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All you need to know about MRI Scan



MRI Scan
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The term MRI scan refers to Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is procedure that is painless and helps in detecting the smallest abnormalities in the human body structure. Unlike the other scanning methods like the Ct scan and the x-ray, MRI scan is free of the harmful radiations. MRI provides a clear picture of a particular part of the body and that helps the doctors to examine it deeply. More and more people are getting prescribed to get their MRI scanning done as it gives the picture of the insides of the body and helps to determine any abnormality that might be there.

The MRI scanning has been recommended by more and more doctors as tool of medical imaging that will be used to evaluate various conditions of health. The problems of brain, spine, blood vessels, joints and heart can be examined quite easily by this process. The process is done by using advanced computer software that helps to get clear and detailed cross-sectional images of the structure of the body. In order to identify tumors, dislocation of joints, spondylolisthesis, vascular disease, cancer, sports injuries or lumbar disc herniation or any other kind of bodily abnormality, experts depend on the process of MRI scan.

Another benefit of MRI scan is that it is a non-invasive, free of radiation and completely harmless procedure. For this process of scanning a combination of radio waves and magnetic waves are used. The process is free of ionizing radiations and is characterized by gradients that are soft and sound. However, patients who have metal implants, cochlear implants, pacemakers or intracranial aneurysm clips are generally not prescribed this scan and are asked to refrain from the process.

Some MRI systems feature large gantry openings that help in reducing the anxiety of the patients to a great deal. In certain clinics spacious and comfortable suits are offered to the patients who will undergo the MRI scanning. This especially helps patients who are claustrophobic and obese. The time consumed in the process is also quite less and the images of the scan can be acquired in minimum time.

If you are looking for MRI in Mumbai then you will have to keep certain things in mind. In order to find the best centre that offers MRI in Mumbai, you need to make a list of the clinics that offer MRI services in the area. Thereafter, you will need to shortlist the centre from where you will get your MRI done. After you have selected a particular centre you must check its background to know about its years of establishment and its quality of services. You should then look up the clinic online to find its user reviews and online ratings. A good clinic will definitely have positive reviews and high ratings. You should also check the website of the clinic to know more about them. You must make sure that the clinic has certified professionals who will perform the scan. Lastly, you should get an idea about the pricing of the clinic.

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