Egyptian woman jailed for sexually harassing a monkey

An Egyptian woman has been jailed for three years in prison, in an unusual and shocking incident, for harassing a monkey. The woman whose name is Basma Ahmed has been charged with ‘inciting debauchery’ and ‘committing an obscene act in public’ by the city court.

In a 90-second video which went viral, the woman can be seen laughing, while also touching the genitals of a monkey, at a pet shop in the city. Also, she was making sexual innuendos, as the people around her also laughed.

The woman was detained for four days, previously in October, but the period was then extended to 15 days by the public prosecutors.

In her statement, the woman has said that she didn’t mean to abuse the animal, and was rather surprised by its actions. About the video of herself that went viral, she told that it was posted on the Internet even without her knowledge.

Well, as per the officials, it wasn’t the first time this woman was found to be an offender. She was also previously charged in two other ‘public moral’ cases.

Her video, which has now become infamous, had received very heavy backlash in the conservative Muslim country.

This new case has again raised the question of the safety of the innocent animals too and their protection from abusive actions by some humans.

It’s really an unbelievably weird and ghastly incident showing the increasing immorality of humans towards the animals. It also shows that the modern world has become mostly insensitive towards the other creatures.

These incidents have also upped the concern for the non-speaking living creatures and it seems they are not safe anywhere. Cases of violence have been reported against animals, but incidents, like these, related to ‘sexual harassment’ are really very haunting to even think of.

There’s a dire need for something relevant to be done for them or else situations like these will be seen as common happenings.

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