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Increasing Influence of Vaping trends in the Fashion industry

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Vape Fashion

As a trend, vaping has come up in a big way. Its slim and stylish look has gained immense popularity among the youth. Hence, it is no surprise that vaping is increasingly impacting the Entertainment industry and Social media. But an interesting trend that we have noticed is the proliferation of vaping in the fashion industry.

Want to see how e-cigs have made a mark on the fashion ramp walks? Then check out its journey from entertainment and social media to the fashion domain.

Vaping and its influence in entertainment and social media

Vaping has massively influenced the entertainment industry. Remember Kevin Spacey holding the e-cig in House of Cards? It’s the first known instance of e-cigarette appearing on television. It is also seen as a prominent prop in the hands of the leading man, John Cusack in the film, Drive Hard.

Global icons like Leonardo DiCaprio are self-confessed vaping fans who use it even in personal lives. Similarly, Samuel Jackson and Lindsay Lohan, who previously used to smoke cigarettes, are now seen with vapes.

These instances explain why the youth is highly influenced by the presence of e-cigs in the hands of celebrities. However, it’s not the celebrities alone that are creating this hot trend.

Social media too joins in showering its affection for vaping

Social media users too are showcasing their love for e-cigs. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms enable the user to search for different types of posts on vape kits and its models, or know about the launch of new juice flavours, and learn much more about vaping in general.

Where does fashion come in the picture?

With the obvious spotlight on vaping, how could the fashion industry remain far behind? It is clear that fashion takes a cue from the hot and happening trends globally. Hence, it is no surprise to see a vaping featured in many fashion shows. As a result, we see a totally new category of people inspired by vapes known as “vape models”. Want to see how vaping is creating an impact in this sector? Then read on and find out.

Creativity at the intersection of vaping and fashion

  1. Introduction on the Runway in Fashion Shows

A segment of fashion is dedicated to vaping, where high street vaping clothes and accessories are introduced as a new trend to the world. Fashion shows in New York introduced the use of vapes on the runway. This led to an increase in the use of vapes as a fashion trend in other shows as well.

A person with a vape is considered cool and trendy in today’s fashion world. This trend is growing not only among the models but also among the designers, the crew, and the guests who grace the event.

  1. Vape Inspired Models

These‘vape models’ walk the ramp along with a vape either as a prop, an accessory, or in their hands. They are hired to walk in fashion shows to promote the use of vapes. They are made to wear clothes tailored specifically keeping the vaping trends in mind.

These models have become top trending models amongst the youth who are, in turn, influenced to take up vaping. Different vapes for different types of users are introduced in the market in such fashion shows. As a result, a vape has become a fashion accessory for lawyers and labourers alike.

You will find different vape kits and models, vape juices with different flavours and e-liquids, and various vape tricks. Combining these in innovative ways has emerged as a glamour factor for many young people today. This has also given rise to vaping competitions and cloud chasing events. Such community-led actions have further cemented the e-cigarette’s popularity as a fashion statement.

  1. Vape Accessory Trend

It is difficult to hold the vape all day long. With its increasing trend in clothes, apparel manufacturers are inspired to make accessories within the outfits that can hold the vape and even look cool.

It is not surprising to see street-style clothing that carries dedicated pockets to carry around the vaping device in a discrete manner. There are scores of wearable accessories like a gold chain, vape case, vape band, and many more different types of accessories.

  1. The Rise of Vape Culture

Vaping became widely popular mainly as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. There is a community of people who are widely connected with the mission of giving up of smoking and promoting the use of vape. The coming together of such people with a common interest also has led to a rise in vaping culture.

It is not uncommon to see a vaping act as a conversation starter between two strangers who are vaping enthusiasts. The culture also encompasses people wearing clothes specific to vaping and adopt a relaxed and laid-back attitude, in a vaping competition. This reinforces the vape culture. Some people adopt vaping as a hobby, while some start vaping to quit smoking. Irrespective of the reason, one fact is constant, the vaping culture is here to stay.

  1. The proliferation of Vaping in Streetwear Styles

The use of streetwear clothes such as hoodies and sneakers are now enhanced with motifs, logos, and designs of popular vaping brands. They are openly sporting apparel with the images of e-cigarettes and phrases around cloud smoking. They no longer find it difficult or awkward to do so. Rather, they are affectionately displaying the brand and the type of e-juice they prefer.

  1. Vaping Competitions are Now Held at Many Places

Yes, there are vaping competitions that are held regularly across the globe. In such competitions, people try to perform the best possible tricks like cloud chasing and artistic shapes of blowing out smoke.

Vaping fanatics take such events very seriously. They put in a lot of practice with a huge amount of different types of juices used to produce the most amazing-looking vapours. Mastering these tricks requires a lot of time. The trend is so popular that people who have never used any form of cigarettes are also participating in it and adopting vaping as a part of their fashion quotient.

To Sign off

Vaping will continue to influence the fashion industry with new styles and innovative creativity at the intersection of the two diverse areas. The reason behind it is not very difficult to comprehend. As a fashion statement, vaping is being adopted by the youth in different ways as seen above. These points aptly depict the rise of vaping culture among our youth.

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Amelia is a Health & Lifestyle writer. Loves to write about healthy lifestyle practices, also has published blogs and articles for various publications.She seeks to impart knowledge through her articles by making people aware about important aspects of life.

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5 Varieties of Rings and the Role They Play in Our Lives

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5 Varieties Of Rings And The Role They Play In Our Lives

A ring is more than just something to adorn your finger with, though. Rings are highly valued, not only for their monetary worth but also for the symbolic and cultural significance they represent. The peace and purity of love and relationships are ideal metaphors for the ring’s connotation. It’s no surprise that designers all over the world have created a wide variety of rings to mark the many milestones in a person’s life that call for a ring, such as an engagement, wedding, baby shower, or the arrival of a new baby, an anniversary, etc. Each of these ring styles represents something special. So, to give you a full picture of the different kinds of rings, we’ll talk about the 5 most common types and what they mean today.

1. Promising Bands

Promising Bands

Promise rings, as the name suggests, signify a promise of undying love made to a partner prior to the exchange of engagement rings. Therefore, the usual rite for engaged couples includes the use of a promise ring. Today, you can also give your best friend a promise ring to show that your friendship will last forever.

A promise ring indicates an eternal commitment to each other and the love they share. You can express your feelings effectively with this romantic symbol.

2. Proposal Rings

Proposal Rings
Proposal Rings

This ring is traditionally exchanged to fulfill the idea of “engagement.” In reality, even a young child understands that becoming engaged involves swapping rings. In accordance with cultural norms, this ring is exchanged as a symbol of commitment between the engaged couple. Given its enduring quality and romantic connotations, this classic has become a firm favorite among hitched people. This year, there has been a surge in the purchase of rings made from precious healing stones, instead of solitaires. Emeralds, Opal, Topaz, Ruby, and Tanzanite rings are the most popular choice among young couples looking to make a statement with their engagement rings.

Importance: In traditional weddings, the bride and groom form a “Circle of Trust” to signify their promise to spend the rest of their lives together.

3. Bands and rings to signify a wedding

Bands And Rings To Signify A Wedding
Bands and rings to signify a wedding

The ring or band serves as a symbol of a couple’s commitment to one another after they have exchanged wedding vows and are now bonded forever. Because people have always held the concept that the vein on the third finger on the left-hand travels directly to the heart, rings are frequently worn on that finger. These rings include the more traditional princess cut style, as well as the more subtle white gold wedding band, and are mostly worn with a yellow gold chain.

A wedding band or ring serves as a representation of a couple’s promise to spend the rest of their life committed to one another in marriage.

4. Rings for Anniversaries

Rings For Anniversaries
Rings for Anniversaries

Whether it be the first, fifth, tenth, or twenty-fifth anniversary of a marriage, a special anniversary band or ring is in order. Each and every one of life’s anniversaries is significant in its own way. As partners, we’re all on the lookout for ways to impress one another. Diamond anniversary rings or bands are a common way for couples to show their love for each other. Tanzanite stud earrings are an excellent complement to this special ring.

The ring that will represent your union in marriage or your commitment to each other for the rest of your lives,

5. Birthstone Rings

Birthstone Rings
Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are another type of ring that is highly valued for its significance as a family heirloom. Gifts of birthstone rings are universally well-received. At events like a baby shower or the actual birth of a child, birthstone jewelry such as charms and rings is a popular present.

Importance: Birthstone rings are fashioned with various colored stones, each of which has a special meaning in astrology and in the lives of their wearers. Birthstone rings were worn by those who believed in the ability of a particular color to ward off evil spirits.


Rings are more than just a piece of jewelry; they can represent important life milestones. Rings are more than just something to adorn your fingers with. They are highly valued not only for their monetary worth but also for their symbolic and cultural significance. Many people believe that rings have the ability to ward off evil and bring good luck.

There’s something special about rings. They can be simple or ornate, understated or flashy, but they always seem to convey a sense of style and personality. Whether you’re wearing a ring to make a statement or to simply accessorize your outfit, it’s always a good idea to have a few rings in your jewelry collection.

If you’re looking for rings that make a statement, here’s what you should know. If you’re after something a little more understated, classic silver and gold rings are perfect for everyday wear. And if you’re after something a little bit different, some unique rings are sure to turn heads.

No matter what your style, there is always a perfect ring for you. Rings are versatile pieces of jewelry that come in a variety of styles and can be worn in a variety of ways.

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Running Shoes for Dancing Routine: Myths Busters

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Running Shoes For Dancing Routine: Myths Busters

Is it even possible to wear running shoes for dancing classes? The answer depends on the style of the dance you perform. You can find helpful recommendations for shoes to wear for specific classes on the LiveTheDance blog. If you need to start with the basics, read this article.

Wearing the right shoes for your dancing classes helps you to achieve positive results. Although you can try to dance barefoot, specific shoes will grant extra comfort, protect your feet, and help you perform complicated moves. Yet, not all footwear can fit all types of dances.

Running Shoes vs. Dancing Shoes

Running shoes are made for physical exercise, specifically for running. Professional sportsmen will never wear those shoes anywhere except for running. They are lightweight, comfortable, and even have cushioned upper parts so your feet would not get tired so fast. These shoes are made with attention to the runner’s problem, which means they can’t grant you the same benefits while dancing. Running shoes can be used for such dancing types as:

  • Hip-hop, which is a street dance, has running shoes as a part of the major outfit;
  • Zumba is a mix of dancing moves and physical exercises.

Other dancing styles require specific shoes, including ballet pointe shoes or high heel shoes like many classic ballroom dances. For example, exotic dances like belly dance can be performed barefoot on rare occasions. Specific dancing shoes are universal for a wide range of styles widely used during training.

Dancing shoes, unlike running shoes, are made for dancers considering specific moves. They help dancers to achieve the desired results and prevent injuries. These models help you dance better, concentrating on the moves instead of thinking about comfort. Here are the features that will help you to choose the perfect pair of shoes:

  • Freedom of movement. Running shoes may not be suitable for dances with lots of tiptoeing moves, spins, and jumps. Instead, it will help to make more squats and direct moves on the whole foot. If you have lots of turns, you have to make sure that the sole is either made of leather or suede and has a tight grip. Also, you need to consider the dance floor. The wooden floor you usually have in ballroom dance classes is compatible with suede soles. You can try the running shoe for your hip-hop classes if you have a square as your dancing place. The lower-heel dancing shoes will be a great option too;
  • Perfect fit. It is crucial to find the shoes that suit your feet. The area around your ankle must be strongly fixated to avoid injuries or loss of the shoe. The shoes must not be too tight, but not loose either. If you can’t decide, you can opt for a tighter shoe that will stretch in the future;
  • Comfort. Think about the moves you have to perform during the dance. Do they put lots of pressure on your heels, ankles, or toes? Which part of your foot needs extra protection? This is how you can choose whether you need ballroom dance shoes, training dance shoes, pointe shoes, or can wear your running shoes. Running shoes are flat, and you will not be able to bend or stretch your foot. Meanwhile, specific dance shoes for training usually have a split sole to allow you to perform any move easily. At the same time, if you are practicing ballroom dances, you have to get used to the heels. No matter what you choose, it must be comfortable for dance;
  • Durability. Pay attention to the material these shoes are made of. You dance in the running shoes, and you still need to clean them from time to time. Wash them after practice; you can provide a machine wash for sensitive clothes at least once a week or two. Like any other shoes for dancing, they will get covered in sweat occasionally. The durability of the fabric is highly important. It must not fall apart after the washing procedure as well;
  • Protection. You may have already got the idea of extra protection your feet need during the dancing routine. It is a crucial factor. The shoe is your protection against any injuries of fractions. Also, your entire body is involved in the dance. No matter which style you perform, the critical part holding the whole pressure of your body is your feet. You have to ensure that the shoes you currently wear protect your feet, are strongly fixed, and are not slippery. If you have to step on your heels or toes a lot, you need extra protection for these parts. If you step on the sides of your feet, running shoes with cushions will be helpful as well.

Are All Running Shoes Good for Dance?

Unfortunately, not all running shoes are suitable for Zumba or hip-hop. Before buying the model, you have to make sure you can move with the rest of the class. The sole must not be slippery. If it can bend, it is a benefit for you. The fabric on the shoe’s upper part must be breathable since you will sweat a lot. Pay attention to the basic features of the running shoes you want to buy.

Dancing in Running Shoes

You can dance in any shoes with the right mood and skills. Yet, only 2 types of dances can perform in this footwear: Zumba and hip-hop dancers. You have to make sure your running shoes allow you to complete all the moves your teacher shows you. Read the reviews from the dancers about a specific type of shoes you want to pick. Your shoes have to improve your moves and help you to achieve new goals.

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How to Buy a Watch Online Successfully

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Many people like to buy their watches online. It is a lot easier than buying one in person, and it can give you the opportunity to find a watch that will perfectly suit your needs. There are so many scammers online and it is important to be aware of the risks before paying anyone money. You can buy Patek Philippe nautilus watches online to make your choice easier. When you buy a watch online from an official authorized dealer, it is safe to say that the watch will be genuine. Here are some tips to help you avoid being scammed when you buy a watch online.

Image 5
How to Buy a Watch Online Successfully

Buy from Authentic Sites

The first thing you must do when you want to buy a watch online is to find out who the authorized dealers of that watch are. You can do this by either searching for them or calling the manufacturer of the watch if you know it. After that, you must find out which retailers are authorized to sell that watch. Most popular brands will have their retailers listed on their websites.

Look at the Reviews

Once you have found your customer reviews for that watch, you should go through them carefully. This will allow you to see what other people who have bought the same one as you think about that watch. If there are pictures of your watch on the website and it is clearly a fake, do not buy it. If a lot of people have mentioned that they have had trouble receiving their watches or having them be in poor condition, do not buy them. It is unfair to the manufacturer, and you will ship the reputation of their brand down the drain.

Ask for References

If you have found the right website, now you must ask to see it too. Insist that they show you their references, as well as their sales records and any problems they have had with past customers. You do not want them to have a bad reputation among other buyers or sellers of that watch, which could hurt the sales of their watches in the future.

Image 6
How to Buy a Watch Online Successfully

Ask About Warranty

Before you pay for your watch online, make sure that they offer a warranty. You want to know the length of it and the types of things that are covered. It should cover any possible damage, including shipping damage. If you get a warranty, it is even more important that you ask for references. The company should be able to provide you with proof if they have had any problems with their watches or customers in general. If not, do not buy a watch from them.

If you follow these tips when you want to buy a watch online, you can be sure that you will be safe from the many scammers out there. You will not fall victim to their tricks, and you can get the best watch for your money online. Some people may be dishonest and try to sell your fakes online, but you will always be able to find the right information and find legitimate sellers.

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What you need to look when buying a diamond ring

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What You Need To Look When Buying A Diamond Ring

Diamond ring is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in the world, and it can say a lot about who you are as a person. A lot of people ask themselves, is it time to buy a diamond ring? This article will answer that question and also tell you some tips when buying one. Diamonds are rare in nature and there’s actually only one mine that produces diamonds in the world right now. The largest diamond ever discovered was unearthed all the way back in 1905. It weighed 3106 karats! What you need to look when buying a diamond ring includes;

What You Need To Look When Buying A Diamond Ring
What you need to look when buying a diamond ring

1. Size of Diamond Ring

If you think that buying a diamond ring is all fun and games, you’re wrong. A lot of people buy these beautiful gems without any idea how much the diamond ring really cost. Because of this, you’ll end up buying one that is probably not even worth the money that you spent on it. Before you do anything else, sit down with your partner and come up with a budget for the purchase. This way, it will be easier for you to work within the budget and get what you want.

2. Cut of the Diamond Ring

The cut grade of a diamond determines its brilliance and sparkle, especially when it is set in metal mounting or jewelry. When you buy buy a diamond ring, it will be easy for you to tell the difference between a good cut and a poor cut because of the fact that the latter doesn’t sparkle too much. To tell if your diamond ring has a good cut, hold it up to a light source and see if you can see any light through it.

3. Coloring of Diamond Ring

Diamonds have specific colors that come from nature as well as ones that are added by man. When you buy a diamond ring, it is important to note their color so that they match your skin complexion. The gemstone industry has created a range of colors that can be combined with white or yellow diamond rings in order to create a color combination that goes well with some people.

What You Need To Look When Buying A Diamond Ring
What you need to look when buying a diamond ring

4. The Signature of the Man or Woman Who Pasted Buy Diamond Ring

The S. T. Russell Diamond Company was the first company who invented this process and called it “diamond-setting” back in the year 1949. Since then, more than 11 million diamonds have been set in this way, and they are considered to be easier to wear if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on buying a diamond ring. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t look as attractive as the diamond rings you bought before.

5. Stain Resistant of Diamond Ring

You can choose to buy a stain resistant diamond ring, but it will not be easy to find one that will stand up to your hard wearing lifestyle. Make sure that you read and study up on any stains or pollutants so you know where the diamond ring will stand when compared to other diamonds in the market today.

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How to Buy the Right Perfume For You?

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How To Buy The Right Perfume For You?

Perfume is an essential part of your wardrobe. It is essential for you to include a few perfumes in your closet. Wearing perfumes will complete you and make you feel good. In fact, some people feel more confident after wearing perfume. If you want to smell good and feel confident too, you should find some quality fragrances and add them to your closet. 

Buying the right perfumes is imperative lest you end up buying the wrong ones. There are innumerable types of perfumes available on the market that you can buy. You would have to find the ones that suit your personality best. The perfumes come in different types and each type has its own specialty. Before you buy a bottle or two of perfumes, you must figure out what your taste is. You would also have to decide where you intend to wear the perfume. You cannot wear the same perfume on every occasion. Different perfumes are suggested for different occasions depending on the venue, people, and weather among other factors. If you are going to an evening party, you should not wear something that is meant for a hot, sunny day. Similarly, dark perfumes should not be worn during scorching heat or else you will feel uneasy. There are some perfumes that are cloying if you overdo them. So, you must make the right decision when buying a perfume. If you do not have much time to find the right one, you may check out the Issey Miyake perfume.

When you are going to buy a perfume, visit a store where you can try the perfumes so that it becomes easier to make a decision. When you visit a store, you cannot simply ask the store rep to show you perfume bottles randomly. You would have to specify your choice. To start off, you would have to let them know which fragrance type you want. Perfumes are available in different types like fresh, floral, oriental, woody, and chypre. 

You would have to tell the sales guy which type of perfume you want. If you are specific, they will show you the right bottles. You would also have to tell them your budget so that they can show you something that fits your budget. Perfumes are available at varying prices from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. How much you are willing to spend is to be decided by you and shared with the sales guy. Only after you mention your budget, they will show you the right bottles. 

How To Buy The Right Perfume For You?
How to Buy the Right Perfume For You?

You would also have to tell them where you want to wear the perfume. If the seller is experienced, they will give you perfect suggestions. If you cannot visit a store to buy a perfume, you can buy one online. If you are confused about buying a perfume, you may buy Issey Miyake perfume that can be worn on different occasions. If you are looking to wear something for casual outings, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme would be a great choice. It is a citrusy fresh perfume with floral and woody notes.

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10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration

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Having an amazing bachelor party is an excellent way to bring people together. With the right set of party ideas, one can make it wow and cherish the moments of the beautiful day. We know it is hard to have amazing ideas on what to plan and do for a bachelor party. Here we have some of the epic ideas for your taste.

Remember these few days are the last before he ties the knot forever. So keep this party filled with fun and excitement, and make this a memorable day for the groom. 

10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration

What makes for a memorable bachelor party?

Do what you love with your boys at your bachelor party. Do something crazy and go out of your way to enjoy. You will not get this night back and so do what you have always wanted to do with your best friends. Everyone is different so there is no one perfect idea for a bachelor party. Although plan according to the groom’s interest because in the end, it is about the groom.

Top 10 Bachelor Party Ideas at Their Finest

  1. Paintball Wars

This is a truly exciting experience one can have. It’s a great way to cool down, have fun, and work as a team to achieve a total wipeout. This is a perfect party idea as every boy grew up playing as a soldier or a super spy. 

Revisiting your inner child with this is the ideal party activity. Add some prizes and friendly dares to make it even more exciting. Just remember to not get too rough and end up with bruises. Keep it gentle and friendly. 

10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration
  1. Go Wild in Vegas

If you can’t find a good place to travel within your budget, Vegas is the place to be in. Here you can be irresponsible and celebrate in the style of “The Hangover” or party in a more laid-back manner. 

Play some poker, try out your luck, take sights of the city, and drink some alcohol. This city is full of fun. Just don’t get carried out more. You can also buy some customized bachelor party koozies which adds perfect bachelor party favor in your celebrations. 

  1. Plan out a Road Trip

Plan this out, visit some favorite places and cross them off your bucket list. You can visit any place you like, there are just too many beautiful places around the world. Keep in mind the potential cost while planning this out. You also can record some great clips on your road trip and edit them and show it at the wedding. 

Road Trip
10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration
  1. Go Bowling

Looking for an inexpensive last-minute bachelor party idea? Go bowling! Order some beers, pizzas, and just talk and enjoy the moment because sometimes it is the simple things that are the most memorable. Make sure the groom gets his strike!

  1. Stargaze/Camping

Spending the nights in the woods and having fun telling ghost stories is personally my favorite. You can opt for hiking all day, or simply rent a cabin or build your own tent. 

This is a great bachelor party idea because it allows the groom to bond and be close with his best bros. If you plan this with your close friend you can climb on top of the mountain and lay down to stargaze. Spending time in nature is always beautiful. 

10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration
  1. Backyard BBQ

Keeping the upcoming wedding party low-key is the best way to go. Gathering family and close friends with good food and drinks is all one needs. You could also take this to the beach and host a party in style.

If the groom has a pool in his home this will be the best night you’ll ever have. Music, beer, food, pool, and friends having just this yells an epic bachelor party. 

  1. Go Skiing

Racing down the snow and feeling the adrenaline through your body is a top experience. Be prepared to rip down the mountain and have a snow fight with your dope friends. 

10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration
  1. Explore the Sea

Renting a boat or a yacht and exploring the sea chilling and having a blast is an amazing experience. You can also visit some amazing destinations like Cancun, Bali, Santorini, etc. Sail your boat to the middle and go for a swim, blast some music, eat, drink and have fun. 

  1. Motocross

Well, this is not for everyone, however, parties like these go pretty hard! With fewer people, rent a dirt bike, dune buggy, or an ATV to have wild experiences. As this is fueled by testosterone and is all about releasing that inner animal, roar down as you tear all the mud and dirt.

10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration
  1. Skydiving with your group

This is a must-have for a crazy bachelor party. Once in a lifetime thrill with your friends. Also not a faint-hearted. They say doing something dangerous deepens the bond between the person. Well in this case it is actually safe to do so, it just doesn’t feel and look safe though. 

Skydiving With Your Group
10 Bachelor Party Ideas for an Epic Pre-Wedding Celebration


Keep your honor’s wishes and hobbies in mind, and you’ll have a bachelor party that everyone will remember. Take ideas and note down what you think the best bachelor party experience will be. Also, mention any of your ideas in the comment. We’ll be happy to acknowledge it. 

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