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5 Digital Diet Solutions for New Year Slimdown Success



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With the 2019 CES show having debuted multiple diet-focused consumer technologies, including devices that analyze the gases in people’s breath to uncover what diet improvements would be helpful for them, there is much ado about progressive digital solutions fostering slimdown success this New Year and beyond. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of five savvy tech solutions poised to help us shed those stubborn, unwanted pounds easier, more effectively and more sustainably for the long-term:

1. Lumen and FoodMarble

Showcased at this year’s CES show, both are pocket-sized devices that users blow into. They pair with smartphone apps that tell people things like how well they are digesting food or burning calories. The firm behind Lumen states that their device provides a way for people to monitor their metabolisms. The device also has the capability of determining if the user is burning carbs or fats. Meanwhile, FoodMarble measures hydrogen levels in an attempt to make deductions about a person’s digestive health. The thought is that the device can be to help people avoid foods that cause bloating, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

2. TRAQ Smart Shoes

Here’s some killer wearable technology for fitness-minded folks. TRAQ, Alegria’s first smart shoe, is the world’s first comfort smart shoes with built-in pedometer plus a personalized app community. The designs are made for walking, working and leisure, simultaneously allowing you to accurately count every step thanks to the smart Q-Chip embedded right in the shoe! Easily connect the integrated pedometer in the shoes to the accompanying Alegria TRAQ smartphone app to view your daily and monthly step activity. You can do everything in your daily routine while stepping out in intelligent, blissful comfort.  Anyone can track their steps, connect with their friends and compete on a leaderboard. Cheer on your friends and family to walk together through the app! Oh, and there’s no need to charge these smart shoes—ever—for the lifetime of the shoes.

3. HealthyWage

This app actually PAYS you to lose weight! With the HealthyWage app, you determine how much weight you want to lose, how long you want to take to lose it, and how much you want to wager each month. If you successfully reach your goal by the end date of your challenge, you win your prize. The average HealthyWager prize is over $1,200! You can also join team challenges, jackpot challenges, and step challenges through the app. Participants have collectively lost over 1 million pounds and gained over $20,000,000 since the company’s inception, and over $13,000,000 in 2018, alone.

4. Escali Primo Digital Scale

Assuradely due to due to the Escali Primo Digital Scale’s accuracy, speed and simplicity, it’s twice been rated as a best value by a leading independent consumer magazine, and was also recently named the “best kitchen scale for most people” by other key media. This device is capable of measuring in increments of 1 gram or 0.05 ounces and has the capacity to measure up to 11 pounds of food at once. Two-button controls facilitate ease of use, and a protective shield on the control panel prevents accidental spills from compromising performance. Battery life is also prolonged with an auto shut-off feature.

5. Naked Home Body Scanner

Leverage the power of infrared light to capture a 3D model of your body with the Home Body Scanner from Naked Labs. The scanner itself is built into an attractive smart mirror with sensors that measure important metrics and calculate measurements. An integrated app allows you to track your progress. The Naked body scanner is designed to help you visualize your progress and body fat percentage as it happens, with a focus on weight loss, performance and recomposition. You’ll be able to literally watch your body as it changes each day.

Putting a high-tech spin on your weight loss makes the journey more interactive and hands-on, often notably bolstering the success of a weight-loss endeavor. Never before have our efforts, and the results thereof, been so tangible. Whether you’re winning money for losing weight or tracking your body’s progress in 3D, taking advantage of the digital tools and advancements in the weight-loss arena will surely make slimming down in the 21st Century a more efficacious undertaking.


As a branding pundit, wellness industry veteran, consumer health advocate and influential media voice, Merilee Kern spotlights noteworthy marketplace innovations, change makers, movers and shakers.  Also a two-time fitness champion, her ground-breaking, award-winning “Kids Making Healthy Choices” Smartphone APP for children, parents/caregivers and educators is based on her award-winning, illustrated fictional children’s book, “Making Healthy Choices – A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids.” Merilee may be reached online at Follow her on Twitter at and Facebook at

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Differentiating Factors Of Men’s And Women’s Fitness And Tips To Get It Right




It is true that women can be as fit and fine as men. It is also true that this level of fitness will essentially not be the same. It is all due to the bio-composition and the difference in physical abilities.

It does not need any further explanation or proof that women’s bodies are typically different from that of the men’s. Both have different levels of hormones and apart from that, the number of muscles and fat in the bodies of men and women are extremely different as well.

Therefore, depending on your body mass, ability and of course your gender, you should fix and target your goals.

Difference between men and women

In order to know things in a much better way, you must first know where actually men and women differ, apart from the most common ones: the sex organs. A few other marked differences include:

  • Testosterone: Typically, men have higher levels of this hormone as compared to women. On the other hand, women have higher estrogen levels than men. Testosterone hormone helps in packing on muscles while estrogen in the human body causes fat cells to grow. In women, estrogen hormone is also responsible for the growth of all other markers of female sexuality. That means as a woman you will find it difficult and have a harder time to pack on the muscles due to the lower level of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen.
  • Weight: Ideally, the best way to lose weight and burn fat is to build muscles. If you have more muscles in your body, you will be able to burn more calories every day. It will also make your metabolism run faster. Considering the difference in testosterone and estrogen in men and women, men will, therefore, find it easier to build larger and more active muscles as well as lose weight faster, with the same amount and quality of workout performed by a woman.
  • Flexibility: This is one specific area that every woman wins over men. They are logically and biologically more flexible than men. This is because their bones are shorter than men and these have corners that are less pronounced. It is for this reason that the female body is more rounded. In addition to that, the bones around the pelvis in women are also more flexible as compared to the pelvic bones of men.
  • Body Mass Index: As said earlier, men will naturally pack on more muscle mass than a woman due to the difference in testosterone and estrogen levels. That means the Body Mass Index or BMI of an average man will be much lower as compared to the BMI of an average woman having the same weight. This indicates that a man will have a greater muscle mass. The body mass index is actually the ratio of fat to the total body weight. A healthy woman will usually have a 5% higher body mass index than that of a man. Meaning they will have more fat which is necessary for healthy reproductive function.

With all these differences between men and women, it is quite natural that there will be a significant difference in their training programs as well. This is done to make things a little easier for women to get in shape.

It is, therefore, required that you choose a workout program that will play according to your strengths instead of competing with your fellow man. It is just the thing you do when you choose grocery items, a dress or use the bra size calculator inches to find the most suitable underwear.

Things to remember

If you do not notice changes in your body in the same amount as your boyfriend or husband, do not worry about it. Since your body is designed differently from your husband’s, what will fit for him may not fit for you.

However, there are a few things that you can do to get things right and probably fast. These are:

  • Lift light: It is true that muscle is muscle, whether it is of a man or a woman. However, the fact that women only have a tenth of the testosterone as of men, you may not have the strength of a man to ‘power lift.’ Therefore, start by lifting light and progress gradually to lift more challenging weights. Starting with anything that you are not supposed to will get you nowhere fast.
  • Food: Eat the right type of foods as suggested by your dietician or physical trainer and do not resort to eating only salads. It is the wrong notion that women should only eat salads to stay slim and trim and men should eat steak to gain more protein. There is no need to eat only lighter and leaner food with less or no meat. To get the right amount of calories to eat protein in all forms possible including beef, fish, chicken, whole eggs, turkey, dairy and protein powders.
  • Carbs: Along with protein intake, you must also include plenty of veggies and a few complex starchy carbs in it as well. People may suggest you not to eat carbs but if you ask them why they will not be able to come up with a suitable answer. Yes, you need carbs too to replenish the energy stores, repair the damaged tissues, and to improve overall wellness as well as functions of all organs and your brain. Therefore, eat rice, potatoes, oats as well as other non-traditional sources like buckwheat and quinoa.

Last but not least, plan your exercise well. Focus on cardio exercises that will rev up the metabolism, circulatory system, and burn more calories but do not make it your only schedule. Jump on a treadmill and other forms of resistance training to find the perfect balance and best results.

In short, fitness should be pretty simple and more effective instead of focusing more on harder and more intense training. You will need to consider your comfort zone to overcome your propensities to skip your workout. This will build a better you.

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How to Plan a Healthy Diet to Drop Some Pounds




Healthy Diet For any individual, there have always been innumerable ways to reduce weight. But as far as diet-related solutions go, most of them will keep you hungry. Your appetite will remain unsatisfied during the diet phase. If you are running short of iron willpower, the odds are that you might give during the middle and you will have to start all over again from scratch.

However, we are drawing a plan which is comparatively easier to follow than the conventional ones. You are more likely to lose weight significantly if you can somehow stick to it. Here is how it goes:

  1. Lower your sugar and carbs intake

Lower your sugar and carbs intake

Lower your sugar and carbs intake

First and foremost, cutting down on sugar and carbs will decrease the hunger level. Meaning, you will end up eating fewer calories.

Secondly, cutting carbs brings insulin level down. That way, excessive water, and sodium are drained out of your body. Since water accounts for a lot of weight of your body, you will surely decrease a few pounds after it is reduced.

In a nutshell, the biggest takeaway of cutting down on sugar and carbs is that your appetite will automatically become more disciplined and eventually will stop yearning for food.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast

It’s an old saying but still valid nowadays, and it helps promote a healthy nutrition habit.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” Undoubtedly, breakfast is an essential meal of the day. It is only a myth that not taking breakfast will help you lose weight. It can’t be any further from the truth. Breakfast is an essential source to provide nutrients.

Unlike the general assumption, skipping breakfast makes people snacking this and that throughout the day, which naturally leads to the consumption of unnecessary calories.  For the people who hate breakfast, there is no shortage of healthy breakfasts for them.

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  1. Avoid stocking the junk food

junk food

junk food

Not many temptations are as hard to avoid as the lure of junk food stocking. When you are hungry in the late hours of a night, you are sure to eat whatever is available to you. In such a scenario, your stocks come handy.

If your stock revolves around stuff like snacks, chocolates, and sweet fizzy drinks, then, more often than not, you will end up munching them. Instead, consider stocking Opportunities super foods for a better, healthier, and quality lifestyle.

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  1. Eat fruit and vegetables

Eat fruit and vegetables

Eat fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are a must inclusion of a balanced diet. The reason being, both of them are very low in calories and fat. However, fruits and vegetables are also rich with fiber. They also contain a high proportion of minerals and vitamins.

Though consuming fruits and vegetables at breakfast and lunch is recommended, but having them at dinner is much more emphasized. The reason behind this is not a complex one. We are most likely to go for the bed after dinner, which does not allow fat and calories to burn.

So make sure the vegetables and fruits occupy the maximum space in your plate at the dinner.

Before we move on to our next advice, remember that if you keep eating fruits and vegetables in addition to your meals, then you are consuming more calories. Substitution of fruits and vegetables with high-calorie food is the key.

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  1. Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water

At times people tend to confuse hunger with thirst. They keep eating caloric-food when it is just a glass of water they need.

Moreover, if you consume water just before getting on with your meal, it will suppress your appetite a great deal. According to an estimation, drinking water reduces 75 calories per meal. Sounds a small number of calories? Do your maths, and you will find out that it accounts for 27000 calories per year.

If you happen to be a great fan of sodas and soft drinks, then mixing a slice of lemon could prove to be a better alternative for you. Lastly, try to prefer taking ice-cold water. It boosts metabolism and therefore more helpful to burn calories compared to warm water.

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  1. Use smaller plates

smaller plates

smaller plates

Plates can play a crucial role in your diet plan. Your dinner set can make or break the whole diet plan. You can trick your mind into eating less by using small plates and bowls. As time goes by, you will see that your memory will get used to eating less than before.

Scientifically, it takes your stomach twenty minutes to convey to the mind that you are full. Ensure that you chew food as many times as possible before finally galloping it down the throat.

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  1. Schedule your meal

Schedule your meal

Schedule your meal

It is perhaps the most ignored aspect of the diet. Sticking to the foods is one thing, and sticking to the optimal times of having that diet is another thing. Deciding when to eat and when not to eat, can prove to be an ultimate factor.

For example, research says that early lunch eaters lost more weight than late lunch eaters. Studies suggest that more extended overnight fast can reduce weight faster. So you better finish your dinner at 7 pm. That way, your body will be in the state of ketosis, and it will begin to use fats as energy. Hence, more chances to reduce weight overnight.

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  1. Cut down on alcohol immediately

Cut down on alcohol immediately

Cut down on alcohol immediately

It is easier said than done. A standard glass of wine contains as many calories as a standard piece of chocolate. That’s why it is all too easy to spot a wine consumer among non-wine consumers because he is likely to have a large tummy.

If you can’t abandon wine altogether, perhaps you should follow the guide on how to keep its consumption at the bare minimum.


As you can see, all these steps are not as challenging to follow. Just a bit of discipline and dedication, and that will do the job quite comprehensively. Undoubtedly, the first few days, or weeks, will be hard to negotiate. But as time goes by, you will be more into it.

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Diagnosing Gynecomastia Properly for an attractive Male Chest



attractive Male Chest

The nearness of abnormal improvement of the male chest the district has turned into a typical condition over a broad range of time. This condition is typically caused as a result of the two most normal reasons, for example, irregularity between the male and female hormone and collection of undesirable fat substance around one’s chest district. Regardless of whatever the genuine reason is, a competitor must not to feel embarrassed about it and as opposed to concealing it behind the larger than usual shirts, one needs to look for the restorative exhortation.

Correcting Gynecomastia in Men

On the off chance that the state of expanded breasts is just brought about by the amassing of overabundance fat tissues, the majority of the corrective specialists prescribe the possibility to evaluate various types of activities and diet system so as to improve the condition. On of the chance that the condition doesn’t leave with the assistance of these non-careful strategies, one can go under the careful blade for fat decrease surgery. Genuine type of Gynecomastia, then again, must be disposed of with the assistance of surgery of evacuating the breast organ tissues. In any case, some accept that amending the hormonal lopsidedness may help the state of extended male breasts yet for heaps of men; tasteful surgery is the main solid method for treating the condition.

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Know the Difference

Not all breast augmentations in men are portrayed as an evident type of male breasts. Prior to diving profound into different parts of the condition, one needs to comprehend the contrast between pseudo-Gynecomastia and the genuine state of male breast extension. One of the normal misguided judgments is that all breast improvements in men are caused because of the aftereffect of the development of breast organ tissues. In the genuine instance of created breast organ tissues, the development of breast tissues under and around a competitor’s areola and areola makes the external appearance of breast extension. Be that as it may, as it is said previously, all the breast upgrade cases are not brought about by the organ tissue advancement.

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Gynecomastia Reasons

Gynecomastia is caused because of the overabundance nearness of estrogen hormone and lesser generation of testosterone hormone which is basic for each male body. Here and there interminable ailment, kidney illness, and liver sickness may bring about the reason for the Gynecomastia. The infection brought about by prescriptions is for the most part found in post-juvenile grown-ups. Some medicines also cause ailment.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

The most dependable, fruitful and safe way to deal with expels the issue of Gynecomastia is through restorative surgery. Shockingly it’s furthermore the primary way that most men consider. The best corrective specialist in Ludhiana can oust this issue and the achievement rate is truly elevated, in reality, some may convey 100% outcomes. In addition, is anything but an expensive technique and will cost a couple of thousands of rupees depending upon the sort of your concern. The degree of best Gynecomastia India, the city you live in and clearly the restorative center you pick will have a joined influence the expense of this surgery.

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Ways to Find Best and Suitable Gym for You




There are many people who join a gym or prefer to join gym in winters so that they could make their routines. But not all the people would stick around. The international health sports club association assesses that the annual gym attrition rates hover between 20 per cent and 25 per cent each year. Therefore, you are supposed to find Cheap Gyms Near Me so that you could get fitness. You would definitely find a gym where you would feel comfortable.

Significance of Gym:

The moment when you enter the gym then you always expect that there would be great energy and the experience. You always see that if the people are having a great time. You also see that if the gym has a great consultant or not. There are so many gyms and you need to find the suitable and right gym for you. We are just going to tell you some tips that you need to make sure that you select the perfect gym the first time.

See Local:

You need to find a gym that is close to your home and this would definitely be your priority. There are many people who do not give much time to the gym especially if it is far. This is the reason you need to join Cheap Gyms Near Me so that this way you would somehow get some motivation. This way it would also be a plus point for you if you also get a parking place.

You Also Need to Visit Your Main Workout Time:

We all know that weekends are the best time to check out a gym, because you are free and are relaxed already. Therefore, you enjoy your time in the gym.

You Also Need to Ask for Gym Reciprocity:

There are many people who basically think of this one until they really need it. There are few prime chains provider locations nationwide. For example, gym also gives discounted guest rates at contributing gyms around the world.

You Are Supposed to Check for Clean Machines:

There are also many germs in gyms and they also keep things clean that takes more than just the nightly cleaning crew who are mopping down the floors. If a gym has a professional crew then it must come daily, but employees must also be wiping down machines throughout the day. Whereas, you are also visiting, watch to see if there is a strict policy of wiping down everything after use. If not, then you could pass on the facility or come armed with hand sanitizer.

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You Should Also Ask About Its Emergency Plan:

There are mostly gyms in which they have staff members that are trained in CPR, but you really need a gym with an AED. So, in case if you face any instant cardiac incident then an automates external defibrillator could instantly enhance a patient’s chance of surviving a sudden cardiac incident. You need to make sure that the gym has various staff members that are trained to use it.

Always Double Check the Contract:

It is necessary to read and understand the contract fully since it is very important, if you are getting a job or paying gym fee. You are supposed to make sure that you check your statement to make sure that you have not been charged additionally. Plus, the most important question that you need to ask is that what would happen to your contract if their gym business face loss.

These are some important things that you need to see whenever you go to a gym. For more information, you could also visit Meridian-Fitness and this way you would get much information.

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Why Would You Choose The Fitness Centre Near Your Home?



cheap gym near me

There are numbers of choices are available in the fitness and gym industry. However, you need to do proper search and research for the best available option for your fitness. Like you can search online by using words Fitness Classes Near Me for better results and better choices near your home or workplace. If you have any kind of chronic disease and any medical issue then you need to consult your doctor first before joining any kind of workout place.

Advantages Of Joining Fitness Centers:

fitness gym

fitness gym

A good quality or best gym or workout place provides you with the best quality exercises and training with high-quality equipment or highly trained and professional trainers. You can do numbers of quality exercise and activities on the basis of your health and physical conditions as well. However, you need to care and keep in mind a few things before joining a fitness center.

Before Choosing A Fitness Center:

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Before joining a workout place you need to search for all the available resources. Visit and prefer to search by using words  Fitness Programs Near Me for the best suitable option. You need to consider the basic points such as:

  • Is the gym based on the well-maintained system?
  • Is the gym location near to your living place?
  • Is the gym equipment is according to quality?
  • Is parking place available near your gym?
  • Does the gym provide the facility of membership?
  • Do the professional trainers available for training?
  • Does the gym provide the discount on membership or on the basis of group classes?

Considerations For Gym Location:

To achieve your fitness goals you need to do exercise or to maintain your fitness routine on a regular basis. Therefore, you need to prefer the gym or workout place near your house because it will help you to save time and will make it easy for you to go to the gym on daily basis without any hazard. If the workout place is not near to your house you will find numbers of excuses to quit your fitness or workout routine. Therefore, always prefer to search by using words Fitness Classes Near Me for better health and fitness routine. The main benefit for joining the workout place near to your house is you can go for a workout in your break hours or in lunch hours as well to save your time.

Consideration For The Gym On The Base Of Equipment:

Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment

Before joining the fitness class or fitness center, make sure that this center has proper equipment setup or trainers to achieve your fitness goal without any barrier. Make sure that the fitness center has a number of fitness classes and high-quality equipment for exercise and fitness training. It will help to build more interest in yourself to achieve your fitness goals. However, on the basis of your priorities and other facilities, you can also check for parking, swimming, and aerobics classes facility on the basis of facilities in Health Classes.

Quality Of Staff At The Gym:

Quality Of Staff At The Gym

Quality Of Staff At The Gym

A gym and fitness center required to provide a professional trainer and coach for professional training and coaching. Professional trainers should have registered certification of valid training and coaching. They should have a proper understanding of needs according to your health requirements and conditions as well. A professional gym should provide the proper facility of support and cooperation for twenty-four hours on the basis of your interest and fitness goals.

The environment Of the Gym:

Before joining a gym you need to check the environment of the fitness center. Because you need to keep your mind relax and calm during your fitness routine and this is impossible to get in an uncomfortable environment. Therefore, you can also search for the best comfortable Fitness Classes Near Me. You need to pay attention to some factors such as:

Numbers of members and the age group of people at the fitness center.

Numbers of men and women as fitness trainers.

The fitness level of members at a gym or fitness center.

The facility of cleaning and other equipment.

You need to focus on your fitness activities as well before choosing a center. Because by only spending money on a gym membership cannot motivate yourself for a better workout routine. You can get the support of a professional trainer for further better decision and activities.

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