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Find the Latest Natural Quartzite Worktops for your Home or Office Here



Quartzite worktops


If you want to add quartzite to your kitchen space, you need to look for more than the price. You need to consider its benefits, such as durability, colour options, and strength, to blend it effortlessly into any home or office.

Quartzite is a wonderful countertop material with resistance to stain, heat and scratches. It is even waterproof and doesn’t require annual sealing to enhance its longevity and avoid absorption of liquids. This also prevents potential staining.

You need to reseal the material depending on the frequency of use and type of Quartzite. However, the light Quartzite surfaces are recommended to be treated annually, whereas darker surfaces require resealing after every one or two years.

Once sealed properly, natural Quartzite worktops perform no less than any other kitchen countertops like granite or quartz. Being a natural stone, it is versatile in nature and available in various color and design patterns. Even many homeowners and designers prefer this stone due to its strength and ability to mimic many other worktops like marble, granite or quartz.

Quartzite worktops

If you are looking forward to adding this stylish yet functional worktop to your home or office, you might be interested in the latest additions to the MKW Surfaces Quartzite collection:

Metallo Quartzite: This quartzite boasts a delightful pattern of grey, blue and white on its silver background. The occasional black veining breaks apart from its contemporary elegance with the touch of sophisticated hues to add aesthetic charm to its luxurious appearance.

Platino Quartzite: Hailing from Brazil, this natural stone has a grey background with hints of blue, dark grey and cream colours all over its surface. Besides its exotic backdrop, the material’s dark grey veining makes it appear like marble. But it doesn’t come with the cons of marble, such as staining when exposed to acidic foods, as it lacks the calciferous elements that marble carries.

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Lumix: It is another wonderful natural quartzite to add light and charm to any interior. Its crystalline background with oxidized veining makes it incredibly exotic material for any luxurious living space.

Duetto Quartzite: This earthy stone is just perfect for adding subtle warmth to any natural-looking home interior. Besides its natural charm, the material is highly resistant to staining, impact and scratches. This stone is considered one of the strongest materials after diamond and ruby.

Blue Mare Quartzite: As its name indicates, it bears relaxing elements of the pleasant ocean to make you feel relaxed instantly. It is a durable and strong stone that boasts exotic swirls and patterns in ochre, beige and brown on a light blue backdrop. This makes it reminiscent of emerging sea waves. If you are looking for a unique stone with granite’s strength, this Blue Mare is just perfect.

Azul Boquira Quartzite: It is another stunning Quartzite option for your modern space. It is natural blue and white stone, hailing from Boquira, in Bahia, Brazil. This natural worktop material is perfect for embellishing any home or office interior or exterior with sophisticated looks while offering unparalleled strength of granite. This Brazilian beauty is likely to add a luxurious appeal to any kitchen worktop, wall cladding or vanity top in your contemporary living space.

You can pick any one of these latest and stylish quartzite stones to spruce up your modern and sophisticated home or office space. This natural stone comes with the benefits of Quartz; hence, it’s not likely to disappoint you in any terms.

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How to Design and Order a New Kitchen and Why We’re Opting for Howden?



Howdens worktops


Choosing a new kitchen design is one of the important parts of a home renovation project. But you need to consider your personal preferences and what you want from your new kitchen. After that, follow the given steps to plan your kitchen the right way.

From choosing the right kitchen style to finding the interior designer and agreeing on the set layout, there are many things to consider when planning a new kitchen. No matter how tempted you are to rush into a store and select your favourite designs, it is crucial to take your time and decide what exactly you want.

Why Choose a Howdens kitchen design?

Many modern homeowners are picking the stylish and functional Howdens kitchen design. Wondering why? Well, there are various reasons, such as:

  1. Howdens kitchen manufacturers claim to offer brilliant quality and high performance.
  2. There are several Howdens kitchen ranges to help you create any kitchen style – be it traditional or modern.
  3. Howdens worktops offer various designs and patterns.
  4. Howdens supplies kitchen designs directly to tradesmen. This means a potential buyer could purchase their new kitchen personally. This is a big plus if you want to have kitchen designers and builders/fitters involved while selecting or discussing something.
  5. Howdens kitchen is an affordable option than most kitchen design options.

Steps to design and order your new Howdens kitchen design:

Here, we have brown down the entire planning process in simple manageable steps to make the selection procedure easier:

1. Assess Your Kitchen Requirements

First and foremost, you have to make a list of the things you like or dislike about your existing kitchen. It could be your messy storage to the colour of cabinetry or types of appliances. It will help you focus more on improving specific aspects of your kitchen.

Also, consider whether the existing space works for you or you need to extend it. The most common way to extend a kitchen is to knock down a wall in-between your dining room and kitchen. This makes an open-plan kitchen design scheme.

This way you can even ask yourself certain questions like how to use the given space. Do you need a place to only prepare meals or are you planning to create a multifunctional area for having lunch and dinner with your family and friends? What do you cook often and how you like to cook?

You need to consider all these aspects to plan and design your dream kitchen.

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2. Choose Colours for Kitchen Design

When planning your kitchen design, you also need to consider the right colours for your kitchen design. You may consider a lighter or darker colour scheme, depending on your kitchen space.

For smaller kitchens, it’s best to pick light colours that make the small kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. Larger kitchens, however, can opt for darker kitchen designs with certain variations or contemporary colour schemes.

You can also consider monotone or multi-tone kitchen design. In a monotone, usually, a single dominant colour plays an important role in designing the entire kitchen, without any patterns or variations. On the other hand, multi-tone kitchen is a blend of two or more colours (in the same colour family or contrasting colours), depending on how subtle or bold look you desire for your new kitchen.

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3. Think about kitchen countertops and flooring

After selecting the right colour scheme for your kitchen design, you need to select the right countertop and flooring materials to match your design scheme. You have a wide range of countertop and flooring materials, such as quartz, marble, granite, ceramics, laminate, wood, etc.

You can select these countertops based on your personal preference and your lifestyle. For instance, if you have a busy work life and you cannot spend much effort and time to maintain your countertop, opt for granite, quartz or ceramics that need little maintenance and are durable.

But for homeowners who can put in efforts and time to maintain their worktops, materials like marble, laminate and wood are good choices.

4. Visit Store and Order

You can go through various kitchen social media handles and magazines to look at the pictures of stylish kitchen designs. This way you will know how to put together a perfect layout for your kitchen.

Once you decide everything as per the chosen colour theme, you can visit a reputed kitchen supplier to order or pick the right items. After that, you need to contact the right fabricator and installer to fit the material and make your dream kitchen.

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Know the Top 5 Advantages of Using Weighted Blankets



Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are usually heavier than the normal ones. These types of blankets are specially created for adults and children. Also, such types of blankets provide lots of benefits to the users which you are going to meet a little later in the market. Before the same, you should learn everything about weighted blankets. One main thing which every single person needs to know is that they get a top-class weighted blanket from online as compared to the market.

It is because when you buy weighted blankets online, then you get a wide range of blankets. Online there are lots of companies present which deals in providing the best-weighted blankets and also under reasonable rates. So, to get a top-quality weighted blanket, one should look for these blankets only from any online source. These weighted blankets are good for the health of the persons. Also, a weighted blanket is a good and heavy blanket for therapy which people make use to get lots of benefits.

Top 5 benefits of using a weighted blanket

Given below are the main advantages of using weighted blankets. People need to know about these benefits to make full of these weighted blankets –

  1. Get good quality sleep

    When you make use of the best and good quality weighted blankets, then you become able to get a good sleep on your bed. The more good quality blanket you use the good sleep you get.

  2. Removes anxiety

    One of the main benefits which people get when they make use of weighted blankets is that they easily get rid of anxiety and So, if you are suffering from anxiety related problems, then it becomes easier for them to use weighted blankets. Until you’ve encountered a sleeping disorder, it’s anything but difficult to reject it as a minor knock in a generally smooth street of simple rest.

It’s sheltered to state anybody with this frame of mind has never really experienced a sleeping disorder. In case you’re one of the 40 million Americans who experience the condition, you know precisely how Edward Norton’s character in Fight Club felt. (He was so depleted he truly fantasized through the whole motion picture. He additionally punched himself.)

While your a sleeping disorder probably won’t drive you to make an underground boxing club, it can meddle with your life. Research has demonstrated that a type of treatment called profound touch weight incitement advances the arrival of serotonin, a substance that manages rest. Weighted blankets give this firm yet delicate weight whenever you need it, which means heaps of ecstatic Zs.

  1. Boost up your mood 

    One of the main things is that people need to know is that they boost up the user’s mood when they make use of these weighted blankets. Also, when people use these weighted blankets, then they feel good. You get proper to relax to your body and also get a comfortable sleep. When you feel down, it can some of the time appear as though you’ll never feel “ordinary” or upbeat again. While it’s entirely expected to feel cantankerous or fractious, specialists realize that a few episodes of misery are brought about by compound changes in the cerebrum. For instance, if your cerebrum isn’t delivering enough serotonin, it could really affect your enthusiastic wellbeing.

Luckily, profound touch weight incitement has been appeared to support the creation of serotonin. There’s likewise proof that profound touch weight diminishes cortisol (stress) levels. Surprisingly better, you can get this treatment at home (or pretty much anyplace) with a weighted cover or wrap.

  1. Improve attention

    It is the main benefit of using these weighted blankets. The same thing here means that when you make use of the weighted blanket, then it improves the attention of a person. It is because when a person sleeps with these blankets, then they get a perfect and proper sleep.

  2. Non-medicinal

    It is also a benefit which people get. When they get good sleep, then they should know they properly get natural sleep as the weighted blankets are made up of natural substance. These are not like getting sleep by using medicines.

So, all these are the major 5 benefits which every single person need to know, and they know the importance of using weighted blankets. Now, as people know everything about these weighted blankets, then they have to make their full and appropriate use. They have to buy the best quality weighted blanket to get best results.

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Opulent Luxuries Crystalizes Art of Gemstone Décor & Gifts



Photo Courtesy of Opulent Luxuries

Photo Courtesy of Opulent Luxuries

For those with their hearts and minds set on finding inimitable bespoke décor, housewares and custom-commissioned gifts that are mind-blowingly exquisite need look no further than Opulent Luxuries. This artisanal crystal design house has raised the bar beyond the traditional work of Tiffany, Waterford and Baccarat courtesy of its custom-tailored “patent-pending” pieces made exclusively from the finest semi-precious gemstones extracted throughout the globe.

The company uses these scrupulously-sourced stones to hand-craft giftable wares like vases, candlesticks, bowls, glassware, lighting, coasters, landscape pieces, accolades and more—all designed by hand with perfect symmetry by some of the world’s most skilled craftsmen. Each resulting work exudes glamour, elegance and sophistication, from liquor glasses fashioned in Amethyst to candle sticks and vases crafted from Phantom Quartz and much in between.

Opulent Luxuries has the ability to yield virtually any design imaginable for the most discerning consumers, with many items available with personalized etching. This includes a number of engraved design options perfect for sports fans, such as the first ever baseball bat created from Phantom Quartz for the New York Yankees.

The company can even design the most striking natural clusters of rough gemstones that are perfectly suited for illuminated interior and exterior environments. The results are jaw-dropping notes of glam within the space, whether indoors or out. Place a cluster adjacent to a kinetic fire or water feature and the effect is nothing short of spectacular.

To uphold and guarantee the utmost quality standard, Opulent Luxuries employs a grading scale for its gems that’s synonymous with diamonds with respect to cut, color and clarity to ensure only top-quality stones are utilized. Only the gems that have a rating of A/A+ are chosen and then crafted by hand by the world’s most talented artisans through an incredibly painstaking process. All of the crystals utilized present their own signature of internal inclusions, fractures and crystal structures that took millions of years to form through a series of catastrophic geologic conditions— characteristics that serve a precious reminder of each stone’s provenance. It’s these distinctive properties that help ensure each and every piece is wholly one-of-a-kind.

The company was crystalized by Jeff Rutstein, the son of a geologist and geology professor at State University of New York at New Paltz. Rutstein spent decades traversing the globe with his father, and his father’s aspiring geology students, in search of the most beautiful, unimaginable gems hidden in deep, remote regions of the earth that had yet to be discovered. Then, after working with industry giants the likes of Tiffany and Waterford, coupled with a decade-long tenure in sports marketing, Rutstein had a vision to “elevate the game” and launch a suite of designs exemplifying the most high end, luxurious sports accolades ever created. Due to the impeccable craftsmanship and beauty of his works, Rutstein rapidly expanded from commissioning sports-specific pieces to a wide array of housewares, drinkware, décor and landscape items that are utterly unparalleled.

Every single creation is customized for each client predicated on their desired gemstone, level of design sophistication and budget. Whether it’s a set of extravagant goblets, pair of Amethyst cathedrals framing a fireplace, illuminated clusters in an outdoor oasis or a football, basketball or baseball cut to perfect form for the ultimate sports enthusiast–the options are virtually endless. Perpetuating this variety is that the company offers an assortment of semi-precious gemstone choices to help ensure the work meets your exacting expectations, hopes and desires.

Crystal materials available include Phantom Quartz, deriving its name from the Greek mythological word “Krustallos,” meaning “Ice Created by the Gods.” They also work with soft pink Rose Quartz, regarded as the “heart stone” and commonly associated with “unconditional love and passion,” as well as Amethyst—a stone often referred to as “Purple Diamonds” due to its intense color tones and splendor.

I, myself, commissioned a Rose Quartz heart perched majestically (and seemingly impossibly) atop a Phantom Quartz base, also with a personalized inscription. The resulting sculpture took my breath away when I first saw it, as it does each and every time I gaze upon it to this day.

“It took several years for me to perfect our ‘patent pending’ etching process, which is an incredibly sophisticated and arduous procedure allowing the gemstone to be meticulously engraved to perfect symmetry,” Rutstein notes. “These designs can not only be etched with meaningful personalized text, but also with a favorite team logo. In fact, we have licensing agreements with all the major professional sports properties including MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and NCAA.”

So magnificent are Opulent Luxuries creations, the company boasts a bevy of A-List clients like Gearys Beverly Hills, Phyllis Morris, MLB, ESPN, the NFL (including the Dallas Cowboys organization), Frongate and even famous movers-and-shakers in Hollywood.

So, if you want to add shock, awe and sparkle to your life, or some polish and panache to your gifting endeavors, Opulent Luxuries is a categorical go-to gem.


As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist. As prolific consumer trends, lifestyle and leisure industry voice of authority and tastemaker, Merilee keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points, from the affordable to the extreme. The best-of-the-best across all product, service and travel categories—as well as noteworthy marketplace change makers, movers and shakers—are spotlighted in her exclusive cross-media platform that reaches multi-millions each month through several syndication channels: print and online publications as well as broadcast TV and terrestrial radio. Connect with her at / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIN

***Some or all of the accommodations(s), experience(s), item(s) and/or service(s) detailed above may have been provided or arranged at no cost to accommodate this review, but all opinions expressed are entirely those of Merilee Kern and have not been influenced in any way.***

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Amazon Prime: Leading electronic house appliances to purchase this prime day sale



Amazon Prime: Leading electronic house appliances to purchase this prime day sale

The 2nd edition of the Amazon Prime Day, which will begin tomorrow at 12 pm, is poised to see a surge of lots for brand names in all classifications, consisting of as much as 50% off electronic devices and devices.

Prime members are used enormous deals and discount rates such as as much as 40% off TELEVISION and about 30% off devices such as washering, fridges, ac system, microwave as well as water cleansers and heating systems.

Televisions available would consist of TCL, Sanyo, BPL, Panasonic, LG, while fridges consist of Haier, Whirlpool, Samsung and Hitachi. Washering would consist of brand names like Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, IFB and LG.

Amazon Prime:

Electronic devices like laptop computers are cost as much as Rs. 25,000 Some fascinating deals in this classification consist of an extra Rs 17,000 on Surface area Pro laptop computers in addition to electronic cameras and speakers at half the cost.

Tablets can be bought at a beginning cost of Rs. 4,999, computer system devices as much as 60% off, earphones will see a drop of around 60%, smartwatches around 30% and hard disk drives will see a rate cut of as much as 60%. Smartwatches that begin the marketplace would consist of the Samsung Equipment series.

Curved displays and trimmers and razors appreciate 40% off, A/cs get 35% off and printers get up to 30% off. Popular printers consist of HP, Canon and Samsung.

Kitchen area chimneys will see a rate drop of about 50% and a few of the popular brand names will consist of Sunflame, Faber and Hindware.

In addition, for the very first time, Amazon is offering an ultra-fast, two-hour supply of customer electronic devices and daily products to Prime members by setting up Prime Prime. This suggests that buyers in Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Hyderabad will have the ability to get picked prime-day offers prior to Prime Day ends.

Members can get desktop notices on the top offers throughout the 36- hour sale by setting up Amazon Assistant. You can likewise conserve 10% immediate refund with HDFC debit or charge card in addition to 10% cashback on Amazon Pay Balance.

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