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Level Up Your Big Data Career One Step at a Time



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Big data! Is it still a buzzword in the tech market? With Forbes predicting the growth of the 99-billion-dollar market in Hadoop by 2022, rising at a 42% CAGR. It is likely to say that the demand for experts in big data will only keep expanding. Recruiters and employers are now hunting down big data expertise to analyze data and solve their business problems.

As a result, being a certified big data professional will only increase your hiring opportunities.

It is advisable to make that shift one step at a time and not rush. Below are the four factors candidates need to follow.

  1. Acquire big data skills

Constant learning is crucial to keep up with IT trends. A great way to invest in yourself is by taking up big data certification. Certifications not only offers you in-depth knowledge regarding the updated skills but also helps one gain practical knowledge in the tools and technologies that the industry is looking to hire. Besides this, it is one of the best ways to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with problems you’re not able to solve for a very long time, certifications in big data will fill in those gaps for you. And not to forget, every step that you take towards learning, it is one step towards success in your career.

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  1. Get equipped in one of the big data careers

The field of big data is huge. You might probably want to get skilled in one of the job roles rather than staying confused. It is important that you know your niche. For instance, if you’re great with Hadoop and Spark then you’d probably like to get into a big data architect job role. Additionally, if you’re good with analytics, specializing in a data science field might be an ideal choice. There are plentiful jobs in the big data field for you to choose from, you just need to know the one that best fits your preference.

  1. Enhance your business and communication skills

Having zero knowledge in the business domain is a big NO-NO, especially for individuals looking to get into the big data domain. Big data career is now being sought after by many individuals from the IT field. A career in big data gives you an edge over other tech domains in the IT industry today. With organizations producing a huge amount of data, it is evident that the big data field will constantly rise to create more job opportunities in this realm. Communication, on the other hand, is equally important for individuals working in a big data field. Else how would one predict the outcomes to stakeholders and business partners or to a layman who has no clue about the technical world? Having said, strong communication skill is mandatory.

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  1. Join professional network and associations

Additional knowledge regarding the industry is like a career bonus. Joining professional networks such as LinkedIn will help you connect with influencers, big data experts and professionals. Staying within their vicinity keeps one alert regarding the happenings taking place in the big data world. If you get the opportunity to join associations then do not hesitate, doing so will easily help one transition and make a career shift. One also needs to know that joining a group or an association will not possibly boost your big data career. Having said, it is necessary that one actively participates in activities or project challenges, etc.  Big data careers are a seller market, reskilling in big data will definitely help you grow in the IT field.

Hooray! You’ve earned a fortune cookie.

You may now make a wise decision towards becoming a big data professional today.

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