Moving Offices: How to Know When It’s Time

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Have profits at your company been steadily increasing? Are you finding that the level of responsibilities is growing and you are having to hire more employees to fill the gaps? Are you starting to see that growth is no longer a distant dream, but a necessary reality?

If all of the above is true, it may be time to expand your office and grow your business. While this can be a stressful venture, it is also an exciting one. With any big change comes the opportunity to improve the quality of the space you’re in and give your employees a chance to feel heard and appreciated (which is really good for morale).

However, it’s important to get it right. Here are some basic tips that will tell you it’s time to grow.

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When It’s Time

Conference rooms are doubling as offices. When onboarding new employees, do they have space to themselves on the first day? Does that space provide them with enough privacy and cushion room to get comfortable, get in the right mindset and be productive? If not, it is time to expand your office space.

Things feel outdated. If you’ve been in your office for a while, it may be starting to feel a bit stale. If you’re finding that things around the office are looking and feeling a little outdated, it may be time for a move instead of re-decorating and re-furnishing.

Requests to work from home are increasing. If you work for a company that allows employees to work from home some days out of the week and you begin to notice that they are asking for more work from home time and less time in the office, it could be due to overcrowding and a distracting work environment as a result.

Storage is overflowing. Are you starting to see things in the halls, in people’s offices and out in conference rooms that should be neatly stored away? Are you having trouble opening the door to areas that should be easily-accessible and designated for storage? If you’re having this problem, moving soon is a must. It will serve two purposes – encouraging your employees to purge unnecessary items and increasing the amount of storage for what needs to stay.

Parking is a headache. When companies are overflowing with people, parking becomes an issue. If you find yourself walking the length of a football field to get to the office each day, a switch to a place with enough parking for everyone that is laid out in a smart way is the way to go.

There’s not enough elbow room during meetings. When you start roaming the office for extra chairs to drag into an already-packed conference room, you may need to relocate to a space that can accommodate even your largest meetings. This is particularly important if you are bringing people in from outside your company. You’ll likely want them to leave with a good impression.

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How to Get Moving

Keep everyone on the same page. It’s important to keep employees updated throughout the moving process so they can begin to prepare for the big move. It is likely that many important files, supplies and various other items throughout the office will need to be carefully packed away and kept organized. People can begin to think through the things that they absolutely need to keep and the things that can be thrown away or recycled as the process of finding the right space goes on. Plus, any chance you have to get input from employees when it comes to a big change is a great opportunity to elevate those voices and expand on some great ideas.

Lose the personal items. Have people take all personal items home until the move is complete and you are settled in your new space. Things like personal lamps, space heaters, photo frames, coffee mugs, etc. will add to the clutter and are often times sentimental. You would not want these items to become damaged.

Bring in the professionals. An office move isn’t the same as moving your college freshman into their dorm. An office move requires professional movers who can lift heavy objects, use sturdy equipment and move quickly. It’s worth the investment.

Choose the right moving company. You’re going to need someone who is punctual, quick and careful with your move. When it comes to choosing the best company, seek out referrals in your area for companies that can exceed expectations. One of our best Moving Company To Choose – Shang Rong Movers.

Growing your business is an exciting time for your company. It means you’ve done well thus far and you have a group of employees who believe in your work and want to stick around to help you continue to grow. Mindfulness when it comes to choosing an office space that fits your employees comfortable will leave them feeling appreciated and heard which will be great for morale in the long-run.

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Written by Haley Kieser


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