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8 Quick Tips to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business



steps to choose marketing agency
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Digital marketing has been recognized to have a great potential in the growth of any business and companies do not hesitate in keeping aside a good share of their annual budget for the same. Considering the available opportunities, it is not easy to find, manage and retain a skilled and experienced team. This results in businesses opting to outsource it to external agencies.

But again, it is a mammoth task to find a digital marketing agency that will be perfect for you and your business – one that will do justice to your product and work for it with as much dedication as you would. It is tough but not impossible. Choose the right Digital Marketers like Websites That Sell. If you keep certain parameters in mind for assessing the agency, you will be able to find the right one.

1. Decide on Your Goal – Brand Recognition or Improvement in Performance?

Until you are clear about the goal, you will not be able to choose right. The agencies vary in their expertise. Some are excellent at branding, while there are others that show promise with performance-related goals. There are also others, who could take care of both but remain average. You have to take a call and choose accordingly. You can find out the level of expertise in each by taking a look at their previous projects.

2. Pay a Visit

Once you have shortlisted a few agencies through their available profile, request for a visit to their office. If they do not accept, you can safely assume that they are not a real digital marketing company. There are many who claim to have a team but really are individuals working with other freelancers. If they do accept, you can personally understand their team structure and their working pattern. There are also some b2b marknadsföring agencies you visit them for marketing solutions.

3. Get Acquainted with the Team

Meeting people and talking to them about work will give you a fair idea of their knowledge and competence. More than the management, you need to meet the people who will actually carry out the base work and execute your project.

4. Know Their Area of Expertise

There will be many experienced digital agencies in the list and they might be really good, but if they have not worked with your line of businesses, it could be a risk to hire them. But sometimes, it could be a risk worth taking as you could get some fresh ideas while the agencies that have previously worked on similar projects might get repetitive.

5. Ask for Client Referrals

Take references of their past and current clientele and try to get feedback from them regarding the agency’s work.

6. Get Costing Details

Get a quote from the agencies for their services for a sample project. Compare the costs with those provided by the other agencies of the same calibre. Understand the details of their costing and evaluate whether their charges are justified for the kind of work they do. Checkout the best web services company at Driven Web Services.

7. Do Not Compromise on Quality

Having lesser but effective work is better than a lot of ineffective activity. You can ask them to show some sample work before you decide on the final agency. This will help you understand whether their ideas and understanding match your concept.

8. Make Your Final Selection

By the time you finish the assessment of the shortlisted agencies, you would have narrowed them down to 2 or 3. Now compare them analytically on their quality of work, their cost and their track record to make your final evaluation. Choose the right Digital Marketers like Limo Marketer that has the best fit with your working style and budget.

Through this rigorous exercise, you are likely to get the right agency for you, even though it is not the best according to the others.

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Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Cheap Home Insurance Quotes




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Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Cheap Home Insurance Quotes:

A few decades ago, who could have thought that shopping for homeowners insurance could become so easy? Gone are the days when one had to spend hours together roaming to different insurance companies, calling them over and over again just to compare a few quotes from two or more of them. Online insurance shopping has made it very much convenient for the shoppers to sit in the comfort of their homes and compare quotes from various companies to find cheap homeowners insurance. One can easily back away from all the hassle and get hundreds of quotes, both from local and national insurance companies by simply giving away a few details.

With this said, some people may not really like to give away information online to look for cheap home insurance, because some tools ask for personal credentials as well. But, one need not worry about this issue anymore, because online tools these days just ask for the shopper’s zip code and that’s it, a whole list of quotes from well-known insurance companies from over 50 States will appear on the screen. This method of online shopping to search for cheap home insurance quotes is easy, quick and above all it is free.

Getting the best and cheap home insurance is something that every online shopper looks for. But in search for cheaper home insurance quotes, one should not miss the actual benefit of having homeowners insurance. A full coverage home insurance is a protection for one’s home and the property within it. Hence, comparing insurance quotes simply based on their cheap rates is not worth it. One should be clever enough to identify affordable quotes that provide complete benefits of having a home insurance rather than just opting for some cheap homeowners insurance quotes that are not really worthy.

But one need not think that in order to avail a full coverage home insurance, one will have to pay too much of premiums. It is definitely possible to enjoy low cost homeowners insurance and at the same time get a decent coverage plan. In order to choose cheap homeowner insurance quotes, one must first be aware of what are the different types of coverage plans available and then finally decide on one that suits their needs the best.

What is Covered Under a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

According to Insurance Information Institute (III), homeowners insurance is divided into different categories, which are denoted as HO-1, HO-2, HO-3, HO-4, and so on until HO-8. Of all these policies the first type, i.e. HO-1 is no longer available as it provides very basic coverage scheme. The other policies are discussed below:

HO-2 and HO-3: These two policies are the most prevalent ones. The HO-2 policy is also known as ‘broad-form policy’ and HO-3 as ‘special-form policy’. People having these types of coverage can claim for money in any of the following 16 situations:

1. Damage caused due to current shocks generated artificially.

2. Unexpected damage caused due to aircraft

3. Vehicle rampages that damage the house

4. Damage due to falling objects

5. Damage to the house due to heavy snowfall, ice or due to the weight of sleet

6. Lightning or fire blasts

7. Damage due to Volcanoes

8. Windstorm damages

9. Unpredictable blasts

10. Damage caused due to excessive smoke

11. Malicious mischief

12. Loss of possessions due to stealth/theft

13. Damage to the house or other possessions due to riots or rallies

14. Accidental damage such as cracks or swollen appearance of appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, and fire-protectors.

15. Damage caused to home appliances due to extreme cold weathers resulting in their freezing.

16. Damages due to steam or water leakage from water heaters, air conditioners, fire-protectors or other appliances.

While both HO-2 and HO-3 provide coverage for damages caused due to above 16 issues, but there is a small difference that makes one more advantageous over the other. The HO-2 policy does not provide coverage for damages apart from the above list. Whereas, the HO-3 policy not only covers the above-listed damages, but will also provide coverage for any other type of damage as well, except a few natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and other severe issues such as nuclear disasters, wars, and pests.

HO-5: This policy is similar to HO-3, but with an extension that it provides coverage for one’s possessions in the house as well.

Special Policies:

HO-4: This policy is special in the fact that it provides coverage for renters.

HO-6: Coverage for condo owners can be availed by opting for this policy.

HO-7: If one is in search of cheap mobile home insurance, then the HO-7 policy is the right choice.

HO-8: If the house one lives in is an old construction, then choosing HO-8 policy will help them to avail cheap home insurance.

What damages are not covered?

The following are the damages that are not covered by any type of home insurance and require separate policies for protection:

â— Earthquakes

â— Landslides

â— Sinkholes

â— Floods

â— Sewage damages

â— Damages due to negligence

â— Damages due to pests

How to Calculate Home Insurance?

Another important element to finding affordable homeowners insurance is to know how much insurance one would actually need. This estimation will help the homeowner to have an idea of the cost for damages or loss of possession; he/she can face in case of any calamity and then appropriately judge the amount of home insurance one should avail. Here are the basic steps using which one can estimate one’s home insurance:

â— The first step in order to calculate one’s homeowners insurance is to estimate the total cost of rebuilding one’s home after heavy damage. This calculation should be done by considering all the costs at the rates one has built the home.

â— Secondly, one should estimate the total cost of all the possessions that one might think would be damaged in case of any disasters. Experts suggest that the cost of possessions or property should generally amount up to 50-75% of the rebuilding cost of one’s home. For instance, if one estimates the rebuilding cost as $250,000, then the cost for possessions should be estimated as $125,000. Also, expensive jewelry or artifacts will require additional coverage.

â— The next step is to calculate the liability coverage, i.e. the amount one would be liable to pay if someone gets injured on the homeowner’s property. This amount could range between $100,000 and $500,000.

â— The final step is to estimate the extra charges one might face. This includes damage due to natural disasters that are not covered by home insurance policies.

Hence, a careful examination and estimation of all the points discussed above can help one to get the best and cheap home insurance possible, while enjoying the maximum benefits.

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How You Can Save $20,000 Within Two Years To Purchase Your First Home




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Thinking of buying your first home, and are ready to start saving for that initial down payment?

It’s understandable that you’d want to own a home. There’s just something prideful about saying, “this is my home.” There are also other reasons such as bad landlords who don’t fix anything, knowing that you could be paying your mortgage off instead of putting money in your landlord’s pockets each month, building equity, or/and you are thinking about starting a family and raising them in a home that is yours.

Whatever the reason might be, I think ‘owning’ over ‘renting’ is a much better idea–and I’ll explain why.

My favorite reason is that each time you pay your mortgage, you become richer. Every month that you pay your mortgage balance down, after interest and after all other fees, you own a larger percentage of the home you live in, which makes you richer. For example, if you buy a home for $100,000 and pay into it for 10 years: let’s say you pay $600 per month for 10 years, you’ve approximately paid off about $72,000 over that time. And over that time you’ve increased your net worth by approximately $72,000. The $72,000 is part of your overall net worth because you own that portion. If you sold your home, that’s how much you’d profit. If you rented that whole time, then you’d still be worth the same, and not any richer.

There are many other reasons as to why owning is better than renting, but that’s not what this article is about. But hopefully, now, you’ve become convinced that you are making the right choice to move out of your rental.

Let’s get started!

How are you going to save for that first home, even though you might feel like there’s no money left over each month?

As a previous financial planner, I quickly found out that your income doesn’t determine how rich you are. It’s about how much money you save from what you have earned that determines how rich you are. Someone who makes $1,000 per week and spends $1,000 per week is poorer than someone who makes $500 per week and saves $100 per week.

I’ve met countless people with smaller incomes with much larger bank accounts than those who make twice or three times as much. The truth is, the more you make the more you spend.

So the fact that you feel like you don’t have any money left over is a result of your spending habits, and not entirely because of your income. So before you say that you have no money, I am going to stop you by telling you that you ‘Do’ have money.

The trick is to invest small increments of your current income to achieve ‘BIG SAVINGS’. By allowing the bank to automatically withdraw small amounts of your income each week without you noticing, you’ll be slowly growing your wealth each time you get paid. The pros call this strategy the ‘pay yourself first’ strategy. Before you spend anything, you pay yourself first, when you invest a portion of your paycheck each week.

Even if you spend every last dime you have left after, you will still be growing richer each week.

So how does this work?… It’s called ‘investing.’

Investing is so simple. The trick is to let your advisor do most of the work, and not pay attention to the markets or all other distractions that come with it. Go to your bank and set up an appointment with a financial advisor and tell him/her that you’d like to start putting away $100 per week to start saving for a house. It’s important that you let your advisor know that you will need to take the money out in the near future so that he doesn’t put your money in a “locked” account that you can’t touch until after a certain period of time. In Canada, we have TFSA’s (Tax-free savings accounts) accounts where you can put your investments in and take them out any time “tax-free.” If you do not live in Canada ask your advisor which account he recommends you put your money in to get a good return and take out within the next 2-3 years with as minimal fees and taxes as possible.

This is what happens when you invest just small amounts of your money each week.

If you invest $100 per week with an average yearly return of 5%, you will have a return of approximately $5,460.

Year 1 Savings: $5,460

If you save $100 per week for two years with a 5% return you’d have approximately $11,193 by the end of year 2.

Year 2 Savings: $11,193

These days’ banks only require a 5% down payment. If you buy a house that costs $200,000 you’ll only need $10,000 for the down payment. In 2 years you’ll definitely have your home.

Now, what if you have a spouse? That’s a second income and if he/she also saves $100 per week, then things start getting interesting.

If you and your spouse both invest $100 per week with a 5 % average return on investment (ROI) then you can save up to $22,386 in just two years! Amazing!

Year 1 Savings: $10,920
Years 2 Savings: $22,386

The good thing about putting a big down payment on your home versus the minimum (5%) is that you get better mortgage rates, you’ll lower the monthly mortgage payment & you’ll pay your house off sooner.

Hopefully, this helped you and motivates you and your spouse to start savings. Trust me, it’s going to feel so… good when you get those keys in your hand to your first home.

Other Tricks and Tips to Save Extra Money.

Saving the nicks and dimes- One of my suggestions outside of investments is to save your pocket change. Every time you purchase something and receive change, instead of spending that change, you put it away. Do it for a whole year and see what you are left with.

I found a good video where this couple who put away all of their change for an entire year and saved $1,902.50.

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So You Want To Make Money Online From Home Lets Get Started




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It has become more popular for people to make money online from home. The reason why it has become so popular is because the work process is extremely simple.

In fact, it is much simpler than the traditional employment process. However, it also can be very challenging. It is challenging in part because there are so many opportunities out there for you to make money online from home. However, most of those opportunities cost money to join.

The best thing to do would be to look into the opportunities that do not cost anything. That way, you will have very little to lose as you take action.

There are a lot of opportunities out there but you want to find the ones that are free or very inexpensive. Most of the free opportunities that exist online will require a membership site and some form of credit card or payment system to get started.

There are so many opportunities that come with membership sites. In fact, you may not even need a membership site to make money online from home.

One way that you can make money online from home is through online surveys. There are companies all over the world, that will pay you to take their surveys.

You can do this by simply spending time taking surveys for these companies. The amount that you will make will vary depending on the amount of time that you put into the surveys. This is another way to make easy money online from home.

Another way to make money online from home is through affiliate programs. Again, you will get paid for the time that you spend marketing a product or service.

You will get paid through gift cards as well as money when your referrals make a purchase. With this method, it is important to understand how the program works and what you are signing up for.

There are also websites where you will be able to sign up with an affiliate program.

Another way to make money online from home is through managing Facebook ads. Facebook is a social networking website that has millions of members.

The members of this website include people who you would have probably never even met in person. By managing Facebook ads, you will be able to connect with these people and drive traffic to your website.

However, in order to manage Facebook ads effectively, it is important that you are familiar with how this program works. You should take the time to learn about how this program works and then use that information to your advantage.

One other way to make money online from home is by becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is someone who helps out business owners in many different ways, including managing and running Facebook ads.

This includes making sure that the ads are running efficiently, reaching the target audience that you are seeking, and more. While you will not be directly getting paid for this, your efforts will still be greatly appreciated by the business owner.

In fact, you may find that you are actually offered a contract to work online from home in exchange for managing the Facebook ads of his business.

If you want a simple and easy way to make money online from home, you should consider becoming one of the many virtual assistants that are available on the internet today.

Virtual assistants do not get paid for performing any specific task; however, they do get paid for their skills. They are excellent at managing work schedules, answering phones, handling email accounts, preparing financial reports, writing SEO articles, writing press releases, setting up meetings, handling online surveys, etc.

If you have skills that you think could make you an excellent virtual assistant, then you should definitely consider this side hustle.

You can easily learn how to make money online from home if you take the time to research what’s available to you. There are plenty of opportunities to start up your own side business on the internet, so don’t let anything discourage you!

Just keep in mind that it will take some time to learn how to make money online from home. Once you are more knowledgeable, you will be able to quickly take off and begin profiting from your new online business. The secret is to never give up!

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3 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online For Free




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If you’re reading this right now, then I have a few guesses about you – you need to make money online, you need to do it fast, and you don’t have a lot of time.

Or maybe you’re already earning money online and you just want to grow your online income. Whatever your reason is, I’ve got you. Because today I’ll be showing you three easy ways to earn money online for free.

I don’t want to bore you with a long introduction so let’s jump to the good part.

3 easy ways to make extra money online for free.

1. CPA offers

To make money this way, just sign on or After login you’ll be provided with a lot of offers to promote.

Once you have picked the one you like most you can forward it to some friends you think will be interested via email. If your friends like the offers, you’ll get paid each time your friends sign up for any free offer you promote to them. The amount you’ll get for each sign up can range from $0.50 to a couples of dollars.

If you have large following on social media you can make even more money promoting it there.

2. GPT (Get Paid To) Sites

These websites will pay you to perform simple tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, reviewing products, and so on. To make money with this simple method sign up on any or even all of these websites –, or

These sites have been around for over ten years now and each of them have paid over ten million dollars to their members all around the world.

They have truly stood the test of time and they are some of the most trusted sites on this planet when it comes to making money online.

3. Website Testing

Sites like and will pay you to test and review different websites on your mobile phone or laptop. They pay around $10 for each website you test.

They accept people from every country and they always pay on time. In fact, if you could only use one of these three methods to earn money online, I would recommend website testing.

So there you go – 3 easy ways to earn money online for free. Which of the three ways will you try out first? Which other website am I leaving out? Let me know in the comment section.

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Famous Sayings and Quotes For Every Mood




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Our mood changes every time. We have different mood throughout the day. When we feel happy and excited our mood is up and when we fell sad or lonely our mood is down and some time our mood so between neither so up nor so down. Whether your mood is up or whether it is down, definitely there are some funny sayings by famous peoples for every aspect of your mood.

One of the best things about funny sayings is that, whatever your mood is whether it up or down, there is a one saying to match with your mood. In today’s world life is taking its own course. What we think doesn’t happen and what we don’t think is going to happen. In such a situation, it’s a good idea to link the present state with famous sayings.

With the advent of internet technology, finding information about everything is so easy. Now we needn’t to go outside somewhere in order to get information as our ancestors do because the biggest source of information is in our house. With nearly thousand of websites available on famous sayings and quotes including sad quotes, love quotes, funny sayings, love quotes, laughter sayings, humorous quotes, friendship quotes etc. there is no dearth of this type of stuff.

As I said, there is a saying or quote for every mood. Here are some sayings for different mode to prove my above statement.

When you are sad – There are some situations in our life which are beyond our control that make our mood sad and depressing. To match up with sad mood, I have one sad quote which is something like this. “Sadness flies away on the wings of time.” This quote is by author Jean de La Fontaine.

When you are happy – When you are happy, you want to make everyone feel happy. You want to laugh, enjoy and dance. Here is a quote to link up with happy mood. “”Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response” by author Mildred Barthel.

When you are in Flirty mood – Being in love is one of the most beautiful feeling that can make your life more beautiful and colorful. Love kick out the dullness and boredom from your life. Lovers sometimes feel like that and want to do flirt with their lovers. This is flirty mood and here is a funny sayings flirt and romantic for this mood.

The moment I first saw you, you warmed my heart, the second time you made little flames and now you make my heart burn like hell!

Whoever loves above all the approach of love will never know the joy of attaining it. —-Antoine De Saint-Exupery

To conclude, for every mood there is a quote or saying. These sayings give new inspiration and energy to life and fulfill your life with joy and pleasure. Now go to your favorite funny sayings website to find the best quotes to suits your mood.

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MLM Survival Guide-Tips, Tricks & Traps Revealed




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The purpose of this guide is to provide a step-by-step procedure for starting, operating and optimizing a MLM based business, and to do this without making serous mistakes along the way. There are volumes of books on this subject, so this guide will not attempt to “rehash” the “rose colored” views of these authors. Instead, this guide will show you a “lean, mean, cut-to-the-bone” quick and easy way to succeed in your business based upon the MLM MACHINE program. Also, you will be shown tips to use, tricks to be aware of, and traps to avoid. Why Most People Fail In MLM MLM is an explosive growth opportunity and it is here to stay. Like it or not! Let’s review some MLM facts. There appears to be thousands of MLM companies. Some of these MLM companies are well established multi million dollar companies, while most of them are not. Many people have become wealthy in MLM, but some of the would be MLM’ers never make it! Therefore, before we go blindly into MLM, let’s analyze why some of the would-be MLM’ers don’t survive. Let’s bread down the problem in three categories. 1. MLM’er can’t EFFECTIVELY recruit new members. 2. MLM’er can’t keep his program going. It runs out of gas and dies a natural death. 3. MLM Company has serious problems. I believe that sums it up. Either the MLM’er can’t get his program started, can’t keep it going, or the MLM company itself goes “belly up.” Why New MLM’er Can’t Effectively Recruit New Members? 1. The MLM Paradox According to Webster, the word “paradox” means, “something with seemingly contradictory qualities or phases.” In MLM, there is a paradox that causes major confusion that must be understood and dealt with. Here is the problem. MLM companies by law cannot aggressively “push” the MLM opportunity as the main reason for joining their program. They must emphasize their products and services and explain the MLM opportunity as only a nice extra benefit. If they don’t, all kinds of local, state and federal government officials will attack them. Therefore, they must be extremely careful about what their literature, advertising and promotional material states, what they say in meetings, etc. That is why we normally don’t mention the MLM company name when we use examples in these reports. We do this just to avoid this kind of problem. All MLM’ers are aware of the MLM “paradox” problem. Look, everyone knows, including the MLM companies and all the distributors, that the real reason that most people get involved with MLM is for the opportunity! Yet, the MLM literature and the MLM distributor cannot tell you this directly without crossing over the fine line of being illegal. In other words, it is illegal to promote a MLM company if the sole purpose is to earn profits by signing up new distributors with no regard to the usefulness of the product or service. Where does this leave the new MLM distributor? Well, no one is officially allowed to tell him how to go out and aggressively recruit new members! Instead, he is always taught how to “promote” the product and then “as an after thought” explain the opportunity! All up standing MLM companies will follow this procedure. TIP: Keep your lead generating methods separate from your MLM promotions. In other words, it is perfectly legal to promote an opportunity any way you want to as long as you don’t tie this directly with a MLM company. That means that you can write your own advertisements, etc. and generate all kinds of leads. But when it comes time to discuss a particular MLM company, then us the official MLM literature, guidelines, etc. when presenting that particular company, products, and opportunities. In that way, you are making a clear distinction between “lead generating” and promoting a particular “MLM company opportunity.”

2. MLM Concepts Are Way Too Complicated Whey most people are first exposed to their first MLM opportunity, they are over powered by the complexity and newness of MLM concepts and terms. They are confused with all those new terms such as “Network, Downline, Upline, Organization, Levels, etc.” Then there is the specific MLM plan that is being presented that is always anything but simple. There is too much to absorb quickly. Then there is much suspicion. Is this a pyramid scheme? Is it legal? They have probably never heard of the MLM company that adds to the problem. They find it hard to believe that they can really make the kind of money being discussed. They probably suspect the MLM distributor. And on and on. Right? So what happens? In most cases, nothing! They simply don’t sign up.

3. Potential MLM Member Can’t Decide Which MLM Company To Join

Put yourself in his shoes. If he has been investigating MLM companies, he is sure to be confused with all those offers and different companies. If he can’t decide, he just doesn’t sign up with any MLM company! Does He?

TIP: There are literally thousands and thousands of MLM distributors who will jump at the chance to tell you which companies you should get into and promote. If you want more “advice” there are many books written by the “experts.” Understand one thing, every book and magazine article that you read and everyone that you talk to will almost assuredly have a “vested interest.” In other words, they are either openly or subtlety trying to get you to sign up in their program. They will be quick to explain that there are “golden rules” and guidelines to follow. Some will tell you to stay away from “grown floor” opportunities since they are too risky. Others, will explain that this is where the big money is. Some will explain why matrix MLM programs are better than others – and visa versa. Some will adamantly advise you to be active in only one MLM company – “be loyal” is their motto. Others, try to sign you up in multiple companies. Still others have put together “Downline Building Teams,” and will invite you to join them. They do all the work (You simply send to them money). With all this “good” advise, what is correct? I have noticed one thing about all these “good” advice sources. They never seem to ask me what my goals are. What is it that I want? How in the world can someone give another person advice before he understands that the objectives are? What is it that you really want? When? How much can you afford to spend? How much risk are you willing to take? What MLM programs and products do you like? Before we even think about selecting a MLM company, let’s review the real world about MLM companies and opportunities. Most new MLM companies never make it through their 2nd year. This is because they are not properly financed, don’t really have a good offering, or the federal (Fed’s ) government shuts them down! The reason that the Fed’s shut down some of these companies is that there is a lot of unscrupulous people in MLM, mailorder and in fact, all kinds of business. MLM is no different from other companies that frankly have about the same survival length. New companies in any business, MLM or not, have a tough time getting through the first few years. The people that promote MLM companies never seem to get around to explaining the real facts to you. But you need to understand the dark side as well as the “rose colored glasses view.” Sound scary? Well, it you were to invest $5,000 to $25,000 like some MLM companies would like you to do, yes it would be scary. The correct word is probably “foolish.” Now let’s take these facts and see if there is really a low risk, high potential waiting for you. So, back to the question, “How do You Select the Right MLM Company?” This is like asking, “What Stock should I buy?” Brokers, advisement firms, and the like will be quick to make their advice. Wouldn’t they? And why not – they all earn a fat commission or other fees. do you think any of them really cares about you? And if they really believed in their own “advice”, why don’t they mortgage their homes and buy in themselves? The fact is, “No one knows!” And that is true with MLM companies and buying stocks! A standard solution does exit however: diversify! Spread your investment around! Why put all your eggs into one basket? 1. Select your MLM programs from the “Highly Recommended” listing from reliable sources 2. Enroll into at least 2 or 3 MLM programs. There is no guarantee that any MLM program will survive, so let’s not be naive about this. Safety is in numbers! They all won’t go sour . . . at least at the same time. And in the mean time, you should be making money with the one or two companies that you’re in. 3. Build your one core MLM company that is at least five years old and is the best one that you can find. Write for literature on our #1 ranking program. Consider our #2, #3, #4 and #5 “Highly Recommended” for diversification. Since some of these can be promoted easier and faster, you may want to vigorously promote these programs while you are building your slower, but stronger #1 program. 4. Get into MLM companies that you have total confidence in. There is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to promote a product or a company that you don’t really believe in. Stick with the winners with a few years of success behind them! 5. Make sure that the MLM company(s) that you select have inexpensive literature that you can send by mail in a cost effective manner. This just makes good mailorder sense! TRAP: Don’t be a “MLM junkie” without a plan. Human nature is to entice you into many different exciting ” ground floor” MLM opportunities. These can be fine, but you will lose your shirt if you don’t have a coherent plan that makes sense. work this program and its offering to the fullest before you take off in other directions. Here are a few problems some new MLMers have: 1. No Upline Support Once a person joins a new MLM program, he is vulnerable and needs a lot of help from something or someone. In many cases, his upline is not actively helping him for whatever reason. This happens a lot when the upline person is simply sponsoring as many people as he can with no regard to what happens to them after they get sponsored. In most standard MLM programs, it is important that the new person gets immediate assistance from a local person, meetings or what have you. Otherwise his chances for survival are slim to none. 2. New MLM’er Can’t Sell This is probably the major reason most people don’t make it MLM. By using standard MLM techniques, you have “just got to” sell and learn how to speak at opportunity meetings and the like. 3. MLM’er Cannot Generate Good Leads Next to the selling problem, this has to be the next biggest reason most people fail in MLM. Let me paint you a picture of what normally happens. The new person has just signed up in an exciting MLM program. He is taught by the manuals, meetings and so forth, how he should “share” his product with his friends, neighbors and relatives. Normally, he is not comfortable with this, and if he is typical, he will have many sleepless, tossing and turning nights! He just doesn’t want to “impose” on his friends! He would feel a lot more comfortable just presenting his opportunity to strangers. But to whom? Unless his upline sponsor can get to him immediately, this guy is sure to be a fatality! 4. There Is No True Duplicative System If the MLM company must be promoted through expensive methods, this is not feasible. Also, if you must learn how to sell, or to speak and conduct an opportunity meeting – friend, this is just not duplicative. It just isn’t! Only a few people can do this. Here again, is a very important reason a lot of would be MLM’ers die on the vine. TRICK: Follow up with your first level of people. You can do this by letter or phone. If you have signed up someone that is not active, replace him with someone new, but keep all your first level people active. 5. MLM’er Sells By Mail Using Standard MLM Techniques Traditional way to promote MLM is to sit down fact to face, spend all spare time to call around and travel around to get prospects. A lot of people already have full time job, it is hard to find extra time to travel and make phone calls. MLM’er Can’t Keep His Program Going Strong 6. MLM’er Not “Sure” About His MLM Company Or Service Often a person will “sign up” in a MLM program in a “fit of excitement.” After the dust clears, he comes down to earth and reality slowly sets in. He then starts having doubts about the company, the product or service and his own ability to promote it. If he has enrolled in a program that is not well established, he may have some well founded fears. If the company is not at least two years old, things can get very shaky very quickly. The slightest amount of financial problems or bad press can crater this company over night. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the new MLM’er to align himself with a solid company with unquestionable products and services! TIP: Pick an established, financially sound MLM company that is at least two years old with unquestionable products or services. That way, you can feel good about the company and products that you are promoting. There is nothing quite like being able to “tell the complete truth” to your prospective customers. TRICK: Don’t select a MLM just because you are “in love” with the product. Put your emphasis on the business, the money making potential. 7. New MLM’er Doesn’t Stick With It Long Enough TIP: Starting any company takes time, and this is true with MLM as well. By the time you study the program, write and receive literature: study this and sign up; get the literature; etc. – it takes time! And then you have to generate your leads and so on. Also, there is a lead time before you get your first check. And then your organization has to take time to grow. And on and on. The point is, it will take several months before you can expect much of anything to start to happen. You should set in your mind that you are going to stick with this for at least one year! That just makes good business sense. TRICK: Use some other promotions to earn money during the interim time. That way, you are earning extra profits and generating a lot of surplus leads to help your downline. TRAP: Don’t spend all your initial promotional money on one thing and all at once. Do a little testing. Spread it out and find out what works best for you. If you “blow it” all in one big shot, and it doesn’t work, then what? MLM COMPANY IN SERIOUS TROUBLE Your MLM Company Gets into Serious Trouble Here is something that can happen, so you had better be prepared for it. As I have mentioned before, there are some excellent MLM companies, and some not so good. But any company can get into serious trouble, and a lot of MLM companies certainly do. they can get into financial problems, or get bad “press,” management problems, etc. Anything can happen, and if you are one of the unlucky ones to be promoting this company, you could quickly become another MLM fatality. Particularly if you are promoting only this one MLM company. TIP: Diversify. Look, we both know that MLM offers many wonderful opportunities. We also know that this is a volatile industry. That doesn’t mean we should not participate. If you had to invest several thousand dollars in one MLM company, then I would be worried. But that is not the case here. You can partake in several MLM companies for less than $200 a month, and still enjoy the benefits. Can’t you? Let’s face it. Although the companies that are listed “Highly Recommended” in the our site are excellent, solid companies, they may not be perfect. In fact, some may go “belly up.” But not all at once! Worst case, you will be in a MLM company at least a few months or years before they get into trouble. Now tell me you won’t have made a profit even with that company! TRICK: Sponsor your first level quickly. That way, your income will more than cover your costs. With the Internet’s help, this can be done with just a little extra effort. Then show your first level how to do the same. That way, you earn profits quickly and stay ahead of the game. TRAP: Don’t be a MLM “junkie” without a plan. diversifying with a good coherent plan is one thing, but just buying into a lot of MLM companies is a “no-no.” But yet, did you know that there are many people that buy into dozens of MLM programs without promoting any of them? * MORE How To Build A Secure Income TIP: When you can afford it, buy into more MLM programs. Re-invest some of your profits and round out your MLM companies to at least three. Start promoting MLM programs so you can recruit members into your new MLM programs. When you do this, you will generate surplus leads for your original MLM programs. At this point, you can either feed these leads to your existing downline, or start to build a second organization. TRICK: Consider forming a co-op advertising group made up of your downline. You can advertise locally or nationally. You simply put the advertising package together, and your downline pays you so much for a block of this advertising. That way, they get tons of leads, and your downline builds automatically. TRAP: Don’t forget the method that you used to succeed. After you become successful, you will want to work closer with the individual MLM companies that you are promoting. All these companies have “grand” ways that they want you to use and teach. Beware! Stick to the system that worked for you. With Internet’s help, you can do a lot of research before you jump to anynetwork marketing company. Plus, you can use Internet to recruit new prospects at low cost with search engine’s help.

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Secure Your Finances With Three Simple Actions




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Millions of people do not understand how important it is to be financially stable. Financial stability does not necessarily refer to having a well paying job and a lot of money. In order to be secure, one has to know how to handle their monetary resources. You need to be able to determine how you will spend, save and invest your money. This will make sure that you are financially secure.

How to use your money

There are simple tricks you can apply to your life to ensure you are utilizing your money well. The three main elements are to make sure you can;

· Spend

· Save

· Invest

When you get your salary or profits from your business ventures, you must be willing to pay attention to all these three areas. The secrets to maintaining a constant structure that will ensure you are financially stable is by following the pointers below.

1. Budget

Always budget whenever you get your money. Be logical when you do so. Write down all your expenses and needs. When you budget, always indicate payments you have to make to insurance companies or loan payments if they are not part of your net pay. Once you have a clear picture of how much you are spending, you can now know how much to save.

2. Saving

Choose a savings account that will generate more funds for you. You may need to do some research before you settle for one. If you have dependents, you may want to put money aside for their needs as well such as tuition savings. Allocate your savings according to your needs.

3. Invest

Investing ensures that your future is secure. Once you have done your savings and budgeted well, make sure you take a leap of faith and invest your money in other ways. For instance, you can put some money into company shares.

For the sake of your family, you can also apply for insurance. Life insurance is the best since it covers both you and your loved ones. There are many options available for such insurance covers like new policies that offer life insurance without medical.

With these three factors in place, you can begin to take charge of your finances. In the event that you have extra money to spare, hiring a financial manager will ensure you keep track of all your expenditures. Be sure to prioritize in the first stages so that you meet your goals and live within your means.

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5 Simple Steps To Earn Money From Internet As An Affiliate Marketer




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The online industry is growing every passing day. The proof is – there are many options to earn money from internet. Affiliate marketing is one of them and it is currently selling like a hot cake! There are two possible reasons behind its immense popularity and demand. Firstly, the process involved is very simple and easy to follow. Secondly, it commands a very little investment and offers a steady source of income.

When it comes to the process involved, it comprises of three things – seller, middle man and customer. The internet marketer basically plays the role of the middleman. The marketer promotes products of the seller and earns a certain amount of commission every time a customer purchase’s the said product.

Remember – as an affiliate, you are expected to generate sales through different promotional tools. Therefore, you are expected to take appropriate measures which in turn can enhance your earnings. Following are the 4 simple steps that can help you in this regard.

Choose Your Niche Wisely: Make sure to choose the niche/topic that you are passionate about. It will help you in your work if you select a particular area that interests you. If needed, you may take help of search engines or online forums. It helps in identifying products or services that are in great demand now. Whatever niche you choose, always stick to it. It is advisable that you don’t jump from one niche/topic to another. For, it has chances of destroying the trust of your customers.

Select Products With A Thorough Investigation

As a part of investigation, try to judge the marketability and profitability of the products you choose. Fortunately, there are several affiliate marketing networks such as Commission Junction that is very helpful. These websites have a marketplace wherein you can find innumerable number of products. The best part – registration to these sites is absolutely free of cost. On completion of registration, you are provided with an affiliate ID and a special affiliate link. Every time a customer clicks the link and buys a product, your account gets credited with the commission.

Make A Blog or Website To Reach Your Audience

Having a blog or website of your own allows you to reach your target audiences in quick time. In addition, it permits you to place your affiliate links according to your convenience. Instead of registering with free web hosting service provider, it is better to opt for reputable companies like Host Monster or GoDaddy. This way, your objective to earn money from internet becomes smoother and easy.

Create Quality Content: Your website or blog may contain the slickest web features. However, it has no relevance when it comes to driving traffic. Instead, it will all depend on quality of content you provide. In order to attract customers and convert the clicks into sales, it is very important you keep all promotional matter very alluring. If time does not permit you to write such content, you may get it written by someone else.

Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog or Website: If you wish to earn money from internet with affiliate marketing, you need to drive website traffic. For this purpose, you may utilize suitable methods like E-mail marketing, Classified Ads, Paid Advertisement and Article marketing. This is very important when you choose programs like Amazon Affiliate Marketing. More traffic means more visitors, more sales and more commission!

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Horse Tricks 101 – Some Tricks You Should NOT Teach Your Horse




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Think carefully about which tricks you want to teach your horse. There are some tricks that can be quite dangerous if not performed in a safe area by an experienced person, for example rearing or lying down.

The last thing you want to happen is to be out riding and your horse decides to perform his newest trick – lying down with you and your saddle on board!

Rearing is a trick that requires strength, calmness and excellent balance from your horse. Your horse could do enormous damage to himself if he doesn’t get it right and flips over backward.

Horses will sometimes, particularly in the early stages of training, do tricks without being asked. This is partly because they are keen to get a treat and haven’t yet learnt that they ONLY get a reward when ASKED to do a trick and not for doing a trick when they feel like it.

Another reason I believe horses like to do new tricks is because they are natural performers – they like to show off. My horse, Trigger, will usually perform a new trick as soon as he sees me, as if to say “Hey, look what I can do!”

Also consider if children will be riding or handling the horse. A trick such as counting with their front foot could knock a child flying. Or a child might mistakenly give a horse a cue to rear.

If there is a chance you might sell your horse at any stage think about how his tricks might be viewed by future owners. I believe that simple, well done tricks actually add to the value and appeal of a horse, but some tricks might be misunderstood by some people.

I remember reading an old book that talked about teaching a horse to pull a mean face, as if they were about to attack you. Imagine if you sold this horse to someone, who then sold the horse to someone else that didn’t understand that this horrible face was actually just a trick. They would most likely reprimand the horse, which would cause the horse to become very confused.

Even worse, if you teach your horse to rear and a future owner accidentally gives him the cue to rear then this horse would quickly get a reputation as a difficult or dangerous horse, when all they were trying to do was perform a trick.

I find some of the safer tricks are kiss, hug, yes, no, pick things up, fetch..

But remember you need to teach your horse that they ONLY get a reward when they perform a trick when they are ASKED. This will discourage them from doing a trick unless given a cue first.

So think carefully about which tricks you want to teach your horse and who might be around your horse. There are lots of fun, safe tricks that your horse can learn that will be enjoyable for you both and won’t cause your horse to develop a bad reputation.

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Tips and Tricks to Spot Fake Influencers in a Jiffy




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The global influencer market is on the rise. Now, brands rely more on social media influencer marketing platform and influencer collaboration than ever. But alongside it, fake influencers are also growing by leaps and bounds. It has become a matter of concern for most brands that really care about their return on investments. As the number of fake influencers is skyrocketing, spotting the unreliable influencers has become crucial than ever.

If you don’t want to end up collaborating with a fake influencer and waste your money, then here are some tips and tricks to spot fake influencers:

1. Analyze the Influencer’s Engagement Volume

Spotting a fake influencer is fairly easy if you analyze his engagement volume. Having millions of followers should bring high engagements to your influencer marketing campaign. If the engagement number is not meeting your expectations, there are chances that the influencer has got fake followers. You need to check the interaction per one thousand followers and analyze the metrics to reveal the true picture.

2. Take a Close Look at His Posting Consistency

Fake followers tend to stay inconsistent when it comes to posting content on social media channels. It’s a red flag that can help you spot fake social media influencers. While authentic influencers publish their content regularly, the fake ones have no fixed schedule to engage their audience. They lack the passion to do it and it reflects clearly from the frequency of their posts.

3. Measure the Influencer’s Follower Growth

Analyzing the influencer’s follower growth over time reveals if he is genuine or a fake one. It’s the right metrics to detect a fake social media influencer. While genuine influencers tend to have a steady growth in the follower base over time, the fake ones either show sudden surge or dip in their follower growth. The follower growth reaches a peak when they purchase fake followers.

4. Analyze if the Influencer Engages With Followers or Not

The real influencers always interact with audiences that share a similar interest. They post content to engage with the community by actively responding to their comments and questions. But all these activities consume a lot of time. This is the reason a fake one will never get indulged in it. He will prefer to remain silent. It’s a warning sign indicating that he is fake and isn’t fit for collaboration.


Spotting a fake influencer is the foremost thing you need to do before you consider him for your influencer marketing campaign. You need to check his profile on a reliable social media influencer marketing platform and proceed with influencer collaboration after analyzing him precisely. Keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind to help you on the way. An unreliable influencer brings along a lot of trouble to your brand. You should be strict with the quality check before you start working with him.

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