Effects Of Memory Foam Mattress Designs On Health

There are different types of mattress materials used for its manufacture and every type has a specific effect on your health. Few may promote your sleep quality while others may be specifically designed for pain reduction. There may be also a few specific ones that are specially engineered to retain spinal alignment in adults suffering from different types of back conditions and pain.

However, with or without back pain you must follow the systematic full review of top selling mattress of the controlled trials of these mattresses especially if you are buying one as per the suggestion of your doctor to relieve back pain.

The memory foam mattresses

The incredible and ever-rising popularity of the foam mattresses seems to be uncontrollable and unstoppable. Most of the homeowners are now switching to memory foam mattresses without realizing the harmful effects of the toxic materials that it contains. Therefore, when you think of buying one for you, you must stop awhile and ask yourself, will you be safe while using these synthetically based mattresses?

This is a logical question as the materials used in producing it are made artificially with no regulatory measures. However, the fact that the memory foam mattresses are so high in demand points towards the reality which is not so gloomy. These mattresses are:

  • Of high quality
  • Available for cheap and
  • Made with an eco-friendly and “green” manufacturing process.

However, you must not buy such a mattress if it cost less than $400 or a pillow of this material that costs below $50. This is because most of these cheaper variants will be made of polyurethane foam, a substance that is not considered safe for use by humans as per the law passed in 2004.

The toxicity factor

On the other hand, there are a few safety concerns regarding memory foam mattress as it is found that even a few expensive brands also contain specific amounts of toxic substances in it. This is a serious issue and concern due to several reasons.

  • It is the varied amount of petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds present in the mattress that causes such great health concerns.
  • Add to that fact that there is no definite testing conducted on it means that only time can tell whether or not the effects of using memory foam mattress will be detrimental to human health.
  • Historically, memory foam was initially designed for the NASA space program. That means, there was no element of concern for human use and health impacts. The process and nature its use is however troublesome and there is no evidence that it was specially designed to use for making mattresses.
  • Without any specific test results of effects of human exposure to it, the primary purpose of it was to keep astronauts safe during their missions in space because memory foam is considered to be an excellent material for absorbing shock.
  • Memory foam is used to make pads, safety helmets, and other equipment. This is due to its ability to prevent humans from serious injuries.

It is the structure, small cavities inside and its ability to spread force throughout helps the mattress companies to advertise it to provide pain relief and comfort.


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