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Debt consolidation can save your start-up money – How?



Debt consolidation
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Every person on this earth today is dealing with his or her problems in life. Almost every person is squeezed in the hustle and struggle of life, be it for the family or self. Financial freedom is what everyone has been working for.

To get stable financially, we usually come out of the salary zone and try to accommodate the wants of our life outside of that zone by wearing on many debts. Those debts some time come from friends and relatives. But the usual practice that is available to all of us is taking a loan and debt services from banks and sellers.

People in business, who work hard for opening and running their ventures, usually take loans for long tenures. This is needed for them to set up their venture and make sure that it goes a long way, which will clear their debts as well. It all depends upon how the business runs and how quickly it generates the returns.

Entrepreneurs burn their blood and mind for days and nights to gain their profit and run the venture. To clear these loans and debts, they often tend to lose the sight of their goal, and this becomes a reason for the failure of the venture in its early years. This continues to increase the debt and their interest which gradually brings nothing better than frustration and a headache.

Paying off loans with interest amounts

In business, the day revenues are generated, venture owners spend most of it in clearing off debts. This process of clearing off the debts many times get late due to which they are charged with interest on the EMI or debt which seem to be not too much for the time being, but it piles up and keeps on breaking the pockets.

The problem doesn’t stop here, you not only lose money in the higher and piled up interest rates, but you also end up with a bad credit history which makes your future and your business’s future even more difficult.

So, instead of keep feeding these loans and debts along with their interest amount, there should be ways found out, which can help you save some amount and ensure that you clear all your debts well within time and come out debt free as soon as possible.

But, like hope, there are services available to help you with that. These services help you do debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is the practice of combining all your debts in one and put one interest rate on all so that different interest on each debt doesn’t pile up. This can be done by taking up one loan to clear all your current debts and pay off the amount of one loan with a lower interest rate. This way, you have to pay for only one loan every month, and gradually it takes you out of debt much earlier than you would have come out if you hadn’t chosen debt consolidation.

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Types of debt consolidation loans available

A debt consolidation loan is usually available in 2 types – secured and unsecured. In secured debt consolidation loan, you need to put something as a security deposit, be it money or any other asset such as your home or jewelry or any other thing. This secured debt consolidation loan has low interest since you are already putting up security amount. Another type of debt consolidation loan is the unsecured loan. In this type of loan, you do not need to put any amount as a security deposit, but the interest rate is higher on loan.

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How can business venture and debt consolidation side by side?

Business venture and debt consolidation hand in hand, especially when you are new in the field as a start-up. After knowing this, one should surely wonder which option can be best for them. At the first glimpse of understanding, it is easier to think of going for a secured loan, but you must make sure that you have enough security and some level of stability in your revenue generation that you can pay the loan on time. Otherwise, taking up this loan to get a lower interest rate is not a good idea and if you do, you may end up going bankrupt or lose your assets if your business fails. Instead, if the stability of your revenue generation is less, you can go for an unsecured loan, where you have to pay higher interest but it won’t eat up your assets.

In a business graph, there are many ups and downs on a regular basis. So, to take up the option of debt consolidation, you must first analyze your current financial situation. You need to consider following points before raising your hand for debt consolidation:

  • Debt consolidation doesn’t eliminate your debt. It only reduces the number of payments you need to make every month. It brings easiness in your life that you have to arrange funds only for one loan. This helps you plan your finances better, on time and reduce your mental worries.
  • You must ensure that you are paying off this loan on time; otherwise, the interest will be burning up your credit score here as well, and you may start getting calls from creditors. This is not good for your business.
  • To arrange sufficient funds for this, if your business isn’t stable, you must create a strategy and keep a strict check on your expenses. You must cut down the unnecessary expenses and spend only where it is necessary. This will help you finish off the debt as quickly as possible.
  • No other loans should be taken until this loan is finished. You must not jump in the pool of taking up another loan which will help you at nothing, instead will gift you more tension and worries.
  • Once you decide on this loan, make sure you do proper research for the companies that are offering this service. Do good research on the interest rate provided, history of the company and their records. You can check out with for consolidation services.

You must carefully analyze all your options and situation and go for this option which will surely make you win over debt and run your business smoothly later in the future.

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