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Find the Latest Natural Quartzite Worktops for your Home or Office Here



Quartzite worktops
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If you want to add quartzite to your kitchen space, you need to look for more than the price. You need to consider its benefits, such as durability, colour options, and strength, to blend it effortlessly into any home or office.

Quartzite is a wonderful countertop material with resistance to stain, heat and scratches. It is even waterproof and doesn’t require annual sealing to enhance its longevity and avoid absorption of liquids. This also prevents potential staining.

You need to reseal the material depending on the frequency of use and type of Quartzite. However, the light Quartzite surfaces are recommended to be treated annually, whereas darker surfaces require resealing after every one or two years.

Once sealed properly, natural Quartzite worktops perform no less than any other kitchen countertops like granite or quartz. Being a natural stone, it is versatile in nature and available in various color and design patterns. Even many homeowners and designers prefer this stone due to its strength and ability to mimic many other worktops like marble, granite or quartz.

Quartzite worktops

If you are looking forward to adding this stylish yet functional worktop to your home or office, you might be interested in the latest additions to the MKW Surfaces Quartzite collection:

Metallo Quartzite: This quartzite boasts a delightful pattern of grey, blue and white on its silver background. The occasional black veining breaks apart from its contemporary elegance with the touch of sophisticated hues to add aesthetic charm to its luxurious appearance.

Platino Quartzite: Hailing from Brazil, this natural stone has a grey background with hints of blue, dark grey and cream colours all over its surface. Besides its exotic backdrop, the material’s dark grey veining makes it appear like marble. But it doesn’t come with the cons of marble, such as staining when exposed to acidic foods, as it lacks the calciferous elements that marble carries.

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Lumix: It is another wonderful natural quartzite to add light and charm to any interior. Its crystalline background with oxidized veining makes it incredibly exotic material for any luxurious living space.

Duetto Quartzite: This earthy stone is just perfect for adding subtle warmth to any natural-looking home interior. Besides its natural charm, the material is highly resistant to staining, impact and scratches. This stone is considered one of the strongest materials after diamond and ruby.

Blue Mare Quartzite: As its name indicates, it bears relaxing elements of the pleasant ocean to make you feel relaxed instantly. It is a durable and strong stone that boasts exotic swirls and patterns in ochre, beige and brown on a light blue backdrop. This makes it reminiscent of emerging sea waves. If you are looking for a unique stone with granite’s strength, this Blue Mare is just perfect.

Azul Boquira Quartzite: It is another stunning Quartzite option for your modern space. It is natural blue and white stone, hailing from Boquira, in Bahia, Brazil. This natural worktop material is perfect for embellishing any home or office interior or exterior with sophisticated looks while offering unparalleled strength of granite. This Brazilian beauty is likely to add a luxurious appeal to any kitchen worktop, wall cladding or vanity top in your contemporary living space.

You can pick any one of these latest and stylish quartzite stones to spruce up your modern and sophisticated home or office space. This natural stone comes with the benefits of Quartz; hence, it’s not likely to disappoint you in any terms.

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