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Why You Should Design A Math game with your kids?



Math game with your kids

You cannot deny the fact that educational games and especially the ones that involve math are instrumental in better development of the brain of kids. If you have kids and are thinking of designing a few math games with them, it will surely be a good idea because of their multiple benefits.

Some of the benefits of these games are listed below that will give you reasons to design a few games with your kids: –

  • Connects with the concepts of math textbooks

If you have always felt that teaching math to your kids has been difficult, try doing that using games. Kids enjoy playing games and when you mix math in those games, they can easily get well-versed with the topics given in their textbooks by just playing these games. When you are designing games, you can always cover the relevant topics that your kids find difficult.

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  • Find out the interest areas of your kids

Through games, it is easier for parents to analyze the strengths of their kids. This will make it easier to plan the study schedule for their kids. As parents, they can find out what is the topic that is of interest for their kids and help in making their kids stronger in those topics.

  • Interlinking of topics

When two or more concepts are mixed in a question, it often gets difficult for kids to solve these questions. This difficulty can be removed by introducing these concepts in the form of games. You can use your skills to design math games for your kids that involve multiple concepts from their textbooks. This will also help in the revision of more topics at the same time.

  • Learn designing games

Through this, you will also get habitual of designing games and can even go a step further by designing online games. This will bring in huge brain development for both you and your children. Also, you will be able to analyze things in a better manner and make better decisions when it comes to general things in your life.

  • Better learning and understanding

The brain of your kids will not just be restricted to what is given in their textbooks but they will also be able to think of things beyond that. Besides learning things, they will also learn collaborative attitude by working with you, improve their critical thinking, bring in creativity and a sense of innovation in them and make them communicate with others in a better manner. Therefore, these games go beyond learning and will help in the overall development of the brain and personality of your kids.

It is important to bring in the concept of fun and learning from the starting for your kids. This will have multiple benefits like the ones that are listed above and your kids will surely love the concept. Also, you will not have to worry if your kids are playing these games for a long time as they will only be revising math and will get better with their concepts through these games.

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What is a Talent Management Strategy and the Tips towards the Pinnacle of Success?



talent management

The current workforce scenario is filled with challenges, competition is becoming intense bringing pressure on workers to perform better than before. And since the 1990s most organizations have been stressing on how strategic management is valuable to the organization’s valued asset. i.e. their people.

The talent management strategy is in full support of long term objectives by the development of employee and encouraging the on-going feedback on performances and leadership qualities at almost all levels. Simply put, talent management sets a direction for the management to grow in varied ways.

Talent Management Strategy

Employers, HR leaders, and executives have always stressed on the fact of hiring and retaining the right talent. However, to drive the force into levels of success, top HR leaders need employees who can stay engaged and perform extremely well. The optimal way to success is to be able to align the talent management along with the company’s strategy which will further inculcate continued growth.

In simple terms, one may also say that talent management is all about hiring candidates with talent and nurturing them in such a manner that they use it lifelong. Having the right talent management system can be the key ingredient to some of the world’s biggest success stories. For instance, Google and Hewlett Packard have started using cutting-edge initiatives such as Google’s 20% work program have not just attracted candidates but they’ve changed the work culture drastically. Transforming industries and changing the meaning of what it is to be at work.

To achieve the organization’s goal one must first strategize talent management programs by aligning the strategic business objective across companies. But one cannot just jump to conclusions, here’s how one needs to stay updated with these tips to jump off to build a talent management system that will work fine for your business.

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Identify organizational goals

Designing a successful strategy without first aligning the company’s goal can be a bad move. Such objectives help evaluate existing staff or even assessing new job roles. Especially if you’re on the verge of heading out a business, these goals will come in handy. This allows one to win for the executive support for new programs. At the end of the day, you’ll be creating a team that share the same goals.

Translate these goals into human assets

Being an HR manager it is essential that the growth needs to be viewed in terms of the human element, however, it is not the same with other executives. These goals need to be taken into consideration as the measurement of human assets. One needs to decide the number of people to get their job done including the newer job roles that are still under process. Such factors cannot be managed single-handedly. It should not be a single person’s goals but should be a company’s wide effort as well.

Look out for future obstacles

Identifying future challenges can help nullify future roadblocks and barriers. Following the right talent management system prepares one for future challenges. If there’s a shortage of talent pool one may even need to manage and adjust with the package in order to attract a certain age group. Or maybe going out of the way that will instigate a cultural shift that too if managers prefer new hires, it can become difficult to promote someone from within.

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Cultural fit

Dazzling resume or portfolio may attract you, but most importantly the candidate should be able to adjust with the current culture. Skills and technologies can be acquired but personality is something that should be ingrained from within, it can’t be taught. Candidates with the perfect culture fit may possibly bring interesting perspectives to the organization.

Invest in new employees

Every employee needs to be seen as a long-term investment to the company. For every hiring that takes place, one cannot simply run and look for candidates on networks such as LinkedIn. It is said that internal hiring helps win the executive a buy-in that is needed to run a successful program. Internal hiring is cost-effective since the expectations of these external candidates are high, approximately an average of around 18-20% in salary compensation.

For an organization to build the right workforce businesses should have the right talent management strategies in place.

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Back-to-school makeup looks




If you are a school student, obviously you need a light makeup and you should know a proper makeup style always where girls’ students get first-rate makeup hacks.

  1. Gorgeous Natural Back to School Makeup

Choosing the natural look is really a complete style that outshines your beauty properly. Thus, to finish your look, you should include sprays to your hair and opt for decent and just casual clothing that will exaggerate your perfect simplicity.

  1. Ultra Lash Focus with Gold Shadow

Sprinkle from the gold shadow compliments augmenting mascara. You can go for fiber mascara for extending the length or though make use of falsies. You can apply this makeup with a very smooth back ponytail and stylish clothing that will continue the center on your eyes. You can easily get a great discount on beauty products online using Nykaa Sale.

  1. Neutral Eye Makeup with Dark Lips

There are several ways to attract dark lips. Obviously, it provides fabulous appearances. One of the best ways is to create the lips the complete emphasis, thus, let it be the rest of the face neutral. A very easy shadow and bright coat of mascara pair flawlessly with applying dark lipstick. Go with a cardigan to your lipstick that truly makes them popular.

  1. Perky Eyes and Similar Lips Makeup

If you combine a dark shadow with dark lipstick, then don’t forget to apply similar color from the lips to bring the look feel full-fledged. Don’t exaggerate using on blush to evade a makeup look that needs to manage extra. Wear your outfit simple to get the perfect look. Your clothing styles should have flattering colors to match the makeup and entice the look altogether.

  1. Applying Colorful Liner for a Mature Look

Colorful liner is the perfect match to make a brighter look. Do not exaggerate with your look. If you are applying a perky liner to line the end lids, also apply a black one to match with the top covers. Try to keep shadow neutral by opting for colors only a shade or too far from the natural skin tone. Outfits should be very bright to go with, but don’t wear silly prints that can make them look like a small kid.

  1. Metallic Liners with Bold Shadow Blends

Metallics are vogue in the market today, thus do not add them to your set of back to school appearances. Make pairing with gold or silver liner with a vivid shadow of purple or blue hues for a flawless look that Cleopatra herself would have resented. Apply a neutral gloss on the lips to focus on such stately eyes. Match this look with a maxi dress in an equivalent hue.

  1. Contemplate Pink Back to School Look

Certain, pink color truly creates a bright lip and bold color, however, when finished right it also appears quite splendid on the eyes. Apply a light base in the crook of the eyes and deepen the shade as you move noticeably. This modest so far stunning look would match perfectly with any specific lipstick color or dress.

  1. 2019 Trendy Eye Makeup- Crease Lines

Eye makeup that highlights the pleat which is very famous and also crinkles lines to the blend is more fresh and striking. You can get this look with different graces, styles, and combinations. Apply vibrant liners with light neutral colors to truly make this look popular. Match with a neutral lip for an appearance that matches with each dress.

  1. Sparkle and Shining Back To School

Boost your looks using glitters and use the glitter shadow on nails. Sparkle your eyes more and more with artificial lashes and a thick flying liner. Match with an attractive floral shirt with a rosy look. Moreover, if you are looking for Fashion Industry jobs then it could be the best chance to try it.

  1. Bright Smokey Eye Back To School

Don’t shy away from perky colors on the eyes. That can truly bring your style astounding. This model makes a flawless job of maintaining the luster shades down by making use her accessories to go with the makeup. Always choose a neutral matte lipstick to pay attention to the eyes.

Go for such back-to-school makeup looks now.

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What are Emerging Trends in SEO?



SEO & Traffic Bonuses Package

Consider this as a beginner SEO tutorial with a handful of emerging trends in the world of digital marketing.

To be precise: I only suggest working on these things once you have a grasp on SEO fundamentals. However, if you’re willing to learn more advanced, this segment is for you.

Schema Markup

A contemporary search engine ranking constituents study got zero correlation in between using Schema markup and first page rankings.

Few people interpreted that outcome as: “Schema does not work!”.

Also sure, if you believe that attaching Schema markup to your page is going to increase your organic rankings, you’re running to be frustrated.

1 thing to keep in mind is that practicing Schema the right way can improve your organic click-through rate. Then even though you force not get rankings to boost, Schema may help you create more organic traffic.

For instance, if you look at a few search results: You will find that the result with review starts stands out.

Also, review stars (including other varieties of “Rich Results”) are only achievable if you practice Structured Data in your site’s HTML. In case, you want your website to stand out in the SERPs; I suggest giving Schema a shot.

You can learn these tips from a reputed digital marketing training institute in Delhi.


E-A-T (Abbreviation for “Expertise, Authority also Trustworthiness”) is the thing that Google has installed more plus more stress on over the past few years.


It’s clear: Google requires to be 100% sure that the content in the search outcomes can be trusted.

There’s a lot of controversy in the SEO world right now regarding E-A-T. However, the bottom line is that, for Google to provide your site a high E-A-T rating, it requires to be considered trusted authority in your enterprise.

For instance, Wikipedia probably has the most substantial E-A-T rating of any website in the world. The content is drafted also edited by thousands of people (many of whom are specialists in their field).

When it becomes to improving E-A-T, there are no alternatives. If your site sets out generic content addressed by random freelance writers, it’s going to be hard to ascertain E-A-T.

However, if you put out high-quality content addressed by respected experts, your E-A-T is maintaining to be in great shape.

Plus, similar most things in SEO, also E-A-T is determined by links. Google recently verified that PageRank is a huge part of establishing E-A-T.

Voice Search SEO

It’s no puzzle that the number of people searching with their voice has progressed by leaps furthermore bounds over the last several years.

Google has even stated that nearly half of all grown-ups use voice search every day.

Also, it’s growing fast.

When I talk regarding voice search, a lot of people question me: “What’s the purpose of optimizing for voice search? Indeed if I ‘rank’ #1 in Google Home, no one’s hitting my website.”

Yes, Indeed, it’s a good question.

My answer?

Voice searches aren’t merely for smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa.

In truth, according to Search Engine Land, 1 in 5 searches made on mobile phones are voice searches.

In different words: more and more people are avoiding their keyboards in support of their voice. Also, it’s changing mobile, including desktop searches.

Last line? Voice search is one of the most critical trends in the world of SEO, including digital marketing. While more people begin to search with their voice, administrators will have to decide out ways to build also optimize content, especially for voice searches.

Optimize YouTube Videos

YouTube newly passed Facebook as the other most popular website in the world.

Not similar to other social media sites (such as Twitter), YouTube is also a massively successful search engine, which implies that SEO is super crucial for ranking on YouTube.

Also, according to Sistrix, YouTube videos are now growing a more significant part of Google’s search outcomes too.

Undoubtedly, YouTube videos have done in Google’s search results for years. However, since the last 18 months or so they have taken up more plus more SERP real estate… particularly above the fold. Which implies having a presence on YouTube is a complete must for SEO in 2019.

To Finish…

I hope you liked this SEO guide for newcomers.

As you can view, there’s a lot to read about search engine optimization. However, considering how much-targeted traffic SEO can make, it’s worth the time also effort.

So I would suggest you learn and Explore more about digital marketing and it’s strategies from the institute of digital marketing in Delhi. For this goal, you can refer to the Digital Education.

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Things to keep in mind before choosing the Best CBSE School in Pune



Best CBSE School in india

The right school can make a real difference in the life of the child. There are a plethora of options which often confuses parents in choosing the right school. It’s important to know what one is looking for when it comes to picking the school. Children need a kind of environment which facilitates their learning process. So here is a list of things which one should keep in mind before enrolling in a school:

Personal Preferences

Before one even starts looking, it’s essential to decide what they think is most important for the child. When one decides what all factors they need, use the information available in pamphlets, school’s website, or in-person visits to evaluate the options correctly. One can prepare a list of the features they expect from a school to have like:

  • Great Teaching Staff
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • High expectations
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Vibrant parent-teacher association

Know The Numbers

One must contact the school’s main office and gather information like student-teacher ratio, students performance, how many of the students continue to college or employment, and many more, depending on what one finds necessary. This is important as to compare different schools and choose the best one accordingly.

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Pay A Visit

If one finds any school that seems like a good fit for the child, it’s best to visit it once. One can meet other parents or go through the school’s testimonial section to get a fair idea. Moreover, it is also vital to observe the following features of the school:


The infrastructure of schools should be planned appropriately so that it assures convenient learning and teaching. School buildings, classrooms, libraries, and playgrounds play an essential role in the school’s infrastructure. Well-equipped labs help children to perform lab activities effectively. Proper sanitation and assembly area elements that speak volumes about the overall level of infrastructure in schools.

  • Healthy Environment

Researchers suggest that a stressful environment can be a reason behind the decline in the learning capabilities of the children. If the school is vulnerable to an environment that is noisy and lacks the vital elements of an appropriate location, the understanding level gets affected. Make sure that the school has the environment is fruitful to the child.

  • Extra-curricular activities

While choosing the right school, the parents should make sure that the school does not just focus on academics but also lay importance towards extra-curricular activities. Involvement in creative activities can give an extra edge to a student as it fosters their intellectual skills. The music, dance, sports, and creative arts sessions give students a break from the long tiring classes.

Make sure to keep the points mentioned above in mind before enrolling the child in school. So if searching for the best CBSE school in Wakad Pune following are the top ones:

Mount Litera Zee School

Owned by the Essel group, this CBSE school is one of its kinds. It has excellent infrastructure and fantastic staff. The school provides knowledge to the students beyond the traditional boundaries of academic learning. It offers an environment that nurtures and enhances the learning process by maintaining high standards of academics and co-curricular activities like field trips, literary clubs, sports, Mount Litera Olympiad, and many other events and celebrations.

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The Shiishyaa School

Started in 2010, it aims to provide the best education. It has an excellent staff who is highly trained and offers an enriching experience to the students. The school provides an atmosphere that inspires a love for learning. 

Indira National School

It is the part of Shree Chanakya education society and has a significant presence in the city. They empower the students to become responsible and conscientious global citizens who as innovators and inventors, will make the world a more peaceful, tolerant, and progressive place to live.

Choosing the right school for your child can be a tough, intimidating decision. While the quality of education remains an important criterion, the opportunity to develop the child’s physical, social, and creative skills is also a key attribute that needs to be given equal importance. 

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3 Reasons why Singing Nursery Rhymes to Kids are Good for Them



3 Reasons why Singing Nursery Rhymes to Kids are Good for Them

Singing rhythmic rhymes to your kids can have a hugely beneficial impact on them. Every kid’s brain is programmed to love music and follow it. Babies have the interest to pay attention to such melodies, which gives importance to sound patterns.

They have a fair understanding of varying sounds from early childhood onwards, and the world famous rhymes are made with this factor in mind.

Infants are found to prefer high-pitched voices and also high-pitched singing patterns compared to slow and low-pitch songs. This is one reason why adults too tend to put the silly baby voices while talking to the toddlers. However, usage of this silly baby voice is not that silly.

This is a smart approach to naturally get them adapted to vocalizations of their sound preferences, which helps to hold their attention to what you are doing as singing or trying to teach them something.

You may also find your kids often singing some songs, especially rhymes and other such spontaneous things quite naturally.

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This is a good sing. Infants prefer adults singing to them over talking to them. For parents and preschool caretakers, singing to a toddler allows gain their attention for a longer time and effectively regulate their degree of arousal.

All mothers and caregivers do have the instinct to sing songs to the babies, which can be a gentle and nurturing way to care for them.

Why should you sing nursery rhymes to kids?

1- Singing will help enhance the personal bond

The top developmental benefit of singing nursery rhymes to your kids is that it will help lay a strong bond personal bond. Along with singing, you may also try to incorporate holding, cuddles, touch, rocking, or patting to match the rhythm of the songs.

Singing also will establish longer eye contact, nodding, and smiling. All these indirectly help in child development by strengthening their personal bond with the parent or caregiver.

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2- Help improve communication

Singing nursery rhymes to your kids is also an excellent way to establish emotional communication with them. A baby starts to recognize the voice of its mother at the time of birth itself.

The voice of their loved ones is so important to the babies, and they feel comforted by hearing that you are there around. They too learn new terms and patterns of pronouncing words through rhymes, which will help enhance their communication skills too.

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3- Helps in arousal of emotions

Infants don’t know how to regulate their emotions and tend to cry most of the times. Crying is the mode of communication with which they want to get help to change the way how they are feeling.

Once it starts to pay attention to rhymes, it acts as a teaching tool to help the babies learn new cognitive and emotional skills. By seeing how you express different thoughts in the thymes, they too learn how to express emotions independently.

So, altogether, singing rhymes to kids is a highly useful teaching tool for toddlers to help them learn new skills and social abilities. Starting from the lullabies at an early age to the preschool rhymes, it will help parents and caretakers to sooth the babies when they are upset and get them relaxed when they are afraid.

The playful rhymes will help establish the feeling of joy and stimulate their emotional arousal levels.

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