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Free Mobile Apps for Accurate Unit Conversion



Accurate Unit Conversion

Did you ever encounter a situation where you have to convert units? Many individuals around all over the world frequently asked several questions regarding unit conversion.

Many folks don’t love Math’s and even don’t want to utilize the metric unit conversion app for conversions. In such a case, people go fed up and often search for a simple method or utilize technology to convert the units.

Give a read to this article to know about the list of free mobile apps that can be hand, especially for unit conversions and will never let you down! Nowadays, these apps are quite popular among students and might even help professionals. Utilize one Unit Converter from the following apps, get the ease of conversion includes base metric unit such as weight, time or length without the need for a table or worksheet. But before that you should have to know more about these conversions:

What is Unit Conversion?

It is a method of calculation through which an individual can convert a specific unit into a different measurement unit for the same quantity. Usually, these calculations can be done through multiplicative conversions factors.

Many folks encounter with this problem whether it is with cooking recipes, buying vegetables, physics equations or simple correspondence. Sometimes these calculations lead to hilarious and dangerous errors. Quit worrying! Read on to know some best conversion calculators.

The need for Unit Converter in our Daily Life:

You just have to think of every time that you ask for something your daily life. When you are in store, and say to the shopkeeper to pack dozen of eggs, “the unit is dozen: a dozen eggs.” Similarly, the quantity such as 10 gallons of gas or 5 pounds of sugar. No doubt products are sold by weight, length, number of items, and many more units.

Free Mobile Apps To Convert Units:

Well, utilize these conversion apps to convert units:

Unit Converter – “Digital Grove”

Yes, this unit converter handy tools helps to several mass units and contains 44 categories of units that you can utilize daily. The tool includes the following features:

  • 44 unit categories, 12700+unit conversions
  • You can able to perform Fuel Calculations, Temperature, Volume, Speed, Weight, Computer Storage, Angle, Power, Viscosity, Force, Energy, Torque, Density
  • Easy to utilize
  • User-friendly interface

Unit Conversion Calculator App – “Eclixtech”

Well, with the ease of this conversion app, you can readily perform conversion calculations that are being been used every day. It also works as a time calculator and converting units of different categories. Utilize this tool and convert units within a couple of seconds.

Basic Features:

  • Simple and easy to utilize with a user-friendly interface
  • Offers multiple unit conversions
  • Measurement converter
  • Completely free and works offline
  • History mode available that might helps you in future


Unit Converter Pro – Elkens software:

It contains pro version and mostly utilizes by students, teachers, and practitioners in engineering. Get the ease of converting more than 1500 different units that are divided into 80 categories. With this tremendous tool, you can able to perform imperial and metric conversion factors for length, area, volume, mass, force, energy, temperature, and time units.

Basic Features:

  • You can able to adjust precision and format of the result
  • Daily base updated
  • Abbreviations of units
  • More than 1500 units, contains 80 categories
  • Imperial and metric conversion

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Full Unit Converter – “Haytham Ayyash”:

It is another unit converter that helps you in performing several imperial and metric conversions. The feature of this handy tool includes:

  • Distance
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Energy
  • Force
  • Pressure
  • Cooking
  • Fuel
  • Digital Storage

ConvertMe(Beta) – “Evgeny V.”:

It is one of the best apps of unit conversion with the extended version. You can easily find the unit regarding your needs and requirements; ConvertMe (Beta) included 65 categories and 1500 units. The stunning app also works in landscape mode & also supports negatives and decimals. You can readily do the following conversions:

  • Area
  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Clothing
  • Data Storage and much more

ConvertPad – Unit Converter – “Sunny Moon”:

Yes, there are lots of feature with simultaneous conversions and contains thousands of units within 89 categories, even you’ll get the ease of negatives, decimals and landscape orientation. The app included the following features:

  • Real-time conversion and calculation
  • Unit Comparison Table
  • Direct Arithmetic Calculation
  • Country Specific Units
  • Currency conversions
  • Multiple Languages support
  • Various Setting option
  • Backup/Restore User-defined Units on SD Card

Well, install one of these apps to get efficient results – you can utilize these free apps on both mobiles and tablets.

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10 Benefits of Bespoke Software Development



10 Benefits of Bespoke Software Development

What else can be more lucrative than a specifically customized software directed to fulfil the needs and demands of your company? The digital world has taken the particular trend quite seriously, and interestingly, in a positive note as well. Technology advances and its users evolve. In such circumstances, bespoke software development might be a necessity for meeting the complex demands of the modern economy. Here we have listed 10 of the most significant benefits of adopting the practice of bespoke software.

  1. Streamline your in-house business processes

Bespoke software enhances the effectiveness of your organization’s in-house operations, which in turn increases employee efficiency. Thus, it improves organizational productivity. Data consolidation from existing IT systems and internal spreadsheets can be made possible through the build-up of a one-stop operation. This very system shall incorporate your core business processes, which results in an ultimate streamlining of your commercialization strategies.

  1. IoT (Internet-of-Things) integration

You can come up with special software that provides connectivity to everyday devices, such as vehicles, appliances, or any other physical objects. In a massively impactful way, you can improve your customers’ lives. With a ‘bespoke’ approach, you can intensify your IoT solutions offerings. In this digital landscape, take charge of your business’s destiny.

  1. Data for real-time insights

Let’s get one thing straight. Data is the new oil. Very few companies have started exhausting it. In fact, with ‘Data’ turning ‘Big’ every day, there is a massive opportunity that lies ahead for your organization to claim a piece of that bigger ‘data’ pie. Can you imagine how profitable your campaigns can be with accurate insights derived from that data? Yes, that’s possible with custom software development.

  1. Better control

Now that you have real-time insight into your market, it’s time to sort out your target audience and your commercialization goal. With enough control in your hands, your organization can directly correlate similar patterns across look-alike environments, which in turn help you discover newer market opportunities. In short, your organization is now a global hub.

  1. Strengthen your brand’s voice and identity

Maintenance of organizational brand identity across multiple cloud-based systems is getting increasingly difficult with times. Businesses unable to strengthen and maintain their brand identity and never revisit their mission statement find it hard to continue enjoying customer loyalty. Bespoke software solutions can help your organization stay true to its existing brand identity by designing the system in alignment with the brand’s voice and its values. This reflects through tailor-made user experience.

  1. Build an organized workflow

Custom-built software solutions help in optimizing business processes by providing a fluent digital workflow, which, in turn, can improve the critical components of your business. Through the ‘bespoke’ approach, you can initiate proper sales pipeline management, enhance marketing capability, improve client relations, and maintain compliance.

  1. Bespoke software accommodate changes in reactive environments

Bespoke software solutions can help your business incorporate discrete geographic and demographic parameters for becoming a better market fit. Diverse languages, fluctuating currency exchange rates, evolving cross-border duties, tense VAT, and specific time zones can often prove to be variables, as far as the global economy is concerned. Custom-built solutions can help your business address issues with ease and more flexibility. This will help you to accommodate quick changes under reactive, volatile environments.

  1. Change is the only constant

The business landscape is changing. Your business should follow suit. Your software can be that avenue that helps in keeping your business on-track. With customized software solutions, you can bring your organization out of the stagnant, dark ages of one-for-all software programs. Now, you have a choice, and there’s a way you can bring your creative ideas to fruition; through developing bespoke software.

  1. Productivity at its peak

Bespoke software development promotes higher business output, which in turn saves time, and reduces costs along with improving margins at the same time. This entire phenomenon continues parallelly alongside the reduction of internal complexities, which eventually thus adds value to overall business efficiency.

  1. Accurate decisions in the making

You probably understand how important it is to establish centralized control of your business processes. Custom-developed software programs provide your business with the ability to automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks while incorporating change tracking functionality. This enables accurate data gathering. Consequently, senior leadership can make more informed decisions.

To realize your business goals through the implementation of good bespoke software, consider reaching out to a software development company with approved authority in the industry. RSK Business Solutions is one such expert entity in this regard. Modern businesses should proactively target the right audience, which becomes more manageable with customized software development.

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How To Protect Your Personal Information Online?




The Internet is an essential part of our lives and along with a fast and stable network, security is the most important part of it. This particularly refers to personal data, which is a target of so many things, including hackers, viruses etc. Therefore, it is critical to do as much as possible to prevent any trouble. Here are some tips that can help in keeping your personal information secure: 

Strong Password

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to have a strong password. This means you should use things like your date of birth or have the same password as username (if there is someone that still does this?). A strong password that consists of both letters and numbers is what you need. The more characters, the stronger the password.

Use Up-to-date Internet Security Software

Another quintessential thing for strong internet security is to use a renowned software for internet security. Also, it is vastly important to keep this software up to date, as that is the only way to keep your computer safe from everything that could jeopardize your personal information and slow down or even take over your computer. 

Share your personal details only on verified websites

There are so many websites that require personal information, whether you want to buy something or use the website for any other purpose. Before you share your details, it is critical to check if a certain website has SSL verification. That’s quite easy. You should check the URL. If it starts with https, instead of the more common http, that means you are safe. That additional “s” letter stands for secure. Also, many new browsers will display the green EV SSL address bar if everything seems okay.

Be wary of online casino sites that is not protected by SSL, meaning they only have http:// in their username. Always use caution with these sites and use verified sources like as a platform to find trustworthy online casinos.

Be careful with public Wi-Fi

If you use public Wi-Fi frequently, keep in mind that sometimes these networks aren’t safe, even if it’s a password-protected network. With just a couple of simple tools, anyone can track your online activity. Therefore, good advice would be to leave your logins for the home network, especially when it comes to bank accounts. 

Close old accounts

If you have an old e-mail address or social network account that you don’t use anymore, be sure to close them. These accounts are a perfect catch for hackers because there is a big chance that they can find personal details like bank accounts and similar things. 

Be careful with social media sharing

People usually don’t pay too much attention to their activity on social media. It’s important to be aware of the fact that everything becomes public once it gets to social media. Therefore, be careful with photos you’re uploading and with any kind of content you are sharing. Also, start to practice occasional password changes. It could be quite useful. 

Those would some of the tips that can make your online activity safer. Of course, there is no such thing as perfect protection, but browsing in a safe manner significantly decreases the chances of the potential harm.

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How Can you Make Work More Creative with Management Software?



Membership management software

Software applications are the results of the creative and advanced efforts of software experts. The computer software will process the charge card payment for you. The selection of the proper system will be able to help you increase profits by bringing substantial improvements in several facets of your organization. The system doesn’t have to be complex. When you put in a POS program system, you and your company won’t ever look back.

Necessary for All Types of Business:

There was a demand for an all-in-one small business management app. You can begin by first defining your company requirements. You might be an unintentional project manager. Membership management software also enables you to figure out the bottlenecks in your operative locations. Most of the programs provide widgets and add-ons you could decide to pay to boost management functionality. There are several good agile project management computer software programs in the industry. Possessing an efficient Contact Management Software will make your organization life a tiny bit easier, enable you to feel more organized and in control and make it possible for you to raise your revenue and bottom line.

Automatic Workflow:

The computer software is very simple to use, with no need for training. it should have the ability to set dependencies on the task, create and manage subtasks from larger tasks, set a task to repeat or recur at a specified time or date, and allow the assigning of more than one user to a task. Fully functional solutions can replace many applications used to deal with different small business processes as a range of software vendors offer affordable solutions based on monthly payment schemes. Some advanced software will be able to help you achieve only that. The tool includes a UI that’s comparable to that of other Adobe products and you’ll be able to begin with it, easier than you’d really think. If you are unable to properly use and execute your present physical fitness software, you might wind up losing your company revenue or won’t have the ability to measure its growth. Sales management software Will help your tough task and Provide the services that can help to increase your business productivity.

Easy to Operate:

There are various software asset management tools offered in the sector, including free ones. Additionally, there’s a handy tool for getting quick feedback without needing to send several emails.  A perfect software makes it simple for the travel admin to generate the bookings and update it to the system accordingly. So, it is one that allows the user to raise requests, as well as access and edit them later. The project manager should also describe using a scheduling program. Portfolio management must be sure that vital resources can be procured to supply the portfolio. Fully functional solutions can replace many applications used to deal with different small business processes as a range of software vendors offer affordable solutions based on monthly payment schemes.

Membership management software


Best Membership Management Software:

One thing that you have to be careful with when it comes to choosing the best membership software is to be clear about what you want. You might want to become a member of many different courses, for example. Whatever the reason, you have to be clear on exactly what you are after before you spend any money.

Being clear as to what you need will allow you to develop your own best sales management system. A good membership management system will not be able to offer you the things that you want unless you tell it what you want to accomplish.

Choosing the right software will be easy once you understand what it is you want. There are two types of membership management systems. The first is sales management software and the second is customer management software.

Keep Track of Your Membership and Offers:

Sales management software is for salespeople. These programs help you keep track of your customers and keep track of your membership and offers. It helps you to follow up with your members so that you can keep them in your database.

The first step to this system is to get a database of potential members. This should be a list of your contacts with different businesses, and it should include email addresses and phone numbers.

Once you have this database, you have to put it on your website so that your members can sign up and get involved with your business. This is the easiest part of the system and the one you will be best at.

Now that you have the list of customers, you want to then get people to sign up and visit your website. The more customers you get signed up for your system, the more money you will make. This is the main purpose of a membership management system.

Communication with Clients:

By effectively keeping documented notes on your present customer accounts, you wouldn’t only be better in rendering service for your clients, but you’d also guard your whole business enterprise. Sometimes you must be mindful of your customers. You can communicate with your client and InTouch with them. Using the management software, you can quickly response to the customer on time and if you have gym club and for the registration and manage your team and your client if want to do manually it’s not an easy task there are a lots of chance to mistake for getting for services software here fitness Wellyx most popular to provide the best services to the user for further information you can visit the above website.

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What Does Spectrum Gold Package Exactly Provide?



Spectrum is available in more than 41 states in the US. The merger between Time Warner, Bright House Network and Charter Communications has enabled the company to expand its services to almost all the regions. So, if you are looking for a reliable service provider, then you should definitely try Spectrum because it offers some of the best packages with premium services. Spectrum Gold Package is by far the most sought after package offered by the provider. This is because the package includes 200+ channels with several other features that customers can enjoy.

Spectrum TV Gold

Spectrum Double Play Gold

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

200+ channels with Free HD

200+ channels with Free HD

200+ channels with Free HD

HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Encore Included

100 Mbps download speed with Free Modem

Includes NFL RedZone, Fox College Sports, and more!

NFL Network and NFL Redzone Included

HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Encore Included

Premium movie channels included, like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, Starz, and more!

Up to 10,000+ On Demand choices

NFL Network and NFL Redzone Included

Internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps

HD and movies in 3D On Demand

Up to 10,000+ On Demand choices

Enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calling in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands – plus FREE 411 calls

Stream TV with the Spectrum App

HD and movies in 3D On Demand

Free Modem

Store up to 780 hours on the Spectrum DVR

Stream TV with the Spectrum App

Store up to 780 hours on the Spectrum DVR

At the first glance, you might think that Spectrum costs more than other providers like AT&T, Frontier, and Xfinity, but you will be surprised once you see the number of channels that you get when you sign up for the service. So, if you love watching TV, here are three amazing packages to choose from.


Channel Count

Service Type


TV Select



View Plan

TV Silver



View Plan

TV Gold



View Plan

Select: If you are looking for an economical package, this is the best option for you. The Select Package offers popular channels but you might miss out on some sports, which is why we do not recommend this deal to sports enthusiasts.

Silver: This is an area where Spectrum shines like a bright star. With Silver Package, you get a good balance of price and channels. Therefore, you can never go wrong with this package.

Gold: The Gold Package is ideal for people who love watching athletic channels because this package offers a variety of sports channels and news. With this package, you will never miss any of your favorite games.

Spectrum Contract and Early Termination Fee

The best thing about Spectrum is that it comes with a no-contract policy. This means that you are not tied up in an agreement that bounds you to stay with the company even if you are not satisfied with their services. Spectrum is the best option for short-term renters because there is no early termination fee; you can cancel their services whenever you want to. In fact, the company is prepared to buy-out the contract from your existing provider if you decide to switch to Spectrum.

Why Spectrum Gold Package?

Spectrum offers true value for your money. When you combine multiple services to form a bundle package, you get to save money on your monthly bills by paying one smaller bill each month as opposed to paying several larger bills to different providers. The Gold Package offered by Spectrum is unbeatable due to its extensive range of channels, high-speed internet connectivity, and unlimited talk-time. Furthermore, the company provides instant customer support to its clients so that they never feel the urge to change their provider. So, what are you waiting for? Get Spectrum services today to enjoy state-of-the-art services at extremely affordable prices.

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How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files




‘I have a couple of MP4 videos shot with DSLR camera but they are not playing correctly on the computer. The video screen is green but the audio plays fine. How can I make them playable again?’

Are you facing similar or any of the below problems in your MP4 videos? 

  • Truncated, jerky or have no visual at all.
  • Video screen turns green or black, with only audio playing.
  • No audio in video or out of sync audio.
  • Gives errors like ‘video file cannot play’ or ‘video file is corrupt and unreadable’ etc.
  • Other playback issues.

If yes, your MP4 videos are probably corrupt and need a repair solution. 

How to repair corrupt MP4 videos 

Like any other video file, MP4 videos can get corrupt due to improper transfer, abrupt system shutdown while playing, editing or saving video file, virus infection, OS crash etc. As a result your videos may turn corrupt, damaged, and inaccessible, show errors, and have no sound and other audio/visual problems.

However, you can repair corrupt MP4 videos, regardless of the corruption cause. Use a professional video repair software that supports MP4 video file formats and is advanced enough to fix corrupt or damaged header, sound section, slider movement and other issues in a video. 

Methods to Repair Corrupt MP4 Videos

  1. Repair MP4 videos by using VLC Media Player
  2. Repair by using a professional video repair software

Your MP4 video file may NOT be corrupt!

Not playing an MP4 video doesn’t always mean the file is damaged or corrupt. The problem could be due to the absence of a compatible audio/video codec. Try the below workarounds to play MP4 videos before you get on a video repair software:

  1. Play MP4 video in another media player such as VLC Media Player, KM Player, 5K Player, and Pot Player.
  2. Convert MP4 file to MOV, AVI or other video formats. Use online video converters for the purpose.
  3. Download the K-Lite video codec pack that helps to play almost any video on your computer without compatibility issues.


1- Repair MP4 videos by using VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player can repair minor corruptions in video files. Since its built-in video repair feature is for AVI video format, first rename MP4 file extension to AVI and then follow the steps to repair corrupt video.

To rename your .MP4 file, right-click on it, select Rename and change the extension to .AVI.

Steps to repair corrupt video using VLC Media Player 

  • Open the corrupt AVI video that you converted from MP4 in VLC Media Player.
  • Click Tools > Preference.


  • Go to Input & Codecs > Damaged or incomplete AVI file.


  • Select always fix in the dropdown.
  • Click Save.

Now try to play the repaired video file.


2- Repair by Using a Professional Video Repair Software


Unlike open-source VLC Media Player, a professional video repair software such as Stellar Repair for Video has an advanced repair engine that ensures all sorts of video issues are fixed. You can repair severely corrupt MP4 videos that are choppy, truncated, show green screen, out-of-sync audio etc. The software can repair corrupt full HD 4K high-quality videos as well. Video repair software is fast and easy to use. You can repair more than one MP4 video files at one go.

Steps to repair corrupt MP4 videos

  • Launch Stellar Repair for Video.
  • Click Add file to add corrupt MP4 videos.
  • Click Repair to begin repair process.
  • Once the MP 4 files are repaired, preview them and click Save.


Irrespective of cause of video corruption, you can repair and play you MP4 videos flawlessly again with the help of a MP4 video repair software. You may use free VLC Media Player that has a video repair feature. If it isn’t helpful, download a professional video repair tool —Stellar Repair for Video. The software is 100% secure and efficient to fix severely corrupt MP4 video files.

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