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How to Prevent your Phone from Overheating this Summer

Can you imagine spending a single day without your high-tech smartphone? What an incredibly slow, boring and, not to mention, taxing day it would be, right? The thing is that we’ve come to depend on these advanced technological devices to such an extent that even the smallest activities, like switch

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Can you imagine spending a single day without your high-tech smartphone? What an incredibly slow, boring and, not to mention, taxing day it would be, right? The thing is that we’ve come to depend on these advanced technological devices to such an extent that even the smallest activities, like switching on the air conditioner and looking up a recipe, are performed by using them. They’ve made our lives convenient to the utmost degree. Because of which, today, nearly every individual in the world has a smartphone in their pocket. On top of it, Statista predicts the mobile phone user count to exceed 5 billion by the end of 2019. Such is the prevalence of this technological wonder!

However, the more sophisticated the mobile software becomes, the more delicate and prone to being damaged the physical hardware gets.

You see, these super-sleek smartphones are sensitive enough to crack at the slightest fall, suffer glitches of the weirdest sort, or worse, suddenly heat up and melt all the data, leaving you crestfallen. This overheating is a significant problem that many smartphone users face these days as climatic temperatures skyrocket across the globe. One of the severest incidents of mobile overheating was recorded back in 2016 when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused serious burns and property damage to its owners.

Overusing the device’s battery power or cluttering it with junk might be the potential reasons behind the smartphone’s core-melt. But, what certainly pushes it over the edge to its early death is the intense summer heat on the outside.

So, how can you protect your prized possessions from these damaging internal and external factors this summer? Check out the following tried-and-tested tips:

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Manage your Apps

A mobile phone without mobile applications is like a body without organs. Just an empty shell. These apps – from Google Docs to the latest Harry Potter AR game – are what actually give your phone its true value and real-time utility. However, a majority of smartphone applications require a ton of power to function properly, and once accessed, keep on running in the background without notice. What does this lead to? Battery drainage and ultimate rise in the phone’s internal temperature. So, before you head off to sleep, I’d recommend you to force close all the background apps.

In addition to this, de-cluttering your phone would also prevent its eventual overheating. Go ahead and delete those pointless apps that sit idly on the home screen and consume battery unnecessarily.

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Check Your Usage

Let’s face it. Excess of everything is bad. If you spend too much, you over-topple your monthly budget. Similarly, if you overuse your phone, you unknowingly increase its chances of overheating & facing damage. Whether it’s playing PUBG with your peers all day every day, or even binge-watching your favorite seasons throughout the weekend over your spectacularly fast internet connection, you need to realize this over-usage puts a huge load on your phone’s battery and causes it to heat up from within. I’d suggest you alter this lifestyle a little, put the device aside for some time and give it a break to cool off. Then, go back to watching once the battery has stabilized. As simple as that.

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Remove the Cover

Quick question: Do you ever wear gloves during summer? Not even as a fashion statement, right? Because it just doesn’t make sense. Then, can you expect your phone to survive the summer heat by constantly wearing a plastic case on its back? I’d take that as a no. The thing is, as your phone’s inner temperature rises, the heat seeps through the covering and gets entrapped by the cover, which on top of it, absorbs the heat from the outside as well. This double blow then gives your smartphone a severe thermal shock. So, do remove your phone’s casing every once in a while, and let it breathe a sigh of relief.

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Don’t Leave it in the Car!

Your car is a giant metallic box which takes in the sun’s rays and intensifies them. That is precisely the reason why you cannot drive long distances at the peak of summer without proper air conditioning. This is why leaving your phone in a parked car would be a big mistake too. As the car’s inner temperature builds up, it will project that heat at the smartphone and lead it towards subtle overheating. So, always take your phone with you whenever you exit your vehicle, and place it adjacent to the cool AC waves as you travel from one place to another.

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Assess the Sunlight Impact

‘Keep out of direct sunlight!’ That’s what grandma advised us kids when we were young and rebellious enough to skateboard down the street in the piping-hot June breeze. Why? Because she knew with the depleting ozone layer, sun’s rays had become super dangerous, carrying an intense ultraviolet element. These rays cause different degrees of sunburn or fever. That is why it is absolutely crucial you stay out of direct sunlight and keep your technological devices away from it too. For added safety, cover your phone with a glare screen which will protect it like the sunscreen on your skin.

In conclusion, smartphones are sensitive devices that require special care in summer, as they are more prone to overheating (from both internal and external factors). The aforementioned pointers show exactly how you can safeguard your prized possession from heat, and save your money from going down the drain.

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