Clash Of Magic – Famous Clash Of Clans Private Servers

Clash of Magic has lots of servers which provides you lots of fun with unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir and Dark Elixirs. This is something like a battlefield where you have to defeat against your enemies with the help of little soldiers.

However, we will discuss the features of Clash of Magic servers. These features allow you to play the game with more freedom.

Clash of magic

Clash of Magic APK

Are you looking for unlimited resources?

It’s right place for you to download CO Magic free of cost to get unlimited resources. It is up to your which server you want to choose. You are going to know the basic working of these servers in details and installation process as well. So, let’s get started!


Features of Clash of Magic APKs

  • Comes with unlimited Elixir
  • Allows you to build Custom buildings
  • Unique heroes
  • 100% secure
  • Speedy and free from restrictions
  • Updates in a few minutes

These are the just most common features of Clash of Magic Server.

Clash of Magic S1

Clash of Magic APK 1 is a package of unlimited resources. You can unlock the more stunning and thrilling levels by using these resources. The working of server 1 is same to the original one. Here also you can enjoy classical graphics without any restrictions.

Clash of Magic S2

Magic S2 is similar to server 2. However, there are slightly different features. This server is speedier and stronger. You must be in a high zone of fantasy while playing the game.

Clash of Magic S3

This is one of the smart and classy choices for Android users. Although, features are the same as in other servers it is specially designed for Android devices with more advanced graphics and fast speed to increase the interest and attention of their users.

Clash of Magic S4

This version is the latest version as compared to all other servers. This version comes with more advanced features which enforce you to play with more interest. The most important quality of this server is it is developed on the latest high-speed server. This server used to decrease the issue of disturbance like download COM server4 for utmost results.

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How to Install Clash of Magic Server?

Many of my friends ask me about how to install the coc private server without any problem, I guide them and they install private on their phone successfully. So after that, I thought that I have to share my working method with the public that I and my friends install the private and enjoy the many features of the clash of clans game. So follow our steps and get it done. Here we have made the installation process list in steps for your convenience. You just have to follow them!

  • The first basic thing to do is unlock your Android device if it is locked.
  • Open your device settings.
  • Scroll the settings until you see the security option and tap on “unknown resources” option.
  • Now first uninstall the original version of Clash of Magic APK from your device.
  • Download the new APK file of Light server by clicking on the given button.
  • Search the downloaded file and open for installation.
  • Give permissions if required.
  • Finally, you have entered the Clash of Magic City. Now you are the king of your own town.

Final Words

Should I do hope you are thinking to download this thrilling server? One thing we want to share with you that in the market a lot of websites presenting their mods and servers. You have to gain more information about the server which you are the pick. Stay tuned for more updates!

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