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How to Hide Page or Post Title in WordPress



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In the SEO point of view, website or blog title with relevant keyword phrase is considers beneficial. But in many scenarios, the title may create a bad look in different web pages of a business website.  For instance, on the company website, it’s not good to display the title at the header of each individual web page or landing pages.

However, many pro WordPress themes already have restrictions to show the title on each page. But if you are creating a fully customized website on WordPress, you need to take some extra steps to hide Page or Post title in WordPress. Many ways are possible to hide title on the WordPress website. But we have filtered and created the best post including the top 3 ways to disable tile in WordPress pages and posts.

Let’s know—

Hide Title Manually:

You can manually hide the title of a single page or post.

  • Just access the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Now click on posts.
  • Go to required posts and remove the title there.
  • Now click on update.

Refresh the page, you will not see the title of that post.  Just go one by one to each post and pages too.  Remove title manually.

However, this way you can success hide the title. But if you have hundreds and thousands of post, you need ample time to go each and every post and pages.  Also, it may also difficult for you to find out the required pages or post without a title. So, this way may create difficulties.

Here is some other alternative to hiding the title in WordPress pages or post.

Install the “Hide Title” Plugin:

Another best and convenient way to hide the title on WordPress is to install a plugin named “Hide Title”. Once you install and activate the plugin, this will give you an option to disable title on each individual page and post.  Here are some simplest steps to follow—

  • Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Click on Post or Pages and select the particular page/post where you need to hide the title. Click on “edit”.
  • Now scroll the page and look at the Hide Title option at the right pane.
  • Just click on the option “Hide title for the single page views”.
  • Now hit the update button.

Refresh the page and see the changes.  If you don’t like this way to install an extra plugin, you can remove title through CSS. Next, you will know how to disable title using CSS?

Hide Title in WordPress By CSS:

All the above methods are undoubtedly working but need ample time consumption.  If you have a big website with 100’s pages or posts, it can never be a cup of tea for you. So, the simplest way is to control all pages and post from a single location.  Using cascading style sheet (CSS) you can hide the title from each age or post. But the down part is that it would not be an SEO friendly because search engines don’t like to hide or cover up the necessary part.

Here are the steps to hide the title in WordPress using CSS.

  • Run your website page or post in your browser.
  • Hit the key combination of Ctrl + U to view the source code.
  • Now hover the mouse on Title and search the default class for H1 “entry-title
  • Copy the class name
  • Now go to WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Click on Appearance and move straight towards the Editor
  • Search for the Style.CSS from the right pane.
  • Scroll the file up to bottom section and paste the following code .entry-title { display: none; }
  • Now save the file.

That’s it you have done a great job to remove post and page titles from just a single location. It doesn’t require much time and efforts. You just need to copy and paste a single line code.  However, you should make sure that you have default class entry-title. If you are seeing some different class on H1 title, you just need to replace “”entry-title class by your own defined class.


Hope you would like this post as you get the best way for how to hide page or post title in the WordPress website.  We are also creating some new blog post that would really be amazing and helpful for all WordPress beginners and professionals.  So, stay tuned with us.

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