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Ways To Understand Social Media Based Traffic Variation To The Site With Time



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There are some online guidelines available, which will help in understanding the way your website’s traffic varies with time and how you can use that information to understand the website’s users better. The primary aim over here is to separate some of the periodic patterns and with random noises, one-off anomalies, pull and push factors and even the long term basic trends. Even when you are interested in any one of these options, it is vital to get a rudimentary understanding of the other options so that you can filter them to focus on what you care about the most.

Identifying the ways to use the data:

There are times when you have to identify timing choices as associated with outreach efforts, which might get influenced by the present analysis of the current traffic based variations. There are times when you might be using the information to just help in figuring out when you have to send one newsletter. It should deal with the time of day, day of the allotted week or day in the month.

  • You can always use these sets of information to better your timing relevant to social media posts to maximize impact. 
  • For example, there are times when you want to post on Twitter, FB, and Pinterest. But, when is the right time? Is it in the morning or during evening time? 
  • The reason to get answers to these questions is that there is no robust form of global heuristic available. For example, a blog post straight from CoSchedule comprises of 16 various sources of advice on best post time and each suggesting various strategies and some even contradicting one another.
  • You may even try to use the information to purchase advertisements and even boost the current social media posts to be shared at apt times. It can be the time of day or day of week or month.

If you are able to post the items on the right time, chances are high that you will be growing a huge client base over here and within the pre-set rates, to be honest. You can even get a higher base of followers for Instagram, which is another major reason to address the right timing of the post-placement now.

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Identifying choices made on the basis of what you infer about users from the current traffic patterns:

For example, in case your site is seeing a lot of traffic during the academic session than summer months, then it will be an indication that it is mainly used by students in connection to their academic life or coursework. This can prove to be one interesting option for you to consider.

  • Such situations can always help in establishing a relationship that you might not have expected but makes more retrospective sense. For example, any content on ways to improve memory can go along all the year around but you might discover that the main target audience over here is students during the academic year.
  • Similarly, in case the site checks out a lot more traffic near the end of the calendar quarters, then it shows some relation to businesses or even the sales teams to reach the quarterly goals. It can prove to be yet interesting information that you might not expect but that will definitely make one retrospective sense.

For example, a website on ways to motivate your life for reaching to the goal might seem to be that sort of spike over here.

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Make sure to present some weight:

It is always mandatory for you to place some weight to validation that you are about to receive by seeing the user behavior and judging it right from the core. For this stage, you have to invest some time to research for sure but it is all worth it, till the end.

  • One such impressive accomplishment over here is to create and then maintain a website, which will seamlessly attract enough users to check on some of the clearer patterns.
  • You are always invited to use those trends to see and confirm that you have an amazing impact and meeting with the needs of a real human.
  • Taking a quick look at these patterns will always help in satisfying the curiosity of users and that associated with your visitors, most of whom you might not have met ever.

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Understanding the right strategies and pitfalls while exploring data:

You have to understand the concepts of the present time range r data range and granularity whenever graphing. You are generally going to study traffic by just making graphics of metrics like users, sessions and page views. The tie range over here generally defines the ending and starting points in a time period for which you have been plotting the said graph. This might be stated as the data range. In GA, the Data Range can be well selected on the top right.

  • You have the liberty to control the display’s granularity. It is mainly defined to be the length of the time interval as covered by every possible individual data point. 
  • A daily form of granularity means that you might be seeing one data point for every possible day and further representing the value for the entire day.
  • Then you have weekly granularity, which will be representing one data point every week and representing the entire or overall value for the said week.
  • Some of the smaller granularities are available too and noted and finer ones and then you have the larger ones termed as coarser.
  • In the GA, you get the chance to choose the granularity within the chart area only with some of the options to lie Day, Hourly, Month or Week. The Hourly option might not be made available in every part of GA.

Following the time plan to catch up with most of the crowd at the same time is quite crucial and forms a significant part to grow your business. If you want to know more about the practices, logging online and choosing the time range with granularity based on cycles and trends that you plan to focus on, might help.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit followers for Instagram for more information.

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Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work



twitter marketing tips

Twitter without any doubt is one of the best social media platforms through which businesses can interact with their target audience. Small or big, every business is using Twitter to educate people about their brand, it is a great platform to promote your brand and interact with people on a personal level. With the right strategy and planning, you can increase your sale and build a network which will help you in reaching your goals. But getting noticed by your target audience on Twitter is not as easy as it sounds. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 Twitter marketing tips which will help you build your brand’s image.

Twitter Chats

Not a lot of people are aware of Twitter chats, it is a live Twitter event dedicated to a topic, where a host invites people to discuss on the topic. In order to separate the chat from other tweets and to sync it in a single conversation, a common hashtag is used by the participants. A set time is established so that the host is available to interact with the followers.

Twitter chat gives you an opportunity to share your opinion, knowledge, and experience with the people participating, which will set you up as an expert in people’s eyes. You can also participate in the ongoing Twitter chat and connect with your target audience.

Optimize Your Bio to Get discovered

Before interacting with your target audience, it is very important to optimize your bio, what you do or what your brand is about should be mentioned clearly. Your cover photo should be related to your campaign. Don’t forget to leave a link of your website in your bio and your cover photo, it is advised to include the keywords related to your industry in your bio, so if anyone searches anything related to your business, your profile shows up.

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Connect with your Target Audience

Don’t start following people blindly with the hopes that they will follow you back, you might have millions of followers, but if your business type is not in their interest then it will take you nowhere. Find your target audience and people who are genuinely interested in your business type. Check out what they are tweeting about, give your input and share your opinion.

If they are having problems related to your business, help them with a solution. This will help you establish yourself as the market leader.

Trending Hashtags

You can find trending hashtags at the right-hand side of your Twitter page, those are the most popular tags people have been whining about. If you click on any one of those, it will take you to the most popular tweets containing that particular hashtag. Just like you millions of folks click on those hashtags and go through the tweets, especially if it is related to a celebrity or some viral event.

If you tweet content related to these hashtags, you will definitely get some attention, and if your content is unique it might make people curious enough to click on your profile and check out what your product is about. Trending hashtags are one of the best ways to increase your followers and make people aware of your brand.

Ask Market Leaders and Influencers to Retweet

Getting mentioned or retweeted by a market leader is a great way to spread your content and get noticed, getting retweeted by your followers is great, but if your content gets retweeted by a market leader, it adds value to your brand. The impact it leaves on viewers can prove to be rewarding, it will also get you noticed among the big names in your industry. This strategy will definitely help you in promoting your brand and in gaining your target audience’s trust.

Wrapping up

Twitter is a great place to increase brand awareness and connect with your audience on a personal level. Using the right strategy you can build a big network which can help your reach your marketing goals.

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How can i see my Husband’s Instagram activity?




What if your husband has become more secretive regarding his mobile use? With time there are little changes in everyone’s personality and behavior. So, is there something more to this change than what meets the eye and should you be concerned?

Maybe he has joined Instagram and trying to hide his activities there. Do you want to spy on husband Instagram and find out the reality of his actions? As a social media platform, Instagram has mushroomed in popularity.

After all, there are over a billion monthly active users as of January 2019 on Instagram. It just becomes a trend to see the scum of society follow wherever the big crowd is. It is their instinct to take advantage of the vast numbers.

Many also get carried away the glitz and glamour of Instagram. The site is a photo and video sharing service. The resulting interface is quite addictive and can distract anyone from the priorities in life by endless scrolling.

Ever since the launch of direct messaging, many people are using this lie and cheat. It is super easy and convenient as you don’t need to be a follower to send a message unless the account has been made private.

Reason to spy on husband’s Instagram

Social media sites are the usual places where people communicate nowadays. This is especially true for acquaintances and even friends and colleagues. Many people who are a few years into their marriage sometimes are new to Instagram.

As a force of habit, they search for their old friend. What if your husband met his past lover? What if he has been chatting with her? If you are used to seeing his phone, he will delete those messages. Naturally, you want to read husband deleted Instagram messages to know for sure.

Here are a few suspicious behaviors that will make you want to spy on your husband’s Instagram and doubt on his chats:-

  • The Fake ID on Instagram 

Social media sites give you the choice to choose your ID. Most people use their original names, and while some use creative names, they find attractive. Many times there is an innocent explanation for creating a fake ID.

But most of the time, the reasons are obvious. Many times these are created to be a troll. The other reason is to cheat behind their partner’s back. Instagram DM’s don’t even have a backup, unlike other chat apps making it desirable for such a purpose.

  • Flirty DM’s

Flirting is an exercise that can sometimes boost productivity and focus at work, and studies even. A little flirting is healthy even, according to some experts. But what about the flirting that happens in secret?

If you caught a little peek and saw your husband send overly flirty DM’s to another woman then it is trouble. A few occasional messages of such nature can be excused as good conversation. Every conversation has its limits, though.

  • Sending Pictures

It is the era of a constant stream of pictures and videos. Social media sites have promoted a culture of continually sending pictures online. But it does matter to who are you sending the pictures and why? Public posts don’t matter.

But if your husband is sending personal photos daily to someone other than you, then this is a big problem. Mobile monitoring software can tell you a lot. Sending this amount of pictures to someone is not without its reason. 

  • Deleting search history

Browser apps are used on every smart-phone. The kind of websites we visit tell a lot about the type of person we are. Browser history is an excellent way to know about the person’s activities. If your husband is cheating, then he could be visiting the same profile.

But what if your husband has started deleting his browser history? There could always be a reasonable explanation for doing so. Or it could be a way for him to remove any evidence of his cheating and conversing with their lover.

  •  Meeting online friends

Social media is an excellent way to meet people around the world. You can meet people based on mutual interests and get entertained by meeting people from different cultures. If it stays just on friendly terms, then there is nothing wrong.

But when you start meeting those online friends, then boundaries need to be set. If your husband is meeting these online friends without letting you know first, he could be hiding something. You need to keep track their activities tell if its cheating or not.

How can a spy app help you track your husband’s Instagram activity?

Now that you have read all the signs and found them matching your situation let’s get to the next step for you. Since he is using Instagram as a tool to cheat on you, you need to spy on Instagram profile of your husband regularly.

A trusted spy app can help you in this direction. Such spy app solutions can help you get the much-needed information and proof. Listed below are some of the ways:-

  • GPS location tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Live screen-shots
  • Call logs tracking and phone book
  • Installed app tracking
  • Multimedia files tracking
  • Browser history tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • All the information will be available with the date and time stamps


Being on a social media site is an inevitable result of being online. It is even healthy to occasional to go online and stay connected with online friends and popular stories. But it shouldn’t interfere with personal life. If you have a suspicion of your husband’s Instagram activity, then you should spy on husband Instagram with a trusted spy app.

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Social Media Best Practices For Business Marketing



Bocial Media Best Practices for Businesses

The element that makes social media a living entity is its human interface and personality. People join social media not because they want to make friends and speak out their thoughts while sitting at home. But because they see their complete reflection and personality in their social media profiles, and this is the sole factor that makes social media an ideal place for small business marketing.

However, there is so much to be done using social media for the sake of promoting brands. So, you may get distracted or derailed with miscellaneous information available over the internet. Don’t worry; the post highlights the best practices to ace social media marketing for your business – keeping reading!

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1. Make The Right Choice

Social media forums are categorized according to the audiences. If you are operating on a website only, then your choices should be social media platforms. For visionary class: Twitter, and for the general public + business community: Facebook will do the best.

2. Maintain Your Brand Identity

Remember that your business profile and personal profile are two shores of an ocean. Make sure that you are maintaining your brand identity, without revealing any such information that can bring harms and damages for your business.

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3. Offer Products, Not Bombarding Products

Social media is a forum where you can introduce your products and services to your audiences. However, too much offering would become bombardment, and your audience will become immune to your products. Try to offer them a variety, and if you lack variety, then lower the number of repetition posts about your products.

4. Indirect Buying of Passive and Non-potential Audience

Remember that you cannot reach out the real audiences by simply posting and sharing. It has now become a common trend that the businessmen buy social media operators who function as fake profiles on your page, make real friends and share your posts. In this way, your posts start reaching your real audience, no matter potential or non-potential. Such small investments can bring you big profits.

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5. Ensure Cooperative Corporate Environment

The present-day business trend of a friendly and cooperative corporate environment is not unknown to anyone now. Therefore, you should share other’s content also. Promoting personal content only can build an image of one-man-show in the minds of your audiences and will gradually make them passive.

6. Track Performance Regularly

A good business is always built on the foundations of estimating and tracking. Your all efforts will go in vain if you are not tracking the number of people reaching you, responding you and sharing your content. Social media has made it far easier now, and you don’t really require a social media expert for this purpose. Your 15 minutes of weekly tracking activity can save you from big losses.

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7. Remember! Audience is Your Asset

The concept of ‘customer is always right’ became the most successful in the marketing world for it carried its customers as an asset and profit generators. If you are harsh or irresponsive to your audiences, then you are killing your active audience. Remember that whatever you do on a social network is ‘shared’.

You can read in more details if you head over to the blog at one of the best social media marketing agency Dubai.

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How I doubled my business this year? Grow your business with Instagram likes.



Social Media Manager
Buy Instagram likes and followers

Today Instagram has become the part of daily routine. Instagram likes and followers play a vital role in the advertisement. It maximizes reach to people. Establishing your presence on social media is a way to boost your business.

If you try to reach to an unknown person then you have to spend huge time online. Trying to interact with them but most of the case it is far difficult to convince them to like your product. This is because they don’t know you. Even worse if you don’t have any likes or engagement in your Instagram. In this case, you cannot convince them to like your product. Buying Instagram likes is the best option here.

Instagram - part of our life

Influence of Instagram in daily life

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The Necessity of Instagram likes from a small business perspective.

We can say, Yes. Social media marketing is fundamental today. More likes imply the increase in visibility in explore page on Instagram. The more likes the more reach to the people. Lots of likes imply you seem to have a large community around you. Seems more people trust you and likes your products. Likes and followers show the performance of your business and your presence. This will increase authenticity as people are liking you. People will now start viewing your product. They will think there must be a certain value you can provide to them. This interaction will be valuable for you.  As many likes and engagement, the more Instagram algorithm triggers it to show more. This will beat your competitor showing your post as most engaging.

Grow your business with Instagram

Business strategy with Instagram

Other benefits include re-marketing. Maximize reach for new campaigns that you launch in your business. This develops you as a reputed business with confidence. This is why you should buy Instagram likes.

They help you to explore your business with real people and gain more likes in less effort. You will get quick likes from authentic people. You can get likes super-fast and don’t need to bother spending years to get huge likes. This will save you time. At the same time, they provide you with the highest value of likes and followers in your price. Provides immediate response to any query raised by buyers and will guide you. They are doing this business for a long time with real profiles to generate likes.

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How I double my business in a year?

I usually buy Instagram likes with They are professionals in this field and boosted my post. Now after purchasing likes made me famous. My page is popular and ranked at the top in search on explore page. I used to be dreaming to have much more likes. Their excellent services made my dream possible to achieve. Likes had increased after buying their product.

Profit adopting Instagram

Business profit adopting Instagram

Now I am able to promote my business through Instagram. My business almost doubles in size within this year. More than 30% of my clients use Instagram. They found my product on Instagram and connected with me now.

There are some outstanding features that I had figured out.

  • Quality likes
  • Flexible packages as per your need
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Genuine views without violating terms of Instagram’s
  • Like from active users and verified account
  • Lightning-quick

Now I’m concentrating on my business to expand more. No worries working with them. I post an image of my product and that’s all. They will do rest of the job. I recommend to buy and subscribe instalikes to get enough leads.

There are other Instagram likes and follower provider too. But check reviews before going with them.

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3 Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Site



3 Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Site

Getting backlinks to your site is a great way to boost your search ranking and land near the top of results on search engines like Google and Bing.

As a friendly reminder, “backlinks” simply refers to another site linking to your site. It helps to show authority, authenticity, and credibility. And quite frankly, search engines put a lot of weight on backlinks. To help you increase your SEO (search engine optimization), here are three ways to build backlinks to your website.

The power of guest posts

One of the most common ways to earn backlinks is to guest post on other people’s sites. During the negotiation process, even if you’re writing an article for free, you ask the site’s owner if you can link back to your site, creating your backlink. Of course, you’re also getting your name/brand out there, providing informative content, and showing you’re an expert in your field.

This is an authentic way to get backlinks because the links are relevant to the article and won’t appear as if the site owner is adding links to their site just to add them. It’s an enjoyable process and allows you to expand your horizons while building a relationship with the site owner. Plus, you can tap into their audience and gain more fans/customers.

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Create powerful content

If you want backlinks, then you need to create powerful content. Your content needs to resonate with your audience. If it does, then people are more likely to share it on social media, in emails, or even link to it on their websites.

One effective method is to create well-researched and informative infographics. After all, people love to share this type of content because the research is already done, it’s jam-packed with info, and people tend to trust infographics. Of course, as people link to your infographics, they’ll be linking to your site, creating the backlinks that search engines crave.

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Build relationships

Powerful content is important, but if no one knows about your site, then they simply can’t link to it. While everyone wants an endless amount of backlinks and to acquire them as fast as possible, quality SEO practices aren’t an overnight process.

That’s why you have to build brand awareness and relationships — you need to get your content out into the world and in front of more people. Luckily, there are many different ways for you to do this.

Part of the strategy often involves digital marketing efforts in which you’re increasing brand awareness, guest posting, and other invaluable services. Another way to build relationships is to interview people and have others interview you. This provides more content (videos, social media posts, email blasts, blogs) to both parties.

Interviews allow you to build relationships with the people interviewing you and possibly their fans or following when they post this content on their social media networks and sites. Not only will you look like an authority when another site owner or reputable publication interviews you, but you’ll be able to plug your company and also provide a backlink in the article.

Earning backlinks can be challenging. It’s not a quick process, and it takes time to earn and build backlinks to your site. The good thing is that there are many ways to earn backlinks, not least of which are the three methods above.

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