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5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for Small Business

Statistics from the Radicati group have shown more than 34% of the world population is using email to disseminate information. Now that makes around an impressive 2.5 billion people! And it is believed this number is bound to rise above 2.8 billion in the next two years. Another interesting fact abo

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Statistics from the Radicati group have shown more than 34% of the world population is using email to disseminate information. Now that makes around an impressive 2.5 billion people! And it is believed this number is bound to rise above 2.8 billion in the next two years. Another interesting fact about emails is that almost 196 billion emails roll out every day among which around 109 billion are business emails. Quite clearly these statistics more than reflecting the significance of email communication.

The medium of email has been an essential part of official communication since its introduction to the mass public. And it was not too long after that it was realized by marketers they can also utilize its potential to attract the most qualified traffic towards any given website. Ever since email marketing has remained a major part of digital marketing and no one can deny its importance. The more famous of all digital marketers still consider this medium as one of the most effective ways to generate qualified traffic leading to better sales figures.

What makes Email Marketing so significant after all?

Email marketing embodies an effective technique for relationship building with past, current, and future [potential] customers as well as generating leads. Through the medium of email, businesses can keep an entire spectrum of customers informed of the latest happenings that might be of their interest. And email communication also provides a business with the chance to directly connect with its clientele. Interactive email messages, in particular, tend to deliver the information necessary for both the business and the customer in a highly potent manner.

The best thing about email marketing is that it allows the most customizable targeting. Messages can be specially tailored not only to make the information more relevant from the customers’ viewpoint but also designed so as to prompt the customers to act.  Hence even though most marketers today think of email marketing as an obsolete practice, that notion is entirely wrong. Email marketing remains an impeccable marketing technique that still yields astonishing results.

We have specially designed this article to educate small business owners about five reasons why email marketing is essential for them:

1-  Cost effective marketing method:

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective yet simple and inexpensive techniques ever used in the arena of sales and marketing. It allows businesses to expand their reach and target a large number of customers while not incurring any significant cost if at all. It is a great choice of medium for internet or cable service providers as it enables them to roll out information directly to their customers regarding any new packages or even to notify them of packages that could be upgraded. For example a platform like local cable deals which offers internet service from Xfinity, AT&T, Windstream, etc. can roll out emails to existing and potential customers telling them about new packages or upgrades that may have become available. In a similar manner, Email marketing can create a significant impact in the case of small business concerns too.

You certainly don’t have to take my word for it but you can definitely pay heed to a study from Forrester Research. The said study has found 85% of US retailers think of email marketing as the most suitable and potent customer acquisition technique. In fact, you will be surprised to know the Direct Marketing Association has claimed $1 spent on email marketing can yield up to $40 in ROI. check out the most cost-effective mail services other than MailChimp.

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2- Concise targeting:

Email marketing is the most helpful in targeting already narrowed down audience which actually has an interest in buying products like yours. It allows you to market your products and services to a specific segment of people whether they are already using your products/services, are new customers, were your customer at one time, or would be inclined to become your customer in the future given their interest in finding out about your product/service.

3- Measurable results:

There is no guessing in email marketing. One can easily keep proper track of the output of an email marketing campaign. There are several email marketing software which allows you to keep track of the opened emails, clickable links, subscriptions through emails, the unsubscription record, open rate, mobile open rate, Desktop open rate, etc. And there are several metrics too, which are monitored to find out the success rate of any such email marketing campaign. Hence a simple marketing technique can be quite easily transformed into accurately judging results by using the right tracking tools.

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4- Motivate to take action:

Email marketing like any other marketing endeavor prompts the audience to take action. Marketing emails are basically designed to motivate people to interact with a given platform – and make them want to probe a newly introduced product/service/package etc. By default, email is a transactional medium which if utilized rightly can direct loads of qualified traffic (with the intent of buying) to your site. Small businesses should, therefore, pay special attention to email marketing particularly because as shared earlier it costs almost nothing yet yields great results. An email marketing strategy does not have to be just confined to a newsletter or automated promotional emails, rather there are many other ideas which can be employed to maximize the click and open rate.

5- Personalized interaction:

The best thing about email marketing is that it allows personalized interaction with the targeted audience. You segment your audience into different sections to design a customized message for each so that it actually resonates with that particular audience. According to a survey by DMA, 58% of the revenue is generated from these well-tailored messages and segmented lists of audiences. And marketers using segmentation for their campaigns have noticed a significant increase – that of 760% – in their revenue.

The above discussed five points clearly indicate why email marketing is a must do for small businesses and also for established businesses. Chiefly, because it costs less than any other marketing technique yet yields better results. I as a marketer, therefore, recommend all small businesses to use email marketing to assist with business growth, customer outreach, and of course revenue.

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