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Things You Should Consider while Choosing a Newspaper App



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There are many newspaper apps, each promising to be better than the other. It should not come as a surprise that users to get confused about which one to choose. But it is not difficult to select the best one if readers check for some basic features in the newspaper app. Here are some things readers must consider while choosing a newspaper app.

1. Easy to use and read

Is this app difficult to use or drain the interest of staying updated with the latest news? If the answer is yes, then it is better to look for another app. The best newspaper app makes sure that the customer doesn’t stumble while attempting to use their app. The app must be easy to use and understand even by a layperson. It is better if the news is provided in a language the audience is comfortable with, like Hindi. It mustn’t overwhelm the reader with news and should know how to present the news. It must have features such as news brief where news is provided in bullet form. Moreover, the presence of a feature like Audio bulletin will allow the user to stay updated with the news by merely listening to it.

2. Wide range of categories

A good news app offers news in various genres. From politics, entertainment, sport, education, business, technology, crime, horoscope, lifestyle, food to current affairs; these apps have it all. They also offer news in categories including health, Bollywood, fashion, career, automobiles, gadgets, properties, market, Hollywood, web series, football, television, assembly news, cricket, tennis, hockey, kabaddi, and Lok Sabha news.

Users must check the geography the app covers; whether it is restricted strictly to national, local or just global news. It is better to choose an app that provides local, national, and international daily news in Hindi.

3. Offers access to various features

Readers must choose a news app which offers several features that simplify news consumption. These features can include live TV or video news. Some reputable news app like Dainik Bhaskar offers free E-Paper where readers have access to read more than 50 editions of Dainik Bhaskar Hindi newspaper.

4. Increases reader’s convenience with the latest technology

With technology growing in leaps and bounds, it will be a shame not to incorporate it in the newspaper app. A good app invests heavily on the latest technology. This consequently enhances the reader’s convenience. The app must study the user’s reading behavior to provide the latest news of their interest through artificial intelligence. Other technological features include augmented reality, where users can scan the image provided on the Hindi newspaper and watch videos, infographics, and 3D images.

5. Invests in customer interaction

Some portals incorporate features like newsbot and voice search in their app. The former allows readers to get news (which is curated with AI) in an interactive chat format to keep the reader more engaged. The latter enables readers to search the news content by simply speaking to the app. Such features increase customer interaction to a large extent. As the app might face technical errors at some point, it is important to check the reviews of their customer care before installing the news app.

6. Is customizable

The app must also be customizable as not every reader will have the same interest in a particular piece of news. The app must be designed in such a way that it allows users to simplify their search and customize accordingly.

These are the major thinks users should look for and consider while choosing a newspaper app. Apart from all these points, users must also keep in mind that the app is provided by an authentic portal.

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Pranab Bhandari is working in one of India's fast-growing news network(ETV Bharat) as a content marketing manager. He has expertise in writing about the arts & entertainment industries of India.