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The 3 Best AI Courses in 2019



Best AI Courses in 2019
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The revolutionary progress in the sphere of artificial intelligence is shaping our lives in an altogether way. Since business plays an essential part in our society, it is needless to say that it is experiencing a significant phase id disruption by this utilitarian branch of science. AI is projected to pervade a major segment of the existing industries which shall create a staggering demand for AI professionals. There is going to be over 50 million vacant job positions all around the world as a result of this AI explosion.

Now, if you look online, you shall come across a myriad of study material that teaches you how to become an AI professional. But unfortunately, all courses of AI aren’t really up to the mark as they fail to offer students with an authentic grading system or feedback on their performance. So, I am writing this article to present you with the best AI courses in the market to uncomplicated your journey of becoming an AI professional.

Companies from around the globe are soon to have a profound need for AI engineers, scientist, researchers, practitioners and a plethora of other professionals that fall in the same technical bracket. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for IT professionals and people with a technical mindset to make the most out of this lucrative period and get themselves certified in the pursuance of establishing themselves as experts of the AI realm.

A Piece of Advice –

If you are longing to work as an AI engineer or developer, it is important for you to have a tight grip over mathematics as well as programming. In case, you are not in touch with these two subjects, you will be required to polish your knowledge to become an eligible candidate for an AI position. And, if by any chance, you do not have an educational background that covered mathematics, you can go for Best AI course for beginners and analyze the AI role you will fit into in your organization.

Best AI Courses:

  1. Introduction to AI

This course is fabricated by IBM and is provided by none other than Coursera. The knowledge is transferred through technical instructors of IBM who teach about the cutting-edge technologies around the globe.

The course begins with teaching you the basics of AI followed by allowing you to investigate the use cases and latest applications of artificial intelligence adopted by top firms. It has been designed to help you learn the core concepts of deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks since an AI course is incomplete without it.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Based on the international AMDEX™ knowledge framework, AIE is a product of the Artificial Intelligence Board of America. The curriculum of this AI course complies with the international AI benchmarks.

It has been designed for budding AI engineers and encompasses concepts of machine learning, supervised learning, regression, reinforced learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing, deep learning, and cognitive computing. This program is a Launchpad for the careers of all the aspiring AI engineers out there.

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    3. AI For Everyone

AI For Everyone is a communicative course which is presented by deep learning AI. It is provided by Coursera and is led by Andrew Ng who is Coursera’s Co-Founder and an AI expert.

Pursuing this AI course will help you gain a deep insight into the AI theme. It grants you with a detailed understanding of deep learning and machine learning. The unique selling point of this program is that it enables you to identify the areas that you can reform in your company by applying artificial intelligence along with empowering you with the skills to lead data science projects.

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