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Vape Battery Explosions, Well Learning, More About It!

Well, the news about e-cigarettes, Vape Devices getting exploded and thus causing serious injuries to the vaper is known. These accidents are one of the rarer cases but a cautious approach is to be needed. On the occurrence of these explosions, an investigation is carried out by the experts. It reve

Vape Battery Explosions
Vape Battery Explosions

Well, the news about e-cigarettes, Vape Devices getting exploded and thus causing serious injuries to the vaper is known. These accidents are one of the rarer cases but a cautious approach is to be needed. On the occurrence of these explosions, an investigation is carried out by the experts. It reveals that a problem related to the battery is the root cause of a “Vape Device” battery getting blasted off.

There are certain things which must be clearly understood by the vapers. This will make them not just cautious but also will help them in making sure these mistakes don’t take place.  Some of the guidelines have been mentioned below –

Battery In The Vape Battery Is The Root Cause –

In general, the vapers should know that all the E-Cigarettes are deriving their energy from a lithium-ion battery. One will not be wrong in saying that it is the reason for problems getting swelled-up. The usage of “Lithium” battery is present in – cellphones, cameras, to hybrid cars, etc. On taking a puff from the e-cigarette the power from the battery is generated to the heating element, later on, this converts the chemical solution present in the canister, into the vapor. On the other hand, in manual vape Devices, the vaper has to press a mechanical switch for taking a drag.

This is known that Lithium-ion batteries can accelerate a fire hazard, especially in pressurized areas. Like – Luggage Compartment area inside the plane. On the other hand, if normal conditions are met then problems of a battery getting exploded are pretty low.

Vape Battery Explosions

Vape Battery Explosions

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In The Rare Of The Rarer Cases, The Report Documented By The Us Fire Administration (Usfa) Narrates That –

The chemical component electrolyte is present in the lithium-ion battery, it is later on heated and it reaches to its boiling point. This procedure raises the internal pressure in the battery and keeps on increasing. To the extent that other end of the battery getting ruptured and finally the pressure being built is au6tomatically released.

This is to be known to the vaper, that cylindrical design of e-cigs and the weaker forms of endpoints are the primary reasons for a major accident to take place.

When the pressure inside the E-Cigarette gets raised then it causes the forceful rupturing of the battery seal.  Well, due to battery failure or container failure, both of them could be propelled at a fast pace inside the room. In other devices like for e.g. – laptops, if there is a battery failure then the fire will only affect the device of the battery pack in which it is installed in.

The user of the Vape Devices should keep in the mind that Lithium version of ion batteries creates problems, if they are overheated due to external forces like – Direct Sunlight, Short Circuit or Overcharging. The report of the USFA stated that approximately a large number of the reason for a Vape Device battery explosion was because –it was plugged into a USB port during the procedure of charging.

There is a presence of safety features to negate the problems related to short-circuit and overcharging. Vape Devices are loaded with a USB port that appears to be compatible with any type of USB cable or charger. This makes people feel that any charger, non-sanctioned, third-party ones, etc. will be able to execute the work. In actual, this procedure is not going to work.

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What Are The Preventable Measures?

The vaper must understand that every vape battery is being certified in reference to the benchmark form of safety standards. Vaper can keep not just themselves but the device also by knowing A to Z form of working and handling of the E-Cigarette.

The Point Mentioned Below Has To Be Kept In Mind By The Concerned Vaper.

  • First of all the vaper needs to go through all the necessary instructions printed on the box by the manufacturer. If there is any query or the detailed form of guidelines is not mentioned, then immediately contact the concerned authorities.
  • Each and every safety feature is of great importance. Like – Fire button lock or vent holes. This is specially designed for making sure the vaper is notified about overheating or vape explosion.
  • Under no circumstances, different Watt-hour type of battery is used. Professionals suggestion is that never go off the track. Like – using batteries with different charge levels, using old or new batteries together.
  • Whenever the vaper is going to put their vape Device on a charge, then make sure that the surface is clean and there are no combustible products within the proximity of the vape device.
  • Be careful that the vape Device is not left in the open and under severe temperature conditions.

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How Can One Contact The Fda For a Vape Battery Explosion?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a regular basis is accumulating the data, aiding in understanding the problems related to vape explosions. If there is any vaper, that has developed some medical imperfection due to vaping, then immediately communicate with FDA through the Safety Reporting Portal.

Once The Form Is Known, Then Vaper Should Also Include –

  • The correct name of the Vape manufacturer.
  • The brand name, model and a serial number of the vape.
  • Place of its purchase.
  • Model of the battery.
  • If the product was used differently apart from the instructed guidelines by the manufacturer.
  • The inclusion of any modification if carried out by the vaper.


The objective of this blog is to make sure that the vaper understands the complete ABC of the Vape Battery. Although, every brand promises of a quality work and following of the guidelines, having said this, still mistakes do crop up. In this context, Lovelites is the best online platform selling Vape Devices. One can also go through different write-ups and gain valuable information in a lucid manner.



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