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13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You



13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

“Does She Like Me or Not?”

That’s not a question, a dilemma that every man has to encounter at some stage of his life. This is a fine thread that binds so many one-sided relationships.

Found the love of your life, but still not sure if she feels the same way. Don’t worry; today we’re going to unveil the mystery of relationship counselors. Scroll down; if you find a few of the below-pointed actions in her behavior, then she is completely into you.-

13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

  1. She Laughs At Your Weird Jokes

Is she the first one to bust out into tears of laughter, even when you’ve cracked the most stupendous joke? Admit you know it was really bad. Man, then that’s a clear-cut sign she has some sort of felling for you, and that feeling is called love.

  1. She Wants To Know More

Well, she might not ask your straightaway, but if your friend or coworker lets you know a mutual know girl was inquiring several questions, then that’s the green flag “She Is Just in Love with You,” So, it’s time to tune into Joe Jonas song Just in Love.

  1. Her Eyes Are Searching You

Caught her glaring at you and then she promptly looked here & there, with all the due experience of the Love experts out there, this is nothing but she has a crush on. Don’t let this opportunity to go by, make a move & get her number.

  1. She Just Can’t Stop Smiling

Smile is a manslayer weapon that ladies employ to take down the man she has a crush on. Is your girl constantly giving an adorable smile? Yeah! Then wait or hesitate, start a relationship, whatever you’ll say she will going to love it, and you’ll booth See Love all around you.

  1. She Wants To Know Your Relationship Status

In 21st, ladies are subtle no more, so don’t be surprised, if a girl straightway comes to ask if you have someone special in your life.

  1. Is She The First One To Like Your Posts

Does she like, share, and comment on whatever you post on your social profiles? If yes is your answer, and then be ready to embrace the new chapter of your life, which everyone wants to get in, the magical world of love!

  1. She Keeps Teasing and Picking

No matter its college love or an adult relationship, these girls have a habit of teasing and picking on her man. So, look for this sign the next time you come across her.

  1. She Wants To Hang Out With You

What’ Your Saturday Schedule?

Does that sound familiar? Man, she is dropping a quick hint that she wants to spend an evening one-on-one with you. So, the next she put forth a similar question, just say ”Nothing, But If You Are By My Side That The Day Will Be Memorable.”

  1. She is Physically Close To at Public Places

Take her for a bus or train ride, and she’ll take the seat just next to you.

  1. She Likes Talking To You

Have you ever felt that she just loves to talk to you anytime and anywhere, via social platforms? Yeah! Don’t hold back &  gradually weave your love relationship.

  1. She Touches You

Even slightly, a quick touch on your shirt to compliment you or lovingly hits you when you say something funny!

  1. Responds to You Text every time

Whenever you text, she responds promptly, even your smiley emoji, then in most likelihood suggests she likes you. And, if it happens during the odds of the day, the girl is into you.

  1. She Put Away the Phone Whenever She Sees You

Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral segment of our lives that lets us do so many things, right from shopping on the move to anytime entertainment. So, if she puts her smartphone away upon seeing you, this means the feeling is the same on both the side.

Final Thought

The above-listed signs that a woman is in love with you vary from one individual to another, so in that case, let your gut feeling make the final decision. Are you a first-time dating a girl, need advice? Contact Relationships MDD right away!

I would love to hear from you, share your experiences in the comment section.

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5 Embellishments that Makes us Fall Hard in Love with Marathi Brides




Most women love the idea of getting married so that they can wear the perfect bridal dress with the most beautiful accessories to look like visionary brides. As far as the tradition is concerned, Indian brides have never taken a step back from their signature looks and nuances that celebrate their culture, faith, and region individually.

Some brides choose to stick to the traditional “Indian bride” look, while others like to draw new ideas from old traditions. Talking about perfect brides, if you want to be a Marathi bride in the future, don’t make yourself wait anymore. These days it has become a lot easier to create an online Marathi matrimony profile and meet your perfect life partner.

Most brides opt for heavy Nauvari sarees during a traditional Marathi wedding. Some may go for monochromatic colors like purple or blue, while others stick to the classic green, yellow, and orange combinations. A few of the couples also experiment by wearing matching shades that compliment one another. Although, when it comes to accessories, Marathi women can pull off the most iconic pieces of embellishments to go with the rest of their ensemble. Don’t we all want to find a perfect match to have our dreamy wedding? You can download any popular Marathi Matrimony app and get your horoscope matched. Here are five different embellishments that the Marathi Brides pull off effortlessly, as mentioned below:

1. Mundavalya

In movies, one must have seen how Marathi brides and grooms share a string made out of pearls, gemstones, or flowers on their heads. The accessory is tied horizontally across their foreheads and hangs vertically around both sides of their faces. It’s called the Mundavalya, and both the Marathi bride and groom need to wear it along with their wedding attire. At the beginning of the wedding ceremonies, the bride prays to a silver idol of Goddess Parvati during the Gaurihar Puja ceremony. During this ceremony, the bride’s in-laws give her a heavy Paithani saree and some accessories, including the Mundavalya. She’s supposed to wear it to the wedding, marking her acceptance to the matrimony, when her maternal uncle walks her to the wedding mandap. Without the Mundavalya, the Marathi wedding doesn’t take place.

2. Crescent Moon Bindi/Tika

The small accessories and embellishments added to the wedding outfit make for the perfect final look of the Marathi bride. Also known as the Chakrador bindi, the crescent-shaped bindi is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Maharashtrian bride, perfectly underlining her face. It has been part of the Maharashtrian era since it began with the kings and queens, both wearing the half-moon-shaped tikka made out of kumkum with pride. The Marathis find true beauty in the moon’s shape, especially on the fourth day when it has a crescent shape.

3. Nath

The traditional Peshwai nath worn on the nose of the Marathi bride is a fundamental component of the outfit worn by the bride. It’s a symbol of the bride transforming into a married woman and celebrates the same fact. If the bride is planning to dress in a traditional saree such as Paithani or Nauvari, then these are various options for a nath that she could wear. One is a Karwari nath, shaped like a half-moon, or a Moti nath, made out of pearls. For a heavier look, one can wear the Brahmani nath, which is purely made out of gold and would match the rest of the bride’s jewelry if it’s in pure yellow gold.

4. Ambada

Ambada means a hair bun worn by Maharashtrian women at special events. The bun is a classic hairdo completed with a Veni Phool (hairpin), adorned in unique jewels, gemstones, pearls, or flowers to complete the whole look. The traditional Marathi bride will usually select a heavier piece of Veni Phool in gold, shaped like half of the sun, alongside beautiful flowers, neatly draped and secured around the bun. Ambada is also part of the iconic look carried by a Marathi bride, and one can easily take a look at the accessory or the bun to know for sure.

5. Hirva Chuda

Hirva Chuda are the green bangles or chuda, distributed in odd numbers in each hand along with gold bangles called the paatli. Like women in Hindu marriages wear Kangan, this is the Maharashtrian equivalent to the same ceremony. The purpose behind the Hirva Chuda is that it’s a must-wear for the Marathi bride as she steps into her newly married life. It also signifies different things because of its green color – a new beginning, prosperity, and fertility (able to bear children).


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Interesting Ideas to Decorate Your Gazebo Marquee for a Garden Party




You have set up the gazebo marquee in your garden, invited all the guests, and have ordered all the food and drinks. Now before the actual party day arrives you have some spare time and if you want to utilize that time by decorating your gazebo amazingly with some unique ideas but do not know where to begin with then just chill. We are here to discuss some awesome ideas using which you can make your gazebo marquee more party-ready. So, let’s begin.

Set Up a Drink Station inside the Gazebo Marquee

With so many people all around at the party drinks are likely to get over faster and you would not want to spend all your party time running in and out for getting the drinks, right? Then what to do? Simply set up a table, keep glasses, stirrers, various fruits, spirits, and soft drinks on it and let the guests make their cocktails. That’s all you have to do. You can also arrange a mocktail station for kids and non-drinkers.

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Your choice of lighting will play a huge role in influencing the moods of your guests. Soft and simple lights are best if you want the party atmosphere to be relaxed. You can also try out globe lights as they are on recent trends, it will create a warm atmosphere by creating a casual tone after the sun goes off. If you want to have a rock-n-roll type party then the funky color-changing LED lights with some music inside your gazebo marquee will just be awesome.

Set up Games

To keep everyone more entertained and engaged, you can arrange for some fun games inside your gazebo marquee. Set up games for both adults and kids. According to Very Well Family, some good party game ideas for kids are balloon stomp, scavenger hunt, and other such games that will keep them running, jumping. To make it more fun you can arrange for some prizes like small plastic trophies for the adults and candies and chocolates for the kids.

Arrange a Tea Party

If you are planning to hold a daytime garden party or children’s birthday party then you can implement this idea. Tea party adds more fun and a fanciful tone to such parties. It is easy to arrange a tea party, get a buffet table, cover it with a nice piece of cloth, arrange snacks like small cupcakes, sandwiches, and some chilled lemonade in teacups will be just more than enough. A white gazebo marquee goes perfectly with the theme of such parties.

Make It Comfortable                                                                        

Place all your garden furniture inside your gazebo and fill it with some cushions to make it comfier. Hang some low fairy lights to create a relaxing atmosphere. As the evening grows, night arrives, the moon is the only light and members get lessen eventually, just chill and spent some quality time with some of your close guests inside this relaxing gazebo.


These are some interesting ideas that you can try out for your garden party. But wait this does not end here; you can also try out some new and different ideas if you have them according to your convenience.

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7 Most Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas



gift wrap in box
father's day gifts

child’s happy and safe life is built on the shoulders of their fathers. Regardless of where you are or how old you are, your father’s blessings are still with you. The warmth of a father’s unconditional love is sensed by his children in unique ways. His invaluable lessons and unwavering advice allow a child to successfully navigate through difficult times. On Father’s Day 2021, make sure to remind your father how much you appreciate what he does for you. 

With thoughtful father’s day gifts curated by our in-house gift experts, you will honor his irreplaceable and important presence in your life. The exclusive father’s day gift ideas are ready to make your holiday one remember. Your father never stopped working to make you happy and provide you with the life you deserve. So, on Father’s Day, express your gratitude with a meaningful and sweet expression that he will appreciate for the rest of his life.

Unique father’s day gifts ideas 

  1. Surprise with a delicious dessert

Father’s day cakesare one of the most critical elements that you can never overlook on any occasion. This Father’s Day, there are delectable, exquisite cakes with an exquisite design that will not only surprise your father but also make his day enjoyable. So, on his special day, delight your father with the delectable taste of these cakes. 

  1. Grooming Kit

 One of the best father’s day gifts online for your father is a grooming package. You may also configure a grooming kit to meet your individual needs and budget. Shaving gel, bathrobes, skin washes, deodorants, perfumes, aftershave lotions, and a variety of other items are included in these grooming sets. Many online resources offer branded goods that can be customized to reflect a person’s specific brand preferences. 

  1. Perfumes

Perfumes and fragrances play a crucial part in developing memories that can last a lifetime. Perfumes also improve one’s self-esteem. Giving a perfume tour to your father is a smart idea and it fits under the area of everyday necessities. Surprising him with an exquisitely scented perfume would undoubtedly delight him. 

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Without a doubt, people are all wasting more time than ever on mobile. Parents are always glued to their phones. If your father enjoys watching videos at high volume while chatting on the television, it’s a good idea to get him a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. This will not only enhance his experience but will also assist him in conducting his virtual workplace sessions. 

  1. Perfumes

Perfumes and fragrances play a crucial part in developing memories that can last a lifetime. Perfumes also improve one’s self-esteem. Giving a perfume tour to your father is a smart fathers day gift and it fits under the area of everyday necessities. Surprising him with an exquisitely scented perfume would undoubtedly win him over. 

  1. Flower

Flowers are considered one of the most delightful presents for anybody, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers will surely express your sincere feelings and affection for your dad. You should make a perfect bouquet out of your father’s favorite flowers. To surprise your father, consider giving him a bouquet of chocolates and flowers. You can find a wide selection online, so even though you live in another city, you can always surprise your father by sending fathers day flowers to your hometown, whether it’s Hyderabad, Delhi, or Mumbai. 

  1. Plants with Buddha Statue

If you’re still undecided about which gifts for fathers day to offer your father, consider imaginative statues such as a Buddha idol. He will have it on his desk at work or on his nightstand at home. This thoughtful gift would undoubtedly make him happy. Plants can be an outstanding present for a father on any rare or ordinary occasion. If you choose plants as a gift for your father, he will adore this idea. Plants, both indoor and outdoor, are a popular choice for adding a bit of nature and good vibes to the home. Bonsai, bamboo, Aloe Vera, and a variety of other plants can be given to your dear father to bring a breath of fresh air to his room or office.


The fathers day gifts ideas mentioned above will undoubtedly express your heartfelt message to your dad on Father’s Day.

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Health Benefits Of Intimate Life



Health Benefits Of Intimate Life

Intimate is an essential part of a healthy life. It builds trust and makes you feel value. Build true partnerships & deepen the bonds you share with your loved ones. This is intimacy. Yes, it’s sometimes about physical health, but it’s an undeniable connection that has the greatest impact on our lives and health.

Not only can couples get offspring or physical satisfaction, having love regularly is said to provide many health benefits for the body.

Intimacy improves your health.

Being intimate regularly boosts your immune system. Your body’s defenses work and help prevent infections. The risk of heart disease & prostate cancer. Wrinkle for at least 30 seconds daily if you want to improve dental hygiene.

Intimacy helps you live longer.

A healthy sexual relationship can extend your life for up to eight years. You can enjoy great relationships, have frequent love, and therefore live longer. It’s getting better. Marriage improves your chances of living a longer & healthy life. Your wife is a life partner, a member of a tribe. And people with tribes live longer & suffer from any health illnesses.

Intimate keeps you happy.

Less stress, better sleep, & more rest will make you happier. They release good hormones that give you a natural height & a sense of intimacy with the people around you. Physically, the muscles relax and relieve tension if you are looking for Vilitra 20 easy way to improve your physical health.

Increase endurance

A study published in the journal entitled Psychological Reports states that having once or twice a week can significantly boost the body’s immune system. Regularly, the body will experience an increase in an antibody called immunoglobulin A in saliva and mucosal lining. This can make us better at preventing the flu or colds.

Good for heart health

Men who have regular intercourse will reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 45 percent lower. This is caused by physical activity, which can help increase heart rate, and this will have a good impact on the health of one of these internal organs.

Lowering blood pressure

The fact that women who have regular intercourse will experience a decrease in blood pressure. This will reduce the risk of developing hypertension and heart problems.

Overcoming pain

Many people choose not to make love when they have a headache. It was stated that having love can reduce pain caused by migraines or other headaches. In this study, 60 percent of people who suffered from migraines experienced less pain after physical activity. This is said to be related to the release of endorphin hormones during love which can relieve pain.

Reducing the risk of prostate cancer

Men who regularly make love and get ejaculate will significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer. By getting ejaculated, we will also get rid of various carcinogens or cancer triggers in the prostate.

Improve sleep quality

If you have trouble sleeping at night or insomnia, having love regularly is said to help overcome it. Having will make the body release chemical compounds such as oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins that can help us fall asleep immediately.

You are strengthening your emotional bond & demonstrating your commitment to partnership. Respect yourself & extend the same respect to your partners, friends, and loved ones. And remember … have fun! You can enjoy these moments and Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to improve intimate life!

You already know that they make you physically, but these intimate acts have great health benefits beyond the physical.

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List of Mother’s Day Gifts You Can’t Ignore in 2021



Mother's Day
mothers with baby

Mother’s Day is a holiday observed in many parts of the world to show reverence, honor, and affection for mothers. The day is an occasion to recognize the contributions of mothers, the efforts of maternal ties, and the importance of mothers in our society. While different countries observe the holiday on different occasions, the most popular months for celebration are March or May. Mother’s Day, including other holidays such as Father’s Day, Siblings Day, Grandparents Day, and others, is a collaborative effort. It is a day that reminds people of the importance and significance of mothers in their lives, and it is observed as a day to pay particular attention to the motherly figures in their lives. Here are some list of Mother’s Day gifts that you can’t ignore in 2021.

For the Mother Who is THE CHEF IN THE FAMILY?

If you enjoy your mother’s traditional and innovative recipes, show her how grateful you are for her culinary skills by getting her a personalized Mother’s Day apron. Our designs range from “world’s sweetest mummy” to “star baker” or “queen baker” ideas influenced by Bake Off. You can add a special photo or catchphrase to her apron to make it stand out even more. Everyone would love a personalized gift; this gift would be the best Mother’s Day gift as It is a personalized one that she will love to wear around the home.

A Beautiful Bouquet of Her Favorite Flowers Set in a Bouquet

Flowers spread passion, happiness, and joy while also satisfying the recipient to the greatest extent possible. As a result, you can pick a bouquet containing her favorite flowers. Furthermore, each arrangement has a different effect on the recipient, so you can choose the one you believe your mother would enjoy.Flowers provide an opportunity for that special woman in your life to pause and reflect amid an otherwise hectic schedule. Order some Mother’s Day flowers bouquet for your mom on their special day.

A Customized Photo Cake

A cake with a picture of your mother on top would undoubtedly warm your mother’s heart. Moms, apart from being the toughest lady, have the sweetest heart and can understand even the smallest of your gestures. You can make it even more unique for your mother by ordering her favorite cake flavor.Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal ties, and mothers’ presence in society.Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal ties, and the influence of mothers in society. Spend the special moments with your mom by ordering a Mother’s Day cake for the special day.

A gift for relaxation.

Get her one of our personalized photo candles to help relieve her everyday tension and worries. She will use it to find peace and concentration – a perfect way to recharge her batteries after a long day. You can make a truly unforgettable gift by combining a refreshing summer breeze fragrance with a thoughtful or humorous image. The aroma of the candles will help to soothe the tension that she has. This is one of the best Mother’s day gifts that she will love.When candles are lit, they can elicit feelings of solitude and tranquillity. They will aid in stress reduction and self-awareness. In reality, some people, such as Yoga instructors and meditation practitioners, use candlelight to help them reach a meditative state more easily.

A piece of jewelry

When it comes to accessories, we also have a range of simple but affordable jewelry that is ideal for Mother’s Day. Browse our elegant necklaces and earrings to delight her with a lovely and delicate jewelry gift she won’t predict.Jewelry is not a purchase; it is an investment that can increase in value. The ties or attachments cannot be used in your outfit and you must maintain its appearance. When you give away jewelry, you still get a lot of compliments on the attention to detail. This would be the most valuable Mother’s day gift idea.

 Final verdict.

Along with these best Mother’s day special gifts, remember to write your thoughts on a piece of paper or a card. This gesture would immediately win your mother’s heart.

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How to Deal with Present Singles Chat Line Partner’s Love Life?



Chat Lines for Singles

There are different mindsets of people in Arizona and finding a partner for dating can be challenging at times. To simplify this, top chat lines for Singles in this state offer the safe and secure option to find locals. Well, are you dating single men or women at trusted free chat lines in Arizona, however still not overcome from the ex-partner’s thought?

Many callers secretly follow the social media of ex-partner or think of the day and night. So, are you sailing in the same boat and now do not feel like dating anyone after a breakup with her/him you met through the traditional dating option?

Are Relationships with Ex Affecting Present Life?

Being an eligible Singles are you back into the dating world without moving on from your past relationships? If there’s a bit of doubt that you are not over from a past relationship and is not impacting your existing love life? Experts from the largest chat line for Singles in North America have expert tips that are listed below:

1. ​It Takes Time

Nobody can move from a breakup in a single day. Every individual takes their time to analyze the situation, think about what all went wrong, and conclude something. Be patient and yourself ample time to accept the reality of the situation. This will help in healing your heart. Avoid stepping into another relationship if you are still with the past.

2. ​Date for the Exact Reason

Often Arizona Singles men/women force themselves to believe that they have moved on from their past relationships. So, just to distract themselves, they step into the new relationship. Some do this to make their ex feel jealous. However, by doing things like this; individuals accidentally play with their feelings. Sooner or later they realize that are still clinging to their past and thus, end up messing with existing life with the partner they met via Livelinks Chat Line Number.

 3. ​Avoid Comparing Yourself with Others

Do you feel jealous of your friend who has already moved on in life and happily engaged in lasting relationships with a perfect partner? And you still struggling to find one compatible date you can share your hidden desires, explore wildest fantasies and enjoy erotic conversation with someone who is just like you. Well, the first thing here is to keep in mind is that you should avoid comparing yourself with any others. Livelinks chat line for Singles gives the safest option to find a date of your choice then why wait and compare yourself with any other. Join the fun today!

4. ​Stay Positive

The key to moving on in relationships is staying positive in life, suggests an expert from the Arizona Chat Lines.  When going through a rough phase of life, keep reminding you – everything is a temporary phase and gradually things are shifting for good reasons. Whatever has happened in the past should just become a lesson for the future. Things from the past should not be repeated in the present or future.


Past relationships with local Singles in Arizona or any other state leave behind a road of emotional baggage. This is one thing that every single man or woman can’t be mentally prepared to deal with. Undoubtedly, emotional baggage is a part and parcel of a past relationship, especially when ended on a bitter note. It is advised by the Livelinks Singles Chat Line team not to move on unless completely overcome from the old relationship. This may lead to a severe impact on partners, sooner or later.

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How Parental Conflicts Affect A Child’s Health



family related foto
family therapy

Many couples may think that the effect of their arguments and conflicts are limited to them only. Not true.

High levels of disagreement, aggression, raised voices and abusive language have a catastrophic effect on the children. They are at risk for mental and physical health issues.

If you have an argumentative relationship with your partner, seek couples and family therapy. A properly trained therapist can help you and your partner resolve chronic conflicts, discover underlying problems, and provide you with tools to replace toxic communication patterns with healthy ones.

Effects Of Parents’ Conflict On Children’s Health

Children whose parents often fight regularly may suffer from the following problems:

  • Aggressive Behavior

The effects of parents’ conflicts on children can be very devastating. Children who see their parents fighting ugly will mirror the behavior. They learn that the only way to solve any problem is through aggression.

Regular destructive disagreements at home can stunt children’s development of problem-solving skills of children.

  • Health Issues

Children who see their parents fighting constantly feels guilty, anxious, stressed and helpless. These feeling can lead to chronic stress and clinical depression. Studies suggest children are at risk of developing sleep disorders, eating disorders and phobias.

Children who belong to volatile households are also at a higher risk of using and abusing substances.

  • Low Performance At School

The tense atmosphere of the home hinders children’s mental development and growth. Studies show these children have below average academic performance. Also, their immunity system of the children is comprised by the stress of parents’ fighting and frequently miss school due to illness. This makes keeping up with school instruction difficult.

  • Emotional Strain

According to the experts, a high-conflict home environment impedes a child’s cognitive development. They feel emotionally stressed by watching episodes of physical and emotional abuse in their home. Witnessing the parent’s fights at the early stage of life may develop emotional insecurity in the children. They can suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. This affects their friendships and, later in life, their careers.

  • Not Able To Make And Keep Relationships

A child who grows in a dysfunctional family is limited in experiencing the positive aspects of life. They may see fights, disagreements and physical abuse as the norm. As a consequence, they find it difficult to trust and maintain a good relationship with others.

What Should You Do?

If you think your fighting is out of control, seek family therapy for the sake of your children and their future.

Author’s Bio: Sunny Skousen is an experienced writer who has over 20 years of experience in ghostwriting, blogging, journalism, speech writing, and content marketing. She specializes in writing about Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Faith-Based Counseling, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Grief/Loss and Trauma, Supervision and Consultation, and more!

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Christmas Cake Gifts With Doorstep Delivery in Oman



Christmas Cake Gifts With Doorstep Delivery in Oman
Christmas Cake Gifts With Doorstep Delivery in Oman

Christmas is the time for warm, freshly baked cakes that smell like magic and home. The joy of giving and receiving cakes have held an irreplaceable spot in the Christmas traditions every year. You can send Christmas cakes to Oman and keep the tradition alive this year too!

People worldwide are cautious with their Christmas plans in 2020, but Christmas inspired cakes are one aspect of Christmas you don’t have to compromise.

1) The Ethereal Black Forest

Set the mood for Christmas with a moist chocolate sponge cake that has plump cherries floating on a sea of whipped cream snow. The chocolate shavings give the added crunch of happiness 2020 needs! Sending a Christmas themed black forest cake to your loved ones will make a wholesome surprise.

Image for post

2) Cupcakes for the Win

Cupcakes are mini muffins that decided to deck up for Christmas. Surprise your family this festive season with a box of mouthwatering Christmas cupcakes to spread some smiles. If you are looking for a quirky option, Minion themed cupcakes will make the Christmas morning memorable for the kids!

Image for post

3) Divine Cake Jars

Some pleasures are underrated! Like diving into a cake jar and letting the layers melt in your mouth. A red velvet cake jar is Christmas sealed in a glass jar and Santa’s favourite too! You can also let a friend know that they are remembered this Christmas with a rainbow cake jar.

4) Butterscotch Goodness

The buttery goodness of a butterscotch cake with the pop of caramel topping will be a beautiful addition to a Christmas memory. For the non-chocolate lovers, this cake is the perfect choice when you send Christmas cakes to Muscat.

Image for post

5) Fruit Cake and Traditions

Christmas is never complete without a crumbling fruit cake with dried fruits and nuts. Apt for extended family, your loved ones will appreciate this traditional gift.

If you don’t want the traditional option, there’s something Christmassy about a strawberry cheesecake or add a twist with a Kit Kat wrapped fruit cake.

6) Team Chocolate Cake

The moist and gooey chocolate cake with sweet cherries to garnish has an undeniable place of honour when it comes to Christmas inspired cakes. Chocolate cakes make versatile choices for everybody as they carry the magic and charm of Christmas.

7) Elegance of a Red Velvet Cake

A cake always adds the touch of lightness and warmth to Christmas festivities. When you gift a red velvet cake with vanilla toppings, you give people a reason to smile a little wide. Send Christmas cakes to Oman and kick start the festivities earlier!

8) Age-old Adorable Vanilla Cakes

A simple and classic vanilla cake with Merry Christmas written in red frosting will never lose its old school charm. When you are confused with too many Christmas cake options, touching basics will be a good idea.

Image for post

You can send Christmas cakes to Muscat from wherever you are in the world. Pair it with some flowers and chocolates to make your loved ones feel cherished. 2020 is the right year to start celebrating the things that really matter!

At giftsonclick, we understand your sweet desires and we leave no cream un-whisked to bring you all the sweetness no matter where you are in Muscat.

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The 5 Positive Benefits of Using a Dating App



The 5 Positive Benefits of Using a Dating App

Dating can be a nerve-wracking thing for most people. The idea of meeting someone know and being yourself and hoping that they end up liking you is all just too much for some people to take. Which s why with the introduction of online dating, and thanks to the growth of some of the best hookup apps, finding a special someone has become easier than before. But yet some people still have their reservations about using a dating app and meeting new people on i.t and rightfully so. But it isn’t all bad. Here are the 5 positive benefits of using a dating app.

 #5- Pick and Choose your preference

 Dating apps allow you to choose how you look for in your love interest. You can set specifications to age, area, and even distance away from you. There are also categories of interests that you can tick off, and that helps you find common ground with the person you matched with. This will make things easier in terms of matching with someone relatable, or if you prefer, to match with someone who is polar opposites of you.

 #4- Break the Ice

 Once you match with someone on a dating, really you are just getting started. Nothing is set in stone. You usually have to talk with them and get to know them, even if briefly, on the app. Then if things go smoothly, ideally you would set a date and time for a proper in-person meet-up. But before committing to an in-person meetup, use your time on the app to break the ice with your match. Get most of the boring table talk out of the way so you can break the ice and get an idea of who this person is, and if you like them or not. But don’t say too much, you want to leave something for the actual date.

 #3- A confidence boost

For some people, a lot of these apps serve as confidence boosts. Which isn’t a bad thing. We all have those moments where we will down and out on our luck. Even if you don’t intend to meet the people you match with, actually matching with someone serves the same as the flattery you feel when someone compliments how you look. It won’t hurt to try.

 #2- No strings attached

 The beauty of dating apps is that it’s literally no strings attached. Most of them are free to join. And you don’t have to sign anything that says you are forever embedded to the person you match with. In fact, you don’t even have to meet the person. Worst case scenario, if along the line you change mind, you can simply unmatch.

 #1- Everyone’s doing it

And that’s not to say “if everyone jumped off a bridge, I should do the same?” No, definitely not. But the idea is the options are out there, so you’re chances of meeting someone cool and someone you like is high.

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What Parents Should Know About Sex Trafficking



What Parents Should Know About Sex Trafficking

Gone are the days when kids and parents had strong bonding. Now, technology has minimized communication between family members, and everyone prefers to use a mobile phone than talking with each other. Our fresh generation, which is also known as Z Gen, is not easy to control. The most common reason is that it’s a digital era, and parents can stay with their children 24/7. Here, this situation leads our children to the evil side of technology. Excessive internet usage opens the door to cyber threats and increases the chances of danger exposure.

The most growing online danger is sex trafficking worldwide. It also refers to modern slavery and makes teens do commercial sex acts. Sex traffickers target teenagers and use different tricks to persuade them, including debt bondage, threats, violence, etc.

Here, we will discuss modern slavery and the solution (android spy) to protect teens from sex traffickers.

Sex Trafficking – The Definition

It refers to human trafficking for sexual abuse. Online sex traffickers usually target grooming kids and force them to do commercial sexual activities.

Many cases were reported about such abusive activities, and these happen through social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Statistics – Human Trafficking 

Lack of communication between parents and kids has increased the chance of online abuse because our new generation wants to share the insecurities with someone. They often find such friends on social networking sites and build a strong bond. Later, such friendship leads to threats, debt bondage, etc.

Find out about the victims and learn about the growing percentage.

1 – 80% of human trafficking happens for commercial sexual activities.

2 – Most victims of sex trafficking are girls.

3 – In the last few years, 6000 kids have been rescued from online threats and frauds.

4 – Chat rooms are the common source to target teenagers.

5 – Sex traffickers 30% use advertisement posts to attract girls and women’s attention.

Social media is like a weapon that can harm our children within seconds. But we can protect them by using spying tools and monitor their online activities. They have no idea whom they should believe and what they should talk about with strangers. But the first step to guarding the kids is communication.


Read the next section to find out.

Talk Openly – Tell the Teens About Potential Dangers 

In this technology era, we can’t let the kids go on their way. We should communicate with them about internet usage and what are cyber etiquettes. When a child uses internet in excess, it enables them to explore every site, whether its appropriate or not. Parents need to talk openly about sex trafficking and its consequences.

Use Android Spy App – Shield the Children from Commercial Sexual Acts

Parents need to install the android spyware to check the online activities of kids because sometimes teens hide text abbreviations. It requires installation on the target phone, then it allows the end-user to access the social media profiles. The end-user can easily read the text messages, IMs, hack the contacts, listen to the call recordings, etc. If anyone tries to reach the kid online, parents can easily detect and stop interaction with strangers. Location-based services also help a lot and allow the parents to track location plus set the safe or unsafe zones.

Final Thoughts 

Sex traffickers post commercial sex activities on the dark web and earn thousands of dollars. Such online threats make the kids do illegal activities and harm their mental health. Sometimes, human traffickers use violence to harm children physically, especially girls. But now, we can protect them using the android spy app. These non-intrusive apps work in the background and do not give any clue to the target device user.

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