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Why do most eCommerce stores opt for development of Mobile Apps?

In today’s world, online shopping is one of the prime habits of every customer whoever uses a smart phone. People are preferring mobile apps way more than desktop websites. So, for all the leading eCommerce store owners, eCommerce mobile app is  the next big thing for prompt growth. Moreover, the us

Mobile App

In today’s world, online shopping is one of the prime habits of every customer whoever uses a smart phone. People are preferring mobile apps way more than desktop websites. So, for all the leading eCommerce store owners, eCommerce mobile app is  the next big thing for prompt growth. Moreover, the users get to shop products on the go with shopping apps. According to a survey, 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. And, that too the numbers seem to cross 2.14B till the ending of year 2021. Such forecasts show us the clear picture of what the future of Mobile Commerce beholds.

Mobile Apps Stats

The shopping apps available on mobile devices have permanently changed the way of promotional standards as well. Nowadays, every eCommerce business looks for some handy promotional tools like push notifications in order to boost sales figures. Earlier, the websites were enough to provide you enough revenue but the norms have changed with the constant rise in the number of mobile shoppers day by day. Every single day, millions of purchases are being done through mobile shopping apps. Now, in order to survive the competition, having just a website could land you in hot waters. These are the reasons behind eCommerce store owners going mobile. Let’s explore them in a bit detail.

Major reasons behind the shift of eCommerce to mCommerce

Well, if we begin discussing the reasons because of which online merchants are selling products on mobile, the list could be very big. Here, some of the major ones are listed below:

1. Purchase on the go

Mobile Apps are more & flexible user-friendly. User experience is one of the most important factor which could increase the sales for your store. A functional app with beneficial features will surely bring loyal customers to your store. So, whether it’s about searching a product or transaction on your app, the front end users will always find an unmatched shopping experience.

2. One-tap login options

Now, app users need not fumble with that lengthy form fillings anymore. The eCommerce shopping apps have one-tap social login options like login using Facebook account. Few apps even have various biometric authentication as well like Fingerprint Verification.

3. Ease of mobile payments

Easy payments are one of the cornerstones of eCommerce mobile apps. The mobile apps can have multiple payment methods as per various currencies. The users never face any hassle while paying for what they have purchased.

4. Simplified checkout for order ease

Instead of involving multiple step form fillings, the shopping apps come with single-screen checkout that makes product purchase facile. This also increases the chances of keeping the users engaged with your app for a longer time.

5. Better designed app allure the shoppers

Online purchases are more from mobile devices than desktops and laptop. The beautiful UI of mobile apps attract the users & it becomes easy to interact with the app. If we don’t like the look of what we see, we probably won’t even think of purchasing it. So, the apps are also making their impact because of their intuitive designs.

6. Push Notification creates the spark

Keeping users engaged to your store isn’t a piece of cake. You need to act smart & timed for that. The eCommerce Mobile Apps with push notification tool lets you get the marketing job done in an easy way. The merchant can keep the users updated about every new store deal & offers.

7. Reward Points makes users happy

Getting rewards for something makes us happy. Right? Well, same happens with the mobile app shopping. The mobile apps for eCommerce offer rewards to app users for their activities.

8. Branding gives you expanded reach

A better branding leads to better results for the business. With these online shopping apps, you can present your brand name/logo in front of a huge number of potential users available worldwide. This definitely could be the game-changer for one’s business.

Summing Up

The ongoing paced growth in the mobile audience is the answer to why every eCommerce store should go for mobile app development. It doesn’t matter whether it’s product browsing, payment gateway, or it’s your checkout page, the mobile app handles everything for you & make shopping effortless.

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