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How To Get An Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590



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This 590 student guardian visa let you live and stay in Australia as a guardian or custodian or relative of an overseas student who is pursuing an education course in Australia. With student visa 500, you can live with your child to take care of him/her in Australia until the course complete. Your child age must below then 18th years old before applying for student guardian visa subclass 590. If you are a relative then you can also live with a child by submitting written permission of child’s parents or custodian. If your child is above 18 years of age then you can also apply for a student guardian visa 590 in special circumstances. You can apply for 590 Student Guardian Visa outside from Australia and get enrollment in other courses up to 3 months with 590 visa. You can do care for more than one student. Your stay duration depends on visa subclass 500 holder’s stay or Age. You can do any other study or training only for three months with this student guardian visa 590. You can continue your stay by applying for another guardian visa 485.

The Whole Process To Get Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590

1. Meet The Following Eligibility Criteria

  • Only a parent or grandparents or custodian or step parents of an overseas student visa 500 holders can apply for this student guardian visa subclass 590.
  • You must be above 21th years old.
  • You must be a parent or relative of an international student who must be below 18th of age besides exceptional circumstances.
  • If you want to apply from inside of Australia then you need to hold a substantive visa except for domestic worker, temporary work visa, transit visa, visitor visa, etc.
  • If your another child who is below 18th and not coming to Australia with you then you need to give evidence that you have made welfare arrangement for the child.
  • You will be accountable for your all healthcare expenses so make sure that medical insurance can only reduce your expenses.
  • Your immigration history must be credible like you must not have any visa cancellation history.
  • If your family members are also applying with you then they also need to meet the health policies of the Australian government.
  • If due to any reason parents is not available for taking care the visa subclass 500 holder student then any relative like an uncle, aunt, niece, partner, child, stepchild, etc can apply for this 590 student guardian visa.
  • You must have health insurance certified by Australia authority.
  • You have to submit your bank account details like salary slip to prove that you are able to survive yourself in Australia and provide welfare arrangement to your child.
  • If you have another child who is below then 6 years old then you can bring him/her to Australia but if the child is above 6th years old then we will not allow you to bring the child to Australia.
  • You can’t work here.

2. Gather All The Required Documents 

  • Provide character certificate and other national identities.
  • Submit bank documents and salary slips to prove that you will be enough capable to give welfare to the student.
  • Provide guardianship documents to prove you are a genuine guardian.
  • Have a Translation copy all non-English documents into English.
  • Submit legal student guardianship form.
  • If you have changed your name then provide proof of a change of name including a marriage or divorce certificate.
  • If you bring your child who is below 6 years of age then provide dependent under 6 documents.

3. Processing fee And Time  

Visa subclass 590 cost starts from AUD 560. The processing time to get this visa may be from 2 to 4 months. But this processing can be increased if you forget to submit any documents. Your visa application processing time can be increased if you provide incomplete information.

4. Apply For The Visa

Apply for online for the 590 student guardian visa 6 weeks before student’s course starts. At the time applying for the visa, you have to prove that you are genuine and legal applicant by submitting legal documents. If you provide wrong information and trying to cheat with immigration authorities then they can reject your visa application. You and your relative which is listed in visa application will not able to get a visa for the next 10 years in case of any fraud by you. You should contact an experienced Immigration Agent Adelaide. You will be banned from getting any visa if you provide illegal and inappropriate documents

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