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How Can Yoga Help With Addiction?



yoga addiction rcovery
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Addiction is not a permanent disease – it’s just that some people are obsessive about doing a particular thing in a specific way. Every individual is different and so are their problems. Therefore, a common treatment isn’t possible entirely. Each individual should be given treatment as per their needs and requirements. However, it’s also important to note that if people do not take the onus of their own wellbeing, then no one can help them fix their problems.

yoga addiction rcovery

The relation between addiction and yoga

If we look at it scientifically, yoga is very helpful in controlling the stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. In fact, when there is an imbalance of these particular hormones than a person experiences anxiety, depression, and stress which at times leads to substance abuse. If these hormones are high in our body, then they become toxic to our central nervous system. But the good news is that yoga can definitely help in reducing and also balancing these stress hormones in our body. For example, if you’re less stressed or become calm, then you would not seek substances to cope.

Specialists say that yoga provides much more than just physical respite. Because so many biological changes happen in the addicts’ brains, their motivational priorities get distorted. Acclimatizing to bodily-based signals by using modalities like yoga can help in a big way in enabling patients to be more mindful about their behavior and responses.

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According to research, yoga helps in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction by doing the following:

  • Replaces artificial highs that one gets by alcohol and drugs with natural ones
  • Removes reactiveness and feeling of hyper-restlessness
  • Offers a feeling of calmness
  • Provides a community to the addict
  • Helps in developing and enhancing control over one’s mind
  • Enables better control over stress and thus lowers anxiety levels
  • Is a healthy coping mechanism
  • Helps in overcoming insomnia
  • Helps in developing strong determination, which helps in reducing dependence on substance abuse
  • Assists in forming good relations and contact with spiritual teachers, thus offering mental and emotional support and good guidance

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Interconnection of Mind and Body

Practicing yoga helps in balancing the parts of a person’s brain and body, which are affected by drug abuse. Not only the physical aspects, but yoga also offers many emotional benefits too. It helps in attuning to our body and learn to regulate our own breathing. It creates self-awareness and how we can listen to our own body.

By identifying cravings, and not trying to avoid them, one may be able to deal with it better. Yoga also helps in increasing the stamina and energy levels, thus resulting in better eating and sleeping patterns. Besides, the meditation techniques in yoga help people tap to their spiritual side.

Yoga is now increasingly used in addiction treatment programs all across in rehabilitation centers in Delhi and in all luxury rehabs. It is also used through the complete recovery process to avoid any relapse, diminish withdrawal symptoms and cravings for alcohol or drugs, and offer a healthy vent to deal with probable triggers and stressors.

Most of the rehabilitation centers in Delhi offer a blend of counseling, medication, yoga, and meditation for best results. If you are looking for a luxury rehab, do check if they include yoga practices in addiction recovery.

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