How to Understand and Reconcile Squalid Employees

If people were all the same, then the world would be extremely boring. And the business world is sluggish and non-innovative. Success in entrepreneurship brings people with a creative component, with a spark, with passions and flaws. But at the same time, the presence of all this causes not only the prosperity of the business enterprise but also quarrels both within the team and between the various components of the business environment (partners, suppliers, customers, etc.).

Sometimes misunderstanding brings positive results: people argue, debate, consider different points of view and find new interesting solutions to problems. But it happens that in our working environment there are such people who fundamentally disagree with everyone, who argue and argue, getting some special pleasure from it.
How to deal with such specific characters?

1. Understand the reason for disagreement



You may think such people conflict “for the love of art”, but try to look at the situation differently. Perhaps the rebels are excellent specialists who, as they think, are out of place? People rarely go to a quarrel for nothing to do; most likely, they think that they are underestimated, they are not being listened to. There is one more option – they see that you are mistaken, categorically do not want to admit it, and so they are angry from impotence to influence something.

Perhaps, it’s worthwhile to listen to them and, at least hypothetically, to begin with, assume that they are better aware of. The more irreconcilable they are, the more global is the occasion to comprehensively consider their position and summon a frank conversation. If, as a result of the conversation, they do not give out any constructive, then they will have to part with them in order not to spoil relations in the team. You can use appvalley to get free all paid app on your mobile.

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2. Do not ignore the problem



It so happens that the differences can be forgotten by both parties. Except this is one exception rather than the rule. If it seems to you that the conflict will be resolved by itself, or you think that since no one argues and quarrels anymore, the problem is settled, you are cruelly mistaken. Quarrels in the workplace – this is unpleasant, but normal enough.

All people are different and everyone thinks differently. But if you choose between the appearance of well-being or open clarification of relations, it is better to stop on the second option. Only a voiced problem can be resolved, only an open statement of disagreement can find the answer. Do not let resentment build up. Because in the event of a breakdown, this team will fly from the mountain, sweeping away everything that was built in its path, and leaving no chance for a happy ending.

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3. Do not let things go by themselves



If the previous two tips do not help much, or only help for a while, you need to fundamentally change the approach to this situation. New York-based singer Claire London once said: “I found out that often “excuse me “is not enough. Sometimes you need not apologize, but to change. ” Simply put, if your stay in the workplace becomes unbearable due to the close proximity with two or three malicious types that will always find a reason for conflict, then you will either have to do something with these people to establish a comfortable working atmosphere, or do something with yourself so as not to pay attention to squabbles and continue to work effectively in the current circumstances. Only an ordinary employee can take the second path, who values ​​his work more than his health. If you are a leader, then you won’t be able to step back, otherwise, a chain reaction will follow and people will quarrel among themselves. And this is a direct threat to the well-being of the business.

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  1. […] Read More: How to Understand and Reconcile Squalid Employees […]

  2. […] Read More: How to Understand and Reconcile Squalid Employees […]

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