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Benefits of Using Good Beard Oil

Growing beard has become very popular these days in every corner of the world. But it is definitely not just a fashion statement because growing beard actually has a few benefits. It can block 95 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays and so it can lower the risk of skin cancer.  If one is […]

beard oil
beard oil

Growing beard has become very popular these days in every corner of the world. But it is definitely not just a fashion statement because growing beard actually has a few benefits. It can block 95 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays and so it can lower the risk of skin cancer.

If one is suffering from allergies, then growing a beard can help because it can catch the pollen and dust and act as a proper filter to keep the allergens out of the nose and the respiratory system. Beards can also help the skin to remain moisturized by providing an extra layer of protection against those elements.

So, when one is tired of certain skin disorders like blemishes and acne then they need to out their razors away and grow a beard. Though beard has a lot of benefits, every man should know that growing a beard has its own set of challenges.

There can be some issues like beard itch and beard dandruff that one often faces when they grow one. But there is a product which can alleviate the discomfort and aid in beard growth which is known as beard oil. There are many companies selling beard oil in the market and one can check the beard oil price and invest in a good product which can hydrate and nourish the beard. Mostly good beard oils have essential oils and so it serves as a natural cologne.

Carrier Oils

These are absolutely present in beard oil. These are natural oils which are extracted from nuts and seeds of plants and they are mainly used to dilute the essential oils. Each and every carrier oil as its own set of medicinal properties and they have moisturizing and healing benefits for the skin and the hair. The popular carrier oils are jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and moringa oil. When it comes to argan oil, then it is an excellent choice for nourishing and hydrating the beard.  It has Vitamin A and E and some healing anti-oxidants in it. When it comes to beard care then almond oil is good because it makes the beard nongreasy and adds shine to them.

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Essential Oils

When it comes to choosing the right scent for the beard oil then one should go for the oil which is powerful and masculine. Growing a beard makes one look manly but it is even better when one smells nice. Cedarwood oil or thyme essential oil can be the perfect choice for it. They both have proper anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties which can keep the beard safe and make it smell well. They also help in fighting beard itch and prevent infection. It can also nourish and repair the fuzz on the face.

What does beard oil do?

This is mainly used for beard maintenance. One can dab some beard oil on the beard regularly so that they look less dry and feel less scraggly. One can apply this oil and then it is easy to run the hand through beard and release the tangles. It makes the beard soft and manageable. Beard oil is necessary because it can help the beard grow thick and it can stop the dryness and dandruff attacks there. Apart from having a proper facial hair growth, good beard oil also helps in having a healthy skin beneath the beard. Using beard oil can help the skin to remain protected from environmental factors like dust and air pollution. With regular use, one will be able to eliminate split ends, beard dandruff, and itchiness, and appears to be more polished and presentable.

  • Beard oil can stop the beard itching. It is not a good idea that one needs to run their hands constantly through the beard and then scratch. Now beard itch is a very common thing. But beard oil can come to their rescue as they can liberate one from the dying urge of scratching the beard and that too in a public space.
  • Beard hair follicles are rooted in the sebaceous glands. This produces an oil called sebum and it covers the follicles. As the beard starts to grow then it gets longer and the sebum that is produced is not enough to coat the follicles and then keep the skin moisturized. It can cause itching and dryness and beard oil can save one from those.
  • One also suffers from beard dandruff. When the beard gets dry then skin flakes fall off from them and it looks really embarrassing. When one uses a beard oil, the skin and the hair follicles never become dry and as a result, one can save themselves from getting beard dandruff at the first place. Also, it saves one from getting beard dandruff in winter as well.
  • When one tries to grow their beard, they can find some bald spots where no hair seems to grow. This is called patchy beard and no men like having one. This can be a genetics issue, but other things can be dry skin and white flakes. The major reason why bald spots occur is that the skin where the beard is growing is not healthy and so the hair follicles are having a hard time. Some therapeutic beard oil can come to rescue then. They have certain ingredients which have medicinal and healing properties. It can moisturize the skin beneath the beard and help the hair follicles to grow properly.

Beard oil is also a good product for styling. One can add usage of beard oil in their everyday routine so that it cannot only tame the beard but can also make it soft, supple and manageable. But when one is choosing beard oil, they need to be very careful about the ingredients present there. One should not pick oil which has harsh chemicals in it. Instead of that, one needs to pick oil which has natural oils and nourishing elements in them.

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