UN Secretary-General: ‘Europe Has Been Enriched By Diversity’

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Multiculturalism is the key of Europe’s energy, in accordance with Secretary-Normal of the United Nations Antonio Guterres who claims “Europe has been enriched all through it’s historical past by variety.

Guterres, a socialist politician who served as president of Socialist Worldwide from 1999 to 2005, was talking after receiving the Charlemagne Prize, the globalist award given to luminaries together with Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and Emmanuel Macron in recent times.

Mr. Guterres started his acceptance speech by claiming that Europe was by no means nice and lots of Europeans (conservatives and Christians) at the moment are “turning inward, mired within the reminiscence of a golden age that in all probability by no means was”.

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“Assimilating a number of cultures [s]and legacies was the start line of European tradition,” whereas stating that the Charlemagne Palace of Aachen “borrowed a number of parts of Roman and Byzantine civilization”.

In accordance with Mr. Guterres, European merely cannot “shield [the continent’s] wealthy heritage” except they consent to relentless waves of mass immigration from the third world, decide to lowering carbon emissions to zilch by 2050, and meet “the [UN] 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Improvement Targets”, which seeks to implement cultural Marxist doctrine like equality of consequence based mostly on gender, unchecked abortion legal guidelines, and the promotion LGBT life to younger kids.

The thought of Europe “can’t be premised on ‘us’ versus ‘them” mentality, the Portuguese socialist politician claimed, including that there exists “no various” aside from to open Europe’s borders to the third world.

He additionally alleged that “closing our doorways to asylum seekers doesn’t shield however disgrace this heritage”.

“All societies are typically, or are already, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious. This has to be thought of as a richness, not as a risk,” Guterres insisted, earlier than demanding Brussels tear down EU nation states’ exterior frontiers and pressure taxpayers to ship cash to the World South as a way to obtain a “balanced [immigration]strategy addressing the basis causes of migration whereas preserving the rights and dignity of migrants”.

Throughout his tackle, the Secretary-Normal emphasized what he knew as the three unprecedented challenges” which “knock on our doorways” at “this time of nice geopolitical dysfunction”: xenophobic “hate speech” which is “fueling terrorism via social media”, human-created local weather change, and mass immigration.

The hazards posed by radical Islamic terrorism weren’t talked about in the course of the Secretary-Normal’s speech. Nonetheless, he did warn that “the Human Rights agenda has been dropping floor to the nationwide sovereignty agenda”.

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