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What are the main skills you need to acquire to be a successful SEO person?



Skills you need to acquire to be a successful SEO person

Quick question:

How can you increase your site’s visibility? Make it more accessible to your audience, without having to over-spend your budget on paid marketing campaigns? Simple. By implementing organic (non-paid) techniques that push up your website’s ranking in the search engine results — increasing its exposure and boosting its profits.

As we all know, a greater engagement rate naturally leads to a greater conversion rate.

Therefore, if you want to divert more traffic to your brand’s landing site and gain more revenues, then you need to partner with the top search engines (preferably Google), and get on their good side, ASAP. An effective SEO strategy will surely take you there. And, if you’re not familiar with this trending practice, then the following post will help make it clear. Just stay tuned.

Stats & Facts:

According to the recent stats gathered on Junto, almost 70 – 80% of internet users prefer to click on an organic search result, rather than going for a paid one. Not only that, 57% of B2B marketers admit to the fact that search engine optimization and its whorl of techniques succeed in generating higher leads than any other marketing gimmick.

What does this research show you? That learning about SEO and becoming an expert in this field will grandly benefit you on a personal level and your brand on a professional one.

Now, the idea of becoming a successful SEO expert may seem a bit daunting at first, given the whimsicalities of the ever-evolving search engine algorithm. However, with positive motivation and effective planning, you can totally master the ins and outs of this dynamic art, and become a big marketing fish in the commercial pond. Let us look at some of the core values that would sum up to make you a successful SEO person.


Confusion and convolution is something that people, in general, tend to avoid. Especially the present generation, which has a multiplicity of options on the web to choose from and really delicate attention spans. If your website is not niche-specific or is an echo of some competitor, then it’ll only mislead the search engine and the web users, regardless of whichever strategy you try to implement.

No, what you need is clarity. This is the real mark of an SEO expert. Here’s what you can do for your brand’s site:

  • Categorize your Main Niche — In order to amplify the visibility of your site, you need to blow away the confusing fog and put its core idea inside a clear frame. This will be your niche—the category or the theme your brand falls under. Remember to select a niche that is talked about on a certain level, yet not properly explored. Once you choose it, highlight it properly. Tell people candidly what is it that you’re particularly talking about and why they need to hear you out?
  • Research for a Specific Gap — Once you decide the niche you’ll be focusing on, it’s time for some hardcore research around the market. Check to see how your competitors are doing and what sort of responses they’re getting. You can conduct this search online, or even ask about it on social forums – all you need is a good internet connection. The point is to carefully analyze their marketing tactics, find the loopholes, and then come up with a rationale of your own. This will be your research gap. It will establish your authenticity.
  • Compose a Particular Buyer Persona — The present times are pretty consumer-centric. People have the power to make or break a business. So, you MUST keep your buyer in mind while formulating your brand’s strategy. An SEO expert specifically knows about the traffic they’re targeting. Imagining an ideal buyer persona might get you on the focused track.
  • See what Google Likes for Certain — What a search engine has to say about your site matters a lot too. If you don’t follow its updates or policies, it’ll drop you down in ranks and your site will never see the light of day. Investigate the particular set of criteria which Google has set for sites in 2019 and then craft your SEO strategy around it.
  • Find Relevant Keywords — Keywords are like the windows to your website. These are the actual search terms, which people type in the bar of a search engine whenever a question pops on their mind. If Google finds such sophisticated terms incorporated in your site cleverly, it’ll automatically increase your ranking and make your site visible to the users who type those particular keywords in the future. Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Moz, etc are good keyword resources, in case you’re wondering.
  • Craft Hooking Content — How would you feel if you clicked on a game-review site and find medical supplies listed there? It would put you off, right? Similarly, the importance of relevant, niche-focused, keyword-friendly and unique content can never be stressed enough for an SEO expert.
  • Reach out to the Perfect Linkers — Your promotional strategies need to follow a proper order as well. For instance, you’re selling baked products. Would it suit you better to hit high-authority food blogs, or would you get better backlinks from the gaming sites? Obviously, the first option. Therefore, even in your SEO outreach, you should stay focused and know exactly whom to contact for support.

The point is that if you want to become an SEO expert, then you should embrace order, organization, authenticity, and clarity. If the focus of your brand’s site is chaotically spread here and there, you will never be able to reach higher levels of optimization as regards the search engine.


People’s tastes and likes are constantly evolving. If at one time they like long-form detailed text-book like blog posts, at another time, they’d prefer short and pithy articles. Right now, they love consuming video content, because it is sensational and less time-taking. If you wish to be an SEO expert, you should know everything about the current trends in the market. You should be able to predict what might come in the future. Try to:

  • Use dynamic online resources like Google Trends to stay updated about the general tendencies of your target audience. See what is being searched the most and why?
  • Make extra use of social media channels, because those are practical all the rage these days. Live videos, ‘stories’, Snapchat filters, influencer posts, and Twitter wars will tell you a lot about the behavioral patterns of the Millennials and Generation Z-ers. See which trends you can emulate into your strategy and how you can make them your own?
  • Get your hands on the latest permutations of technology which are making headway with the users, like Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality.

Everything comes down to the necessity of you being trend-oriented if you wish to become an SEO expert.


You need to understand one thing. Because this is ‘organic’ search marketing, it is going to take some time to bring in profitable results. You cannot expect it to be an overnight, get-rich scheme. What’s important is that you stay patient, rational and tenacious in your efforts to optimize your site for the search engine. Even if you see certain downfalls at first, don’t let them be the deciding factors of your ultimate success.

An SEO expert learns from trials and errors and keeps on strengthening his or her grip on the whole umbrella phenomenon — including a basic designing sense, a bit of coding know-how or attention-grabbing writing techniques etc.

In conclusion, the road to becoming an SEO expert is laden with the aforementioned core steps. Once you master them, you will be able to experience a new digital marketing avenue. Trust me!

After completing her English Literature degree in 2017, Sijdah, set out for a professional career as a Content Marketer so she could feed all 7 of her cats and work towards her ambition of opening an animal shelter one day. She works as a social worker as well as a cat whisperer in her free time - contributing to spreading awareness about child and animal abuse. She also aspires to be an author/ poet like Sylvia Plath and Charlotte Bronte.


Building up Your Employees is the Key to Retention




Retention of a beneficial employee is a major concern of HR experts and business administrators. It is more proficient to retain a quality employee than to select, train and arrange a substitution worker of similar quality.

Critical Issue to the organization

A critical issue that organizations face is how to retain the employees or how often they can provide Employee retention training program and procedure to retain the employee?

Organizations must envision approaching deficiencies of by and large ability just as a setback of representatives with the specific skills expected to remain in front of the challenge.

Key reasons a focus on reducing turnover bodes well:

  • Turnover is exorbitant.
  • Unwanted turnover influences the exhibition of an organization.
  • As the accessibility of talented representatives keeps on diminishing, it might turn out to be progressively hard to hold looked for after workers.

A comprehensive employee retention training program can play an essential job in both drawing in and holding key employee’s, just as in lessening turnover and its related expenses.

Why do employees leave from an organization?

Employees leave associations for a wide range of reasons. Some get an alternate line of work, some return to class, some pursue a life partner who has been moved to an alternate area, some resign, some blow-up about a business-related or individual issue and quit on the drive, and so forth.

Different components incorporate Job disappointment, better options, planned change,(like life partner move), onsite offers, some negative involvement with the workstation.

Why employees remain

As significant for what it’s worth to comprehend the reasons that drive workers to leave an association, it is similarly as imperative to comprehend why profitable representatives remain.

Leaving an occupation would require cutting off or revising these social and worth systems. Subsequently, the more installed Employees are in an association, the more probable they are to remain.

Key Retention Strategies and Best Practices

Practices that contribute to retention emerge in every aspect of HR and all jobs inside an association should cooperate to create and actualize multifaceted Employee retention training and methodologies. Broad-based and targeted strategies, or a mix of both, might be suitable relying upon the conditions.

Effective practices

Viable practices in various regions can particularly amazing in empowering an association to accomplish its retention objectives. These regions include:


Enrollment practices can strongly influence turnover, and impressive research demonstrates that giving candidates a reasonable activity review during the enlistment procedure positively affects the retention of those new contracts.


Turnover is frequently high among new workers. Socialization rehearses conveyed using a vital on boarding and assimilation program can enable new hires to end up inserted in the organization and therefore bound to remain.

Training and development

If representatives are not offered chances to ceaselessly refresh their abilities, they are progressively disposed to leave.

Employee engagement, Compensation, and rewards

Engaged employees are satisfied with their jobs, enjoy their work and the organization, believe that their job is important, take pride in their company, and believe that their employer values their contributions. A respectful treatment of all employees at all levels;

Connected with representatives are happy with their jobs, make the most of their work and the organization, accept that their activity is significant, take pride in their organization, and awards with pay compensation and rewards for their work make them retain in their job.

Trust on Employee

Create trust between employee and organization and provide opportunities to use their skills and capacities at work. Most of all give job security to your employee. This makes them retain their job.

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Things to Keep In Mind before Opening a Gaming Lounge



guaranteed loans

The touch of technology has helped many industries in growing and gaming sector is not an exception here. For many people all over the world, gaming offers an ideal door to escape their boredom and kill stress. This is the reason why today many people have been seeing this interesting sector as a medium to earn money. There has been a gradual increase in the number of gaming lounges nowadays.

With a well –equipped gaming lounge, you can earn a good amount of money every month. But, like any other business, there will also be challenges that you will have to overcome. Hard work and determination is required in every business, so you cannot take it lightly on any note. Now, we have prepared a list of useful tips that can help you in opening a successful gaming lounge. So, let us get started.

Do complete RESEARCH

The first thing that you need to do is complete research of the market before you come up with a fixed decision. Search for the appropriate area where you can enjoy a good influx of audience for your lounge. While deciding the location, you have to take a few aspects into consideration. Here are some of the major ones:

  • The paying capacity of the resident
  • Target a youth exposed area
  • Focus on the parking feasibility
  • Make sure that the place is easily reachable

Go with MULTIPLE platforms

Nowadays, the gaming community is not just limited to the joystick boxes. Today, there are different options for people to choose from in the market. Thus, it is necessary that you set a lounge with various platforms so you don’t get an audience of only one particular platform. Go with PC, console (play station, Xbox), virtual reality devices and also traditional arcade machines. Well, installing all the equipment on your gaming lounge can cost you a good amount of money. So, you can arrange the funds by applying from a direct lender where you can get guaranteed loans.

Ambience matters the most

Gamers will be flocking your lounge to relax, socialise with friends and have fun. Thus, you have to ensure that your space does not get crowded and the people can enjoy without congestion. Space should be well air-conditioned and the sitting arrangement is properly done. If your gaming lounge is new and spacious, then your new customer will be your returning customer next time, for sure.  Also, provide a sitting arrangement for the people waiting for their turn. This way, they can patiently wait and relax in the meantime.

Have FACILITY of food and beverages

Well, it is normal that people will be in your gaming lounge for multiple hours, so provide the facility of food and beverages as well. Gamers play for multiple hours and it is quite obvious that they will need something to drink or chew down. Thus, if you don’t offer such facility, then they will surely flock somewhere else after a few hours.  Now, this is something a big loss for your business. Hence with even a normal arrangement of basic food and beverages options, you will generate high revenue from your gaming lounge. Make sure that all the items that you will be keeping are fresh and affordable.

Be EFFICIENT in your business

Competition is everywhere, you cannot escape. Now, there will be other gaming lounges and cafes around the locality. So, you have to offer quality service and that too with maintaining the price. If not done, your precious customers will simply change their direction and head towards other options. Also, keep sure that all your equipment is in good condition and are well maintained. If you see any signs of defect or malfunctioning in your gaming equipment, then get it repaired ASAP or replace them. No gamers will tolerate lagging or glitch while playing games, so make sure that your customers are enjoying a smooth experience. There is a golden rule of business- downfall in the quality of your service mean reduction in the number of customers loans.

Wrapping up, these were the overall tips that can help you establish a successful gaming lounge and make good money.

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Manufacturing Process of Sand Casting



Manufacturing Process of Sand Casting

The process of sand casting can be traced as far back into history as 1000 BC. Obviously, a lot of the process has improved over time, but the crux of the process remains the same. Qualified Sand Casting Company near your house will also use the same metals that were being used for thousands of years. The method of taking a mould of any shape desired by the person and pouring metal into it is the oldest known casting process. These molds made up of sand are relatively cheap, and a very high percentage of metal castings are produced in this manner.

Why the Process is Called Sand Casting?

The process is called sand casting because the metal is poured into a mold that is made up of sand which has been compressed and compacted to give it the desired shape. The sand contains some other bonding agent like clay to hold the structure together so that when the metal is poured into the cavity, it does not collapse.

Steps of the Manufacturing Process of Sand Casting

  • Make the desired pattern which you want to use as a mold. The mold should have the ability to facilitate thermal contraction and expansion. You need to place the pattern in the sand to be able to create the mold.
  • After the mold has been created, the manufacturers will incorporate it into a gating system which will allow the metal to be poured into the mold. This is also required so that the gases that are produced by the heating metals can have an escape route and the contracting or expanding nature of the metal can be handled.
  • The pattern started being created which includes the pathway for the metal to be poured is made up of materials like wood, synthetics, expandable polystyrene (EPS) and also other metals; the material that is being used depends upon the volume and the tolerance.
  • When the manufacturer is creating the mold, they will keep in mind that the sand, including the binding material, will be strong enough to hold the shape of the metal with the pattern that is being created. It must also be brittle and have so that it can be broken down when the metal solidifies to get the final product. To achieve this perfect state, the manufacturer takes great care because this is the crux of the process.
  • The manufacturer will select the binding agents that must be mixed with sand to get the perfect mold. To make the process more functional generally, the mold is created in two pieces. The top part is called the cops while the bottom is referred to as the drag. A refractory coating is also added to increase the durability of the mold.
  • The metal is tilted and poured into the mold, and there are many variations to this process. Special care is taken by the manufacturer to pour the metals that heavily react with oxygen.

Sand Casting is a process that has been going around for centuries whose operation can be trusted as it has been perfected over time.

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How Leadership Training Helps Job Seekers In Dubai?



Benefits of leadership training for job seekers in Dubai

Dubai, being a business hub, is considered as one of the most suitable places for business start-ups or expanding your business. The favourable taxation rules, along with other appropriate factors, Dubai is undoubtedly a place to consider, for business.

This, in turn, has led to lots of job opportunities for fresh and experienced individuals. People from all over the world and especially Asia has turned towards UAE to explore great career opportunities.

Thus, lots of professional training companies in Dubai has launched specialized management training according to the needs of job seekers and organizations.

Benefits of leadership training for job seekers in Dubai

Leadership training programs are the need of an hour. This is because many new and existing businesses in Dubai and around prefer looking for people who have sufficient knowledge about leadership.

This, once known by the job seekers, can provide great benefit to job hunters, as they can instantly enroll in one of the leading leadership training program and improve their hiring chances.

Here are the advantages of seeking professional leadership training from an institute.

1. They ensure job empowerment

Leadership programs are designed in a way to increase your chances of employment. They mainly focus on the organizational needs that are required by companies. They tend to train you for the companies and teach you skills that are needed to excel in the job market.

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2. Teaches you ways to succeed

A good leader is not only the one who knows the way but the one who can effectively show it to others too. Having exceptional leadership qualities in a candidate is sure to add another star in your pocket.

Effective leadership training programs guide you towards ways that can lead to your success as a person or as an employee.

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3. A great way of personality grooming

Leadership is more than knowing and showing the way to your colleagues or sub-ordinates. Leadership skills are also essential for your personal development.

These management training programs train you to be a confident and enthusiast person. They furthermore strengthen your confidence and help you in finding out your hidden talent.

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4. Nurtures your soft skills

Leadership skills broadly cover the majority of soft skills which include: teamwork, time management, communication skills, problem-solving and decision making.

By seeking professional help from leading training institutes, you get the added benefit of having exceptional soft skills. It is mandatory to know that soft skills are equally essential for retaining your personal and professional career.

5. Trains you according to the needs of organization

Well-reputed training institutes know what the organizations look for in an individual. Their years of experience have taught them which skills are in demand by companies and which aren’t.

Thus, they help you in getting started in the right direction.

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Looking to boost up your leadership skills to ease job finding process?

Good know-how about leadership training is a sure take away for the job hunters who want to excel in their career. But, not to worry if you lack management skills!

Seek expert leadership training courses in Dubai and get going.

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Business Incubators – The Heart of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem



business incubator

The essence of Business Incubators is to act as a catalyst to promote startup businesses and entrepreneurial ventures to find their ground meaningfully during the initial years. The purpose is obviously to enable new entrepreneurs to convert their creative ideas and visions into real-time business entities while some also work concertedly to ensure that there is overall economic development of the particular region too.

Business incubators usually provide industry-specific handholding support and are highly valued in industrial circles for their obvious value add-ons. The fact that incubators help and assist young firms to develop and grow into mature companies has helped provide the much-required vibrancy and thrust to the entrepreneurial ecosystem for years now that has resulted in the development of a full-fledged incubator industry. Most incubators though are still working as part of university-linked programs where the entrepreneur is able to take help from the resources and network available at the behest of the incubator. From networking with investors and funding sources for finding investments; from office infrastructure to availability of research-related logistics, from mentors and experts to the opportunity to commercialize business ideas into practical realities – incubators provide a supportive environment, acting as invaluable assets to the entire entrepreneurial system.

The role of business incubators encompasses a lot of other aspects – they are helping create new jobs and opening up plenty of employment opportunities, help in promoting amicable environment for local industries, is assisting the technology and the medical field is evolving and developing further that is leading to the overall improvisation of the socio-economic scene of the entire region.

Business incubators today provide the much-required help and support to entrepreneurs and start-ups in their early stages for periods that usually range between one to three years helping them to develop into viable and profitable businesses. The initial years are the most difficult ones for any commercial entity which is why incubators are perceived to be the boost to the system helping proactively develop the entrepreneurial scenario of the country.

How to choose the right business incubator?

  • It is important to research in-depth about the legitimate and the legal status of the incubator. Entrepreneurs should evaluate in details about the past performance of the business incubator – the success ratios, and if possible take references from previous entrepreneurs.

  • It is good to review the length for which the incubator is ready to provide the support services. The length of operation is a crucial factor to consider for not all businesses will take off in the same period of time. The incubator should be able to offer the entrepreneur guaranteed support for a period that is mutually decided and found to be fit.

  • Look into the makeup of the top management or the senior leadership of the incubator. Also, it is essential to look up the experts and business mentors that the incubators have on their program list.

  • Look into the potential of the incubator in finding the right kind of funding resources and Finding Investments.

  • Lastly, it makes sense to choose an incubator that has a viable location that is right for future growth plans of the business.


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