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How to utilize the internet for making classrooms more interactive



internet classrooms

Digital media and shared accessibility of gadgets allow teachers and curriculum designers to be as innovative as possible because they get assigned different tasks and classroom exercises/activities which tend to engage students to an extent far greater than days gone by when we only had textbooks and teachers to tell stories and instruct.  

Today’s educational system has evolved greatly and relies massively on technological advancements. Students on the receiving end are millennials with a very short attention span and a rather low threshold for boredom too.

Hence in order to get the best out of them, and to provide them with the finest opportunities of effective learning, updated information is nowadays disseminated through a varying set of modes – attractive slide presentations that present hard and dry facts and stats in a more easy to swallow form, tutorial videos, probing polls, exciting lab exercises, on-spot researchers and so many other facilities depending on the subject and the teacher’s skill-set.

Thus, the main question that arises is how we can use the internet as a tool which can be recommended to a teacher to help make classroom activities more productive and interesting. 

Needless to say, the prerequisite for any such endeavor would be a reliable internet connection. I have been teaching for almost two years now, and know quite well as a teacher or instructor you require tons of research to help prepare a lecture or notes, even to verify facts or find inspiration for making PPT presentations. I have been greatly relying on spectrum internet plans and have never been let down by my choice in this regard. So I would say to all teachers/instructors out there don’t forget to choose your internet connection wisely for this is an integral part of your journey and will help you with everything that you need before stepping into the classroom. 

I am listing some ideas here about incorporating the advantages of the internet into your teaching/instructing effort in order to make the classroom environment more interactive:

1.  Use Online Sign-Ups

Online Sign-Ups

Online Sign-Ups

There are numerous online platforms, which can be utilized at various occasions,  particularly when students are assigned presentations – they could sign up for pertinent digital forums for a convenient flow of updated information, holding discussions and sharing any academic concerns. Using modern day technology, they can share class calendars online or any other useful links, and plan presentations all on one platform.

Online groups on Facebook or WhatsApp can also serve the same purpose. Such methods of instruction make my students usually happy particularly because it gives them an opportunity to complete the assignment(s) in their own time and everything seems to occur in real-time. 

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2. Base Assignments on Technology-Focused Subjects



Even if they have to pitch or develop an idea or write a report or submit any sort of assignment, the assigned topics must be such the quest takes them to seek assistance from modern technology and the digital world. If you do this, they will learn to use the internet in the most productive manner and in due course, this would help develop their thinking patterns.

It will also enable them to stay constantly updated about digital media trends and the workings of the digital industry. You never know, one day they might pitch or develop an idea which eventually turns out to be something revolutionary and ends up getting worldwide recognition. 

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3. Offer Open-Ended Projects 



Give your students options by allocating them internet based projects that somehow or at some point incorporate digital media such as designing logos, writing content, putting together eBooks, generating new and innovative artwork, composing and creating melodies, producing multimedia just to mention a few. Besides, there can be unlimited other ideas with countless variations if you play around creatively. 

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4. Set up Student Blogs

Student Blogs

Student Blogs

Encourage your students to make their own blogs. Simply assign this as a task or you could train them to create a blog of their choice – this could become a source of learning content management for them and also teach them how to showcase their talents or crafts to the world. I am sure, everyone has something to share or express regardless of the type of information.

Maintaining a blog could open new horizons for them in terms of ideas and generating online content of varied nature to keep that blog active. The same goes for marketing and monetizing the blog. Hence a blog could, in fact, work as the seed which if taken care of thoroughly will continue to instruct your students in a variety of fields related to website and content management.

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5. Gather Students Feedback



Thanks to the internet, now in a matter of a few minutes, we are able to create forms and polls using online applications such as Socrative, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey or Poll Everywhere, which can also be circulated and shared in a click because they come equipped with all the necessary sharing options. Such options could be utilized for any number of reasons – literally anything – for something official or for the purpose of collecting general feedback about the class, or any other task based on voting or necessitating a general consensus or one that simply requires forms. 

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6. Use Twitter Hashtags to Take Questions

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags

From our President’s tweets to any from a social group, social media trends are the thing of the present day worthy enough to be discussed not just online but in the personal conversation too. As a teacher or instructor, no matter which subjects you are dealing with, you can refer to some general examples from the internet and employ famous tweets for generating insightful class discussions related to your particular subject – doing so will undoubtedly prompt your students to embark on an online research journey that would only serve to empower them further. 

7. Share an Online Class Calendar

Online Class Calendar

Online Class Calendar

We all have Google calendar and I am sure there must be more online options to cater to this need. You can utilize and play around such options by creating and sharing weekly, monthly or even semester wise activities, tasks or whatever is on the list that needs to get done along with respective deadlines.

Through having access to online sheets and calendar, students are likely to remain more vigilant and their performance, on the whole, would therefore improve. 

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8.  Add Multimedia Elements to Presentations



It is now known plain text-based slideshow presentations, which are only made up of text, can lose students’ interest thereby causing a disconnect. In order to avoid that, you should add multimedia elements to your class presentations.

Delivering content through audio/visual media tends to effectively engage a shorter attention span. When possible and wherever applicable, you should also try to incorporate images, Graphs, Pictographs, Podcast clips, Sound effects, Short video lessons, News, movie and television show clips, etc. This is how students will learn to productively and constructively use the internet in their leisure time. 

The bottom line is: 

Even the arid subjects such as history, finance, and accounts, still dependent on textbooks and notes, as well as subjects such as creative content writing and fine arts, can be made interesting with the help of internet and all the digital tools we have today. There are now various apps that are being incorporated in the teaching of such subjects so as to make instruction and learning more hands-on. 

And, fortunately, or unfortunately, no matter how good a student is at drawing, pitching novel ideas, accounting or finance, the market would expect them to be proficient enough with the latest related software as well. Therefore, in order to prepare them for the market, modern technology must play a role in the class and tasks that are assigned must incorporate contemporary technology to enhance digital know-how.

A good speaker should know how to present their ideas visually, and a person who is exceptionally good at accounts should be equally good at Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, and the rest of supporting software, so he/she can translate his/her expertise into real-time accomplishment. Additionally, for kids in junior high or even younger than that, it may be beneficial to set up online activities, use videos for mini-lessons or preview field trips virtually. 

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Nathan John works as a content editor at Local Cable Deals. He has seven years of experience in content writing and marketing.

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How to Prepare For The Economics Paper to Crack IAS Exam




Economics is one of the easiest, yet the toughest subject that weighs a lot in an IAS exam. However, right after filling in the UPSC exam online form, one might wonder on how to finish their preparation in style, with the perfect accuracy.

In the first place, one should concentrate on understanding what we are perusing. In Economics, following the idea entirely is hugely significant. Recollecting is optional as the economy is consistently changing, so one needs to continue checking on certainties in the light of recent developments. Learning and understanding the ideas while you complete the schedule is significant when the plan has been experienced and completed once if it’s not too much trouble experience again with more up to date comprehension and examination.

Likewise, now begin taking a gander at the inquiries as you experience subjects and relate them to new approaches and occasions. Numerous inquiries in the financial aspects question paper are not immediate, and it is for you to locate the most pertinent hypothesis or model to apply to a given issue. This is the place talks come in as you can recognize the most appropriate model to use for a specific inquiry. UPSC online form has all the regulations on it, go through it carefully.

In financial matters, graphs are of most extreme significance. UPSC financial aspects are nonscientific and diagrammatical. So while perusing any model/hypothesis, we ought to all the while practicing its graph. Suspicions are significant while composing answers. We ought to plainly express every one of the doubts in our responses; thus we ought to deliberately recall every one of the presumptions in any hypothesis/model. In paper two, details are significant. We should enhance our answers with insights, however much as could be expected.

Work on composing answers a ton and set completely elevated requirements for yourself. Make a point to attempt to show the appropriate responses better each time you write it. Re-compose, re-compose, and re-compose as it will give you more exceptional clarity and memory as well as lead to better answers.

Experience current monetary spending plan and financial studies to get very much familiar to center ideas, definition, and wordings.

Get excellent comprehension of key ideas like GDP versus GNP versus NNP. Utilization of GDP deflator, sorts of swelling, kinds of interest (flexible versus inelastic). Inquiries from this part could be either or application situated.

Keep yourself refreshed with a commitment to financial from every division( essential, optional, tertiary), exchange standpoint, Current record deficiency, Balance of exchange versus Balance of installments, about bodies controlling transfer like Department of Industry and Internal Trade, WTO and so on.

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Does becoming Cambium Networks professional a good career option?



Does becoming Cambium Networks professional a good career option?

Choosing the right career is one of the most important factors for anyone in their life. The reason behind this is quite simple as you not only have to follow it through your life. But also, you will have to make sure that it is not something that does not have a long-term career prospect. What we mean to say here is that sometimes, there are career options that look good at an initial level but as you look deep into the prospects that it offers, you will find that it is not that good of a choice. You will have to switch over to some other industry, which will not be a great thing to do.

As for this article, we are going to talk about a number of prospects that will help you to decide whether or not becoming a cambium networks expert by getting cambium certification is a great idea to enhance your long-term career prospects. The topics we are going to talk about later in the article are what cambium networks actually is, what kind of job should you be looking forward to as a cambium professional and why it is a great thing to get into a cambium training course to boost your portfolio in the industry. So, let’s jump right into it.

What is Cambium Networks?

The age of technology has blessed us with a variety of gadgets and their application has become so much crucial for our livelihood that we might not be able to survive without them. But, when it to comes economy and the industries, multi-platform networking and real-time information sharing are some of the factors that work as the spine of any and every organisation working at a branch model.

Cambium Networks is a company that offers connectivity in an organisation by devoting the best networking equipment in the world. They offer the latest technological devices related to network management. With the presence of this equipment in the offices, it becomes a lot easier for any company to keep the operations going at full-scale for the entire working hours and even beyond.

Atul Bhatnagar, who is the founder and CEO of Cambium Networks is on the mission to offer affordable solutions to all the people who are into educational, hospitality, commercial as well as Entertainment industry. Their companies goal is to make sure that the threads of connectivity are woven with the top-notch and affordable wireless fabric.

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Who is a Cambium professional?

When a manufacturer such as Cambium has almost absolute dominance in the industries, anyone who has gained expertise over their networking model and equipment can get amazing job opportunities in most of the tech-savvy countries. But for that, individuals need to get training and achieve the Cambium certification.

In order to gain these certifications, one needs to firest enrol themselves in Cambium training courses. Once a candidate completes the certification course, they can either work as a freelance expert or can work in a company full-time. It is a quick as well as an easy method for anyone to get into the industry of Information technology.

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What are Cambium Training courses and where should you pursue it?

In big as well as small companies, the need for networking is quintessential. For this, most of the firms use Cambium equipment. Now, in order to maximize the range of network experts are required who can furnish the routers and wireless radio network throughout the office in the most optimum manner.

So, in Cambium training courses, individuals learn a variety of aspects regarding networking management. These training courses are not lengthy and even online platforms like offer 2-day training courses. Not only these are perfect for those who are completely new to the industry but also are pretty rewarding for those who are already in the industry.

One of the best courses that you can pursue right now is Cambium Networks wireless broadband and Cambium Networks Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi. So, all you have to do is to check on the internet for the best institute out there and join the most suitable one as per your needs. Give your career a head start in the easiest possible manner.

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3 Reasons why career counselling is popular in India





Do you feel stuck choosing your dream career? This is a common experience of high school students and their parents when they are asked to choose their stream. Correct combination of subjects can lead to your desired career, hence it is prudent to first shortlist your best career choice.

Studies have shown that if a job role aligns with your personality traits, you enjoy your work and there is high chance of achieving your goals faster than others whose temperament does not match with their work profile. This is one reason big companies use psychometric tests during their hiring process.

Similarly, career counselors use these tests to decipher the right career path of the students. Their assessment is based on the student’s personality traits, areas of high aptitude, interest and intelligence. Most counselling educationist are psychologist and excel in using behavior science and psychometric tools to assess their pupils. Professional career counselling is steadily becoming popular in India and there are quite a few grounds for it.

Here are the top reasons why students are taking help of career counselors in India to choose their right career path

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High competition and dismal employment scenario

According to the latest employment report, the government is struggling to generate enough jobs. With the retirement age extended to 62 in many public sector departments, recruitment has gone down. India is expected to have 34.33% share of youth in total population by 2020. According to data from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), as of February 2019, India had around 31.2 million people actively looking for jobs.

Career counselors watch the job market and parents are taking their help to find high employability fields for their children that are also compatible with their talents and abilities

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Targeting job-oriented course

Career counselors use career aptitude test for high school students. The results are used to make their work profile and map it with job roles where their inborn traits are highly applicable. Every individual has a set of talents and skills. According to the theory of multiple intelligence, there are different types of intelligence that define your personality.

For example, if you love solving mathematical problems, you have a high  numerical aptitude. A career related to statistics or accounting, based on your personality type will ensure your success.

Students are becoming aware of their capabilities and are aiming for faster methods of achieving their career goals. According to data, there is a rapid growth of college students taking courses online. Job oriented bachelor’s degree in banking, nursing and hospitality are very popular these days. Easy finance is also available for these career-oriented courses.

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Multiple career opportunities in diverse fields including art

With emerging technologies and surge of service business across the globe, there are new career opportunities that were unheard of in the last decade. Academically less-inclined students with creative talents can reach great heights with right career counselling from industry experts.

Career counselors not only provides career counselling using online psychometric tests but also hands-on-experience in your intended field. Career experts take you on a tour of the industry and facilitate one to one interaction with organisational heads so that you can gain clarity of your choice.

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Basic tips you should follow for writing essay



writing essay

The initial phase recorded as a hard copy of an essay is to pick a title if nobody has been doled out. To show a subject, you should consider the objective of the essay. The end passage abridges the essay and gives the last viewpoint on the focal point. It frequently begins with the first articulation of the postulation and now and again incorporates expectations dependent on the focuses introduced in the essay. For the most part by composing most-loved essays or pondering a theme that is valuable for conceptualizing. If you need then consult with which is the top quality services providers for writing essay and assignments. 

Indicate the extent of the essay 

The subsequent stage is to characterize the extent of your essay. Pondering the general title and degree will enable you to begin with the composition procedure. 

Make a blueprint 

The following stage is to make a diagram. You may imagine that a diagram is a pointless, tedious errand – however, this progression can really help spare time! A framework will enable you to remain centered while composing the essay and will enable you to abstain from going capriciously for your examination. It ought to contain the focal point of the essay or theory. Proclamations and contentions are that help it. A diagram is frequently determined and sorted out by sections, however progressively outline portrayals will likewise be useful for you to compose and center. 

Exact utilization of words and expressions 

Therefore, the essay is composing essays. The presentation passage should start with a center beneficiary. This is an explanation that constrains the students to need to students the remainder of the essay. The following couple of sentences ought to be extremely expansive in the theme, and the proposal ought to be attracted to the thin perspective on the announcement, which is generally the absolute last sentence of the presentation section. There are typically three sections physically, and every theory starts by tending to one of the key thoughts exhibited in the announcement. 

Pursue the central matters of essay 

The accompanying tips ought to be referred to and developed the central matter. Subtleties of explicit models ought to be incorporated to strengthen your significant thoughts. The last advance recorded as a hard copy an essay is editing. Editing is really the most significant piece of composing an essay and is frequently skipped. When student your essay’s editing, think about a couple of things, including passage request, sentence stream, language, spelling, and guidelines for task. Inquiries to pose to you include: 

  • Is your essay significant? 
  • Is each sentence in the following sentence great? 
  • Are there any focuses that can be reinforced or explained? 
  • Are there words that are regularly utilized? 
  • Is there any kept running down expressions or pieces? 

The way toward editing now and then takes longer than the real composition process, yet it is the thing that has the effect between a well-considered and elegantly composed essay. At the point when the way toward composing an essay is broken, it feels totally reasonable and simple for amateurs. 

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Best International Culinary Schools in India



Culinary courses

Anyone who enjoys cooking has possibly thought about working as a high-end chef. The path isn’t easy – it requires countless hours of hard work, physical labour, and a lot of competition. 

Those who want to do more than merely cooking and reach the pinnacle of the profession, enrolling in a culinary school is a must. Though there are no strict educational requirements to become a chef, it can give you a good push when it comes to getting hired at leading restaurants. If you are looking for top culinary schools in India, below are some:

Academy of Pastry Arts (APAI)

APAI is an esteemed group of Professional Culinary & Pastry Schools with Pan-Asia presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The academy’s infrastructure includes 46 kitchens and other facilities like amphitheater, cafeteria, to name a few. 

With such amenities, it can be said that it is the biggest brand in Asia. The academy keeps the batch size deliberately small so that one-on-one attention can be provided to you. It’s visiting faculty consists of the most significant number of master chefs spanning the level of MOF, World Champions, MOF, Master Bakers, and Master Chocolatiers. 

culinary schools in India

Programmes offered are:

Culinary Arts Programme

  • Full-time diploma programme 
  • Full-time advanced diploma programme 
  • Culinary part-time programme

Pastry Arts Programme

  • Full-time diploma programme 
  • Full-time advanced diploma programme
  • Pastry part-time programme

Dual Programme

  • Dual programme (culinary arts & business)

Culinary Academy of India (Hyderabad)

Affiliated to Osmania University, Culinary Academy of India offers 30 seats in the postgraduate diploma and 60 seats in the three-year bachelor in culinary arts. This course is approved by the Andhra Pradesh State Board of Higher Education. 

culinary courses

The academy has seven fully equipped and well-designed training kitchens and eight classrooms. Moreover, the academy has 18 full-time chef instructors who cover all aspects of Food Presentation, Food Production, F&B Matching, among many others.

The academy offers the following programmes:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Catering Technology & Culinary Arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Craft Certification Course in Food Production

The institute also provides courses in association with different cruise companies like Costa Cruise Lines (Italy),  P&O Cruise Lines (UK), and Princess Cruise Lines (USA).

International Institute of Culinary Arts (New Delhi)

Accredited by the World Association of Chef Society (WACS), IICA was established in 2003 in partnership with University College Birmingham, Edexcel UK, and City and Guilds, UK. The institute helps you to build skills like merchandising, leadership and administration, which are some of the abilities you need to have to lead a kitchen or a restaurant. 

Programmes offered are:

  • Degree in Culinary Arts
  • Advance Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Bakery & Patisserie
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Hobby Chef Courses

A culinary education at one of the top three schools can assure you of a world-class level of training and experience. Consider what you want to study and how much hands-on experience you’d like when deciding which culinary school to apply!

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