another. Monday Night Raw, in particular, is going through a rough patch, running an “evil Authority” playbook that the company has copied, ad nauseam, since 1998. The ring work is phenomenal – better than it’s ever been – but the narrative stakes feel low. And these performers, who risk their lives for our entertainment, deserve better.

These were the biggest disappointments in the entertainment of 2018. I know not all shows and films on the list are bad – at least according to many of you – but these lacked something and hence are on the list. Think yourself


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T-Series vs Pewdiepie: War for supremacy started, who do you support?



T-Series vs Pewdiepie: War for supremacy started, who do you support?
T-Series vs Pewdiepie: War for supremacy started, who do you support?

T-Series vs Pewdiepie: War for supremacy started, who do you support?

T-Series vs Pewdiepie: I remember there was a time when people used to surf YouTube for enjoyment. YouTube provided songs, films, and much more needed for relaxation. It was a time. There was no competition.

And now, since there us competition all around, why should we leave the platform which used to entertain people? Then started channels. And we saw You Tubers. Various people came up with various ideas, and made videos and put them fir others to see. But no! We don’t want peace. We don’t want everyone to enjoy their time to their own.

T-Series vs Pewdiepie: War for supremacy started, who do you support?

T-Series vs Pewdiepie: War for supremacy started, who do you support?

I did not know anything about Pewdiepie. I had just heard that there was some channel with such name and it was You Tube’s biggest channel. Okay, that’s great!

After listening a lot about this man, I decided to visit the channel ( I am a hard-core gamer and frequently visit gaming channels) in hope of seeing some nice gaming videos. And what did I find? Let us imagine he has 100 videos, then only 5 or 6 are gaming videos and others are completely useless. I don’t mean to offend Pewdiepie or his fans. But you fans call it a gaming channel? Then where are games?

Now, coming to T-Series. I have not yet seen any video or news which can prove that even T-Series wants a war. Have you any? No. Everything was going right. Then where did this battle for the Numero Uno spot come from?

IMG 20181229 101601

Support for Pewdiepie in Bangladesh

And, talking about this Pewdiepie shit (no offence still!), he was going on his way. All of a sudden, suddenly, he started bashing India. He joked about India. It was still okay. He then made a statement that ‘If you make account in India then you are easily subscribed to T series’. On what means can you say that? Okay. We leave it again. Again, all of a sudden, he brings out some shit disstrack. Okay it is a trend. But what did he say? T-Series is bitch lasagna? For all those who don’t know what it means, according to Pewdiepie, it means your state when you challenge the king. He is the king? Nice joke indeed. He said ‘You India you lose’ and that our language sounds like mumble rap community and he called himself “blue eyed white dragon” and Indians “dark magician”. Why? Man, you offended Indians!

Then came his fans. Check out the tweets regarding this battle. Every other person says, “Nuke India” or “India is only good at population and memes” or “Kim Joeng to bomb India”. Really? Just for brand supremacy, you’ll say all these shit? Some You Tubers like H3H3 and Mr. Beast came up with racism against India. It was T-Series vs Pewdiepie, but thanks to all these people, it is now T-Series vs The World.

Support for T-Series in India

Support for T-Series in India

And his fans say that Pewdiepie was just joking in his disstrack. Joking with those racist lyrics? Okay, leave that. I remember there is a man Jake Paul who made a song on You Tube disstracks, and these people got offended and nearly made it the most disliked song. Why? He was joking too! If not, then how is this Pewdiepie joking?

Link for Jake Paul’s song –

I had studied in Physics that wave and atomic molecules had dual nature, but now I got to know that even Pewdiepie has dual nature. How? There was a time when he used to make fun of this You Tuber Mr. Beast because he used to donate money to Twitch streamers. But now, he is thanking him only because he supports him! So hypocrite.

Live subscribers count

Live subscribers count

And what are we Indians doing? Okay. One correct thing. We are subscribing T-Series. But, most of us are visiting the channel and videos of Pewdiepie only with the intention of commenting or slamming him. But do you realise that you are helping him this way? You Tubers become big not only by subscribers but also by the number of views they get on their videos. And only with the intention of bashing him, we are going to his videos and in turn giving him more and more views. Stop this. If you really want T-Series to win, then go subscribe it and visit its channel and its videos.


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