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5 Prominent Reasons That Result in eCommerce Business Failure

It is often said that the first steps are the hardest. But, in some instances, they are the easiest. For example, eCommerce business failure. Today, there are lots of more natural ways to set up an eCommerce store. With the help of cost-effective eCommerce website design companies, it is possible to

eCommerce Business Failure

It is often said that the first steps are the hardest. But, in some instances, they are the easiest. For example, eCommerce business failure. Today, there are lots of more natural ways to set up an eCommerce store. With the help of cost-effective eCommerce website design companies, it is possible to get started with selling your products within a few days.

But, the challenge commences when you convert your eCommerce startup into a successful and profitable business. According to recent research, it has been found that 80% of eCommerce stores get abandoned within two years of inception. Other researchers even speculate that 97% of eCommerce businesses are not able to make any profit. This is a startling statistic.

So, what exactly goes wrong while starting an eCommerce business? Is there a specific reason for eCommerce businesses to fail, especially when they have a passionate founder or team behind it? In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided some of the prominent reasons that cause eCommerce business failure and their solutions. We promise reading this content piece you will be able to protect your eCommerce business from turning into a big failure.

So, let’s get started.

1. Improper product images and content description

You have done all the hard work of searching for a great product, used proper designing professionals, and even source it from the best suppliers. There is also a massive demand for the product, which is impressive. But, if the product listing page on your website contains poor images with a poorly written copy, then it can seriously affect your sales. It can create a subpar impression on the minds of your customers that can harm your brand positioning.

The best way to overcome this situation is by investing in product photography. This can of course only work if you are interested in it. Invest in the right photography gear and learn a few tips and tricks to click pictures in the best light. Do not forget to include multiple views of your product and include comprehensive descriptions. Never write generic descriptions.

The best possible thing is to describe the product from the perspective of your customer. The things that they would be interested to learn about the product, etc. In case you are not interested in photography, the next best option would be to hire a professional photographer to get the job done. You can even avail the services of professional WooCommerce development services that will assist you in setting up your product listing and the remainder of your eCommerce store.

Never solely be dependent on the price to lure in the customers. Instead, do that with the help of the feature lists of your products. Always ensure that your products are presented in the best possible manner.

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2. Missing Contact Information, including Email ID, Phone Number, etc.

You might think this is not a big deal. But not depicting your complete contact information or cornering it on your website may make your customers doubt your eCommerce store.

Remember, whenever a new customer comes to your online store, they look for your contact information like where are you based? The story behind your brand, etc. Remember, customers, opt for brands that are easy to contact so that they can quickly get in touch in case of a discrepancy. Hence, it is essential to have comprehensive contact information on your website. This includes email ID, phone numbers, address, and social media pages, which give customers to learn about your brand.

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3. Complex Checkout Process

Everyone wants to shop online with a smooth checkout process which can happen with single click purchases. So, in case, you have a complicated checkout process, now is the time to make the necessary changes in the design. Hire Magento Developer to aid you in refining and redesigning the checkout process.

Never make it mandatory for the customer to sign in or register their account before completing the checkout process. Instead, give them an alternative and let them decide as to when they want to sign in. Even if they do not wish to complete the purchase by signing in give them the option to checkout as a guest. This is the best way to increase the sales figure for your online store.

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4. Poor Performing Website

This is a sure-shot disaster recipe for your online store. Irrespective of the business model you select or the type of products you sell, there is no way you are going to succeed with a poor performing website. Remember, no matter how many other channels you employ for sales, your website is the center point for your eCommerce business, and it should reflect that.

Always make sure that the website that you are designing is up to date, functional, responsive, and provides the best user experience. By creating an easy-to-use website, you only increase the chances of conversion rates, but also the probability of ranking it higher on Google. Always opt for simple, clutter-free layouts.

Also, ensure that your website has a mobile-friendly responsive design. Today, customers look for the products on the go. This makes it very critical for you to ensure that you view them on their mobile devices so that they can purchase while they are on the move. In case your website is not optimized for mobile or provides a sub-par experience, you only risk losing the sale but losing the customer permanently.

In the current year, providing high-class mobile experience is the key to every website. Always try to grasp the ins-and-outs of good mobile user experience and hire a professional eCommerce website design company to optimize your online store for all the mobile devices. It is even possible for you to invest in creating a mobile shopping app. But, always ensure that it is tested adequately.

Once your website, mobile website, and mobile shopping app are up and running, test every bit of it. Load on different mobile devices, browsers, check how it looks on laptops, tablets, mobiles etc. Also, do not forget to monitor its performance on different internet speeds. Once that is done, you can rest assured that it will provide a seamless experience to your existing and potential customers.

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5. Hidden Fees

This is probably one of the most common mistakes made by eCommerce stores that make prospective customers abandon their online stores. In fact, according to a recent study, it has been found that 61% of customers abandon their cart when they are presented with an additional cost at the end. This includes shipping fees.

To avoid this, we recommend you to provide your shipping costs with the customers up front by placing it on the homepage of your online store. You can also entice your prospective customers to shop above a particular limit to avail free shipping. Another great option is to have a shipping calculator on your online store so that they can calculate the shipping costs before going to the checkout page.

The Finale

eCommerce is a great way to launch your business. But, remember there is a lot of hard work required to succeed. Your focus should be on sustainability and growth instead of short-term goals. If you wish to create your eCommerce store, contact a professional Magento eCommerce Development Company and ask them to take care of the pointers mentioned in this write-up. This way, your online store will grow by leaps and bounds.

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