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Things to keep in mind before choosing the Best CBSE School in Pune



Best CBSE School in india

The right school can make a real difference in the life of the child. There are a plethora of options which often confuses parents in choosing the right school. It’s important to know what one is looking for when it comes to picking the school. Children need a kind of environment which facilitates their learning process. So here is a list of things which one should keep in mind before enrolling in a school:

Personal Preferences

Before one even starts looking, it’s essential to decide what they think is most important for the child. When one decides what all factors they need, use the information available in pamphlets, school’s website, or in-person visits to evaluate the options correctly. One can prepare a list of the features they expect from a school to have like:

  • Great Teaching Staff
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • High expectations
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Vibrant parent-teacher association

Know The Numbers

One must contact the school’s main office and gather information like student-teacher ratio, students performance, how many of the students continue to college or employment, and many more, depending on what one finds necessary. This is important as to compare different schools and choose the best one accordingly.

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Pay A Visit

If one finds any school that seems like a good fit for the child, it’s best to visit it once. One can meet other parents or go through the school’s testimonial section to get a fair idea. Moreover, it is also vital to observe the following features of the school:


The infrastructure of schools should be planned appropriately so that it assures convenient learning and teaching. School buildings, classrooms, libraries, and playgrounds play an essential role in the school’s infrastructure. Well-equipped labs help children to perform lab activities effectively. Proper sanitation and assembly area elements that speak volumes about the overall level of infrastructure in schools.

  • Healthy Environment

Researchers suggest that a stressful environment can be a reason behind the decline in the learning capabilities of the children. If the school is vulnerable to an environment that is noisy and lacks the vital elements of an appropriate location, the understanding level gets affected. Make sure that the school has the environment is fruitful to the child.

  • Extra-curricular activities

While choosing the right school, the parents should make sure that the school does not just focus on academics but also lay importance towards extra-curricular activities. Involvement in creative activities can give an extra edge to a student as it fosters their intellectual skills. The music, dance, sports, and creative arts sessions give students a break from the long tiring classes.

Make sure to keep the points mentioned above in mind before enrolling the child in school. So if searching for the best CBSE school in Wakad Pune following are the top ones:

Mount Litera Zee School

Owned by the Essel group, this CBSE school is one of its kinds. It has excellent infrastructure and fantastic staff. The school provides knowledge to the students beyond the traditional boundaries of academic learning. It offers an environment that nurtures and enhances the learning process by maintaining high standards of academics and co-curricular activities like field trips, literary clubs, sports, Mount Litera Olympiad, and many other events and celebrations.

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The Shiishyaa School

Started in 2010, it aims to provide the best education. It has an excellent staff who is highly trained and offers an enriching experience to the students. The school provides an atmosphere that inspires a love for learning. 

Indira National School

It is the part of Shree Chanakya education society and has a significant presence in the city. They empower the students to become responsible and conscientious global citizens who as innovators and inventors, will make the world a more peaceful, tolerant, and progressive place to live.

Choosing the right school for your child can be a tough, intimidating decision. While the quality of education remains an important criterion, the opportunity to develop the child’s physical, social, and creative skills is also a key attribute that needs to be given equal importance. 

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Qualities That Make You a Competent Certified Scrum Master



Leadership is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is something that is in you. Certain people are better suited for the job of scrum masters. So many of us have misconceptions about who are scrum masters. Scrum Masters are the providers for an agile development team.

Let’s see some of the qualities that a competent certified scrum master must have: 

  1. Communication: You might think that this is something basic that every job requires. But scrum masters have the duty of comprehending, summarizing and energizing conversations. You must be able to utilize your skills effectively and present yourself. Summarizing, observing and writing is something you will have to be excellent at. 
  2. Responsibility: You are not a lone wolf. You will be in charge of leading a pack of wolves. You need to gain your squad’s trust and you must be proud to be their representative. 
  3. Appreciation: Giving your team members a sense of belongingness will not hurt you in any way, will it? You need to make your team feel valued and allow them to achieve their personal goals as well. When your team is happy, they will put in more effort into the job given to them.
  4. Be neutral: It is natural for humans to favour someone or like someone more than the others. It is unavoidable. But, when you are a representative, you need to take one for the team. You need to be neutral and not partial. You can be friends outside the workplace, but once you’re in this position, friendship is outside the workplace.
  5. A leader without powers: Remember than you are not a dictator. You cannot punish your team members when they have made an error. You need to give them a chance to correct themselves and guide them instead. A leader can force decisions, but a scrum master is a guiding force. 
  6. Detailing: Scrum masters are involved in all the decision-making processes be it for a problem or a solution. You need to be someone who strategizes and implements those decisions.  You need to be steering wheel for your car. 
  7. Multi-tasking: Usually, with a team of 7 members, you will have a lot of responsibility. You will be assigned the duty of planning, assessing and much more. You need to balance them all. If you think you can manage this, then this will be a cakewalk for you.  
  8. Check the importance: You need to know what is important and when. You need to prioritize your tasks and decide which carries more importance. You need to deliver the best MVP and succeed in maintaining good relations. 
  9. Learn to take a joke: Just like the saying, all work and no play made Jack a dull boy, similarly, a scrum master need not always be a grumpy master. Learn to be light-hearted.
  10. Problem solver: Be quick in tackling any problems that come in your path. 

It may seem like these things are hard to cope-up with. But with the right guidance, you can surely achieve it. You can be a certified scrum master with the help of StarAgile. Their motto is to guide you into becoming better versions of yourself.

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What you Need to Consider Before Choosing a Dance School?



What you need to consider before choosing a dance school?

Do you want to take your love for dancing to another level? Then it is time that you find the right dance school that can help you polish your skills and help you emerge as a great dancer.

For people, dancing is a form of art and for some; it is a way to relieve stress. Whatever the case, if you want to enhance your skills and learn new techniques the proper way, the instructor you choose will play a crucial role.

People have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a dance school. However, with more options, the more overwhelming it gets when selecting a dance school. The Best Dance School in Kolkata will provide your child with all the amenities to develop his/her skill.
With that said, here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing a dance school to pursue the hobby further.

Let’s get started.

#1 The quality of dance education

In the modern-day and age, the majority of the dance schools in Kolkata aren’t just limited to teaching and practicing just a single dance form. The best schools offer classes for a variety of dance forms and types including Bollywood Dance, Creative Dance Forms like Rabindra Nritya, and Indian Classical Dance Forms like Kathak and Bharatanatyam. Since the forms are diverse, it is important to determine whether the dance school you are opting for is capable of teaching you the dance form you want with perfection.

Dance education requires the skill of highly trained, motivated, and qualified choreographers and educators to teach and get the most out of the students. That means it requires a well-developed, age-appropriate curriculum. The majority of the dance classes rely on the skills of the choreographers and dance teachers to create guidelines, structure, choreography, and curriculum for individual classes of different types.

Thus, it is important that the dance school you choose for you or your child must incorporate experienced and quality educators. The role of experienced educators becomes highly important if there’s a specific dance form that you want to learn or master with perfection.

#2 Choose a dance school based on your goals

This is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a dance school in Kolkata. Why do you want to learn dancing? Is it to take part in dance competitions? Or want to upgrade or polish on skills that you are already aware of? Most dance schools prepare students for competitions where they enter into local, regional, and national dancing events. If you want to take part in dancing events, you would need a dance school with instructors who are dedicated to training you for the competition. On the other hand, if you just want to pursue dancing as a hobby and want to learn as many forms as you want, you can look for a dance studio, which deals in this aspect.
Some dance schools provide opportunities for young dancers to take part in top-notch training that prepares the students for a professional career in performing arts. Such schools are renowned for training critically acclaimed dancers who are now spreading the dance form in various parts of the country.

#3 The size of the class also matters

If you were training for the competition, you would want an environment where you could spend more time with the instructor. However, if the class you are in have plenty of other students as well, it will be difficult for the instructor to focus on you. So the size of the class also matters. Before you enrol for a dance class, ensure that the strength of the class is under the minimum so that you can
practice in a better environment.

On the other hand, if you are just learning how to dance, or as part of your exercise regime, the strength of the class doesn’t matter. In such type of classes, the instructors focus more on making every student move rather than correcting them. The goal of such classes is to make students sweat while having fun.

So, you need to be clear which class you will be taking.

#4 Can I watch the dance class

For parents, who are concerned about their children’s daily progress, some dance studios allow them to sit in on each and every class. This is especially for children who are just toddlers or still too small for the platform. Parents can keep an eye on their children and make sure that they are adapting the change that has been implemented in their lifestyle. Well, it doesn’t require parents to be in each and every class of their child. They are relieved once their child starts getting used to the environment and make a few friends. But still, if you are concerned about this aspect, you need to search for a dance school that allows parents to be there, at least for a couple of weeks.

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Benefits of applying for postgraduate diploma courses in Singapore



postgraduate diploma courses in Singapore

Singapore is one of the amazing holiday destinations around the world; however, it is a hub for academic excellence too. This country boasts some of the top-ranking universities, high-standards of teaching and learning, top-notch academics and state-of-the-art research facilities. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider postgraduate diploma courses in Singapore. Read more for better information:

Renowned universities: Two of Singapore’s six publicly-funded universities are one of the world’s best 100 higher educational institutions. The students get the opportunity to study in one of the best places and learn new things. Moreover, they get trained from professionals which helps them to gain success in their life.

Financial opportunities:

The colleges in Singapore offer talented students with a wide range of scholarships and tuition fee subsidy options. They welcome knowledgeable students with open arms and make their dreams come true. They make sure that the students can achieve their dreams easily. Moreover, when in Singapore, students can earn money by doing some odd jobs while studying. They can earn their living easily and enjoy a good life.

English is widely used:

When in a foreign country, it becomes very difficult to adjust to the language. When it is known that the language used in English, it becomes much easier for foreign students. As the mother tongue of many Singaporeans, English is widely spoken and it is the medium used.

Quality of Life:

One can enjoy living in Singapore as it is often named as one of the world’s safest countries. The country is known for its cleanliness and there are low crime rates that make it a beautiful place for foreign students.

The education expenses are lesser: If you compare to the different countries around the globe such as UK, USA, New Zealand, and Canada, you can find that the education expenses are quite low for postgraduate diploma courses in Singapore. One can save a lot of money while you are in Singapore. Moreover, the living expenses are also less than the other educational hubs.

Wide range of activities:

Along with the different sports facilities, the colleges at this place offer extra-curricular activities to the students. this helps the students enjoy a wide range of experiences-intellectual, cultural as well as relaxing. Moreover, the students can enjoy music, drama, science and literary societies that are offered in the colleges. There is a wide range of opportunities available for outdoor education and other leisure activities. The students can even enjoy visiting the theatres, concerts, art galleries, museums, religious centers or even historical sites. These help them to learn as well as enjoy a quality life.

The universities in Singapore accept online applications for admission procedures. You can visit each of the college’s website to apply. In most of the cases, one can make an account on the college website to provide the basic information, submit the scanned version of the documents as well as pay the application fees. One can get informed about the application process easier with the help of the account. Visit the website and ensure that you have applied to the right college.

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Five Benefits of Achieving a Master’s Degree



five master degree

A master’s degree is a higher-level degree in a specific field of study, providing individuals with practical and professional mastery of the subject. You move on to get this degree specifically when your specialization demands it and then come to the various other factors. For example, if you are completing your bachelor’s in any of the engineering subjects, such as aerospace, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering.

A master’s degree in such subjects serves you high whether you opt to be a practitioner or a teacher for which you may be utilizing STEM teaching tools.

For some, it might end up being a difficult decision to pursue a master’s degree because it is two more years of being at a university. You could find yourself stuck between starting your career and wanting to get admission for a master’s degree to be better in your field. However, you do not have to worry. We have come up with five significant benefits of achieving a master’s degree, which will help you see a clearer picture. Once you know what a master’s degree can offer you, it will be easier for you to make the decision

Career Advancement

Having a master’s degree can make you get more senior positions while applying for a job. Because once you get a master’s degree, you get practical within your field of study and become equipped with problem-solving skills.

With a master’s degree, your resume stands out, which makes it more likely to be considered seriously. More and more employers are raising their educational standards as per the need of the time. So, with a master’s degree, you are not only likely to get a better position but get it smoothly.

Moreover, with a bachelor’s degree, sometimes you are required to attend different pieces of training to get the right job positions. But if you have a master’s degree, you can get the place directly.

Rise in Salary

What better benefit than the rise in salary? It is the benefit because of which most of the students opt for a master’s degree. With a master’s degree, your potential earning increases to 35 percent in most of the jobs. The percentage increases to 65 if your major is in any of the STEM subjects. With a master’s in the medical profession, your salary gets a boost of 137 percent as compared to the individuals who only have a bachelor’s degree.

Moreover, a better salary leads to a better lifestyle. A master’s degree gets you more job opportunities too. These reasons make it essential for an individual to have a master’s degree.

Better Understanding of your Field of Study

A master’s degree provides you an in-depth knowledge of your subject. It allows you to research your chosen category. Also, a master’s degree is about enhancing your professional skill set. As per the reports, the master’s degree makes you a lifetime learner. It entails that your interest in studying and researching increases to a point where you want to gain new knowledge in your free time.

This way, a master’s degree is a fantastic way to not only advance your career with a rise in salary but also a chance to study what you love the most.If you do not have enough time to get back to a university for a master’s degree, you can check for myriad online options too.

Adds up to your Credibility

A master’s degree automatically ensures your employer that you are an individual with a professional skill set. It entails that you are a problem-solving person who knows well how to do and manage big tasks. An employer is always happy to have a person work for him who is ready to play big instead of someone who needs a lot of support to do the job efficiently. Moreover, it tells you that you know your field of study well.

Spreads your Network

One of the most significant benefits a master’s degree is the network you can build with professionals in your field of study and various industries. Often a master’s degree allows you the opportunity to intern for considerable companies in your area of interest. It leads you to make a vast social network that can assist you in kick start your work as soon as you graduate. Many of the professors at the master’s level are industry owners who can also help you out in much better ways than you can imagine.

Final Words

These benefits are strong enough to persuade anyone to go on their favorite university’s website and fill out their application, but wait! Going for a Master’s is not always beneficial for you.

It is your personal choice depending on where you stand after your bachelor’s degree. So, here is a list of questions Forbes has compiled for you to ask before you sign up for a master’s degree. Once you have chosen to walk on that path and take out two more precious years of your life to spend at a university, you cannot take it easy! So, here is what you should do before you start your classes. Pursuing a master’s degree has always been similar to that question, Shakespeare posed many years ago: To be or not to be. However, if you want to go for a master’s degree in your field, go for it! Forbes presents an article in defense of achieving a master’s degree, which might be helpful for you to read. Good Luck!

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Effective Tips that Help to Choose Best Bread Toaster



bread toaster

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of your day and it could pretty much influence the quality of the rest of your day. When it comes to breakfast, bread is not left far behind as it completes the meal and offers the much-needed carbohydrates for the day. You may love your bread toasted to perfection, but it could be challenging to have those perfectly toasted slices during the morning rush hours. This is when the need for a bread toaster comes into the picture.

One of the most useful cooking appliances to invest in is a bread toaster. If you are looking forward to buying one, here are some effective tips that can help you choose the best of the lot.

How Do You Like Your Bread?

It may sound like a simple question, but you would be surprised how specifically people answer this question. There could be different preferences for how bread is toasted for each member of your family. Hence, while choosing a bread toaster, make sure that it has different browning modes so that no one in the family is left disappointed.

Ensure Safety of Lifting Function

If you are investing in a new bread toaster, make sure that you keep the safety aspect as your top priority. Ideally, you should try and look for a high lifting function in a bread toaster so that you do not end up burning your fingers while pulling out toasted bread. It should be easily removable and allow you enough space to reach to small pieces of bread.

Consider the Slot Size

You may not buy the same variety of bread every time you visit the baker. Sometimes the bread could be thinly sliced and sometimes it could be thick. This doesn’t mean that the toaster does not allow you to toast your bread because it won’t fit in the slots. Always go for a bread toaster that has wider slots so that you can fit in any size or thickness of bread slices.

Detachable Crumb Tray

After toasting bread to the right crispness, you may have some crumbs lying down in the toaster. If you do not clean these, it could start decaying and result in hygiene issues. The best solution for this is to opt for a toaster, which has a detachable or removable tray. This will allow you to easily get rid of the crumb mess without worrying about other cleaning methods.

Multiple Functions Are a Plus

When you invest in cooking appliances, you must always look for multiple functionalities so that you can have a better return on your investment. When it comes to a bread toaster, options such as reheat function and defrost function can allow you to do much more than just toast a slice of bread. You can reheat cold toasts without burning them and thaw frozen bread with ease.

Bread toasters come at very economical prices and turn out to be great value for investment. A good quality model even comes in a compact size, which won’t use up much of your countertop space. Always ensure that you buy a bread toaster from a well-known brand that is reputed for manufacturing high-quality cooking appliances.

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