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Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated In Life




People often in life lacks in proper inspiration to do appropriate work in life. They usually are in search of things that they want to accomplish in their life but because of the lack of conditioning, they cannot do that particular thing. So getting motivated in life is undoubtedly crucial. Here are some important tips to stay motivated-

  1. Act With Purpose

One must have the concrete reason for doing things in their life. If people are doing something without even knowing the reason for it, life can be utterly meaningless. Doing such,a series of miserable and pointless things can make the job as well as life meaningless. So always, try to find the exact meaning when doing something.

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  1. Taking Responsibility For Your Own Result

Most of the time, people misinterpret the whole concept. They think that it is essential to consider taking the credit of all the right things and taking the blame when things go wrong. Taking responsibility does not only mean taking the blame but also it is about growing and able to take the decision about what to do next. If someone is responsible for the deed, one should take ownership of it. It is important to move forward in life even when you encounter setbacks.

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  1. Carpe Diem

It is excellent to do things with perfection, but it is not wise to give up things because you want to do it perfectly. Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity, one needs to take the step when it is required. One has to understand the fact that the source of happiness does not come from the huge achievement bust rather in the journey of achievement.

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  1. Proper Diet

It is good to eat adequately. The entire humankind is facing the problem of overweight. This mainly happened because of the lifestyle people lead having an unhealthy diet. With the over-consumption of addictive food, people often fall ill, and the food makes people drained and restless. In this way, people are losing their focus and motivation in life. This thing does not mean that people cannot ever eat those foods. However, one must eat stuff while keeping in mind the quantity.

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  1. Tattooing

One may wonder that how doing tattoo is related to motivation. However, doing tattoo or body piercing Brisbane or from some other places can add some inspiration to your life. The tattoo has the power to make anything permanent on the body. Moreover, this way, one can do some inspirational quote on their body to get motivated. Also, the tattoo doing process itself is very motivating. The whole process includes a needle to pass over the body and draw a motif. So people who once accomplished would never run out of inspiration.

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  1. To Be In Touch With Influential People

It is great to be in touch with influential people for getting proper motivation in life. If people communicate with people who are motivational, you can stay motivated and cast their positive energy on you so that you can be full of life.

These are some top tips to get the proper motivations in your life. Along with the tattoo, get in touch with influential people as it is very important to lead a successful life.

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Bank Holiday Alert! Banks to remain closed for 3 days in remaining half of May 2022



Bank Holiday Alert! Banks to remain closed for 3 days in remaining half of May 2022

Bank Holiday Alert! Banks to remain closed for 3 days in remaining half of May 2022

The fifth month of 2022, May is about to be over. We had told you that banks will remain closed for a total of 11 days in May 2022. In the remaining days of May itself, banks will be closed for a total of 3 days.

In the month of May, there are a total of four holidays under the Holiday Under Negotiable Instruments Act, while the remaining seven are weekend leaves. Bank customers can still use online banking services during bank holidays.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines clearly state that the public sector, private sector, foreign banks, cooperative banks, and regional banks in India will have to stay closed on the specified dates. RBI announced holidays for lenders under these categories – the Negotiable Instruments Act, Holiday, Real Time Gross Settlement Holiday, and Banks’ Closing of Accounts.

Bank holidays differ for different states of India, however, there are some days when banks are shut across India – Republic Day (January 26), Independence Day (August 15), Gandhi Jayanti (October 2), Christmas Day (December 25), among others.

List of Bank holidays in the remaining days of May 2022

May 22, 2022: Sunday 

May 28, 2022: Saturday

May 29, 2022: Sunday 

We suggest that if you have any significant bank-related work, you should complete it keeping in mind these holidays.

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Heat survive loss of both Jimmy Butler and huge lead, hold off Celtics 109-103 for 2-1 series lead



Heat survive loss of both Jimmy Butler and huge lead, hold off Celtics 109-103 for 2-1 series lead

It was a night that was going to leave the Miami Heat at a loss, regardless of the outcome, with Jimmy Butler’s night done at halftime due to knee inflammation.

But that also is where the Heat held the line, riding the aggression of center Bam Adebayo to a harrowing 109-103 victory Saturday night over the Boston Celtics at TD Garden and a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference finals.

On the rare night when the Heat started whole, with point guard Kyle Lowry back from his hamstring strain and power forward back P.J. Tucker from a knee issue, the Heat soon had to find a way to finish in the absence of their scoring leader.

So Adebayo became their scoring leader, closing with 31 points and 10 rebounds, after scoring a combined 16 in the series’ first two games, including a key late jumper.

With Lowry providing stability in his return and Tucker aggression, the Heat rode a variety of complementary contributions on both ends, including a key late Max Strus 3-pointer, on the way to regaining homecourt advantage.

Strus added 16 points, with Lowry closing with 11 points and six assists, and Tucker 17 points and seven rebounds.

Jaylen Brown led the Celtics with 40 points.

The series continues with Monday’s 8:30 p.m. Game 4 at TD Garden.

Five Degrees of Heat from Saturday’s game:

1. Closing time: The Heat led 39-18 at the end of the opening period, their scoring high for any quarter this postseason, pushing that lead to 26 in the second period, before taking a 62-47 lead into the intermission.

The Celtics closed within nine in the third, but the Heat advantage again was 15 going into the fourth quarter, at 87-72.

And then, suddenly, a 20-4 Celtics run trimmed the Heat lead to 93-92 with 2:40 to play.

But that’s when Strus stepped up a 3-pointer with 2:16 to play to put the Heat up 96-92, with Adebayo following with a 17-foot jumper with 1:21 to play.

Further doubt ended when Lowry snuck in to steal a Celtics inbounds pass and feed Strus for a layup that made it 103-94 with 42.5 seconds remaining, allowing the Heat to withstand a late Brown 3-pointer.

2. Always something: The rare night when the Heat started whole took a decided turn to the concerning when Butler was unable to make it out for the start of the second half due to recurring knee inflammation.

That had Victor Oladipo, who did not play in the first half, with the starters at the open of the third period.

Butler’s night ended with eight points, three rebounds and two assists in 20 minutes.

Butler previously missed the Heat’s Game 5 closeout victory over the Atlanta Hawks in the first round due to inflammation in the right knee.

3. Message received: At the morning shootaround, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said of Adebayo, “We want him more involved.”

Message received.

Adebayo opened 5 of 6 from the field, scoring his 10th point 5:37 into the game.

Adebayo’s 12th point moved him past Tim Hardaway for 10th on the all-time Heat playoff list and he was up to 16 points at halftime. He had 23 points going into the fourth.

4. Lowry back: Lowry was back after missing eight of the previous 10 games due to a strained left hamstring, re-establishing his leadership with the first unit.

Mindful of the ailment, he went into the locker-room tunnel during his time out of the game.

Lowry, 36, previously had attempted to return from the hamstring in the second round against the Philadelphia 76ers after a four-game absence, only to miss four more games.

Spoelstra stressed that the setback against the 76ers was not a setback in terms of Lowry’s rehab.

“He didn’t reinjure,” Spoelstra said. “I think that was important, so he still was able to heal. If he did reinjure it, I think he would have been out a lot longer. It’s just he still felt it, so we erred on the side of caution and taking more time.”

With Lowry back but on a minutes watch, Gabe Vincent, who had started in his place, was first off the Heat bench, splitting the 24 first-half minutes evenly with Lowry.

5. Tucker, too: Also back was Tucker, who bruised his left knee in Thursday night’s Game 2 loss to the degree that there were initial thoughts of requiring an MRI.

Tucker left Thursday night’s loss at FTX Arena after first injuring the knee in the first half and the aggravating it in the third quarter.

He then had eight points and four rebounds in Saturday night’s first half.

Spoelstra paused when asked what it would take to keep Tucker, 37, out.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I think all of us, you’re kind of on eggshells with him. You can’t ask him how he’s doing. I can’t ask a trainer, because if he sees me talking to a trainer, he barks at me and yells at me if I’m talking to the trainers. I’m allowed to talk to the trainers, that is part of my job.

“But he is a throwback by every definition of that.”


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Winderman’s view: Bam Adebayo does it, with more needed, plus other Heat-Celtics thoughts



Ravens kicker Justin Tucker’s record-breaking kick honored as NFL’s Best Moment of the Year

Observations and other notes of interest from Saturday night’s 109-103 NBA playoff victory over the Boston Celtics:

– Heat coach Erik Spoelstra rarely shows his hand before a game.

– Any hand. Any game.

– Saturday morning was different.

– With Bam Adebayo averaging a meager eight points two games into this series, on an average of five shots, he knew more had to be done.

– And that Adebayo had to be doing more.

– “We want him more involved,” Spoelstra said before noon at TD Garden. “And I have to do a better job of that, of making sure that he’s involved, engaged, giving us some triggers.”

– Spoelstra paused, as if to make clear he wasn’t talking about handing the keys to Adebayo.,

– “It might not necessarily be what everybody thinks it may be,” he said. “But he’s a very important part of our offense and how we function.”

– So they treated him as such.

– And Adebayo treated himself as such.

– “I think we’ll be able to get him in places where he can be assertive in how he was all season,” Spoelstra said.

– That mission was accomplished in the opening minutes, Adebayo up to a series-high 10 points with 6:23 remaining in the opening period.

– Now all that is needed is for Adebayo to do it again.

– Because with Jimmy Butler’s right knee again inflamed, there might not be any other choice.

– Even with Kyle Lowry back.

– Even with Victor Oladipo available.

– The twists keep coming.

– But at least the Heat on Saturday night untangled Adebayo.

– With Lowry (hamstring) and P.J. Tucker (knee) available, the Heat got back to their primary starting lineup, one rounded out by Butler, Adebayo and Max Strus.

– With their starts, Butler and Lowry both tied Terry Porter for 79th on the all-time NBA playoff list, moving them past Moses Malone and Dennis Rodman for 80th.

– With Spoelstra mindful of Lowry’s minutes, previous starting point guard Gabe Vincent was the first reserve off the Heat bench.

– Dewayne Dedmon followed, and then Tyler Herro and Caleb Martin together.

– Then, briefly, Duncan Robinson.

– And eventually Oladipo out of necessity.

– Butler’s first point moved him past Rick Barry for 79th on the all-time NBA playoff list.

– Butler’s third point moved him past Cliff Hagan for 78th on the all-time NBA playoff list.

– Adebayo’s 12th point moved him past Tim Hardaway for 10th on the all-time Heat playoff list.

– Lowry’s first 3-pointer moved him past JJ Redick for 27th on the all-time NBA playoff list and tied him with Rasheed Wallace for 26th.

– Lowry’s first steal moved him past Tony Allen, Jamaal Wilkes and Terry Porter for 62nd on the all-time NBA playoff list.

– Strus’ second 3-pointer moved him past Damon Jones for 20th on the all-time Heat playoff list.

– Spoelstra went in stressing that he knew if his ailing players could play they would.

– “We have a locker room full of these kinds of guys,” he said. “There’s been so much narrative in this league about load management, guys resting, guys sitting out for better or worse. We don’t have guys wired like that.”

– Celtics coach Ime Udoka went in seeking a solid start in order to inspire the home crowd.

– “I’d say in general, our starts at times weren’t the best in the Milwaukee series, even Brooklyn to some extent early,” Udoka said pregame. “To get the crowd into it, you want to have good starts.”

– He added, “I don’t think we focus on home or road as much as some other teams maybe. We’ve been really good on the road at times, as you saw in the Milwaukee series. And so for us it’s neither here nor there.”

– Udoka pregame also discussed the emotional approach of guard Marcus Smart toward his Celtics teammates.

– “I’ve always said guys have been receptive to constructive criticism and they have the freedom to discuss, debate and talk back if they have something to say,” he said. “So an open line of communication from all of us I think has been beneficial. Feelings don’t get hurt.”

– He added, “Guys that have been together for a while can get on each other and respond in the proper way. And so Marcus is a guy that plays with his emotions on his sleeve, says what comes to mind at times. I don’t think guys are sensitive to the delivery. It’s more so what’s being said.”

– Spoelstra also addressed Smart’s fire, “You have to respect Marcus as a competitor more than anything.”


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