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Wonders of Ayurvedic Medicine On Piles.



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The condition of piles is embarrassing, and individuals can expect some painful episodes during their bowel movements. Also known as hemorrhoids, it’s the condition where the veins of the lower end of your rectum get swollen or inflamed, thus causing the state of piles to arise.

The pain is unbearable and thus causes bleeding and bowel disorders. Generally, piles are found in middle-age individuals or people who might have a history with constipation. Therefore, for its treatment, Ayurveda is the best option that you can find for a fast and pain-free recovery.

Piles treatment in Ayurveda aims to reduce the overall constipation factor that causes immense pain and agony in an individual. Most of the times, piles treatment under the ayurvedic influence can cause changes in diet and changes in lifestyle as well.

Ayurvedic medication can help in reducing the effect of constipation on the body. Few of the best naturally occurring ayurvedic medicines are ghee, buttermilk, and all green leafy vegetables when consumed in your diet can help fighting piles. But what makes ayurvedic medication the best resort in fighting piles? Let’s take a look.

  • Ayurvedic treatment for piles has proven to be the best remedy in treating the root cause of piles. By curing the symptoms and the aftermaths of piles, few of the best ayurvedic treatment for piles include Haritaki and Jimikand. These are the two herbs through which all symptoms and indications of piles are eliminated from the body. Along with this, it helps in the overall improvement of the digestive systems and moderately alters the diet to function appropriately to the medication.
  • Other supplements that could be included in your diet are sesame seeds, mango seeds, jambul, dried figs, papaya, and amalaka figs. They can either be consumed raw or cooked with the various vegetables that are fit to be consumed during the condition of piles.
  • But few essential herbs that are used in piles treatment in Ayurveda that helps in the prevention of bleeding in bowel movements. Carrots and garlic are a must and should include in your diet such that the growth and the prevention of bleeding stools can be eliminated.
  • Carrots can either be eaten raw or cooked. Other vegetables that serve to provide promising results in terms of removing piles are radish, onions, turnips, etc. But there are some prohibited food items that one might have to leave during the condition of piles and those are potato, brinjal, yellow pumpkin, etc.
  • Almost all of the best ayurvedic medicine for piles are either extracted from fruits or powders from natural herbs. Few of them include Triphala, aloe-Vera, tulsi, dalchini, saunf, kalonji, etc. without any side effects, these extracts serve as a perfect natural medication for all your pile’s related problems. They play a vital role as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, improving digestion, and regulation of bowel movements.

Apart from the advantages of ayurvedic medication that you receive in the treatment of piles, it also eliminates the need for any surgery and side effects. Hence people prefer ayurvedic medicine over everything else for a safer and effective option.

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