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Make Your Reception More Memorable By These Planning Tips



Make Your Reception More Memorable By These Planning Tips
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Every newly married couple wants to hear their friends and relatives say that it is the best and most unique wedding reception they have attended ever. However, make it sure that your reception theme, decoration, and boozy favors to give a kickstart to the party are classy is serious work.

As an experienced event planner, I know how excited you are after your special day. After the special day, you want to throw an unforgettable reception. You can also plan your wedding or reception on beaches you can also book them at beach weddings myrtle beach. Follow the planning tips mentioned below:

Select a unique venue

If you find it hard for going outside for a traditional wedding reception, you can think out of the box. By thinking out of the box, you can give uniqueness to your post-wedding bash. Here are some options for selecting the location:

  • Art Galleries
  • Group campgrounds
  • Mid-mountain ski lodges
  • Playgrounds or parks
  • Summer camp
  • Small amusement parks

Selecting any one of these will charge your spirit of hearing the guests saying they are attending one of the best reception bashes.

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Personalize the decoration

Venue decoration is essential, and personalizing the decoration makes it unique and special one. For personalization, you can use decorative items with personalized labels and stickers. From lights to furniture, make everything customized. Paste customized stickers on the items being used for decoration.    

Plan to surprise your guests at the entrance

You are married or you have entered into a new life is not a surprise now. Think to do different things to make your guests amazed when they enter the venue. You can burst news that there is a secret tent, which is serving a themed shot. Besides, you can offer old-fashioned games for the guests.

Produce welcome bags

Maybe you may not available to welcome all the guests at the entrance. Therefore, you should plan to do something that can make them feel having a personalized welcome. Make a person responsible to greet the guest and gift them welcome bags with a personal note when they enter the venue. In the bag, you can place snacks, hangover helpers, and weatherproof essentials. navigate here to the best sedan and Limousine.

Set the mood with color

Have a colorful decor whether you want more lively energy at the reception bash or a wedding theme. You can use a large number of items to work on creating a beautiful palette into your wedding reception bash. Flowers with personalized labels at the center, tablecloths, candle colors, and linen napkins can add an extra flair to your reception.

Play the music that the guests get in the mood and start dancing

Plan a playlist. Choose the music that can please the guests and you. For this, you can hire a DJ or a band. The music that will be played should be the one no one can escape from being on the dance floor.

Hire a coordinator

Having an event planner is awesome. Look for hiring someone who can oversee the shindig details if you haven’t hired an event planner. It will worth, as you will be busy in enjoying your newlywed status.

Make a shift and be comfortable

As you finish your first dance, switch your veil and train for the white dress. Make yourself move comfortably. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy more fun and your reception attendees follow the suit.

Set reciprocal/personalized food stations

You know a guest is happy when he/she is fed well. Therefore, serve the guests with specialized treats. You can give a personal touch to food items and beverages with custom label design. Leave no-fail options and ask the planner to have proper food at the right place like pasta bars, mac-and-cheese stations, donut walls, and grilled cheese lines.

Plan for having unexpected entertainment for the guests

To make your wedding reception unforgettable for each of the guests, you can surprise them with a completely unexpected event. Hire a belly dancer or a mariachi band to create Wow factor and surprise your friends and guests.

Refuel with light snacks and drinks

Enjoying the reception bash to the fullest requires energy. You can serve them with the most favorable snacks and drinks. French fries and sliders will give your guests a second wind. You can serve pizza by the slice or bite-sized tacos if your guests are not burger/fries type.

Plan to have a graceful exit

Everyone is in high spirits and has enjoyed a lot at the bash. Now, the time comes to give an end to your reception. Leave a farewell note and opt for sparkle send-offs for the guest at the end. It’s your wedding and it is you who have to make it count. Therefore, you should ensure that there will be a graceful exit and all the guests will happily leave the venue.

Wedding receptions come in all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to add something different to make your bash unique whether you want to be super off-beat or more traditional. It’s you, your budget, wish, or planning that can help you what to do or what not to do for making your reception unique.

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