5 Tips to Find the Best Barbeque Catering at Melbourne

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Reduce the flame as low as you can, and oh so gently grill your meat on the crackling flames…carefully, lovingly – turning it around as you inhale the tantalizing aroma. And when your meat is finally done, pop it into your mouth and allow the juicy flavours to unleash themselves from the crispy exterior and reverberate through your senses…

Hello, Melbourne! Welcome to the world of Barbeque. Are you looking for the best barbeque catering companies around Melbourne? Is a cosy barbeque dinner at your backyard your major weekend plan? Then welcome aboard! Here are some really handy tips to help you choose the best BBQ catering services at Melbourne:

1. First Impressions

Consider the following in course of your first interaction: Is the caterer prompt enough to answer your calls and reply to your mails? Does he/she follow up later about taking it forward? The answers to these questions can help you decide whether or not to close on that particular catering service.

2. Expectations Vs. Experience Check

If you’re looking for a casual, cosy barbeque night with your friends and family at your backyard, then your prospect caterer should have some experience with hosting such informal barbeques. A catering service that has hosted more formal, corporate parties may not be the best choice for your kind of event. So, remember to take a look at the ‘portfolio’ of the BBQ catering service.

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3. The ‘b’ Word – Budget

Yes…let’s talk ‘budget’! Before looking for the BBQ catering service, pause for a moment and consider different parameters such as your food preferences, the total amount you can spend for this event and your expectations as a client. Is your prospect barbeque catering service genuinely interested in knowing all about these different aspects? That’s how you cherry-pick and choose the best service!

4. Good Service is Always Priority

No matter how delectable the food, there’s no compromise on good service and equipment. Before zeroing in on the BBQ catering, be sure to inquire about the persons who serve usually serve food at events hosted by them; their experience levels on serving at similar events and a basic background check. A good catering service also brings with it all the required equipment – including napkins, table dressing, cutlery and so on.

5. The True Barbeque Feels

So, bring it on, Melbourne! Barbeque with some slow country music playing at the background and some elegant decors is the way to go! Once you decide on your caterer, you can go the whole hog and plan out the ambience with them.

So, Melbourne…planned your next BBQ night yet? Remember, slow-cooking and efficient catering is your sure-fire recipe to a successful barbeque party!

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