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We’re All Lab Rats in the Government’s Secret Experiments



We’re All Lab Rats in the Government’s Secret Experiments

By John W. Whitehead

“However these weren’t the sort of monsters that had tentacles and rotting pores and skin, the type a seven-year-old would possibly be capable of wrap his thoughts round—they have been monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don’t acknowledge them for what they’re till it’s too late.” — Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Residence for Peculiar Kids

The U.S. authorities, in its pursuit of so-called monsters, has itself change into a monster.

This isn’t a brand new growth, neither is it a revelation.

This can be a authorities that has in current a long time unleashed untold horrors upon the world—together with its personal citizenry—within the title of worldwide conquest, the acquisition of better wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological advances, all packaged within the guise of the better good.

Thoughts you, there is no such thing as a better good when the federal government is concerned. There may be solely better greed for cash and energy.

Sadly, the general public has change into so simply distracted by the political spectacle popping out of Washington, DC, that they’re altogether oblivious to the grisly experiments, barbaric habits and inhumane situations which have change into synonymous with the U.S. authorities.

These horrors are being meted out towards people and animals alike.

It’s heartbreaking sufficient once you hear about police taking pictures household canines that pose no risk—beloved pets which might be “responsible” of little greater than barking, or wagging a tail, or racing in the direction of them in greeting—at an alarming fee someplace within the neighborhood of 500 canines a day.

What I’m about to share goes past heartbreaking to horrifying.

As an illustration, do you know that the U.S. authorities has been shopping for a whole lot of canines and cats from “Asian meat markets” as a part of a ugly experiment into food-borne diseases? The cannibalistic experiments contain killing cats and canines bought from Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, China and Ethiopia, after which feeding the useless stays to laboratory kittens, bred in authorities laboratories for the categorical function of being contaminated with a illness after which killed.

It will get extra ugly.

The Division of Veterans Affairs has been eradicating elements of canines’ brains to see the way it impacts their respiration; making use of electrodes to canines’ spinal cords (earlier than and after severing them) to see the way it impacts their cough reflexes; and implanting pacemakers in canines’ hearts after which inducing them to have coronary heart assaults (earlier than draining their blood). All the laboratory canines are killed in the course of the course of those experiments.

It’s not simply animals which might be being handled like lab rats by authorities companies.

“We the individuals” have additionally change into the police state’s guinea pigs: to be caged, branded, experimented upon with out our data or consent, after which conveniently discarded and left to undergo from the after-effects.

Again in 2017, FEMA “inadvertently” uncovered almost 10,000 firefighters, paramedics and different responders to a lethal type of ricin throughout simulated bioterrorism response classes. In 2015, it was found that an Military lab had been “mistakenly” transport lethal anthrax to labs and protection contractors for a decade. Whereas these explicit incidents have been dismissed as “accidents,” you don’t must dig very deep or go very again within the nation’s historical past to uncover quite a few instances during which the federal government intentionally performed secret experiments on an unsuspecting populace — residents and noncitizens alike — making wholesome individuals sick by spraying them with chemical substances, injecting them with infectious ailments and exposing them to airborne toxins.

On the time, the federal government reasoned that it was reliable to experiment on individuals who didn’t have full rights in society corresponding to prisoners, psychological sufferers, and poor blacks.

In Alabama, for instance, 600 black males with syphilis have been allowed to undergo with out correct medical therapy as a way to research the pure development of untreated syphilis. In California, older prisoners had testicles from livestock and from just lately executed convicts implanted in them to check their virility. In Connecticut, psychological sufferers have been injected with hepatitis.

In Maryland, sleeping prisoners had a pandemic flu virus sprayed up their noses. In Georgia, two dozen “volunteering” jail inmates had gonorrhea micro organism pumped instantly into their urinary tracts by way of the penis. In Michigan, male sufferers at an insane asylum have been uncovered to the flu after first being injected with an experimental flu vaccine. In Minnesota, 11 public service worker “volunteers” have been injected with malaria, then starved for 5 days.

In New York, dying sufferers had most cancers cells launched into their techniques. In Ohio, over 100 inmates have been injected with reside most cancers cells. Additionally in New York, prisoners at a reformatory jail have been additionally cut up into two teams to find out how a lethal abdomen virus was unfold: the primary group was made to swallow an unfiltered stool suspension, whereas the second group merely breathed in germs sprayed into the air. And in Staten Island, youngsters with psychological retardation got hepatitis orally and by injection to see if they might then be cured.

Because the Related Press studies,

The late 1940s and 1950s noticed big progress within the U.S. pharmaceutical and well being care industries, accompanied by a increase in prisoner experiments funded by each the federal government and firms. By the 1960s, at the least half the states allowed prisoners for use as medical guinea pigs … as a result of they have been cheaper than chimpanzees.


A few of these research, principally from the 1940s to the ’60s, apparently have been by no means coated by information media. Others have been reported on the time, however the focus was on the promise of tolerating new cures, whereas glossing over how check topics have been handled.

Media blackouts, propaganda, spin. Sound acquainted?

What number of authorities incursions into our freedoms have been blacked out, buried below “leisure” information headlines, or spun in such a method as to counsel that anybody voicing a phrase of warning is paranoid or conspiratorial?

Sadly, these incidents are simply the tip of the iceberg relating to the atrocities the federal government has inflicted on an unsuspecting populace within the title of secret experimentation.

As an illustration, there was the U.S. army’s secret race-based testing of mustard fuel on greater than 60,000 enlisted males. As NPR studies,

All the World Warfare II experiments with mustard fuel have been executed in secret and weren’t recorded on the themes’ official army information. Most don’t have proof of what they went by way of. They acquired no follow-up well being care or monitoring of any variety. And so they have been sworn to secrecy in regards to the exams below risk of dishonorable discharge and army jail time, leaving some unable to obtain enough medical therapy for his or her accidents, as a result of they couldn’t inform medical doctors what occurred to them.

After which there was the CIA’s MKULTRA program during which a whole lot of unsuspecting American civilians and army personnel have been dosed with LSD, some having the hallucinogenic drug slipped into their drinks on the seaside, in metropolis bars, at eating places. As Time studies, “earlier than the documentation and different details of this system have been made public, those that talked of it have been ceaselessly dismissed as being psychotic.”

Now one would possibly argue that that is all historical historical past and that the federal government right this moment is completely different from the federal government of yesteryear, however has the U.S. authorities actually modified?

Has the federal government change into any extra humane, any extra respectful of the rights of the citizenry?

Has it change into any extra clear or keen to abide by the rule of legislation? Has it change into any extra truthful about its actions? Has it change into any extra cognizant of its appointed function as a guardian of our rights?

Or has the federal government merely hunkered down and hidden its nefarious acts and dastardly experiments below layers of secrecy, legalism and obfuscations? Has it not change into wilier, extra slippery, harder to pin down?

Having mastered the Orwellian artwork of Doublespeak and adopted the Huxleyan blueprint for distraction and diversion, are we not coping with a authorities that’s merely craftier and extra conniving that it was?

Think about this: after revelations in regards to the authorities’s experiments spanning the 20th century spawned outrage, the federal government started in search of human guinea pigs in different international locations, the place “medical trials may very well be executed extra cheaply and with fewer guidelines.”

In Guatemala, prisoners and sufferers at a psychological hospital have been contaminated with syphilis, “apparently to check whether or not penicillin might forestall some sexually transmitted illness.” In Uganda, U.S.-funded medical doctors “failed to offer the AIDS drug AZT to all of the HIV-infected pregnant ladies in a research… although it will have protected their newborns.” In the meantime, in Nigeria, youngsters with meningitis have been used to check an antibiotic named Trovan. Eleven youngsters died and plenty of others have been left disabled.

Declare Your Independence!

Revenue exterior the rigged system! Defend your self from tyranny and financial collapse. Be taught to reside free and unfold peace!

Working example: again in 2016, it was introduced that scientists working for the Division of Homeland Safety would start releasing varied gases and particles on crowded subway platforms as a part of an experiment geared toward testing bioterror airflow in New York subways.

The federal government insisted that the gases launched into the subways by the DHS have been unhazardous and didn’t pose a well being threat. It’s in our greatest pursuits, they mentioned, to know how rapidly a chemical or organic terrorist assault would possibly unfold. And look how cool the know-how is—mentioned the federal government cheerleaders—that scientists can use one thing referred to as DNATrax to trace the motion of microscopic substances in air and meals. (Think about the sorts of surveillance that may very well be carried out by the federal government utilizing trackable airborne microscopic substances you breathe in or ingest.)

Thoughts you, this is similar authorities that in 1949 sprayed micro organism into the Pentagon’s air dealing with system, then the world’s largest workplace constructing. In 1950, particular ops forces sprayed micro organism from Navy ships off the coast of Norfolk and San Francisco, within the latter case exposing the entire metropolis’s 800,000 residents.

In 1953, authorities operatives staged “mock” anthrax assaults on St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Winnipeg utilizing mills positioned on high of automobiles. Native governments have been reportedly advised that “‘invisible smokescreen[s]’ have been being deployed to masks town on enemy radar.” Later experiments coated territory as wide-ranging as Ohio to Texas and Michigan to Kansas.

In 1965, the federal government’s experiments in bioterror took purpose at Washington’s Nationwide Airport, adopted by a 1966 experiment during which military scientists uncovered 1,000,000 subway NYC passengers to airborne micro organism that causes meals poisoning.

And this is similar authorities that has taken each little bit of know-how offered to us as being in our greatest pursuits—GPS units, surveillance, nonlethal weapons, and so on.—and used it towards us, to trace, management and entice us.

So, no, I don’t assume the federal government’s ethics have modified a lot over time. It’s simply taken its nefarious applications undercover.

The query stays: why is the federal government doing this? The reply is at all times the identical: cash, energy and complete domination.

It’s the identical reply regardless of which totalitarian regime is in energy.

The mindset driving these applications has, appropriately, been likened to that of Nazi medical doctors experimenting on Jews. Because the Holocaust Museum recounts, Nazi physicians “performed painful and infrequently lethal experiments on hundreds of focus camp prisoners with out their consent.”

The Nazis’ unethical experiments ran the gamut from freezing experiments utilizing prisoners to seek out an efficient therapy for hypothermia, exams to find out the utmost altitude for parachuting out of a airplane, injecting prisoners with malaria, typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, yellow fever, and infectious hepatitis, exposing prisoners to phosgene and mustard fuel, and mass sterilization experiments.

The horrors being meted out towards the American individuals could be traced again, in a direct line, to the horrors meted out in Nazi laboratories. In reality, following the second World Warfare, the U.S. authorities recruited a lot of Hitler’s workers, adopted his protocols, embraced his mindset about legislation and order and experimentation, and applied his ways in incremental steps.

Sounds far-fetched, you say? Learn on. It’s all documented.

As historian Robert Gellately recounts, the Nazi police state was initially so admired for its effectivity and order by the world powers of the day that Herbert Hoover, then-head of the FBI, truly despatched considered one of his right-hand males, Edmund Patrick Coffey, to Berlin in January 1938 on the invitation of Germany’s secret police, the Gestapo.

The FBI was so impressed with the Nazi regime that, in keeping with the New York Instances, within the a long time after World Warfare II, the FBI, together with different authorities companies, aggressively recruited at the least a thousand Nazis, together with a few of Hitler’s highest henchmen.

All advised, hundreds of Nazi collaborators—together with the top of a Nazi focus camp, amongst others—got secret visas and delivered to America by means of Mission Paperclip. Subsequently, they have been employed on as spies, informants and scientific advisers, after which camouflaged to make sure that their true identities and ties to Hitler’s holocaust machine would stay unknown. All of the whereas, hundreds of Jewish refugees have been refused entry visas to the U.S. on the grounds that it might threaten nationwide safety.

Including additional insult to damage, American taxpayers have been paying to maintain these ex-Nazis on the U.S. authorities’s payroll ever since. And in true Gestapo style, anybody who has dared to blow the whistle on the FBI’s illicit Nazi ties has discovered himself spied upon, intimidated, harassed and labeled a risk to nationwide safety.

As if the federal government’s covert, taxpayer-funded employment of Nazis after World Warfare II wasn’t dangerous sufficient, U.S. authorities companies—the FBI, CIA and the army—have since absolutely embraced lots of the Nazis’ well-honed policing ways, and have used them repeatedly towards Americans.

It’s actually straightforward to denounce the full-frontal horrors carried out by the scientific and medical group inside a despotic regime corresponding to Nazi Germany, however what do you do when it’s your individual authorities that claims to be a champion of human rights all of the whereas permitting its brokers to interact within the foulest, bases and most despicable acts of torture, abuse and experimentation?

When all is claimed and executed, this isn’t a authorities that has our greatest pursuits at coronary heart.

This isn’t a authorities that values us.

Maybe the reply lies in The Third Man, Carol Reed’s influential 1949 movie starring Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles. Within the movie, set in a post-WW II Vienna, rogue warfare profiteer Harry Lime has come to view human carnage with a callous indifference, unconcerned that the diluted penicillin he’s been trafficking underground has resulted within the tortured deaths of younger youngsters.

Challenged by his previous buddy Holly Martins to think about the implications of his actions, Lime responds, “In nowadays, previous man, no one thinks when it comes to human beings. Governments don’t, so why ought to we?”

“Have you ever ever seen any of your victims?” asks Martins.

“Victims?” responds Limes, as he seems down from the highest of a Ferris wheel onto a populace decreased to mere dots on the bottom. “Look down there. Inform me. Would you actually really feel any pity if a kind of dots stopped transferring ceaselessly? If I supplied you twenty thousand kilos for each dot that stopped, would you actually, previous man, inform me to maintain my cash, or would you calculate what number of dots you may afford to spare? Freed from earnings tax, previous man. Freed from earnings tax — the one method it can save you cash these days.”

As I clarify in my e-book Battlefield America: The Warfare on the American Folks, that is how the U.S. authorities sees us, too, when it seems down upon us from its lofty perch.

To the powers-that-be, the remainder of us are insignificant specks, faceless dots on the bottom.

To the architects of the American police state, we’re not worthy or vested with inherent rights. That is how the federal government can justify treating us like financial items to be purchased and offered and traded, or caged rats to be experimented upon and discarded once we’ve outgrown our usefulness.

To those that name the pictures within the halls of presidency, “we the individuals” are merely the means to an finish.

“We the individuals”—who assume, who cause, who take a stand, who resist, who demand to be handled with dignity and care, who consider in freedom and justice for all—have change into out of date, undervalued residents of a totalitarian state that, within the phrases of Rod Serling, “has patterned itself after each dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of historical past for the reason that starting of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a extra subtle method to the destruction of human freedom.”

On this sense, we’re all Romney Wordsworth, the condemned man in Serling’s Twilight Zone episode “The Out of date Man.”

“The Out of date Man” speaks to the risks of a authorities that views individuals as expendable as soon as they’ve outgrown their usefulness to the State. But—and right here’s the kicker—that is the place the federal government by way of its monstrous inhumanity additionally turns into out of date. As Serling famous in his unique script for “The Out of date Man,” “Any state, any entity, any ideology which fails to acknowledge the value, the dignity, the rights of Man…that state is out of date.”

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“I just went to the grocery store to pick up some product because our driver was delayed by a day,” said Slidin’ Dirty Owner Tim Taney.

Before they even open up on Wednesday, Taney had to make a stop at the grocery store because his delivery was late twice this week.

Throughout the pandemic, Taney said delays in food drop offs have become frequent.

“It has a pretty big impact on us. And I know that our distributors are really seeing a shortage with drivers. And they’re also seeing issues with the manufacturers. So, it’s really just a chain reaction,” Taney said.  

As Troy Restaurant Week gets into high gear, owners like Taney and Executive Director of Troy’s Downtown Business Improvement District Geoff Brault are asking patrons for a little patience.

“Service businesses, they make up the fabric of downtown Troy. They literally give flavor to the downtown,” Brault said.  

Brault said the struggles of the pandemic aren’t over for restaurants. He said the businesses are still in need of support.  

“Right now is the most important time to support the vital businesses in downtown troy,” Brault said.  

While restaurants work through their challenges, Taney said that won’t stop them from putting on a great restaurant week for customers.  

“I think everyone in Troy taking part in this restaurant week is going to have something worth coming out for,” Taney said.

Restaurant week runs from Monday September 13 to Sunday September 19. A list of participating restaurants can be found here.

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Michelle Wu, Annissa Essaibi-George ready for general election battle



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Despite the smiles and big hug that Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi-George shared Wednesday in the city council chambers after their success in the mayoral preliminary, both have wasted no time in staking out their theses for why they’re the better choice to become Boston’s next mayor.

Wu and Essaibi-George made history on Tuesday night as voters advanced the two female at-large city councilors to the Nov. 2 general election.

It took until around 10 a.m. Wednesday for the city to post the results of all 255 precincts, but — despite brief kerfuffles among internet dwellers watching candidates’ names shuffle around as different parts of the city registered their votes — the final tally settled on what the campaigns’ organizations all knew just a few hours after polls closed last night.

Wu led the pack with 33.4%, followed by Essaibi-George’s 22.5% out of 107,592 votes counted. City Councilor Andrea Campbell was third with 19.7%, just ahead of Acting Mayor Kim Janey’s 19.5%. Former city economic development director John Barros drew 3.2% of the vote.

Asked why the count took so long, the city said, “Due to ballots received on Election Day via U.S. mail and ballot drop boxes, the Election Department had to cross-check those ballots with precinct voter lists from each polling location to ensure voters did not vote twice.”

Wu and Essaibi-George will face off in the Nov. 2 general, and the winner will be the first woman and the first person of color to be elected mayor of Boston.

The pair of veteran city councilors gave each other a hug right before Wednesday’s council meeting in front of snapping cameras. They exchanged some kind words, and complimented each other’s smarts and work ethic to reporters. But this race isn’t going to be all smiles.

As the progressive Wu declared victory on Tuesday night, she took aim at “status quo” policies. She repeated those themes in a press conference outside City Hall on Wednesday morning, that while some have thought her ideas too “pie in the sky,” she “knocked those down one by one.”

Essaibi-George, speaking to cheering supporters around midnight, went after a couple of Wu’s big-picture goals, saying that the mayor isn’t about to make the MBTA free or implement rent control.

Essaibi-George, a relative moderate and ally of former Mayor Martin Walsh, said, “Too often the conversation centers around those sorts of abstract ideas” rather than real-world solutions.

A big part of the new phase of the campaign is going to be appealing to Black voters. None of the three Black candidates in the mayor’s race — Campbell, Janey and Barros — advanced, to the disappointment of many.

Political strategist Jacquetta van Zandt said this means that the bulk of the Black vote is “up for grabs” — but that it shouldn’t be treated like a monolith, as Black voters of varying generations and different socioeconomic strata cast their ballots differently.

“Who now will be able to garner the coveted black vote?” becomes the big question, she said. “The message of ‘you are heard and you are seen and we are going to work together’ is how it will have to be.”

Eldin Villafane, a Boston-based political communications consultant, said the candidates will pivot to trying to pitch voters of color why their plan will be the ones that help them.

He also added that, across the board, people vote for people they feel they can trust with power — “Who’s going to be our city boss, and who’s going to have a firm grip on the city amidst a lot of change.”

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Malcolm Yards is the food hall we’ve all been waiting for



Malcolm Yards is the food hall we’ve all been waiting for

Just when it seemed like the food hall concept was played out, like this market couldn’t possibly take another — and also still in the midst of a pandemic — The Market at Malcolm Yards opened.

But I’m here to tell you that the shiny new facility, built within the ruins of the historic Harris Machinery Co., is an absolute game-changer. The variety and quality of vendors is unmatched and there’s tons of seating, indoors and out. There are proper cocktails — some matched to the flavors of individual vendors — or a beer and wine wall for easy self-service. On top of that, the atmosphere is really, really cool.

Even payment here is slick and modern — you swipe a credit card and they give you a card to pay. You can use it at any vendor, and you get just one bill at the end. Brilliant.

If I were to complain about anything, it would be the temporary issue of unpaved parking lots, which turn into a muddy mess in the rain and are a little hard to navigate. But there’s more development going on in the area, and the permanent solution — likely a ramp — will take some time to figure out. Meanwhile, it’s always a good idea to hop on the light rail or hire a rideshare, especially if you’re going to be drinking.

Really, though, Malcolm Yards, which is smack dab on the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and just blocks from Surly Brewing and the new O’Shaughnessy Distilling, is the perfect place to meet a friend, or a group of them, and linger over some amazing food. Bring your friend with a special diet — there are tons of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.

Because it’s only been open for about a month, Community Outreach and Events Manager Molly Hermann said events are just starting to get traction there, but the market has two spaces that can be rented for meetings, parties, weddings and more. Many meeting organizers are simply giving their guests cards to use at the market, so they can choose their own meals, but catering is also available.

The market will also host pre- and post-game celebrations for Gophers sports. Hermann said they’ll open a few hours early on game days and some vendors will offer brunch items. They’ll have beer in cans outside, too, for a tailgating feel.

Here’s my guide to the vendors in the market, with a short description and some recommended dishes from each. Honestly, every morsel of food I’ve eaten here has been good, and some of it downright spectacular.

Be warned, though, it’s not a secret. The place has been busy to packed every time I’ve visited. Lunch is a better option if you’re crowd-averse.

Abang Yoli

Korean Fried Chicken from Abang Yoli at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

Chef Jamie Yoo is bringing flavors from his native Korea, melded with other Asian cuisine, to the market, but his professional cheffing background is mostly in French kitchens, including those of Gavin Kaysen. It’s great to see him proudly display his heritage here, with some of the best Korean fried chicken I’ve tried. I love that the chicken is served with the sauce on the side, so that the perfect crunch is not lost. The half-head of cauliflower, doused in a tasty chili crisp, is a worthy side or main if you’re meat-free.

Recommended dishes: Korean Fried Chicken ($12 for a two-piece); Cauliflower ($12 for a half head)


1631790788 399 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
Benjamin Bacon from Advellum at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

Although this is a “vegetable eatery,” chef Michael Shaughnessy wants you to know that eating vegetables is about way more than just salads. Indeed, I did not try a single salad off his menu, which also includes some meat, but I did have the best veggie burger I’ve ever eaten, some ridiculously good avocado toast, mung bean pancakes that made me sigh with happiness and a tomato burrata salad that let in-season heirloom tomatoes (there’s nothing better) sing. Shaughnessy’s chef credentials include executive chef runs at the fabulous Young Joni and California-cuisine darling Mill Valley Kitchen.

The Wild Boomer Burger, a mix of wild mushrooms, nutty wild rice and umami-rich miso, is crisped perfectly and served on a pillowy, sesame-seeded bun with a garlicky vegan aioli and pickled onions and chiles to wake everything up. They have a gluten-free bun available, too, and it’s quite good.

The Benjamin Bacon starts with those crispy, flavor-packed mung bean pancakes and ups the ante with some tender, perfectly rendered, maple-soy-glazed pork belly, a killer kimchi and a deeply savory, spicy gochujang aioli. Since it is plated in a set of three pancakes, it’s also highly shareable.

Recommended dishes: Wild Boomer Burger ($15); Benjamin Bacon ($15); Ave Avocado Toast ($13); Tommy Tomato ($12)

Bagu Sushi

1631790788 214 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
Tataki from Bagu Sushi at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

I don’t consider myself much of an expert on sushi, but I do know that this long-standing sushi outfit (they have a standalone bricks-and-mortar in South Minneapolis) knows its stuff. Fresh fish awaits you in made-to-order rolls, sashimi and fresh-fish appetizers. If you haven’t had fresh wasabi, they offer it, and it’s worth ordering some sushi just to try the herbaceous root in its purest form.

Recommended dishes: Tataki ($13); any rolls with fresh wasabi, which is an extra $5

Bebe Zito

1631790789 426 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
The Burger from Bebe Zito at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

One of the buzziest burgers in a burger-obsessed town and super-creative ice cream are the focus of this stand, which, predictably, always has a line.

Well-known pastry chef (and the opening ice cream chef at Milkjam) Ben Spangler and his now-wife, Gabriella Grant, started Bebe with a standalone spot in Uptown that quickly became known for its delicious, creative ice cream flavors and long lines, especially on the weekends when they serve the burger. Happily for us, the burger is available whenever Malcolm Yards is open.

The burger is of the smashed variety and its claim to fame is bacon in the grind, which gives it a slightly smoky flavor and very luscious texture. It’s good. Very good. Line worthy.

But the ice cream, with its impossibly creamy bases (please note they do have plenty of vegan versions as well) and bright, creative flavors like Vanilla MSG and Gochujang Brownie, is also stellar. Honestly, the Pistachio w/Almond, which sports pistachios imported from Italy and marzipan, might be my favorite of the genre, and I always try the pistachio ice cream.

Recommended dishes: Pistachio w/Almond ice cream ($4.95 for a scoop); Burger ($6.95)

Boxcar Bar

1631790789 268 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
The Argentine Sour from Boxcar Bar at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

Bartending legend Nick Kosevich developed the cocktails here, and made one that matches the flavor profile of each vendor. I only got the chance to try a few, but as expected, they are top-notch. There are also more conventional drinks available — a friend who always craves bloody Marys ordered one and said it was great.

Recommended drinks: Argentine Sour (goes with Del Sur Empanadas; $12); Snap Pea Collins (goes with Advellum; $12)

Del Sur Empanadas

1631790789 988 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
A variety of empanadas from Del Sur Empanadas at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

Long one of my favorite food trucks, Del Sur opened a bricks-and-mortar eatery in Minnetonka in 2018. It’s kind of a haul for even the best empanadas, so I couldn’t be more thrilled that they have a stall at Malcolm Yards. Flaky, golden crusts are filled with ingredients ranging from the expected (chorizo or sweet beef) to the unexpected (caprese or sweet corn). And every one I’ve tried has been great.

Recommended dishes: Any empanada, but especially the chorizo, sweet beef or mushroom), $3.75 apiece

Joey Meatballs

Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
Spaghetti and meatballs from Joey Meatballs in The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

Although you might be tempted to skip over this stall — build-your-own-pasta isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff — I suggest you think again. The fresh, tender pasta is made in house, and the red sauce as bright and balanced as they come. Oh, and if you like meatballs, there’s a reason that word is in the name. They are huge, juicy and full of flavor. The portions here are generous, too.

Chef Joshua Hedquist has a great story, too. He fought his way from being a teen with a rap sheet to heading kitchens, and he believes in second chances so employs people, including felons, who need a second chance.

Recommended dishes: The Baller (spaghetti and two meatballs, $16.75)

Momo Dosa

1631790789 454 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
The Keema Dosa at Momo Dosa at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

If you’ve never had momo or dosa, you are in for a treat. Momo are Nepalese dumplings, and you can get them here filled with everything from mutton to vegetables. They are served with two mild chutneys — a mint and a tomato — so you can choose your own adventure.

Dosa are thin crepe-like wraps made from fermented lentils and rice. The wrap itself, nutty, crisp and a little chewy at once, is the star of the show, but the fillings here are so good that I can’t pick a favorite — I’m going with two. If you like meat, the Keema Dosa, filled with ground meat, red onion, parsley, zucchini, cheese and spices, is fantastic, but if you’re a vegetable lover, I can’t recommend the Masala Dosa, stuffed with curried potatoes, enough.

Recommended dishes: Chicken Momo ($11); Keema Dosa ($13); Masala Dosa ($11)

Sunday at the Market

1631790789 687 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
Tamago egg salad sandwich from Sunday at the Market at The Market at Malcolm Yards. (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

You might be tempted to overlook this oddball little stall, which serves charcuterie boards and Japanese-style sandwiches, but if you have never had Japanese egg salad, it’s definitely worth a try. The sandwiches are served on fluffy white bread with just enough green lettuce to give it visual appeal and a little crunch, and the egg salad itself is fluffy and creamy.

They also serve best-in-class Red Table meats and Alemar cheeses.

Recommended dishes: Tamago egg salad sandwich ($6.50)

Wrecktangle Pizza

1631790789 699 Malcolm Yards is the food hall weve all been waiting
The Shredder from Wrecktangle Pizza at The Market at Malcolm Yards (Jess Fleming / Pioneer Press)

Detroit-style pizza is trending, and Wrecktangle makes some of the best in the metro.

Deep-dish crust, crispy cheese on the edges and fresh, creative toppings combine to make a craveable pie. There’s everything from a breakfast pizza to one with blue cheese alfredo and spicy chicken to classics like pepperoni and sausage. I’m personally more of a classic gal, but I do like spicy. The Shredder, with pepperoni, pickled jalapenos and whipped honey infused with Cry Baby Craig’s hot sauce, is exactly my jam.

Recommended dishes: The Shredder ($20 for an 8 x 10 pizza, which is six slices)

The Market at Malcolm Yards

  • Where: 501 30th Ave. S.E., Minneapolis
  • Contact:
  • Prices: Most items $20 or below. Varies by vendor.
  • Good to know: Ample on-site parking, but also on light-rail line. Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options aplenty.
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National Grid voltage conversion in the City of Cohoes



National Grid voltage conversion in the City of Cohoes

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On September 21, National Grid will be adjusting the voltage on transformers on both sides of Columbia Street, and Chestnut Street to Sunset Court, on Tuesday.

Residents in the area will be without power during the work period beginning at 8 a.m. until 12 p.m.

Traffic signals at the intersection of Columbia St. & Simmons Ave and Columbia St. & Masten Ave. will be without power during the work period.

Traffic control flaggers will be in place, National Grid said, to use alternate routes when possible with caution when traveling in the area, as delays are expected.

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  • Schenectady County is holding In-Person Application Assistance Events for NYS ERAP
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Red Sox take big series win over Mariners, head home in ideal positioning for playoff chase



Red Sox take big series win over Mariners, head home in ideal positioning for playoff chase

With two weeks left in the heat of a playoff chase, every game certainly matters for the Red Sox. But there was something about how they finished this difficult road trip that might go a long way into determining if they play deeper into October.

After a tough beginning to the trip, the Red Sox ended it on an emphatic high note. A night after winning in dramatic fashion, they took a close game that looked destined for more drama and turned it into a rout. The Red Sox scored six runs in the top of the 10th to break the tie and poured it on for a 9-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners and a critical series win.

With winnable games ahead of them, a handful of off days and Chris Sale coming back this weekend, the Red Sox are in a great position with 14 games to go. After going 3-3 in their six-game trip against the White Sox and Mariners, they sit tied atop the wild-card standings heading into a three-game set with the last-place Baltimore Orioles.

“It’s a happy flight,” manager Alex Cora said. “Like I said before, not too many people thought the last homestand of the season was going to mean something. Now it means a lot. Hopefully it’s going to be fun Friday and the rest of the week and we can take care of business.”

The game was tied at 3 from the third inning on until the Sox broke it open in extras. The Red Sox had recorded just one hit — Jose Iglesias’ seventh-inning infield single — in six innings before the 10th, when they figured it out against the Mariners’ bullpen as singles from Alex Verdugo, Xander Bogaerts and J.D. Martinez gave them a 5-3 lead.

Then, a familiar face was again at the center of clinching a Red Sox victory. Kyle Schwarber, a night after his three-run double sent them to a huge win, came up again Wednesday in a huge spot with one out and the bases loaded. He worked the count full before rifling a two-run single to right, which gave the Sox more than enough breathing room.

Two batters later, Christian Vazquez lofted a two-run double down the right-field line to put the icing on the cake before Martin Perez completed another big performance from the Red Sox’ bullpen to cap the win and their first series victory in Seattle since 2013.

“Hopefully this is the beginning of something great for us and we can get hot swinging the bats,” Cora said.

The Red Sox had an early 3-0 lead after Hunter Renfroe’s first-inning homer and a two-run second that included doubles from Bobby Dalbec and Iglesias. But the Mariners got it all back in the third. Renfroe was charged with his 13th error of the season on a throw to third that squirted by Rafael Devers to allow a run to score before Kyle Seager’s two-run, game-tying double.

Tanner Houck settled down to strike out the side in the fourth, but only lasted 4 1/3 innings as Cora pulled him before he could face the Mariners lineup a third time. The bullpen, though, had his back, tossing 5 2/3 innings and not allowing a run until it didn’t matter in the 10th.

“I have applauded our bullpen all year,” Houck said. “They have stepped up. They’ve done an incredible role. They are a significant part of this team and they’ve stepped up to every occasion that we’ve called upon them.”

With an eight-game homestand that includes three off days ahead of them, the Red Sox like where they’re at. Eleven of their final 14 games are against teams with a sub-.500 record, and they’ve lined it up to have Sale and Nathan Eovaldi pitch in as many games as they can. And they’re feeling good about themselves after splitting a six-game trip against two playoff-caliber teams.

“I think that gives us momentum,” Adam Ottavino said. “We’re going to have three series at home, a place we expect to win. We’re going to need to win a lot of those games, so hopefully the fans really bring it and we can bring it on the field.”

Cora similarly hopes they can ride this momentum back to Boston for a big final two weeks of the season.

“I think playing meaningful games at home, it means a lot,” Cora said. “I know last year was a tough one for the organization and for the fans. Obviously coming into the season, nobody expected this homestand to mean something for the playoff hunt. So we’re in this position. Like I said, Friday should be Chris (Sale), Friday night at Fenway, I’ve been saying all along. Hopefully it’s loud and it’s intense.

“We’ve got plenty of games at home, and we’re really good at home. We took care of business here. Just enjoy the families. Hopefully nothing happens off the field as far as like COVID and all that, and we’re ready to go on Friday.”

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USDA wants you to kill this bug on sight



USDA wants you to kill this bug on sight

(WWLP) — The Department of Agriculture is asking residents in New England and beyond to kill one specific bug on sight.

That bug is the spotted lanternfly. It’s a colorful, polka-dotted moth that is completely harmless to humans, but it leaves a secretion that is extremely deadly to trees and other plants. Now, it’s been less than 10 years since the lanternfly was first spotted near Pennsylvania, but since then, it has spread all across the northeast.

It’s one bug the USDA doesn’t want you to feel bad about killing.

Full-sized spotted lanternflies are large, gray bugs, about one inch long, with black spots and red underwings. Nymphs of the insect look black with white dots and older nymphs are red with black and white spots.

Where to spot a spotted lanternfly

Nymphs of SLF, from left to right, youngest to oldest (photo credit: Teá Kesting-Handly)

The bug can be found congregating on sides of buildings, in or on vehicles, or on plants they prefer to attack, including tree of heaven, grape, and walnut. They may attach themselves to goods being transported into the state from the following states:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

What to do if you find a spotted lanternfly

If you happen to come across a spotted lanternfly, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources both encourage taking a photo or collecting the specimen and reporting it online. Search the area for both adult insects as well.

Massachusetts has identified the insect in the state several times in the last few years but no evidence shows that they have become established in the state.

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Ask Amy: Woman should leave abusive relationship



Ask Amy: Woman should leave abusive relationship

Dear Amy: I am in a relationship with a man my age. We share many interests and values. The problem, I believe, is his lack of respect for me.

I want to be communicated with in a way that shows love and kindness.

He says he respects me, but his behavior does not demonstrate it. He yells, is critical, and is very impatient with me.

I’m confused. He says he wants to be in this relationship (we’ve lived together for over a year), but acts poorly, and while I am not perfect and do often yell back (and feel terrible about it), I also believe I am protecting myself, albeit not in the best way.

If you know anything about battered wife syndrome, do you think that I have it?

Is it me, or is he an abuser?

— Oregon Woman

Dear Oregon: Battered wife syndrome is classified as a serious condition triggered by psychological and/or physical intimate partner violence.

Based on what you say, you are in an unfulfilling and chronically upsetting intimate relationship with someone who treats you badly and who — according to you — compels you to defend/retaliate, followed by periods of you feeling “terrible” about your own behavior.

The way I see it, part of the time you are being treated badly, and part of the time you are treating yourself badly.

That’s a lot. It is also a symptom of abuse.

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Massachusetts teachers unions blast Charlie Baker over refusal on statewide teacher vaccine mandate



Massachusetts teachers unions blast Charlie Baker over refusal on statewide teacher vaccine mandate

The two largest teachers unions are blasting Gov. Charlie Baker over the state’s lack of a uniform vaccine policy at schools, saying he is “abdicating his responsibility” by leaving students and teachers unprotected against coronavirus variants.

“A statewide mandate requiring educators to be vaccinated, in accordance with what President Biden is calling for, would best protect our communities – including communities of color, which have been hit the hardest by the pandemic,” Massachusetts Teachers Association President Merrie Najimy said in a statement.

She added: “Given the surging rates of infection from coronavirus variants, Governor Charlie Baker is abdicating his responsibility by not leading a coordinated statewide strategy to address this crucial public health initiative.”

The Republican governor has defiantly signaled there would be no statewide COVID vaccine mandate for Massachusetts educators, despite a call to action from President Biden for governors to do so last week. Instead, Baker has placed the decision on the backs of cities and towns.

During a meeting with reporters on Monday, Baker said cities and towns “are the primary employer and primary owner of the conditions of work with municipal employees,” which includes teachers.

“The accountability, authority and responsibility rests with the municipal governments and they therefore need to figure that one out,” Baker said in response to a Herald reporter’s question.

It’s led to a patchwork of municipal vaccine mandates, most notably in Boston. Beginning Monday, all municipal employees — including teachers — must provide proof of vaccination or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing, per the policy the local teachers union signed Sept. 9.

Several other districts, including Brookline, Amherst-Pelham, Berkshire Hills, Holliston and others have also imposed or are considering similar mandates, according to reports.

“Educators and our students cross town lines every day, and the virus isn’t contained by municipal boundaries,” American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts President Beth Kontos said. “Public health decisions during a deadly pandemic are too important to be left to politicized local decision-making. On masking, testing and vaccination policy, we need statewide leadership guided by public health experts.”

It’s a decision, however, Geoff Beckwith of the Massachusetts Municipal Association supports.

“We appreciate very much the approach Gov. Baker has taken,” he said. “Gov. Baker defers to municipal leaders and government about what works best for them.”

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