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How to Watch Amazon Prime Video from Abroad



Streaming services have become a major source of entertainment lately. With phrases like ‘Netflix and Chill’ now the mantra for teenagers, it comes as no surprise that this industry has seen some substantial investments and major players entering the arena. TV shows are being produced rapidly to cater to the growing demand from users and to be honest, they are quite spellbinding, to say the least. Once you begin watching one series, it becomes really hard to stop at one episode or even a season.

For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, although it is unlikely that might be the case but, nonetheless. Every TV show is split into seasons and each season has a certain number of episodes. This number can range between eight to fifteen on average or even higher than that. These TV shows are getting so popular that Netflix alone gained 29 million new subscribers in 2018, a 33% rise over the previous year.

However, as much as these programs are viewed worldwide, streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and HBO still resort to geolocation and restriction of content. They calculate user demand and take licensing issues into account to make decisions about blocking some content outside some geographic boundaries. This becomes a huge inconvenience for avid watchers because it is not fair to them. Shouldn’t the entire user base be allowed access to the same content? Why do I have to be left out of watching my favorite series just because I live in a different country?

Well, be as it may, but this is currently the case. Still, there is hope for all of us. Just to give you a little heads up, Amazon Prime Video is unavailable outside of US. But, you can still watch Amazon Prime Video outside of US or from anywhere in the world.

Let’s dive deeper into the subject and explain what we’re talking about.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon is a relatively new entrant into the streaming services industry. Backed by one of the largest ecommerce platforms on the planet, this channel was launched in 2006 and currently has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide. Although this is only a fraction of the total subscribers that Netflix has, Amazon’s number of users has been rising sharply over the past few years. To its advantage, it is backed by one of the biggest companies operating today. This means that they have the investment muscle to pursue a significant chunk of market share in the entertainment industry.

Amazon has been coming up with some interesting shows and its library is growing every day. Despite their customer base which expands to almost every country in the world, they too resort to selective streaming practices. The viewers in the United States are prioritized and have access to the largest number of shows while there are limitations for users in other parts of the world. They might have their reasons for implementing these practices but at the end of the day, it is not fair to consumers in any form.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video from Aboard

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video subscriber living outside the United States, you must severely be underwhelmed. Well, fret not because there are some neat party tricks which can help you unblock any content which might not be available in your area. There as several things that you can do but the most reliable of them all the use of a VPN. These services work effectively to mask the origin of the request you send to access Amazon content. You can conveniently select to connect from any country you like and now, you have access to a lot more content than before. This is simple and easy. Also, there are no drawbacks of using these programs as long as you have a reliable one.

VPN services are quite easy to install, and they are available at affordable prices. Since Amazon doesn’t allow access to all its content from outside the US, it so happens sometimes that even if you’re traveling, the positioning services which they use can restrict your viewership. The shows which are available depending on the region you are in at the moment.  A VPN can effectively take care of this for you. These programs are available for all major devices and one subscription can be used on up to five different gadgets. All you have to do is install the service on your respective device, select the country you want to connect to and get streaming instantly.

Can Amazon Prime Video be accessed from Outside the US?

Amazon does accept subscriptions from around the world but almost 90% of its current customer base resides in the US. So, it comes as no surprise that most of the content available on the platform has restricted viewership. Only the users within the United States can access almost all the movies and TV shows available on Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, while users can signup for the service from anywhere in the world, they don’t get access to as much content as their US counterparts. This can become quite frustrating sometimes.

There are two main reasons why the content from services like Amazon is only available in specific locations. The first is demand. 90 million of Amazon Prime Video users live within the United States. This leaves just ten million to be spread in countries around the world. Amazon takes area wise viewership into account before making a decision on whether to release a movie or TV show in a country or not. If their calculations reveal that the launch will not turn out to be profitable, they decide against it. While the company might be able to justify this action for themselves, it is unjust to the users and fans who purchase the subscription for a specific show.

The second reason in licensing. Every country and even different states in the same country have varying laws regarding digital content which can be aired in their boundaries. Streaming services have to purchase licenses and viewership rights from the authorities in that area. This can sometimes become a challenge for a number of reasons and based on the fact that they got the rights or not, the call is made to allow content in a country or not.

Watch Amazon Prime Video with a VPN

VPNs can solve the limited viewership problem in streaming services quite easily. The underlying principle of a VPN is that it makes the internet think you are in a different location. For instance, if you are using a VPN to connect to Amazon from the UK, you can simply choose an American server, connect to it and begin streaming. Due to the VPN, Amazon Prime will be made to believe that you are a user living inside the US giving you access to a lot more content than usual.

Instead of a ping from your computer’s IP address going to the local internet service provider, the VPN sends it to a secure server located in the country you have selected. It is then sent to the ISP and the website you are trying to access. This way it becomes impossible for anyone to tell that the request for access to the website’s content is coming from anywhere besides the US. Now you have the freedom to access your favorite content without having to worry about anything.

Is Amazon Prime Video better than Netflix?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon the user. Each of the two streaming services are great in their own respects. Which one is better will vary based on the content which customers like. Generally, there are a few advantages which Amazon has over Netflix. The former is cheaper as compared to its elder competitor. Amazon also has more regional content on its platform. This initiative has prompted Netflix to jump on the bandwagon too by creating shows centered on the Indian market for example.

Amazon also offers some added benefits with every subscription. These apply to the ecommerce wing of the parent website. Users get discounts and free shipping with certain limitations. There are also no extra charges for 4K videos and with Amazon, you get access to the Prime Music service too. This is something which is not found in other channels like Netflix etc. These are some of the things which set Amazon apart from Netflix and other streaming services.


Amazon is an amazing service with some of the most popular shows like The Grand Tour airing on it. The limited viewership though spoils the fun for users outside the US. Now, these customers have the ability to get what they want by using VPN services like Ivacy. The program provides users with the ability to connect to more than a thousand servers across the globe. You can stream anonymously and without any data or bandwidth restrictions. The speeds are continuous and to top it all off, the packages offered by Ivacy are some of the most affordable in the business. All these factors combined with the strict zero logging policy followed by Ivacy make it the weapon of choice to help you get access to all the shows and movies that you love on Amazon.

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Controversy over the RT Score of Joker Relaunches the DC Vs. Marvel Feud of fans



Controversy over the RT Score of Joker Relaunches the DC Vs. Marvel Feud of fans

Can’t we just get along with comic book fans? They have their inherent rivalry for as long as Marvel and DC have existed. What began between the two publishers has been translated into film adaptations, with the current underdog being the DCEU. It’s only natural for fans to protect their favorite characters and film opinions, but some are now claiming a bigger controversy against Joker with Rotten Tomatoes.

Joker has been largely met with positive reviews since Todd Phillips ‘ drama loosely based on the Clown Prince of Crime premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The upcoming film, which currently has a 75 percent Fresh Rotten Tomato score on the review-aggregation site, was surrounded by Oscar buzz and talks about it as a “masterpiece.” This sets Joker’s overall enthusiastic view ahead of its release. However, this potential bias between Marvel and DC films was noticed by one fan. Check it out (and keep reading for context): as the Twitter user points out, for Joker, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Avengers: Endgame, reviewer Nicholas Barber awarded a 3 out of 5 star review. However, there is a divide between the releases of DC & Marvel next to the ratings. The Joker score has next to it a “Rotten” symbol, while next to them both Spider-Man and Avengers have “Fresh” tomatoes. It doesn’t look great for the site at first glance, perhaps showing a side to the entire debate between Marvel and DC.

Looking at the Rotten Tomatoes page of Nicholas Barber, Joker is not the only 3 out of 5 review with next to it a “Rotten” symbol. He also awarded 3 out of 5 releases for the upcoming releases The King and Ad Astra. “Rotten” is the King and “Fresh” is Ad Astra. How does it work? You’ve got the same rating, right?

Nicholas Barber spoke to to try to clarify the situation as his name is now out there for RT controversy and DC / Marvel bias as the new poster child. He said his editors submit their reviews to Rotten Tomatoes at various outlets. He said neither he nor Rotten Tomatoes would determine if his reviews were “Fresh” or “Rotten.” It sounds like it’s up to his posting editors to decide, presumably based on his reviews taking overall.

Looking through the other 3 out of 5 ratings from Joker, not all scores were “Rotten,” as Barber’s was characterized. It should be noted that most review sites don’t consider a 0.5 out of 5 to be a valid rating, so a 3 out of 5 would be perfectly in the middle, so either “Rotten” or “Fresh.” But it wouldn’t be fair for the site not to count the review to its overall percentage because their views aren’t precise.

As you can tell, even if they share the same rating, the two reviews have different tones for them. The one “Rotten” is more critical, while the score “Fresh” seemed to have more fun with the film. You will also see this throughout the site consistently. Controversy over Rotten Tomatoes, debunked?

When it opens in theaters on October 4, audiences will be able to form their own opinions on Joker.

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7 Signs Your Marriage Is A Healthy One



Many couples exchange vows every year but are all of these marriages successful? In the modern era, most marriages fail to work mainly due to infidelity, sexual abuse, and incompatibility. This means that the world is in severe need of more healthy relationships.

But what is a healthy relationship? Does it only mean bang-on intimacy or romantic dates? Let us unfold the 7 signs of a healthy marriage and find out if yours is for the better. 

7 signs your marriage is a ‘Happily ever after’

These 7 signs will help you analyze whether your marriage is a happy and healthy one.

The intimacy beams

A happy marriage always consists of a few essential elements and certainly, intimacy has a major role to play in it. Physical attraction and the drive to run in your partner’s arms surely makes it stronger. 


As two people learn to become physical with each other, the level of comfort rises amidst them. The warmth of their hugs, the love in their eyes, and everything else that comes after, if you cherish these little gestures, there’s no question that your marriage is holding onto the ropes tight.  

In case you do not have intimacy brimming in your relationship, visit a sexologist to make sure that your partner has enough physical love to hold onto. 

The trust is intact

A little bit of insecurity and jealousy keeps the spark alive. But once it crosses the defined boundary, everything can burn down the drain. The key secret to a healthy marriage is undying trust amidst partners and the contentment, of being there for each other, no matter what. 

Trust doesn’t build overnight; it takes a long time to construct. If feelings of insecurity, jealousy and suspicion do not cross the borderline in your book, congratulations, you are the healthy couple!

However, if due to any reason there are trust issues underlying, it is always wise to communicate with your partner about it and put the matter to rest.

 The dedication is for real

Marriages aren’t full-time jobs; they are bonds made with pure love and affection. Without enough passion for marriage, you can’t satisfactorily make them work. 

Dedication for each other, to stand by each other and love unconditionally, all fall under this category. If you feel that your marriage is full of it, it’s all happy and healthy. 

If you feel that the spark is missing and the passion for each other has started to fade away, brighten it up again. Don’t lose hope. Go out for regular dates, movie nights and surprise your partner.

There is room for space 

Although relationships are integral and intimate, the partners have their own identity and independence to demand their own space. Every relationship needs it. 

If the calmness of privacy is missing in your marriage, or either of you acts way too clingy, it might suffocate the other partner. Try giving each other ample time away! 

Breathe the distance and appreciate it. Engage in activities that you love. You could also choose to hang out with friends or spend time with family when required. 

They make you happy

Well, if you aren’t happy it’s not worth it. Marriages are a bond of eternity. The love, warmth, and affection should make you feel good about yourself and comfortable around your partner. 

If you think that this marriage doesn’t make you a happy person anymore, or you think that you were better off without them, don’t ignore the signal. It might be a major problem. Try to find out what is causing you to feel this way and work on it. 

The give and take are equal

You aren’t the only one giving all the love and nurturing that’s required. They are doing it with equal vigor and passion.

If your marriage doesn’t feel like it’s about the BOTH OF YOU, you’ve got to talk it out. Discuss it with your partner immediately. If you both don’t seem to work it out, visit a couple of therapists. 

There are no secrets to keep 

A happy marriage is one where you can open up to your partner about anything, where there is no reason to hide and keep secrets.

If you both keep secrets from each other in this relationship, don’t do it anymore. Discuss the problems and sort them out. 

If these 7 signs match with yours, you are doing everything right. Keep loving each other!

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Why do you need professionals for event planning?



Why do you need professionals for event planning

Hiring an expert event planner may additionally seem, to many people, to be a needless and added expense. However, exactly the opposite is true. An event planner can save you a lot while benefitting you equally. They will ensure the success of your events through their expert vision, planning, and qualified workforce.

Events are always close to your heart and bear close importance for both the hosts and the guests. Event could be a simple hosting ceremony to a grand gala dinner but still, be significant for its attendants.

This article will throw light on the benefits of having experts plan your event.

5 reasons to hire professional event companies

To make your event worthwhile and memorable, seeking professional services of event companies in Abu Dhabi becomes a must. Below are the reasons that support the statement as to why you should opt-out for best event planners in the UAE.

1.Easier access to an expert network

It’s a daily chore of event planners to retain their vendors and suppliers. These suppliers and vendors could either be of flowers, catering or venue owners.

In short, these suppliers are all at the fingertips of event management companies. Henceforth, by ensuring the services of event management companies, you can have the leverage of getting your work done in less.

For example, if you directly go to a flower decorator and ask to decorate your event hall, he might ask you 5000 dirham but might ask 4200 dirhams from an event planner based on his history.

This means that through professionals you are definitely going to get that work done at low cost, saving money for paying professional fees.

2. Better negotiations will lead to better results

A renowned event planner would know what is best for an event to be successful. Hence, with the best team on board, planners with their exceptional negotiation skills would breach a contract favorable for the venue and the organizers.

3. Savings in terms of time

It is known that time is money. Hence, event planners save on a lot of time. The time that you would have spent worrying about the details of your event can be spent on other main issues. You can sit back and relax because the professionals will take care of even the slightest details of your event.

4. Savings in terms of stress

Event planners would ensure that you are taking care of your health. An event planner would taper of stress that can possibly arise in case of emergency situations.

For example, you might have an open-air event and it could rain unexpectedly. Thus, in that case, if you had acquired services of top event companies in Abu Dhabi, they would make sure to have a back-up plan.

5. Increased chances of discounts

Seeking services of event management companies, you can avail discounts on catering and food services along with a lot more perks just because of your planner’s PR. You can also get venue and services discounts if you have acquired reputed event planners.

Want to avail these perks!?

Head towards nearest vent management companies to acquire professional event planning services. Because the reasons to hire professionals for your event are sure to give your events and pocket the much-needed boost. Indeed, that is going to be a pocket-friendly and low on risk strategy

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Obtain A Natural Look With Eyebrow Microblading



Have you come across the micro-blading technique recently? In case you are not up to date with the latest glamor world scenario, then the newest buzz in town is a realistic look achieved by the micro-blading concept. You may not have a fascination for manicured brows so far because to you as of until it is an indicator of stamped on brows. Micro-blading is a technique that involves fine hair strokes with a realistic touch. The previous versions of manicured brows never had such a natural appearance. On the basis of your preference, get your desired look with the help of an eyebrow expert.

Realistic Looking Results

During the teenage years at some point in time, you may have over plucked your brows. As a result, the natural shape is somewhat distorted. If you are making attempts to restore the lines, then you are in luck. You may be a suitable candidate for micro-blading. Get a natural countenance by shaping your eyebrows through Eyebrow Designing Boca Raton. This technique makes use of the superfine pen for depositing pigment into the skin. The pen can make realistic hair strikes.

Attain 3d Effect

The needles can make it to the superficial layer of the dermis only. It is this feature that makes the micro-blading technique semi-permanent in nature. This is entirely a different take on the matter, unlike conventional cosmetic tattoos where the results are permanent. If you are wondering about the pain aspect, then do not fret. The artist before the commencement of the procedure at first numbs the area. Not only you can get a natural-looking result, but this will also pave the way for stimulation of hair too. Acquire beautiful shape with microblading eyebrows Parkland.

Get Lasting Result

If you had any medical procedure which resulted in the thinning of the brows, then the micro-blading process will prove to be extremely beneficial. This is one of the newest trends in the world of makeup. The noninvasive procedure can give you long time results. You can get your brows micro bladed after a gap of two to three years. Except for occasional touchups they have the capability of retaining their shape. You will not have to panic about dropping in at the beauty salon whenever you get an invitation to a party.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance routine is simple. You will not have to bother about the plucking waxing aspects. Unlike other procedures, the chances of having side effects are minimal. You will find that brows that are drawn artificially may end up getting a distorted shape with perspiration or exposure to moisture. You will not come to face such issues with the micro-blading technique.

Sensible Selection

You may seek the recommendations of your friends or family members about a professional makeup artist. The choice of the right aesthetician is necessary if you want to end up with your desired outcome. You must conduct comprehensive research on the net to arrive at an informed decision.

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Top reasons why fine arts students need a quality printer?



fine arts students need a quality printer

If you are an artist or a fine arts student, you’ll surely need to take print outs of your artwork for various reasons. Whether you are planning to sell your work online or keep it as a souvenir with you, having a quality printer is a must.

While you can go for the outsourcing option of the print job but that won’t be a feasible option to pursue as it is not very cost-efficient.

This article is going to help you with the reasons to choose the right printer for you’re fine arts career.

Reasons to have a quality printer for your printing assignments

Printing enormous amounts of artwork could be a tiresome and time taking task. Hence, you must have a printing machine like Xerox printers to ease your printing load.

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should consider purchasing quality Xerox Printers in Abu Dhabi for your printing assignments.

1. It meets all your printing needs

By carefully identifying your needs, you can decide on the best printing device that supports your cause. A quality Xerox printer will take care of all your printing needs.

Some Xerox machines are thankfully tailored to specific professions like Xerox® Color C70 can be the best suitable choice for digital and printing press. Moreover, it can also be opted out by fine arts students for qualified continuous color feed printing.

2. Quality imaging results

A printer from a reputed printing company would guarantee to provide quality imaging results. When dealing with the hard copied submission of your graphics design; image quality is certainly going to be at the top.

Of course, you won’t want a smudged color or a faded color print out. Henceforth, to avoid getting into such a situation, it is preferred that you use a quality printing device that leaves you with no complaints.

Make sure that the onetime investment you make I worth it, and doesn’t leave you with regrets.

3. Cost-effective solution

A fine arts student would need to take extensive high-quality print-outs of their assignments on a daily basis. Moreover, they would require excellent scanning services to send their sketches to their heads and teachers.

Thus, when there is such an increased need of printing devices in a field, getting a quality multifunctional printing machine is the most cost-efficient solution. Rather than getting print-outs from outside and paying them extra costs, it is recommended to have your own printer.

Although it might seem expensive at once, as soon as you realize your printing need, it won’t feel expensive. Thus having your own multi-purpose printing device for your needs is surely going to be an in –budgeting approach.

Take Away!

The printer is going to be an essential device to consider when you are in an arts field. Thus, having a cost-efficient quality printer will keep you rocking in your career.

By considering services from Xerox Abu Dhabi based printing solution, you won’t have to worry about your printing regime as they cover a wide range of printers providing solutions to individuals from all fields including fine arts and the digital printing press.

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