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7 Digital Marketing, In-Demand Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

Well, I don’t think there is anyone out there reading today’s article is unaware of the word “Digital marketing.” I hope of many hands down in back! Well, do you remember the days when you were a fresh college graduate and didn’t have to see any job relating to today’s scenario? This is the differen

Well, I don’t think there is anyone out there reading today’s article is unaware of the word “Digital marketing.” I hope of many hands down in back!

Well, do you remember the days when you were a fresh college graduate and didn’t have to see any job relating to today’s scenario? This is the difference today!

There has been seen and discussed how the ongoing surge in technology is causing the replacement of jobs. But we cannot deny the fact that technology has created a number of jobs even.

Today, we are going to discuss;

7 Digital Marketing Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

But, before getting into the main topic of the day, it’s high time to look over to the overview of today’ article. Have a look:

1). Digital Marketing Specialist:

Digital Marketing Specialist

Today, everything is online and digital. Gone are the days when you were used to marketing your product and services through traditional methods, as a business owner. Those traditional methods were: advertisement in magazines, newspapers, distributing pamphlets on roads and so on.  But now the time has changed and so the techniques of advertisement as well. Now, no matter if it’s a big, medium or small business, people are focusing on online ads, YouTube ads and email to outreach audience. Digital marketing specialists are now concentrating on effective online marketing campaigns and digital messaging for consumers and you know the best part of all? The salary is damn pretty good though! Digital Marketing Specialist Avg. Salary: $51,984

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2). Vlogger:



Next, on the list Vlogger (Videomakers), in layman language is a super cool job available for today’s youth! Wondering how? Well, there is a difference between blogger and vlogger. Although bloggers have been around since the early 90s, as we know YouTube wasn’t released until 2005 starting the age of online cat videos. But after that tables got turned and a number of successful vloggers, also called “influencers” use their platform to make money. They make money through various ways such as product sponsorship, reviews and advertising on their videos. They market products and their brand on social media. Don’t drop your jaw down if I say today’s biggest YouTube Vlogger is estimated to be worth around 15.5 million. Vlogger Avg. Salary: $40,000

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3). Social Media Manager:

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Do you know? There are total of 2.46 billion people present on social media in the world. And the thing is it is even growing more. So, obviously with such a rise, there is a need of social media manager continuously and this is not even outdated. They make sure that they are brand consistent and that the feedback from customers gets addressed. Their main job responsibility is to strategize, manage and maintain all of a company’s social networks. Social Media Manager Avg. Salary: $48,614

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4). Chief Listening Officer:

Chief Listening Officer

Chief Listening Officer

the chief listening officer is an important one, relatively a new to the digital community. It is somewhat a step above social media manager and is more of an overall approach to social. With the assistance of the social media manager, the chief listening officer tries to get a better understanding of what clients like or dislike about the brand and create strategies to remedy or maintain those opinions by monitoring both the external and internal communications. They even also work on things like complaints, new product ideas, and tips from consumers and general feedback from social listening. Chief Listening Officer Avg. Salary: $181,210

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5). SEO Analyst:

SEO Analyst

SEO Analyst

A number of people out there must be aware of the term Search engine optimization (SEO) analysts. Their main functioning involves to let the potential customers can find their company easier. They do so by helping a company optimizes website and content to have better visibility in online searches. With such emerging smartphones and stiff competition, it’s easy to get lost in the results page if you don’t have the right tools to get you found. Thus, to give your company an online presence, SEO analyst, keeping up with Google’s newest rules and trends, analyze the website, develop and execute strategies and improve search rankings. SEO Analyst Avg. Salary: $46,466

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6). Data Scientist:

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

The term “data science” is not a new thing in business but yes if we fit it with digital changes in the business; it is certainly a new job responsibility. How do they function? Well, they get to have a voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. They need to be able to collect, interpret and utilize large data sets into data strategies for organizations. Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. It may result in a curse even. An expert data scientist knows your market is the key to a successful business and thus utilize the data accordingly. Data Scientist Avg. Salary: $118,709

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7). UX Designer:

UX Designer

UX Designer

experience of the user, this is what defines the UX Designer the most appropriately. They use A/B testing to explore different options and approaches and thus determine the best types of landing pages, call to actions, customer journeys, and so forth across the site and its products, like apps. It not only improves customer experience but also the overall satisfaction of consumers. UX Designer Avg. Salary: $107,880

Summing up:

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Which one out of all did you love the most? Let us know your suggestions, questions in the comment section below Now.

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