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4 Audio-visual Tips to Create a Positive Event



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When you are planning an audio-visual budget for your event in London, you need to think wisely to allocate the money for theming, lights, sound and vision. To make sure that you are getting the right value for money from your event’s AV design, a solid knowledge of the capabilities of both technology and your audio-visual company are essential.

To make your event great, you have given here the eight audio-visual tips to be considered;

Look for Creativity in Your AV Supplier:

When shopping for an audio-visual provider, you usually seek price, service, and reliability. All are good factors to be considered while choosing the Audio-Visual company. But to do justice to your event, creativity needs to be considered before you select AV hire company.

Advances in event lighting and projection technology mean that the old business model of simply hiring out and operating equipment for a client is not an adequate way to select a company. The main driver of this conceptual shift in the market has been technologies such as projection mapping.

To keep yourself at peace when selecting an audio-visual provider, make sure to ask about their history in presenting similar events and their history at the chosen venue. It is better to look at some examples of their work closest in scope to your event. If they have documentation of their work at your chosen venue, it is better to go for that company!

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Set Your Event Vision and Share It

Having a clear vision of the aesthetic feel and tone of the event is crucial at this stage of pre-production and it is even best to share it with your AV provider.

Storyboard your event like a movie director, discuss themes & images with your key staff and audio-visual team. Don’t get obsessed on what you have seen done before or know to be possible; a professional audio-visual company should be able to take on board any creative idea you have and turn it into a practical suggestion.

Remember the Importance of Sound for Your Event

The event sound system employed to deliver must be able to match the content. Important things to consider are adequate coverage of the room to ensure all attendees get crystal-clear speech and the full impact of any musical material.

If you are employing high-energy music or cinematic sound effects, make sure the system can replicate the full range of sound. A minimum of 2 subwoofers is required to be in place to maximize the impact of any low-end effects or bass lines.

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Think Digital:

Discuss with your London Audio Visual about methods to digitally enhance your event. Can they digitally brand your conference with projections and then successfully transform the same space for the next event? You can change the entire ballrooms into another world, and the walls of an auditorium can ripple at the arrival of a new product. Custom-Built set design can be converted into a living, breathing animal. In this high technology world, pretty much anything is possible, and an in-depth conversation with a design professional is invaluable to help direct your thinking in the planning stages. Here are the best ways to Check out Auckland audio visual equipment available to rent.

Make sure to understand what design and creative support the audio-visual company offer and whether the in-house designers have the skills and experience to guide you through the concept creation, implementation, and delivery of just about anything you can imagine.

Creating a multimedia-driven event from the ground-up can seem to be a longer process than the traditional method of simply stating a theme and letting the staging company deliver, but the results represent a much better return on investment. You cannot use the elements of digital branding or presentation at one specific event but also transported to similar events or venues with no further cost. The same media can also be repackaged as web content where you feel appropriate to use.

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