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What are the main skills you need to acquire to be a successful SEO person?

Quick question: How can you increase your site’s visibility? Make it more accessible to your audience, without having to over-spend your budget on paid marketing campaigns? Simple. By implementing organic (non-paid) techniques that push up your website’s ranking in the search engine results — increa

Skills you need to acquire to be a successful SEO person

Quick question:

How can you increase your site’s visibility? Make it more accessible to your audience, without having to over-spend your budget on paid marketing campaigns? Simple. By implementing organic (non-paid) techniques that push up your website’s ranking in the search engine results — increasing its exposure and boosting its profits.

As we all know, a greater engagement rate naturally leads to a greater conversion rate.

Therefore, if you want to divert more traffic to your brand’s landing site and gain more revenues, then you need to partner with the top search engines (preferably Google), and get on their good side, ASAP. An effective SEO strategy will surely take you there. And, if you’re not familiar with this trending practice, then the following post will help make it clear. Just stay tuned.

Stats & Facts:

According to the recent stats gathered on Junto, almost 70 – 80% of internet users prefer to click on an organic search result, rather than going for a paid one. Not only that, 57% of B2B marketers admit to the fact that search engine optimization and its whorl of techniques succeed in generating higher leads than any other marketing gimmick.

What does this research show you? That learning about SEO and becoming an expert in this field will grandly benefit you on a personal level and your brand on a professional one.

Now, the idea of becoming a successful SEO expert may seem a bit daunting at first, given the whimsicalities of the ever-evolving search engine algorithm. However, with positive motivation and effective planning, you can totally master the ins and outs of this dynamic art, and become a big marketing fish in the commercial pond. Let us look at some of the core values that would sum up to make you a successful SEO person.


Confusion and convolution is something that people, in general, tend to avoid. Especially the present generation, which has a multiplicity of options on the web to choose from and really delicate attention spans. If your website is not niche-specific or is an echo of some competitor, then it’ll only mislead the search engine and the web users, regardless of whichever strategy you try to implement.

No, what you need is clarity. This is the real mark of an SEO expert. Here’s what you can do for your brand’s site:

  • Categorize your Main Niche — In order to amplify the visibility of your site, you need to blow away the confusing fog and put its core idea inside a clear frame. This will be your niche—the category or the theme your brand falls under. Remember to select a niche that is talked about on a certain level, yet not properly explored. Once you choose it, highlight it properly. Tell people candidly what is it that you’re particularly talking about and why they need to hear you out?
  • Research for a Specific Gap — Once you decide the niche you’ll be focusing on, it’s time for some hardcore research around the market. Check to see how your competitors are doing and what sort of responses they’re getting. You can conduct this search online, or even ask about it on social forums – all you need is a good internet connection. The point is to carefully analyze their marketing tactics, find the loopholes, and then come up with a rationale of your own. This will be your research gap. It will establish your authenticity.
  • Compose a Particular Buyer Persona — The present times are pretty consumer-centric. People have the power to make or break a business. So, you MUST keep your buyer in mind while formulating your brand’s strategy. An SEO expert specifically knows about the traffic they’re targeting. Imagining an ideal buyer persona might get you on the focused track.
  • See what Google Likes for Certain — What a search engine has to say about your site matters a lot too. If you don’t follow its updates or policies, it’ll drop you down in ranks and your site will never see the light of day. Investigate the particular set of criteria which Google has set for sites in 2019 and then craft your SEO strategy around it.
  • Find Relevant Keywords — Keywords are like the windows to your website. These are the actual search terms, which people type in the bar of a search engine whenever a question pops on their mind. If Google finds such sophisticated terms incorporated in your site cleverly, it’ll automatically increase your ranking and make your site visible to the users who type those particular keywords in the future. Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Moz, etc are good keyword resources, in case you’re wondering.
  • Craft Hooking Content — How would you feel if you clicked on a game-review site and find medical supplies listed there? It would put you off, right? Similarly, the importance of relevant, niche-focused, keyword-friendly and unique content can never be stressed enough for an SEO expert.
  • Reach out to the Perfect Linkers — Your promotional strategies need to follow a proper order as well. For instance, you’re selling baked products. Would it suit you better to hit high-authority food blogs, or would you get better backlinks from the gaming sites? Obviously, the first option. Therefore, even in your SEO outreach, you should stay focused and know exactly whom to contact for support.

The point is that if you want to become an SEO expert, then you should embrace order, organization, authenticity, and clarity. If the focus of your brand’s site is chaotically spread here and there, you will never be able to reach higher levels of optimization as regards the search engine.


People’s tastes and likes are constantly evolving. If at one time they like long-form detailed text-book like blog posts, at another time, they’d prefer short and pithy articles. Right now, they love consuming video content, because it is sensational and less time-taking. If you wish to be an SEO expert, you should know everything about the current trends in the market. You should be able to predict what might come in the future. Try to:

  • Use dynamic online resources like Google Trends to stay updated about the general tendencies of your target audience. See what is being searched the most and why?
  • Make extra use of social media channels, because those are practical all the rage these days. Live videos, ‘stories’, Snapchat filters, influencer posts, and Twitter wars will tell you a lot about the behavioral patterns of the Millennials and Generation Z-ers. See which trends you can emulate into your strategy and how you can make them your own?
  • Get your hands on the latest permutations of technology which are making headway with the users, like Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality.

Everything comes down to the necessity of you being trend-oriented if you wish to become an SEO expert.


You need to understand one thing. Because this is ‘organic’ search marketing, it is going to take some time to bring in profitable results. You cannot expect it to be an overnight, get-rich scheme. What’s important is that you stay patient, rational and tenacious in your efforts to optimize your site for the search engine. Even if you see certain downfalls at first, don’t let them be the deciding factors of your ultimate success.

An SEO expert learns from trials and errors and keeps on strengthening his or her grip on the whole umbrella phenomenon — including a basic designing sense, a bit of coding know-how or attention-grabbing writing techniques etc.

In conclusion, the road to becoming an SEO expert is laden with the aforementioned core steps. Once you master them, you will be able to experience a new digital marketing avenue. Trust me!


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