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What Can You do While Having a Mood Swing?



We all have occasional mood swings. There are some things we can do during them to help make ourselves feel better.

Bouncing back and forth between moods when nothing else around you changes isn’t something you alone experience. Millions of Americans use medication to temper their mood swings. In fact, in 2011 $11 billion of antidepressants and $18 billion of antipsychotics were sold. There are still some people who take nothing and suffer in silence. Regardless of which of these “categories” you fall into, you still need to learn how to master your mood – something that requires a lot of practice and patience.

It’s all in how you Look at Things

There are many “cognitive distortions” that make things seem worse than they really are, thus triggering your bad mood. The Greek philosopher Epictetus went on to point out that “People are not disturbed by things, but by the view, they take of them.”With this in mind, here are 5 common distortions we should avoid:

  • Polarized thinking occurs when you only see the world in black and white. You should leave this type of thinking to computers and try to put things into context instead.
  • Overgeneralization is surprisingly easy but utterly irrational to do. This occurs when you think that one negative event is a harbinger of disaster when in reality one data point is virtually meaningless.
  • Make sure you have real information about important issues so you don’t fill the void by concluding that no news is bad news. Of course, you should also prepare for bad news – just don’t let it give you an ulcer.
  • Personalization occurs because we want to link negative acts to unrelated outcomes. You can’t allow yourself to be that arrogant. You’re not the center of the universe – something for which you should be thankful.
  • Externalization happens when we credit our moods to outside influences instead of looking for their true source. You need to stop giving simple facts false meaning. Of course, you should work on real problems and turn your would-be assailants into allies by asking for their support.

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Act out and Help Others

Fortunately, you don’t have to think your way out of a funk – you can act your way out of one instead. This is thanks to what’s known as the James-Lange principle of emotion, which says that your emotions are responses to your ideas or experiences. The opposite is also true in that since our bodies move in specific ways, our moods align accordingly. With this theory in mind, here are 5 ways you can act your way out of a bad mood:

  • You’ve heard the old saying, “Fake it until you make it.” This works here too. Act brave on the outside (e.g. hold your head high, puff your chest out, have a firm gaze). This will help you feel positive and strong on the inside too – especially when you get stabilizing feedback from other people, even if they’re in the form of non-verbal cues.
  • Get up and get exercising. This will help you release endorphins, which can put you in good spirits.
  • Drink less alcohol. While a couple of cocktails can temporarily settle your nerves, it won’t last for long. This is because when your body processes the alcohol, dysphoria (an emotional state marked by anxiety or unease) kicks in. This happens as soon as you start in on your second drink. At this point, you’ll discover that the problems associated with the alcohol have already started to outweigh the benefits.
  • Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house or for a certain time of the year. You can spring clean your mental inventory, especially when you find yourself saying or thinking in terms of self-defeating statements. This clutter leads to bad moods. Purging your old to-do lists, getting rid of things you’ve started but never found the time to finish, and donating clothes that will never fit you again comfortably will help lift your mood and give you more energy to pay attention to the stuff that really needs your attention right now.
  • Take time to help someone else helps you step away from what’s bothering you and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Of course, the person’s gratitude is also highly satisfying.

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Use Coping Strategies

Since you can’t avoid all triggers (e.g. seasonal changes, stressful events) you can make some lifestyle changes that will make a big difference in your moods. Some of the things you can do here include:

  • Do your best to control your stress by simplifying your life. Delegate some of your responsibilities whenever possible. For those things you can’t control try some stress-management techniques like meditation, visualization, and yoga.
  • Maintain a regular schedule and routine. Don’t throw too many changes your way – life does that enough without your help. As much as possible, you should keep your meals, errands, exercise, and bedtime routines close to the same each day – especially in regards to time.
  • Practice healthy sleep habits. When you’re overtired you can trigger mood swings. Take some time to relax before bed – listen to some soothing music, read, and take a warm bath. It’s also important to make your bedroom a calming place where you only sleep and have sex. This will require some discipline, but it’s important enough to go out of your way to do these things.
  • Get moving. Studies show that regular exercise can help improve mood. Start slowly by taking a walk around the neighborhood. Gradually work up to exercising on most days of the week.
  • Avoid caffeine from coffee and soda, especially at night. This is a stimulant, which can keep you up at night.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs, especially if you’re taking any medications because this could possibly trigger a mood swing.
  • Keep a journal, taking note of big events, stresses, how much sleep you’re getting, and what you’re eating and drinking. Eventually, you’ll notice patterns emerging. Once you know what your triggers are, you can deal with them better.

Talk to someone. Go use a sex chatroom where nobody knows you and share your feelings with someone through sexting. There are some tips and tricks of sexting that you should be aware of at the beginning.  Having another person empathize with you is helpful. You never know, they may have experienced the same thing and know how to help you pull through it.

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Caitlyn Lowe is a lifestyle writer since 2011. Graduated from the University of Florida in Psychology Major. She loves to write about lifestyle, human psychology, human behaviour and relationship.


Understanding How Depression And Addiction Are Linked




In adults with depression, about 16.5% of people have an alcohol use disorder, and 18% of people have another substance abuse disorder and may abuse prescription medication or illegal drugs as a way to try to cope with their condition.

But why is this? Why are depression and addiction so closely linked? In this blog, we’ll explain the connection between these two conditions, and how each one can enable the other.

Substance Abuse Is An Easy Distraction From Depression



Clinical depression is more than just a bad day. Those who have a serious depressive episode may feel like there is no hope for them to live a happy life. Depression can cause issues like lethargy, anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure) and feelings of horrible self-doubt. Other associated conditions include anxiety, weight loss or gain, general irritability, a loss of interest in activities or hobbies, and even suicidal thoughts.

Because of this, it should come as no surprise that those who are experiencing major depression are looking for an outlet. While cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and prescription antidepressants can be helpful, it’s also easy for those who suffer from depression to turn to other methods of self-medication.

Alcohol is a common one. Alcohol functions as a central nervous system depressant, and those who suffer from depression may feel that it helps ease some of the emotional and psychological pain. The same is true of other drugs – both legal and illegal.

Those who are in pain and suffering from depression may turn to substance abuse as a way to try to lift their spirits – or at least numb painful thoughts. But in the long run, this is counterproductive, because substance abuse will not address the root cause of depression.

In fact, substance abuse and addiction can actually make depression worse. Those who are already depressed may feel even worse about their inability to cope with their situation.

This may lead to increased substance abuse – and the cycle continues. In fact, it’s been estimated that about 1/3 of all people with an alcohol problem also have a major depressive disorder.

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Understanding Dual Diagnosis – Getting The Treatment You Need

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

If you or a loved one suffers from depression and substance abuse and needs to visit a rehab in South Africa, for proper care needed to treat both depression and substance abuse.

“Dual diagnosis” is the term for when any mental health disorder, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, or depression is combined with a diagnosis for addiction, such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, or even sex.

To break the cycle of depression and substance abuse, both issues must be addressed with the help of Rehabilitation Center Cape Town. Eliminating one of these issues or the other is not enough. For true recovery, proper therapeutic care for depression is required – as is admission to a rehabilitation facility, where the cycle of addiction can be broken.

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Get Help Now For Addiction And Depression

Addiction And Depression

Addiction And Depression

If you believe you suffer from depression and are abusing substances to try to get relief, or you suspect a loved one may be suffering from these conditions, you need to get help right away. Rehab South Africa is often the best choice. At rehab in Cape Town, you or your loved one can recover in a safe, caring environment – and break the cycle of addiction and depression once and for all.

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Vape Battery Explosions, Well Learning, More About It!



Vape Battery Explosions

Well, the news about e-cigarettes, Vape Devices getting exploded and thus causing serious injuries to the vaper is known. These accidents are one of the rarer cases but a cautious approach is to be needed. On the occurrence of these explosions, an investigation is carried out by the experts. It reveals that a problem related to the battery is the root cause of a “Vape Device” battery getting blasted off.

There are certain things which must be clearly understood by the vapers. This will make them not just cautious but also will help them in making sure these mistakes don’t take place.  Some of the guidelines have been mentioned below –

Battery In The Vape Battery Is The Root Cause –

In general, the vapers should know that all the E-Cigarettes are deriving their energy from a lithium-ion battery. One will not be wrong in saying that it is the reason for problems getting swelled-up. The usage of “Lithium” battery is present in – cellphones, cameras, to hybrid cars, etc. On taking a puff from the e-cigarette the power from the battery is generated to the heating element, later on, this converts the chemical solution present in the canister, into the vapor. On the other hand, in manual vape Devices, the vaper has to press a mechanical switch for taking a drag.

This is known that Lithium-ion batteries can accelerate a fire hazard, especially in pressurized areas. Like – Luggage Compartment area inside the plane. On the other hand, if normal conditions are met then problems of a battery getting exploded are pretty low.

Vape Battery Explosions

Vape Battery Explosions

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In The Rare Of The Rarer Cases, The Report Documented By The Us Fire Administration (Usfa) Narrates That –

The chemical component electrolyte is present in the lithium-ion battery, it is later on heated and it reaches to its boiling point. This procedure raises the internal pressure in the battery and keeps on increasing. To the extent that other end of the battery getting ruptured and finally the pressure being built is au6tomatically released.

This is to be known to the vaper, that cylindrical design of e-cigs and the weaker forms of endpoints are the primary reasons for a major accident to take place.

When the pressure inside the E-Cigarette gets raised then it causes the forceful rupturing of the battery seal.  Well, due to battery failure or container failure, both of them could be propelled at a fast pace inside the room. In other devices like for e.g. – laptops, if there is a battery failure then the fire will only affect the device of the battery pack in which it is installed in.

The user of the Vape Devices should keep in the mind that Lithium version of ion batteries creates problems, if they are overheated due to external forces like – Direct Sunlight, Short Circuit or Overcharging. The report of the USFA stated that approximately a large number of the reason for a Vape Device battery explosion was because –it was plugged into a USB port during the procedure of charging.

There is a presence of safety features to negate the problems related to short-circuit and overcharging. Vape Devices are loaded with a USB port that appears to be compatible with any type of USB cable or charger. This makes people feel that any charger, non-sanctioned, third-party ones, etc. will be able to execute the work. In actual, this procedure is not going to work.

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What Are The Preventable Measures?

The vaper must understand that every vape battery is being certified in reference to the benchmark form of safety standards. Vaper can keep not just themselves but the device also by knowing A to Z form of working and handling of the E-Cigarette.

The Point Mentioned Below Has To Be Kept In Mind By The Concerned Vaper.  

  • First of all the vaper needs to go through all the necessary instructions printed on the box by the manufacturer. If there is any query or the detailed form of guidelines is not mentioned, then immediately contact the concerned authorities.
  • Each and every safety feature is of great importance. Like – Fire button lock or vent holes. This is specially designed for making sure the vaper is notified about overheating or vape explosion.
  • Under no circumstances, different Watt-hour type of battery is used. Professionals suggestion is that never go off the track. Like – using batteries with different charge levels, using old or new batteries together.
  • Whenever the vaper is going to put their vape Device on a charge, then make sure that the surface is clean and there are no combustible products within the proximity of the vape device.
  • Be careful that the vape Device is not left in the open and under severe temperature conditions.

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How Can One Contact The Fda For a Vape Battery Explosion?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a regular basis is accumulating the data, aiding in understanding the problems related to vape explosions. If there is any vaper, that has developed some medical imperfection due to vaping, then immediately communicate with FDA through the Safety Reporting Portal.

Once The Form Is Known, Then Vaper Should Also Include –

  • The correct name of the Vape manufacturer.
  • The brand name, model and a serial number of the vape.
  • Place of its purchase.
  • Model of the battery.
  • If the product was used differently apart from the instructed guidelines by the manufacturer.
  • The inclusion of any modification if carried out by the vaper.


The objective of this blog is to make sure that the vaper understands the complete ABC of the Vape Battery. Although, every brand promises of a quality work and following of the guidelines, having said this, still mistakes do crop up. In this context, Lovelites is the best online platform selling Vape Devices. One can also go through different write-ups and gain valuable information in a lucid manner.


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home remedies

Self-Care Your Way Into Summer With These 6 Simple Steps




The self-care phenomena is in full force this summer, especially after a rainy spring jam-packed with twisters and tornadoes alike. Add on everyday personal and financial strain to less than desirable weather conditions, and you’ve got the perfect storm. That’s why self-care is so important when transitioning seasons.

Neglecting to take care of yourself can only lead to three things: burnout, stress and a lack of focus. Pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion when you’re busy and overwhelmed may sound like the most efficient form of productivity but it actually leads to heavy tension on both the mental and physical states.

In fact, unmaintained stressors can create detrimental problems for your body, mood and behavior. Common symptoms of stress range from secondary issues like headaches, anxiety, depression or substance abuse to much more serious physical health complications such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and even diabetes.

Reduce the risk of these negative effects by introducing a few key habits into your daily routine by self-caring your way into summer with these 6 simple steps!

1. Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep can have a huge impact on day to day function and stress can devastate quality zzz’s. Focus on little changes you can make to your nightly ritual. If you’re eating or drinking before bed, be sure to avoid caffeine and sugar which are known to prevent sleep.

There are also other tactics to consider, especially when looking at your bedroom, in order to promote valuable REM sleep. Change out your mattress if it’s old or worn; check out the latest options that match your desired firmness to inhibit tossing and turning throughout the night. Free your bedroom from distractions by removing electronics such as televisions, tablets, and phones and try using blackout curtains that stop morning rays from waking you up too early.

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2. Exercise

Sometimes all you need is to get those endorphins pumping. Exercising not only helps your body but also keeps your brain in tip-top shape. Daily exercise reduces stress, fatigue and will even help you shed a few extra pounds.

There are so many new activities to try in the form of group workouts. Grab a friend and challenge yourselves with something different like barre, hiit or crossfit classes. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to stay active. Other suitable exercises include walking, running, riding a bike or getting together with people for a good, old-fashioned invigorating round of sports. If you’re finding yourself to be susceptible to cramping and other types of exhaustion, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and take some time to yourself for recovery.

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3. Eat Right

The secret to taking care of yourself won’t come in the form of a crash diet or detox. Steer clear of programs that require extreme fasting, hefty water intake or liquid only diets. However, there are healthy ways to cleanse and reset your system for eating right.

Eating your way to a healthy lifestyle has many benefits on your physical and emotional states. Improve focus, memory and weight loss efforts by adopting a balanced diet. Superfoods to keep in mind are:

  • Vitamin rich staples like cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens or herbs
  • High fiber fruits such as apples, pears or grapefruit
  • Healthy fats like olive, avocado or coconut oils

4. Know When to Say No

It’s time to learn how to say no. Reject the often staggering sense of obligation to say yes to each and every social event, get together or meet up that you are extended an invite to in the name of self-care.

This is where the burnout comes into play. Packing too much into our weekly schedules leads to anxiety, irritability and down-right exhaustion. Empower yourself to say no to family, coworkers or friends to safeguard your sanity. In turn, those relationships may flourish on their own from your ability to better show up for your loved ones when you’re more able to.

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5. Spend Some Time Outside

The great outdoors is not just a popular saying. Self-care takes many forms and when you add some fresh air, the opportunities are endless. After what seemed like an endless spring, spending some time outside is sure to do some good.

Try hiking at your favorite national park or picnicking with some friends over a healthy lunch. Or, pick up a shovel, some fertilizer and hit the garden for a more productive venture. Studies have shown that spending time outside lowers blood pressure, overcomes feelings of depression or stress and helps you be more mindful.

6. Stay Organized

How many times have you been put into a tizzy because you can’t find your car keys under the newspaper or the remote that fell in the couch? While an organization may be a less obvious form of self-care, there’s no doubt that it can lessen the negative effects of stress.

Summer is the perfect time for a fresh start. Organizing your home is a sure-fire way to save you time and frustration in your daily routine. Everything in your space should have a rightful place, so start by evaluating what should be kept, tossed or donated. This includes furniture, accents and personal belongings.

Deciding what items you keep or toss promotes self-awareness and contentment in one’s property while donating increases self-esteem. Do it yourself to find that feeling positive is one of the best self-care treatments you can get!

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5 Tips to Manage Stress and Stay Healthy



The very common sentence we use in every second of our life is “Keep yourself calm and don’t be stressed”. But, many of us feel difficult to follow this mantra. Stress from the workplace, relationships, family, etc. can leave you crazy and at times out of control to manage the situation. Occasionally wrapping yourself under pressure is good during your exams or while on work deadlines as it stretches you with energy to complete it effortlessly. But, too much of stress can lead to health consequences like hypertension, increase heart rate, anxiety, depression, overeating, obesity and also it affects the immune system, central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

To keep our anxiety under control let us incorporate a few tips that can help us to manage stress and to stay fit and healthy! If you are severely stressed consult your health care provider. He can prescribe medications to help fight back your stress level. Now search your prescription medicines from any online pharmacy and get it delivered quickly at your doorsteps.

stress management, anxiety


Healthy tips to manage and reduce stress:


It is the most recommended physical activity by any doctors. Just a few minutes of walk or any other physical activity can show wonders by bringing down your stress level. Exercise produces endorphins a chemical in the brain. It is a natural pain killer which improves your sleep and relives your stress.

Healthy eating:

Diet plays a key role to fight against stress.  In our busy schedule following a healthy diet is a major challenge. We often dine out and prep on unhealthy foods. In order to see the cascading effects build a healthy nutritious diet and follow it regularly. Including foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid can ease your depression.

Keep smiling:

Just putting yourself on smiling or laughing face can ease your stressful events more easily. Laughing reduces the stress hormone cortisol and provides us with instant energy. It not only elevates stress but so it improves heart health.


Meditations have reaped numerous health benefits. It is a fast simple and easy way to wipe your daily stress. Spending very little time on meditation can restore inner peace and calm. So don’t crowd your mind with negative thoughts, just follow a few meditation techniques and experience a beautiful tranquil mind!

meditation to relief from stress


Take regular breaks:

It’s difficult to stretch out from a long busy schedule. But a few minutes of break or a long vacation will definitely relieve your stress cycle and increases your productivity and creativity level too much higher heights. So always give yourself a short break to recharge your batteries!

Stress and strain can eat your brain! Daily demands in our life will never change. Challenge yourself and balance your life to manage stress in any difficult situation. Closely watch out your attitudes and habits to find the source for the stress. If you are unable to manage yourself then consider your next resource as either a therapist or psychiatrist can help you out to deal with it. Buy medicines online from any online medicine website at your convenience.

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14 Travel Options That’ll Spoil You Superbly



Courtesy Fairmont Hotels

Courtesy Fairmont Hotels

With America having suffered a pretty harsh winter from coast to coast, would-be wanderers are rejoicing as the weather warms and vacation venues beckon with stellar offerings. In fact, industry growth this travel season is indubitably (and understandably) poised to impress as outlined in the Skift Global Travel Economy Outlook 2019 and numerous other reports. But as the hospitality trade has exponentially upped their game across the board, it’s getting much more difficult to hone in on travel destinations and service purveyors worthy of our hard-earned dollars, and, more importantly, treasured down time. With that in mind, here’s an apt assortment of travel purveyors that’ll pamper you with a purpose.

Fairmont Kea Lani Maui (
First, we’ll start all the way out in the west most United States—a journey across the Pacific Ocean—to the uber-fabulous Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, Hawai’i’s only all-suite and villa luxury resort. They’re currently offer discerning travelers an expertly curated and indulgent itinerary featuring Maui’s most luxurious experiences through its “Luxe Villa Adventure” package. This elite bundle features a sumptuous stay in the resort’s exclusive collection of residentially appointed two- and three-bedroom private villas boasting 1,800 and 2,200 square feet of living space, each replete with the creature comforts of home. This includes a full gourmet kitchen with appliances and service ware, dining area, outdoor barbecue grill, multiple flat screen TVs, walk in closets, oversized marble bathroom and large soaking tubs. They each also boast a sizeable private, furnished courtyard with plunge pool for a more secluded respite from their numerous large-scale community pools with cabanas (one adult-only).

However, that’s just the beginning of this sumptuous stay. Travelers reveling in the richness of this celebrity designed package will also enjoy a signature in-villa barbeque by a private chef, with options for the desired menu items. For my visit it was surf and turf all the way (Black Angus beef filet with grilled lobster tail), served with a savory tomato shrimp penne dish, wasabi-laced potato salad, grilled island-grown asparagus and wild mushrooms all finished with a delectable crème brûlée. The package also proffers two Willow Stream Spa wellness experiences, plus access to other spa amenities like steam rooms, saunas, various Hawaiian rain experience showers and a heated stone mud bench and foot bed. Rounding out this incredible package is the private yacht charter aboard ‘Satisfaction’—Maui Yacht Charters’ 58-foot power yacht. On my recent excursion on this three-bedroom nautical beauty, I nibbled on cheese and charcuterie as a pod of migrating whales escorted our ship out to sea for a memorable Maui sunset.

Hawaiian Airlines (
Speaking of Hawaiian vacations, I do want to make a quick mention about Hawaiian Airlines because they’re really going above and beyond with incredible guest services, making them my favorite way to fly to Hawai’i. Beyond the engaging and warm hospitality they are known for at each touchpoint, once on board a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft, their signature in-flight hospitality engages throughout experience with a friendly celebration of the culture, people and Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. On a recent flight I was nary in my seat for a few minutes when I was offered a delicious guava mimosa from an extremely affable flight attendant.

In striving for excellence, this airline shares the tastes of Hawai’i as the only domestic carrier to serve complimentary meals to guests in all cabins on transpacific flights that are designed exclusively by Chef Lee Anne Wong. Definitely a unique and tasty benefit there! In the first class cabin, a representative, amply-portioned brunch menu includes the infamous pre-departure signature Mai Tai cocktail; beverage service with Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts; a first course of seasonal fresh fruits and warm croissant with butter and jam; a main course of Shiitake mushroom, sundried tomato and cheese quiche; and a dessert course of chocolate hazelnut cheesecake offered with coffee, tea and liqueurs. Speaking or first class, Hawaiian Airlines’ unique “Bid-Up” program allows guests to bid at their discretion for first class upgrades, starting around $245—a bid I successfully “won” at that low starting rate for what was a highly enjoyable voyage.

Fairmont Grand Del Mar San Diego (
A touch northward in San Diego lies the incomparable Fairmont Grand Del Mar. As one of only 11 properties in the world with a trio of Five-Stars, and named the number one luxury resort in California as voted by TripAdvisor travelers, Fairmont Grand Del Mar captures the elegance and comfort of an old-world Mediterranean estate paired with impeccable service and unrivaled luxury. Magnificently situated on 400 acres in a pristine coastal canyon just five miles from the Pacific Ocean, this architecturally-breathtaking resort features luxurious treatments at its Five-Star spa and exquisite dining at Addison under the direction of celebrated Relais AND Châteaux Grand Chef William Bradley. Quite notably, Addison is Southern California’s only Five-Star and Five Diamond restaurant where guests can enjoy elegant fine dining and creative contemporary cuisine.

The lavish, Addison Mizner-inspired resort is well-suited to San Diego’s warm climate and outdoor lifestyle, with an abundance of activities like golf at the city’s only Tom Fazio-designed course, tennis, hiking and four sparkling pools (with one adult-only). After sunset, Club M provides nightlife and entertainment just steps from the resort’s 249 elegantly-appointed guestrooms and suites. Accommodations feature spacious marble bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, expansive balconies and terraces and spectacular views of the resort gardens, Grand Golf Club or Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve. Here you can relax, soak or dine in the comfort of your private and tranquil Southern California retreat.

InterContinental San Diego Hotel (
Next, we’ll trek to the most southern city in California where the InterContinental San Diego hotel awaits. Having just opened in September 2018, this scenic Bayfront property has brought a new wave of sophistication to the downtown area while creating a social epicenter for locals and travelers, alike. The 400-room property is located on the historic grounds of Lane Field—the San Diego Padres’ former baseball stadium from 1936 through 1957. From my corner suite, I was able to enjoy the glow of fiery SoCal sunsets because all of the chic and sophisticated accommodations here feature full-length, floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the bay—oft also with the famous San Diego skyline and iconic Coronado bridge in view.

Location-wise, this property is perfectly situated for those wanting to get out-and-about on the town. The InterContinental San Diego Hotel is just steps away from the Embarcadero, which docks both the famed USS Midway and Maritime Museum of San Diego, plus several cruise ship ports. It’s also close to downtown hotspots, including Little Italy, the San Diego Convention Center, Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village and more. Guests can enjoy spectacular dining experiences at the hotel, which boasts San Diego’s only Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, as well as Vistal restaurant, which serves coastal California-inspired cuisine spearheaded by award-winning chefs.

Theatre Box San Diego Dining & Entertainment Complex ( Speaking of downtown San Diego, when you’re in the area you’ll do well to hit Theatre Box—San Diego’s new dining and entertainment complex that occupies one city block, two stories and 73,000 square feet in the famed Gaslamp Quarter. The first phase unveiled TCL Chinese Theatre’s first eight-theatre, luxury dine-in cinema, where guests can order sashimi, personalized boxes of candy, cocktails and more at just the push of a button from the comfort of their individual cushy leather recliners.

The adjoined Sugar Factory retail and café offers over 500 types of candy, a gelato bar, house-made doughnuts and a vast array of other tantalizing treats. In the evening the Sugar Factory American Brasserie is a must, as this glamorous, high-energy restaurant is known for extravagant dishes and drinks like Rainbow Sliders, Insane Milkshakes and Smoking Candy Goblets. Then there’s the Chocolate Lounge, an intimate 21-and-over lounge featuring chocolate martinis, chocolate fondue and other sugar-spurred decadence galore. Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out Sports Bar and Arcade as well as Pitbull’s rooftop lounge, iLov305, will reportedly open as part of a second phase.

Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula (
Next, for a spirited respite is the one-of-a-kind Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California, which recently completed a $300 million expansion making them the largest west coast casino-resort property. Their beautiful two-story spa and salon, the largest in the Temecula Valley, was just rated Four-Stars by Forbes Travel Guide—not surprising since their unique treatments are all inspired by native botanicals and elements from the local area. This 25,000 square foot sanctuary of luxury, wellness and serenity is designed for year-round rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit, boasting luxurious treatment rooms and relaxation areas with panoramic views of the surrounding hillside. Its numerous amenities, such as steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools, a fitness facility and outdoor patios, are specifically created to offer an intimate escape into wellness and tranquility.

Pechanga also now boasts 1,090 rooms and suites (including 568 new AAA Four Diamond accommodations), a huge nearly 200,000 square foot casino (with over 4,000 slot machines, 154 table games, a non-smoking poker room with 38 tables, a trendy Bingo hall and more), and “The Cove”—its 4.5 acre pool complex that is open year-round. There you’ll find three pools, including a zero-edge Main Pool that features a swim-up bar, a family pool with two waterslides and a splash pad and five spas, cabanas, fire pits and live entertainment. Their golf course, Journey at Pechanga, is challenging and exciting, as it’s built around ravines and the mountainside.

When hunger strikes, guests can partake in any of the property’s 12 on-site restaurants, including the AAA Four Diamond-rated Great Oak Steakhouse offering superb 100 percent Prime Black Angus beef and many creatively inspired dishes amid a wine list recognized by the editors of Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast magazines. Its Umi Sushi & Oyster Bar, helmed by Chef Kiyokuni Ikeda, who once worked under Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, is another not-to-be-missed epicurean experience. For some fun nightlife, Pechanga also has a comedy club, theater and rooftop nightclub and lounge where you can dance the night way to DJ beats. There’s truly something for everyone at this remarkable resort.

The Portofino Hotel & Marina Redondo Beach (
If marina vibes are more your thing, the Portofino Hotel & Marina Redondo Beach—one of many distinctive hotels helmed by Noble House—is a perfect respite for both leisure and business travelers. Having recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation, this picture-perfect property proffers authentic Southern California lifestyle in a casual, nautical-chic environment replete with maritime, yacht and seascape visuals evoking a true sense of place. The Portofino boasts breathtaking Pacific Ocean and King Harbor views from sunsets and sailboats to dolphins and pelicans—all framed in the floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies allowing you to bask in the beauty that is Redondo Beach. King Harbor is also home to its own colony of California sea lions, with many rooms offering front-row viewing of the mammals frolicking, feeding and basking in their natural habitat.

The Portofino offers unique amenities, including BALEENkitchen, nationally recognized for serving eclectic cuisine amid stunning marina views. It’s ZAGAT-rated as “One of the Top 10 Best Restaurants for Waterside Dining in LA.” To this I can attest, having reveled in multiple gourmet dining experiences at the eatery, which far transcends that of a typical hotel haunt. Between meals you can take a dip their heated pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and work out in their state-of-the-art fitness center with treadmill, elliptical trainer, recumbent bike, free weights and more. One must-do whilst partaking in The Portofino: enjoy their complimentary Beach Cruiser bikes for a ride along the local oceanfront path that runs for over 27 miles up to Malibu! Complimentary bike locks, baskets, helmets and children’s bikes are also offered based on availability. There’s also wireless, high-speed Internet access available in the guest rooms and public areas and a 24-hour business center. Whether you visit The Portofino for work or play, the newly renovated sun-splashed waterfront guest rooms and suites, which feature a casual beach look incorporating hues of blue, yellow and white, are a perfect setting for an unforgettable reprieve.

The Georgian Hotel Santa Monica (
Continuing  north to sunny Santa Monica is the famous Georgian Hotel—a truly unique oceanfront oasis that exudes 1940’s Old Hollywood glamour. As part of Pacifica Hotels portfolio, the largest owner and operator of boutique hotels on the Pacific Coast, it’s a must-visit venue for those looking for a quintessential California hotel experience. Adjacent to one of the best beaches in Los Angeles, The Georgian is a historic hotel with 56 guest rooms and 28 suites plus ocean view dining, making it the picture-perfect location to catch spectacular sunsets while sipping signature cocktails. Art deco-adorned accommodations offer ample amenities like plush bedding, in-room mini bar and complimentary Wi-Fi to boot.

Gastro-wise, guests can dine in style for breakfast, lunch, happy hour or dinner at its on-site Veranda Restaurant for a memorable beachfront dining experience. There, patrons indulge in its globe-hopping, chef-driven, contemporary menu that features breakfast favorites, coastal California cuisine, Mediterranean-fusion tapas and indulgent desserts. During the day, bask in the beautiful Southern California sunshine and absorb the sounds and sights of the Pacific while enjoying High Tea on The Veranda Terrace. Just steps from the famous Santa Monica Pier and storied shopping at the Third Street Promenade, at The Georgian you’re assured a charming stay with classic Hollywood ambiance near all of the beach action.

City of Anaheim (
If you’re seeking a fun-filled, action-packed holiday with or without the kids, few if any American locales can compare with the City of Anaheim in Orange County, California. According to Visit Anaheim (, the official destination organization for the locale, this storied city welcomes 24.2 million annual visitors and is home to over 150 hotels—from AAA Four Diamond luxury hotels and trendy boutique properties to brand new, all-suite family-friendly hotels—and everything in between.  Speaking of families … while it’s no surprise that millennials love to “do it for the ‘gram,” when it comes to travel buddies it’s millennials’ desire to travel with Grandpa and Grandma that may surprise you. According to a new survey from Visit Anaheim, multigenerational vacations are top-of-mind with travelers when it comes to reliving memories, while also creating new ones, with the next generation. The survey, conducted by OnePoll for Visit Anaheim, polled a sample of 1,000 Americans and found that millennial respondents (aged 25-34) lead the category when it comes to wanting more multigenerational trips, coming in at a whopping 83 percent.

According to the survey, fully two thirds (66 percent) of respondents have traveled with three or more generations of their family, making vacations with grandparents, their adult children and grandchildren, a travel trend with no signs of slowing down. In fact, the majority plan on taking more extended family trips. Nostalgia is apparently one of the main reasons the trend keeps growing. Many parents and grandparents love reliving memories. The majority (56 percent) “strongly agree” that multigenerational trips are more special when visiting somewhere their parents or grandparents have been before, and 53 percent report being “very happy” when they take trips to places they’ve previously been with their parents or children.

Dolphin Point Villas, Key Largo (
Heading from one gorgeous coast to another, all the way to the southeastern tip of the United States, you’ll find Dolphin Point Villas—Key Largo’s loveliest and most intimate paradise getaway that’s refining the island vacation. This six-villa haven is nested in a seaside enclave and showcases Key Largo’s most spectacular views. The family-owned paradise is certainly a great option for romantic couple getaways or smaller family, girl or guy trips, but given that it sleeps up to 60 people (and can also accommodate up to 100 people) it’s also a perfect location for weddings, reunions or other destination events. Dolphin Point Villas is particularly suited for the discerning traveler who not only enjoys getting off the beaten path, but also relishes the modern comforts of home. The property’s sloping and curving design gives the impression that the villas were uncovered rather than constructed. Its style epitomizes the best of The Keys—casual yet sophisticated. Vaulted ceilings, spacious living areas, wrap around porches and balconies are unrelenting reminders of the ground’s most striking amenity—the storied Key Largo sunset. The property provides privacy from the bustle of the outside world and exposure to The Keys natural elegance, complemented with all the splendor of modern living.

Keep it romantic at the two-story Coral Reef Cottage with its loft-style Master Suite. Bring the family to the Sand Dollar or Tortuga Villas, each with 3,595 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space. The Conch and the Dolphin Villas are great for larger families or group reunions. However, Dolphin Point Villas’ main attraction is The Nautilus House. The five-bedroom home boasts sweeping living areas, a covered porch and a private pool. And don’t worry about a parking spot, bring your boat and tie up at the home’s private boat slip. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy spacious modern kitchens and eating areas, making your toughest decision whether to stay in or dine out. This exclusive location is perfect for laying low, exchanging vows or taking advantage of the many activities that can be arranged for guests, including kayak tours, paddle boarding, fishing charters, scuba diving and snorkeling through the only living coral reef in the continental U.S.

Atlantic Hotel & Spa Fort Lauderdale (
Next a touch northward in South Florida is the AAA Four Diamond-rated property The Atlantic Hotel & Spa, which is located right on Fort Lauderdale beach. This luxury all-suite boutique hotel—a member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts portfolio—is an exceptional oceanfront destination for relaxation and fun-in-the-sun. With unrivaled seaside views, this hotel overlooks miles of golden shoreline. The property has 106 spacious suites, featuring private balconies with panoramic ocean vistas, large marble bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchenette with mini refrigerator, dual stovetop burners and microwave, in-room Lavazza coffee maker and a large desk. Their skyline and oceanfront view rooms offer sweeping sights of the surrounding area. Choose between the glittering cityscape of Fort Lauderdale or the calming blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Hotel & Spa has gone through great lengths to cultivate an ever-attentive staff that’s devoted to providing superior service and catering to every whim. This is especially true while pampering guests at its award-winning, on-site Spa Atlantic where they use nourishing elements derived straight from the sea to improve skin quality and enhance your well-being. Decompress in its sauna, steam, room and Jacuzzi as a space to relax before and after one of the many treatment services they offer. The options are seemingly endless, with treatments specifically for couples, prenatal, deep tissue and body melt massages. You can glow from within with one of their facials or select a body wrap for head-to-toe treatment. Salon experiences are also offered.

There are multiple dining options at the Atlantic, with fine dining offering fresh dining favorites from the land and sea. Coastal, the signature restaurant of The Atlantic Hotel & Spa, will make your mouth water with Italian-inspired coastal cuisine. The beautiful oceanfront views of the Atlantic Ocean serve as the backdrop for its dining room and patio seating. Led by Executive Chef Rocco Honig, Coastal’s relaxed, yet stylish, dining venue serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour. There, dogs are welcome to join their parents on the patio and dine off their special Atlantic barkBISTRO menu. For more casual fare al fresco, check out SKY Bar on the hotel’s 5th Floor Oceanfront Terrace. It’s definitely “the place to be,” as the 5th floor is also home to a heated outdoor pool, whirlpool tubs, a 24-hour gym, the spa and The Oceanview outdoor social area.

Couturista Travel Fashion-Focused Shopping Excursions (
For stylish travel from Miami to Italy and beyond, if you like to shop luxe fashion brands while seeing amazing sights, this is the perfect option for you. Founded by fashion aficionados and travel experts, Couturista Travel is a tour operator offering a series of luxury-curated vacation experiences that focus on fashion and shopping in hotspots around the world like Tuscany, Miami and Mexico.

Upcoming tours like their “Tuscany Couture” trip include stays in luxury fashion-inspired hotels, such as the Ferragamo-owned Gallery Art Hotel, exclusive vineyard tours and VIP access and discounts at the world’s leading fashion retailers. Tuscany Couture gives its guests once-in-a-lifetime, exclusively curated access to coveted shops, including Prada, Gucci, Armani as well as hidden workshops of local artisans. Couturista Travelers also visit fashion museums and enjoy gourmet restaurants. In fact, for the Tuscany Couture adventure specifically, the program includes nine day/eight night hotel accommodations, deluxe private transportation, English-speaking guides, daily buffet breakfast, gourmet meals with wine, shopping tours and fashion museum entrances, winery visits, Aperol spritzes on the river and of course … shopping!

In addition to Tuscany, other upcoming Couturista fashion-inspired vacations include Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende, one of the world’s top locations for refined travel and shopping, as well as Miami in sunny South Florida.

Blacklane On-Demand Chauffer & Airport Concierge Service (
No matter what region you plan to visit, if you desire reliable and luxurious ground transportation for a flight or any other “around town” jaunts, Blacklane is a true gem. The service alleviates the stress of getting to and from the airport or other destinations while vacationing. This high-quality chauffeur and airport concierge service spans more than 500 airports, 300 cities and 60 countries with fair, fixed and all-inclusive rates. All of their commercially licensed and insured chauffeurs worldwide speak English, track flights and will automatically adjust the pickup schedule if flight arrival changes. They’ll provide up to one hour of free chauffeur waiting time for airport pickups. The driver’s contact information is provided an hour before pickup and, upon guest arrival, they provide a warm welcome with meet-and-greet service complete with luggage assistance. I also love that the company is environmentally conscious, as their rides are carbon-neutral. Fully 30 cities offer Tesla rides, and Blacklane offsets ride emissions in its other vehicles. Book, change and cancel rides up to months or even just one hour ahead at or through the free Blacklane app.

‘What Should We Do’ Pocket Concierge App (
Visitors to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles will be thrilled to learn that Arielle Tepper, a longtime New Yorker and 45-time TONY award-winning theater and film producer, is moving on from showbiz to help locals and visitors to these regions answer the age-old question: “What Should We Do?” She’s launched an elevated, app-based concierge service that answers one of the most pervasive questions among tourists. With this app developed by expert tastemakers, users enjoy a custom experience from start to finish, including planning, booking, logistics and around-the-clock support. What Should We Do leverages an innovative AI technology approach to learn and tailor users experiences based on their demonstrated preferences. It uses this key learning and adaptation to create comprehensive plans from start to finish, resulting in a handy pocket concierge service.


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