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DIY Cleaners for Every Corner of your Kitchen



DIY Cleaners for Every Corner of your Kitchen

Whether you clean on a daily basis or once in a while, your kitchen is probably the least favorite place to clean. From the daily use of your counters to the dark corners under the fridge that are never touched, they can both become just as dirty as the other. To make your life easier, here’s a number of DIY cleaners to reach even the most problematic corners of your kitchen.

Top 5 Spots that get Forgotten

Before we move on to our favorite DIY kitchen cleaners, we need to find out which spots of your kitchen that are forgotten. Here’s a quick list of the top spots that are often neglected.

Light Switches & Door Knobs

First of all, not too many people take great care of cleaning light switches and door knobs. When you think about it, we all touch them at least several times per day. It’s terrifying to think about how much bacteria can build upon them. Luckily, you’ll be able to disinfect them regularly with one of the homemade cleaners we mention below.

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Coffee Pots

You can neglect cleaning your coffee pot without even realizing. The process of cleaning heavily depends on whether you use a regular coffee pot, coffee machine, or a French press, as well as if you use your own coffee grinder. Still, all of this demand cleaning to keep your morning coffee the way you like it, grime-free!

The Splatter Zones

Not only do your kitchens get splattered with grease, sauce, and anything else you might be cooking, but so does your backdrop, underneath of your top cupboards and the fan above your stove. Make sure you take the time to clean these areas as regularly as possible to avoid any sort of buildup.

Your Dishwasher

While we all know that your dishwasher is an appliance that washes things, most people don’t realize how dirty it can actually become. Make sure to clean it every now and then by starting it without any dishes in it. For a deeper clean, pull out the sponge and get down on your hands and knees and wash it manually, putting it through a rinse cycle after to finish getting rid of the remaining soap.


If you have windows in your kitchen, you’re probably aware that you pretty much only wipe down the glass. One of the most important parts of cleaning your kitchen is to ensure that you remove any unwanted microbes that could accidentally fall into your food, including the window panes, handles, and curtains.

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DIY Cleaners You’ll Love

For Switches, Door Knobs and Handles

For this purpose, it’s best to use disinfectant wipes.

What you’ll need:

  • 20 pieces of cloth
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part water
  • A few drops of essential oil (for scent)

Dip the cloths into the disinfecting mixture before use or leave it to soak to be able to quickly grab a cloth anytime you want. Adjust the liquid depending on how much cleaning you would like to do.

For Appliances

When it comes to kitchen appliances, especially ones that are stainless steel, vinegar is your best friend.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper towel
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Mineral oil (or any other food-safe oil of your choice)

This homemade cleaner is applied from a spray bottle, so mix the vinegar and oil inside the bottle of your choice and start cleaning! You can use this mixture as both a disinfectant and a cleaner, simply wiping it off with a paper towel after spraying.

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Wood Cutting Boards

While washing your wood cutting board with soap and water after every use is a good way to keep it clean, there are several inexpensive ways to maintain your cutting board to ensure its longevity. If you don’t already own a wood cutting board, we highly suggest you get one or two to ensure having the best cutting board possible. To find out the best ways to sanitize, deodorize, remove stains and simply maintain your wood board, check out this article on DIY Cutting Board-Care.

Cleaning Around Kitchen Appliances

Spots around and under your stove, refrigerator or dishwasher need particular attention. However, you’ll also need to do some scrubbing.

What you’ll need:

  • A ½ cup of baking soda
  • Liquid castile soap
  • Essential oil (for scent)

Mix these ingredients together to form a paste and start using your own homemade soft-scrub cleaners today!

All-Purpose Homemade Cleaner

Vinegar and baking-soda seem to be the winning combination and if you want to have an ultimate solution and an all-around cleaner.

What you’ll need:

  • A ½ cup of vinegar
  • 2 tbsp of baking soda
  • Essential oil (for scent)

You’ll have your very own all-purpose cleaner made from just two ingredients. Never worry about running out again!

Now that you know both the spots to focus on and the cleaners to use, grab your wood cutting board and start getting your DIY cleaners ready now!

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Choose German kitchen if You Want a Well-Decorated Kitchen Within Your Budget



German kitchen

Thinking of designing or renovating your kitchen? Though there are thousands of options in terms of designs, layouts, themes, and kitchen appliances, a major thing which is very important to consider is your available space and usage suiting your requirements.

One of the best-selling and trendiest kitchens these days is the style adopted by German Kitchen in London that brings a blend of the modern and ageless look along with functionality and efficiency. In addition, there are many other advantages of installing a German Kitchen for your home, as it will also fit into your budget.

So, let us discuss some advantages that by the modern kitchen designs that German Kitchens offer.

The “Made in Germany” Tag

The manufacturers of German Kitchens started exporting in the 1950s and today; they export their products to more than 60 nations. The key export markets for these kitchens are Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, the UK, and France. Now, these kitchens are also exported to countries like China, Russia, and the US. Made in Germany is like a hallmark of quality and this tag is more than enough for anyone around the globe to buy German Kitchens.


Advantages Derived from Engineering Traditions

Germany is popular as the land of engineers, and maybe that’s the reason that German cars are supposed to be the best. Not only in the automobile industry, if you are looking for innovative, modern kitchen designs with top quality products, then German Kitchens are the best choice. A fully-loaded kitchen involves complicated mechanics with the functionality of every drawer and cabinet working with perfection along with durability and efficiency.

The manufacturers of German Kitchens ensure that each door, drawer, and cabinet is fitted accurately. Their top-of-the-line control system, handle-less kitchen designs, and best after-sale service make them stand out amongst various kitchen manufacturers.

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Stylish Designs

Though your kitchen’s layout, functionality, and quality are of the utmost importance, style along with continuity in the kitchen’s theme is also imperative. German kitchens in London have a big range of styles, colors, designs, and other specifications that would match your modern kitchen design.

Be it a classic wood finish, trendy gloss-colored unit, or something more ageless, you’ll surely find something suiting your specific requirements.

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Perfect Functionality with Minimalist Designs

Though German Kitchens are very fancy like Italian kitchens, if you are looking for functionality along with minimalistic designs, then they are a good bet. The German philosophy is ‘Less is more’ and the ‘form follows function’ thus giving modern kitchen designs which give your perfection in terms of design and its manufacturing. That’s not all! This theory also extends to product installation and their after-sales support.

In case you are still confused, we recommend you to visit some kitchen showroom and experience the look and feel of bespoke German Kitchens at display there. Check out the brilliance and classic touch that German Kitchens London have to offer before you actually make a decision to invest in one.

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Signs That Indicate You Need To Replace Your Windows




Depending on the type of materials used, the installation process and certain factors inside the home, there may come a time when you would have to repair/replace one or more windows in your home. While visible signs of damage can warrant immediate repair, there are certain signs that can also indicate a faulty window, which needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are some such signs you need to look out for inside your home.

Signs of Visible Damage

This is probably the first indication that you need to have a window repaired or replaced. While uPVC windows last for many years, other windows tend to show signs of visible damage early on. Though some wear and tear in the form of general marks, scratches, and scuffs can be easily removed or cleaned, other signs like a cracked or rotting frame and formation of mold on the window cracks, etc. are signs that the window needs to be replaced immediately. Doing so will ensure that your home remains insulated and protected from varying weather elements.

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Signs of Cold Air and Drafts

Do you notice cold air entering the home even if all the doors and windows are closed? Chances are one or more windows in the home are not functioning properly and are letting in drafts and cold air even when they are closed. In this case, you need to ascertain the reason for the leak and get it fixed immediately. If a seal in or around a window is broken, you will need to replace it. You may also consider upgrading the window to a double glazed variant, which will be more efficient in keeping cold air and drafts out.

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Signs of Improper Functioning

Windows that do not open and close properly can be a nuisance indeed. If you find it hard to open a window and find that it shuts by itself even when you keep it open, you may have to replace it. Not only are such windows hard to work with but they can pose potential safety and health hazards for the family.

Signs of Condensation

Find tiny droplets of water collecting on the inner pane, the glass facing indoors, of the window. Chances are there is a ventilation issue that needs to be fixed immediately.  Condensation is one of the worst enemies of double glazing, as it tends to collect between two panes of the glass and reduce its efficiency. Installing high-quality windows like uPVC Casement Windows can reduce condensation and keep your home warm without any issues.

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Signs of wear on carpets, upholstery and other furnishings

Another sign that many homeowners tend to ignore as something that has nothing to do with a broken window is the fading of furniture, carpets, and furnishings in the home. The modern double glazing windows come with built-in UV protection. This feature enables the windows to block out the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevent them from entering your home. However, a faulty window will not be able to block the sun rays effectively. This, in turn, can expose the furniture and furnishings in your home to the UV rays and fade over a period.

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