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8 Quick Tips to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business



steps to choose marketing agency

Digital marketing has been recognized to have a great potential in the growth of any business and companies do not hesitate in keeping aside a good share of their annual budget for the same. Considering the available opportunities, it is not easy to find, manage and retain a skilled and experienced team. This results in businesses opting to outsource it to external agencies.

But again, it is a mammoth task to find a digital marketing agency that will be perfect for you and your business – one that will do justice to your product and work for it with as much dedication as you would. It is tough but not impossible. If you keep certain parameters in mind for assessing the agency, you will be able to find the right one.

1. Decide on Your Goal – Brand Recognition or Improvement in Performance?

Until you are clear about the goal, you will not be able to choose right. The agencies vary in their expertise. Some are excellent at branding, while there are others that show promise with performance-related goals. There are also others, who could take care of both but remain average. You have to take a call and choose accordingly. You can find out the level of expertise in each by taking a look at their previous projects.

2. Pay a Visit

Once you have shortlisted a few agencies through their available profile, request for a visit to their office. If they do not accept, you can safely assume that they are not a real digital marketing company. There are many who claim to have a team but really are individuals working with other freelancers. If they do accept, you can personally understand their team structure and their working pattern

3. Get Acquainted with the Team

Meeting people and talking to them about work will give you a fair idea of their knowledge and competence. More than the management, you need to meet the people who will actually carry out the base work and execute your project.

4. Know Their Area of Expertise

There will be many experienced digital agencies in the list and they might be really good, but if they have not worked with your line of businesses, it could be a risk to hire them. But sometimes, it could be a risk worth taking as you could get some fresh ideas while the agencies that have previously worked on similar projects might get repetitive.

5. Ask for Client Referrals

Take references of their past and current clientele and try to get feedback from them regarding the agency’s work.

6. Get Costing Details

Get a quote from the agencies for their services for a sample project. Compare the costs with those provided by the other agencies of the same calibre. Understand the details of their costing and evaluate whether their charges are justified for the kind of work they do.

7. Do Not Compromise on Quality

Having lesser but effective work is better than a lot of ineffective activity. You can ask them to show some sample work before you decide on the final agency. This will help you understand whether their ideas and understanding match your concept.

8. Make Your Final Selection

By the time you finish the assessment of the shortlisted agencies, you would have narrowed them down to 2 or 3. Now compare them analytically on their quality of work, their cost and their track record to make your final evaluation. Choose the right digital marketing agency in Chennai that has the best fit with your working style and budget.

Through this rigorous exercise, you are likely to get the right agency for you, even though it is not the best according to the others.

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Native Ads vs Banner Ads : Is It Time for Banner Ads to Back off?



native vs display
Native Ads vs Display Ads - Photo Credit : Ezoic

It’s a well-known fact that every individual comes with their own personal perception regardless the concerned matter. And the awareness on native and banner ad is not an exceptional case here. While most users find native ads best, few are still stuck with the banners. But, if we go with the flow then it’s certainly clear that native advertisement is all set to assassinate the banner-ones completely.

Before proceeding further, it’s important that we know what these native and banner are that we are talking about?
Native advertisement provide hosting platform’s look and feel to the users. It’s not just an advertisement but a content-based ladder that has capacity to engage the users and then land them to the related informational content on any Facebook page or their website or portal.

While on the contrary, banners are criticized but dominant online advertising method. If we go with the definition given by internet marketing then it says, “Banner ads are those rectangular boxes, usually horizontal on the page that contain advertising material.”

So, why native ads are said to be better than banners?

Native ads are not only more informational but also break through “banners blindness” because the users here can process the act by interacting with the content. It can be said that native ads are just opposite of those display advertisement that pops up in a web page or mobile app.

Native advertising creates interest in users and makes their experience valuable. It’s a platform of entertainment, information and interaction. In this time of globalization, content marketing is on its top in the list of promoting an ad and hence native advertisement too are focusing more on content now-a-days. It creates awesome content which leads the consumers to talk and interacts that ultimately carries them towards the sales funnel. And of course, at the end of the day, it’s only the sales that matters. The purchase intent is seemed to be so much more for native advertisement which definitely is a win-win factor.

It has been recorded in a worldwide survey that native advertisement attracts the users or consumers 54% more time than the banners. As far as the sharing is concerned, then again users agree to it that they would share a native advertisement rather than a banner one. Indeed, the data says that sharing of native advertisement seems to be 32% more than the banners.

But, is that mean display advertisement are completely out of the picture?

In this digital era, display ads are facing quite a non-appealing time. As users today are not satisfied only with the online impressions or brand recognition that is being provided to them. We have reached to the stage where online ads are needed to break through “Ad blindness” to reach their target audience and native advertisements are surely delivering that. Well again, it doesn’t say that banner ads have completely fallen off the list. Publishers look for money and will always do and as long as they are getting it from banners Science Articles, it just can’t get out of the picture.

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7 Types of Visual Content you can publish on Social Media



visual content

You must have heard of the saying, “content is king”? That is correct. Since marketing has taken a sharp turn towards social media, we need a different phrase that justifies with it, and we already have come up with it. It goes like, “Visual content is the king for social media.” 

So how do you implement the game plan of visual content to reap its benefits? Don’t worry we have crafted a list exclusively for you with different techniques with proven success rates. So, hold tight, and keep reading.

You should lead with images

Images are simple, attractive, and easy to post, and moreover, gain the most engagement. The reason why it is referred to as the prime form of visual content. If you want a piece of content that is highly shareable, you have to keep your image-game strong. But, for me, what makes images the best form of visual content is, that they are SEO friendly. The importance of SEO is unmatched in this era of marketing. If you want to try something new, you can always try posting collages and sets of images, since they invite innovation and break the monotony if regular posting. Here’s a stunning example by Whole Foods Market, from their Facebook feed:

visual content marketing example1


Videos come next

Videos are undoubtedly recording the hottest trend in the field of visual content. In fact, stats tell us, videos are shared 3 times more than text-only posts. Ofcourse, who wouldn’t prefer the slow-moving graphics or images with sound in the background than just images that showcase a human figure or a product. People even tend to retain more of the content when they watch it, rather than just see or read it. But, make sure your videos do not exceed a time limit of 1.5 to 2 minutes. People do not like watching long videos. Draw some inspiration from this video by the notes application, Evernote:

Here is the link:

Post tutorials and graphics

You know, every now and then, you will find the need for sharing intricate data and information to your audience. So why not represent it graphically, rather than crafting over 2000-word texts? Posting graphics is really enticing and will not only help you share what you want but also, deliver your message successfully inviting engagement and followers. It’s the best way to deliver instructions, instructions could be regarding your new product or new service. Draft infographics or tutorials that guide the audience through the entire process and I am sure you will notice improved results. Check out the guide section of BirchBox, a beauty and grooming startup has crafted their entire blog around several guides employing several visual content techniques.

GIFS are enjoyable

If you have already started using the new additional feature of GIFs on your WhatsApp chats, you know what I mean. GIFS are funny, enjoyable, entertaining, and gives your content the desired edge. Moreover, they are the perfect replacement for the times your audience doesn’t enjoy videos. You can use classic animations to entertain your audience and connect with them on a personal level. Every now and then, it is important to add the fun element in your content marketing and GIFs are the best technique to employ this trait. Here’s the best coffee maker, Starbucks at its best with GIFs:

starbucks gifs


Marketing with memes

You know, marketing with memes or memejacking really is a thing. Coming on that later, memes have established their name as the host in the party of attention and attraction. They are easy to create, popular, attract a massive audience and boasts the ability to make you viral overnight. And when you talk about social media, how many of us check a meme and nit stop to check the humor or sarcasm? Practically, none of us. Coming back to marketing with memes or memejacking, it means, posting memes with not only the intention to entertain but also, marketing your own brand. Take a look at this most-relatable meme by Nickelodeon:

Presentations and Webinars

Presentations are now not just limited to office boardrooms. Seminars are now not just limited to offices and workplaces for employees. There is much more to it, you can now publish your presentation online, sharing information through forums and networks, educating and helping people. But remember, they cannot be as complex as your boardroom meetings. They need to be simple and concise. Use Canva for some inspirations. Same with webinars. The webinar, as we all know is a web-based seminar, in which you can share lectures, information, and workshops online. Presentations and webinars are really an ideal thing to take your relationship with the audience to the next level.

Post Screenshots

Screenshots are now not just restricted to WhatsApp chats and conversations. They are not only limited to fights and pieces of evidence. They are a great and excellent tool for demonstration purposes, resolving issues, modeling stuff or simply, sharing things which we want to. Also, since I mentioned about posting tutorials and graphics, screenshots are a great way to illustrate guides and tutorials. They give your audience the eye view of the steps that you wanted to explain with text. 

Wrapping up

Here’s one final tip – Never, I repeat never compromise on your final goal. Not even when you have to walk an extra mile (or maybe two) for it. Trust me, a gamble worth millions for visual content will be worth it because of its immense popularity. 

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Things to Do Before Launching Your First Messenger Chatbot



Chatbot development

There is a forecast that the chatbot market would reach $1.25 billion in 2025, according to a report from Statista.

This is why we’re no longer surprised why chatbots are taking over social media messaging.

Before getting started with chatbots, you should follow a guide or use a checklist to be able to have a successful launch.
To make the approval and review process for your chatbot as seamless as possible, take some time to go through and review our pre-launch checklist before submitting it.

First, here are the things you need to do before launching your Messenger chatbot:

  • You need to ensure that your chatbot has a unique voice that would reflect your brand’s image, language, style, and tone.
  • Always make your messages personalized as much as possible by using the USER profile API (Application Programming Interface).
  • If your Messenger chatbot sends notifications to your followers, make sure that there is a way for them to unsubscribe.
  • Make sure that your email’s notification settings are correct or you’ll end up missing important updates about your Messenger chatbot.
  • Ensure that your chatbots are discoverable.
  • Use the click to Messenger ads
  • Maximize and utilize customer chat plugins
  • The Link, a shortened URL (Uniform Resource Locator) messenger link is essential, use it on your blog, newsletter, and website.
  • To have your chatbot be seen in the discovery tab, submit it.

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Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before launching your Messenger chatbot:

1. Is your Messenger chatbot in a stable state?
2. Can your chatbot determine your customers’ interests?
3. Are your chatbot’s functionalities working properly?
4. Can your chatbot respond quickly?
5. Does your chatbot have the ability to handle all user input, which includes random input excellently?
6. Does your chatbot fail when it receives an unexpected user input?
7. And if it fails, are your customers able to recover or restart their experience?
8. Is a clear path provided for interacting with your chatbot from start to finish?
9. Do you have enough guidance and context during the process when your customer would be able to know their options at any point?
10. Does your chatbot buttons direct to the correct landing page?
11. Can your chatbot deliver excellent and satisfying customer support, schedule meetings, and more?

Check out this infographic from Larry Kim, CEO of, the Worlds’ best messenger marketing platform.

Let’s discuss the objectives of creating a Messenger chatbot for your business and customers:

What can a chatbot do to help you, your business, and customers?

For your brand:

●Drive more traffic and increase awareness on your website
●Create a CRM (customer relationship management) channel using your Messenger
●Collect feedback from your visitors and loyal customers
For customers:
●Build a unique experience through Messenger
●Find an easier and more convenient way to learn about products and services

The most common mistake businesses make is launching a chatbot without a plan and even if it is easy to set up — you don’t need months of software development, a huge number of days for debugging, or hours of trying to find out how large companies are changing their APIs.

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You still need to have a solid plan on how to build your Messenger chatbot. Here are three steps you can follow:

Step One: Make your Messenger chatbot your full-time project

One of the common mistakes businesses make is assigning the task of building of chatbots to their people who are already loaded with responsibilities and tasks.

Then there are companies who trust their interns in building their chatbots, it’s like setting up both the chatbot and the intern to fail.

Give this task to someone who has enough time to handle the proper planning and can take charge of building your chatbot.

You also need to keep in mind that creating your Messenger chatbot would need serious focus just like building and designing your website.

Step Two: You need to identify your talent

You must be able to identify and decide who has the skills, knowledge, and talent to pull off creating your Messenger chatbot.

Think about all the brilliant minds you have on your team — it could be a software engineer, the writer, someone on the creative, or maybe that millennial associate who’s social media savvy.

Step Three: Think like an author

Chatbot development is like writing a book because first, you create a character-driven identity.

Then second, you need to speak in a manner that your brand could be recognized.

Lastly, you have to keep in mind to speak in a one-to-one manner.

Your customers always appreciate it when they feel like they are talking to someone at the other who can understand them or relate to them.

Are you ready to launch your Messenger chatbot? If not, you can create your checklist by having this as your guide or revise your list when you already have one.

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Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic To Your Site




SEO is essential to rank high on Google. There is no meaning if you have a wonderful website but it is on page 5 of the search. Users do not have the patience to read past the second page. You have to make some effort so that the search engine understands the worth of your website.

That is why SEO is indispensable in the modern digital marketing framework. Read on to find out more. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of techniques meant to enhance the visibility of your site.

You have created a wonderful website for your business. But among millions of sites how do you get your site to the top of Google search? Users at most look at the first 10-12 sites. No one is at all interested in the results on page 3 of Google. If your site is new you are probably not going to be on page 3.

The process is not difficult but it is tedious. Don’t have the time to learn the ropes? Let us help; we’re among the top SEO services in India, and guarantee fabulous results.

Steps Of SEO

Let’s broadly divide SEO activities into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO consists of:

Keywords –

These are the terms that users search for. The ability to rank high for popular keywords is what makes or breaks a site. Our SEO services in India bring you unmatched keyword research expertise and makes sure that the keywords are inserted properly into your website content.

Any SEO activity is meaningless if there is no research for keywords. The search for the most suitable keywords can be done using free tools such as Google Keywords Planner.

For an SEO campaign to be successful it is important that a keyword is not too general. You need the best SEO company for cutting edge keyword research.That’s because it is difficult to rank high with such keywords in a short period. Also, make sure the keyword is not too specific because then it would not produce enough visitors.

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HTML Optimization –

A website is built from HTML code that is read by the browser (such as Chrome) and changed to a visual format. The optimization of a website code consists of removing unnecessary code that makes the site slow. Trust our coveted SEO services in India to optimize your website’s code and make it in sync with the best practices issues by Google.

Apart from the code, your webpage tags (such as title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions) have to be perfect, as these tell Google’s crawlers what your website is about. Again, you can rely on our service to help you optimize all page tags.

Content Optimization –

When it comes to websites, content is king. To get some love from Google, update your website with fresh content regularly. This is usually doe in the blog section of every website. Google considers frequently updates to be authoritative.


This may seem trivial, but it is highly unlikely that Google will assign a high rank to websites that are not secure for visitors. Even web browsers warn users that sites that are not https are dangerous regardless of the actual status of their safety. It is not likely that any visitor will proceed to your site unless it is secure.

Off-age SEO consists of:

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This is the principal component of off-page SEO. Google can’t actually read and understand what is on your website. How does it decide if it is a trustworthy provider of information?

It all depends on the backlinks. Backlinks are links from other sites to pages on your sites. If other sites often quote your site, Google believes that your site contains high-quality content.

The best way to earn backlinks is through guest posts. There are ways to create backlinks unnaturally but Google heavily penalizes websites that follow blackhat means of planting backlinks. If you’re facing such a penalty, or want to quickly earn good backlinks, get in touch.


SEO is a time-consuming process; the results do not appear overnight or even in a month. It takes time to move up Google rankings. However, with suitable guidance from an SEO company in India, it is but a matter of time before your site makes it to the first page of search.

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5 Smart Ways To Convey Your Message To The Audience Digitally




In the digital era, a lot has transformed beyond our imagination. The way, we used to spend time, has changed; the way we used to study; the way we used to make friends; the way we used to do business; and the way, we used to communicate, has also changed and so forth.

A successful business has an inspiring communication strategy at the backend which may not be visible to most of the people but playing a vital role in running a business and bringing sales leads. When we come to the digital side, we have several options available to convey our message to the audience. The digital world offers you a wide range of avenues to tap into and let your message through the digital frequency but it is not as simple as it sounds. You should know how and when to use these digital avenues to achieve the desired results by conveying your message to the audience.

We are outlining hereunder the 5 ways that are smart enough to convey your message to the audience by digital means and with a proper strategy.

  1. Identify objectives, key messages, and target audience

Create informational Content

Create informational Content

The first and the foremost step should be to identify the objectives, the key messages you want to convey to the audience, and the target audience whom you want to address. According to the Market Business News, what a company aims to achieve is the business objective and how to reach the achievement is also a part of the objective.

It is imperative to note that your objectives should be measurable but we understand that in some cases, objectives can’t be measured as they are abstract especially when you are working on the behavior change. Here you may need to attach certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with your objectives to assess how you are moving towards success.

Lay down the key messages you want to convey and they are also aligned with your objectives. It is not necessary that people are aligned with your objectives; you have to convince your audience with the key messages.

You should also know who you are going to address based on your objectives and key messages; means your target audience. You have to identify the target audience carefully that may convert into sales. Digitally, you can reach out to a wider audience as well as a limited audience as per your needs.

After putting all these efforts and brainstorming, now you have clearly outlined objectives and KPIs with you before you start conveying your message to the target audience which you also have identified. Let’s move on to the next step.

  1. Design a Communication Strategy



‘Designing a proper communication strategy for your business,’ unfortunately sounds less important to most of the businessmen as their complete focus remains on increasing sales. Yes, we understand that increasing sales is the ultimate goal of any business but how to reach this goal, matters the most. You may have some business strategies and planning to increase your sales but if the digital communication strategy is missing in your list; it’s like you are directionless and substantially compromising your sales potential.

According to a study conducted by Watson Wyatt, a leading global consulting firm, the companies having most effective communication strategy returned 47 percent higher profit to their shareholders as compared to the companies having less effective or no communication strategy.

Every businessman needs to understand that communication strategy is not an add-on or a complimentary thing for the business in a digital world; it’s a necessity that tells you how to convey your message to the audience that is connecting with you through different digital mediums. Identifying mediums or channels to connect with the target audience is also a part of the communication strategy. You have to find out where your target audience, digitally, is likely to present the most: Websites, Blogs, Video sites, Social Media platforms, Email, WhatsApp, Mobile Apps, etc. and then jump into the river of digital mediums to catch the potential clients.

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  1. Create informational Content

Create informational ContentMarketing is the word which has captured the businessmen and confined their thinking only to the conventional ways of marketing whether offline and online. Most of the businessmen take marketing as a means of promotion of the products and services they are dealing in. This may be the old concept of marketing. The people have become smarter and with the reach to search engines, they tend to find relevant information about a specific product or service before buying.

According to a data available, 64% of the people straight away search at Google to find information of any type, whereas 22% look at Bing as the second most popular search engine. The stats clearly confirms the thirst for information people have. You may be the one who quenches this thirst of your potential clients with the informational content and educates them what problems can wither away by using products and services.

You should also go for video content as it is getting extremely popular. According to a study, more than 64% of the potential customers agree to buy the product after watching a relevant video as it gives real-like experience on digital channels.

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  1. Reconnect with idle audience

Local Activist Taking on Surveillance in IllinoisYour complete focus is on increasing the sales and bringing more and more customers to your brand; but what about the ones who are sitting idle after one-time shopping or just showed interest in the first place and backed away? You can’t just forget these people. Some people may be easy to convince but some demand more time and effort to come to the point where your frequency matches with them.

You have to reconnect with this idle audience via emails, new blogs/articles, messages, new promotions and discounts, surveys to identify their needs, and some similar means. You have to reactivate the resource which is doing no benefit to you. Surveys can play an important part here as they can provide you with fresh information so that you can realign your strategy. The needs of the people may have changed during the time and you have to update your product, service and key messages accordingly to cope up with changes.

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  1. Use maximum Digital Channels

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

You have a long list of digital channels or mediums: Websites, Blogs, Video sites, Social Media platforms, Email, WhatsApp, Mobile Apps, etc. It’s better if you use maximum digital channels to convey your message to the target audience and ensure maximum outreach.

According to a study, 87% of the users have used Facebook and Emails in similar numbers to communicate with other users. The text was the second most used channel with 68%, whereas Twitter and YouTube were used by 32% and 31% respectively. These stats may help you to take prompt a decision and broaden the horizon of your digital communication channels. The first step is to reach out to the maximum number of audience and then you can think of increasing sales.

These 5 smart ways to convey your message to the digital audience are proven and help bring desired results to the business. The content is the most powerful tool to enhance conversions and you should give a try to free trial ebook creator to create a powerful ebook for your business.

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