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How do you keep your home security and smart home devices Hackproof?



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Anything that is connected to the Internet is always sending data. It’s something a hacker nearby would want to latch on. Home security systems, smart home devices, and Frontier Internet plans are here to offer us exceptional peace of mind. By 2020, American consumers will use almost 32 billion smart home devices. But along with the staggering growth, have you ever thought how safe are these devices? And what about the data they collect?

One of the McAfee cybersecurity leaders reported that even a children’s doll can be used by a hacker to connect to a smart lock on a home and open it. They can remotely access everything from an Internet-connected camera. The security of your smart home lies in your hands. With these tips, you can make your home security and smart home devices hackproof:

Use Strong Password

This could not have been said enough. The best way of securing your private data is to use a strong password. The longer the password, the better. Never use your name, address or date of birth to generate a password. It must be a string of characters, letters, and numbers. If you are worried about remembering a complicated password, software solutions such as password managers are out there for help.

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Change the Factory Security Settings

Most of the smart home devices factory security presets already loaded. Anyone who has a Wi-Fi connection can decipher the name of the device. A hacker just has to do a simple online search to get a password that is factory preset. And then, he will have access to your personal information.

How to prevent that? Always change the name and password to your device. When setting device names don’t include information that is personally identifiable.

Use a Secure Router

It’s best to purchase a secure router because it’s going to act as a getaway between your Internet and connected devices.

New routers can be costly but they come with protection from malware as well as viruses which makes them worth it. At least you will be sure every time a new device is connected to your Wi-Fi network, it is protected.

Update the Software

As much as you hate installing software updates, know that they are an absolute necessity. As you update the OS on your devices, it patches the security weaknesses. You will be sure the hacker won’t exploit any defects in the software being used.

Next time your computer, tablet or smart TV prompts for installing updates, hit yes. By saying yes, you are protecting yourself from digital intruders. Some manufacturers also allow users to opt for automatic updates. You can check the settings sections of your device or app to see if it supports automatic updates.

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Stick with Reputable Brands

It’s a smart move to pick smart devices from established brands. They take user protection seriously. They employ better security measures when designing products. They continuously release software patches and fix the vulnerabilities as they arise.

Use Two Factor Authentication

Go an extra mile to secure your smart devices. A number of companies these days are offering two-factor authentication to allow users to add an additional layer to security to their devices. Whenever you log into an app, you have to enter a one-time use code. Although this solution is not perfect, it makes impossible for an intruder to access your accounts.

Reset Before Reselling

Maybe you would want to resell a smart bulb or plug to a friend or someone on craigslist. Just because you are ready to ditch the device, doesn’t mean it is ready to forget you. Make sure you factory reset the device before selling. You have to be sure that your personal information is no longer available via the app.

If your device is broken and you are trying to get rid of the components, make sure it’s really broken before you throw it into the trash. Sometimes, the only way to prevent others from retrieving your personal information is to physically destroy the device. Simply whack it with a hammer if it no longer works. After that, you are free to throw it away.

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Other Security Tips

  • If you have a router that’s 5 years old, replace it with a secure one.
  • Go to your Wi-Fi setting and select “WPA2” for extra security.
  • Set up a separate email for connected devices. This will prevent personal information exposure in case your account gets hacked.

Summing Up

Connected devices are meant to make our homes convenient and smart, not cause us more stress. With these precautions, can stay safe and enjoy the benefits. Having a reliable Internet connection is also important which is why lots of people choose Frontier bundles..

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