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Why One Should Buy Instagram Video Views?




When it comes to the social media site, Instagram is one of the most demanding platforms in which you can share whatever you want such as videos, pictures and much more. By posting any contents and daily activities on the page, many people get likes and views for their unique posts.

Then, if the post has several likes and views in the sense, then it will become viral and more popular. At the same time, the number of users on the Instagram page is increasing rapidly and so more and more people are getting engaged in the site.

Of course, there are so many ways are available for the one to get more popular and gain reputation but they are actually a time consuming one. 

Business doesn’t have enough time to concentrate on the organic way and so move on to the short way to get disclosure and increase the number of video views. So, nothing can be better than the buying options. Therefore, go with the Instagram video views buying process and enjoy an unlimited number of views.

Bear in mind; buying views is not at all an easy task and so just concentrate highly on what you are looking for. Take a brief look at the following article and to be familiar with the benefits of buying Instagram video views!

Why should buy Instagram video views?

Views are the most important one of your performance and success in your business. That is why buying Instagram video views are highly recommended. Once you have decided to buy Instagram video views then you will achieve huge exposure and gain more reputation. And sure, this option will help you to enhance your business to the top position. And also, there are so many benefits are accessible and so you will get a chance to enjoy to the core. 

  • Gain more reputation:

When you provide unique videos, then automatically you will reach more attention and disclosure with your viral videos. Actually, having enough video views on your Instagram account is like a ladder and aids you to reap huge success quickly. In addition, it will boost your business performance and assist you to develop huge fan supporters in a smart way. In order to maintain huge popularity for a long period of time, then it is highly important to buy Instagram video views from the reputed source. 

  • Unique marketing strategy:

When you have more video views, then it will be easier and simpler for the business people to enjoy gigantic deals and offers. Actually, buying Instagram video views is one of the marketing strategies and attains the customer in a unique way. For example, if the post has a high number of views in the sense, then supporters will have an eye on the post and share it to their friend’s circle. 

  • Boost credibility:

Moreover, buying views may help you to maximize your online presence and enhances your credibility to the core. Thus, you can easily reach the targeted people and reach your goal as well.

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Facebook Announces Launch ‘Shops’ for Facebook and Instagram



  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Facebook Shops, which enables companies to easily list their Facebook and Instagram products.
  • Using Facebook Marketplace, businesses can list their goods on their Facebook account, Instagram profile, stories, or advertisements.
  • In the future, Facebook Shops will also allow businesses to sell goods during live streams to consumers using WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct chat apps and tag goods.

The recent involvement by Facebook could allow small businesses to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. The technology giant launched “Shops” on Facebook and Instagram, allowing businesses to create digital shops to sell their goods directly to consumers on Facebook apps. The aim is to help these companies manage and improve their customer travel and, obviously, to help Facebook enter the lucrative digital business sector.

“I think it’s especially important now because so many small businesses migrate online to deal with the economic consequences of the Covid-19,” Mark Zuckerberg announced in a Facebook message.

Given the state of affairs, as most countries are locked, small businesses that maintain physical workshops have the brunt of the pandemic. Since there is no guarantee as to whether life will return to normal, these businesses are under pressure.

Avoiding the physical aspects of shopping, Facebook Shops allows you to access small online stores, which allow consumers to view the company’s history and their items, which can then be purchased in applications. It decreases the time staking cycle to switch to a browser and to enter a credit card code again if a user likes a product.

The shops are easy to build and maintain despite their convenience. We will appear on Instagram and Twitter and soon even on Whatsapp and Whatsapp. When they are first set up.

Facebook also work with partners including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Channel Advisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube and Feednomics in order to create a convenient eco-system for such businesses. The companies will agree on their desired degree of integration.

Facebook engineers them to create a shopping experience for consumers when it comes to applications. Instagram will have a dedicated shopping tab and a section on the discovery page where you can find and purchase your favorite items. On Facebook and Instagram we can also expect a live shopping feature that allows users to shop live on time.

The technology giant uses its AI expertise to further expand its knowledge. Mark Zuckerberg writes in a post detailing the new launch: “We will use our AI and augmented reality technology in the near future to create better shopping experiences. We identify and mark products automatically for feeds so that when you find things you like, people can easily click to buy. Small enterperies can also personalize their factory faces by posing items that are most important to you first and using increased reality to let you practice things like shades, lipsticks or cosmetics online to see how they look at you or what furniture will appear in your room before you purchase.

The move will certainly assist small enterprises in recovering certain level activities as a platform for their products to remain in the market. Facebook provides a complete package in its entirety that can help someone develop a firm within their room. Around the same time, Facebook is given the ability, albeit through small and medium enterprises, to move into a lucrative eCommerce industry. Facebook was very aggressive on the front with a recent investment of 5.7 billion USD in India’s Jio platforms to build something like ‘Shops.’

Facebook shops comes with Facebook’s efforts in helping small companies during the coronavirus pandemic, and Zuckerberg claims he has worked on the feature personally. The overwhelming majority of Facebook’s small businesses include over 8 million advertisers, Zuckerberg said on Tuesday. Even if the shops are open, small businesses are encouraged to remain actively involved. Since the pandemic started, a $100 million initiative has been launched that will help small companies through subsidies and provide small businesses with a way to sell cards directly to consumers on Facebook.

Shops and other products of e-commerce can help Facebook drive more sales ads over the long term, said Zuckerberg.

“Our business model here is marketing, and we know that if customers are good for businesses, they usually want to sell more advertising,” says Zuckerberg, instead of charging companies for shops. “So we’re finally going to benefit capital.”

While it is easy for companies to list their products on Facebook, users will mostly need to leave Facebook and go to the website of a company to complete the purchase.

The social network purchases are open only to businesses that engage in Facebook’s Checkout, a Facebook-only invitation system. Facebook charges a purchase price for purchases carried out through checkout, but refuses to reveal the amount, as it is still beta-based.

The company noted that it is working to help small businesses through partners such as Shopify, BigCommerce and others. After the Facebook Shops report, Shopify’s share price rose more than 2%.

“Small companies need a way to find new customers,” Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke said on the Zuckerberg live stream. “The fact that these powerful instruments are native to the Facebook platform would be an immensely powerful new reality for everyone in retail space.”

The company said that Facebook shops will begin to be introduced on Tuesday and become more open in the next few months.

“We hope that the instruments will ease some of the burden SMEs face at the moment and allow businesses of all sizes to plan themselves for the future,” the statement said.

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Instagram Automation with Proxies Tutorial — The Safe Limits of the Setup



benefits instagram automation

When it comes to automating our accounts using an Instagram proxy as a smart, time-saving move, here’s what everyone should know. 

In the modern-day, we’re all about doing a lot of things in order to achieve more, and sometimes, we won’t have enough time for all the things we wish to do. 

This is where a proxy for Instagram comes into play. So, today, we will be focusing on the basics of growing a business with an automated Instagram account, safely and without being spammy.  

The benefits of automating Instagram marketing

benefits of instagram marketing automationIf you’re like most business owners, you have a social media account to run. That is not, by any means, an easy thing to do. We live in a world where we can automate almost everything, so why not do that with our Instagram account(s), perhaps? 

With the level of automation that an Instagram proxy could provide, we could spend less time managing those accounts and focus on physical tasks. 

Then, we wouldn’t have to worry if our business will grow on social media because proxies make sure to follow our preferred style of reaching the targeted audience.

Tools of the (automation) trade

Here are the three most popular tools we can use:

These are some of the best bot providers for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. They can cover a lot of our needs using common growth tactics, like follow/unfollow, like, comment, etc. On top of that, they can take care of multiple accounts at the same time while we focus on other things. 

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use a social media bot on Instagram.

All we have to do is create the accounts and then set up a proxy provider of choice, which will do its magic. It can let us schedule posts, show analytics, engage with followers, like, comment, post, etc. without us having to move a finger. Well, not before we safely set it up, which we will get to shortly.

Proxies for Instagram — the secret ingredient

If you’re new to proxies, let us share a bit of insight regarding what a proxy for social media exactly is. A proxy for Instagram is technically a server, located somewhere in the world, with its own identity. 

So, you probably know that if you visit a website like Instagram, for example, it can see your IP address or the identity of your computer. Using that information, they could trace it back to your location. 

Websites like these don’t like it when you access multiple accounts from the same IP address. Simply put, it makes them see you as someone who can potentially spam the platform. 

In order to avoid inconveniences like those, we need different identities — which is what proxies are. Then, Instagram will see the proxies’ IP addresses, not your personal one. In other words, the IP address is provided by each proxy server. 

Why you should use Instagram proxies for social media marketing

At first, the aim of proxy servers was merely to give us privacy and anonymity. But, as the Internet developed, marketers began to use proxies for research and marketing projects. This is how Instagram proxies were born. Marketers develop and use them to automate multiple social media accounts at once. 

As said, proxies come in handy when we have multiple accounts we need to manage. With an Instagram proxy, we could manage all of them from the same server. Therefore, all of our accounts are in one place, easy to access, with the proxies acting as an added level of security. 

This will prevent Instagram’s algorithm from getting confused since it won’t differentiate between our private proxy for social media and a public one. All of this will result in our accounts staying safe — they won’t get banned, flagged, or in any way taken away from us due to suspicious activity.

Step-by-step Instagram proxy automation setup

1. Get a Windows VPS

get windows vps for instagram automationWe should start by getting a Windows VPS. There are a number of VPS providers on the market, but if we only have one or two Jarvee accounts, they can provide us with a Windows VPS that we can use for a year free of charge. Also, we can get a VPS through any commercial provider, like IBM, Hostwinds, Namecheap, etc. 

When using a proxy for social media/VPN software, we may sometimes encounter slow remote speed. In order to fix that, we will need to use TeamViewer. 

We’d have to log in via Remote Desktop connection to the VPS and install TeamViewer Host on it. Then, all we have to do is follow the directions and set up a TeamViewer password. We can use the chosen ID and password to connect to the VPS, achieving a faster remote speed.

2. Choose your bot 

get social bot for instagram automationAfter that, we should focus on choosing a bot that would suit our needs the most, like Jarvee, FollowLiker, or GMT2. Depending on which system we are using, we would need to pick accordingly, since the supported systems vary between proxy providers. On top of that, we should consider how we want to engage with our followers since these don’t offer the same interactions.

3. Buy Instagram proxy IPs 

get proxies for instagram automationThen, of course, we need to buy proxies for Instagram. It is advised that we use one proxy for each account we need to automate. 

Jarvee offers three monthly plans, depending on the number of social accounts we would like to automate. The basic plan costs $29.95 and supports up to 10 accounts.

Of course, if that’s not enough, we could go for the Regular plan ($49.95), which supports up to 30 accounts. Furthermore, they offer a Professional plan for up to 70 accounts.

4. Set up your bot

Lastly, we would have to set up our bot by following the tutorial available on our proxy provider’s website. If programmed correctly on an account with quality content, a bot will be like fuel for jumpstarting our social media presence. 

5. Start engaging your accounts with others in your niche

Now, all we have to do is set up the parameters our bot should follow when engaging with other users, in order to get it to engage with others in our niche. For example, we should set up the gender, age, location, and other parameters to get to the target audience.

Do not spam your accounts

By setting up our Instagram proxy and bot and customizing them to our needs, we can avoid spamming other users. That keeps us safe from being a red flag to Instagram’s algorithm. The last thing we would like is for Instagram to flag our account for unnatural activity. Thus, we should focus on going for users relevant to our business. Additionally, we ought to pay attention to the limits of follow/unfollow or other activity that could seem a bit suspicious.

In conclusion

We are now a step closer to getting lots of exposure on Instagram. We have the tools and techniques, so now, we just need to set everything up and get started. Although changes like these don’t happen overnight, with the right tools, we can make a true impact.

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Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work



twitter marketing tips

Twitter without any doubt is one of the best social media platforms through which businesses can interact with their target audience. Small or big, every business is using Twitter to educate people about their brand, it is a great platform to promote your brand and interact with people on a personal level. With the right strategy and planning, you can increase your sale and build a network which will help you in reaching your goals. But getting noticed by your target audience on Twitter is not as easy as it sounds. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 Twitter marketing tips which will help you build your brand’s image.

Twitter Chats

Not a lot of people are aware of Twitter chats, it is a live Twitter event dedicated to a topic, where a host invites people to discuss on the topic. In order to separate the chat from other tweets and to sync it in a single conversation, a common hashtag is used by the participants. A set time is established so that the host is available to interact with the followers.

Twitter chat gives you an opportunity to share your opinion, knowledge, and experience with the people participating, which will set you up as an expert in people’s eyes. You can also participate in the ongoing Twitter chat and connect with your target audience.

Optimize Your Bio to Get discovered

Before interacting with your target audience, it is very important to optimize your bio, what you do or what your brand is about should be mentioned clearly. Your cover photo should be related to your campaign. Don’t forget to leave a link of your website in your bio and your cover photo, it is advised to include the keywords related to your industry in your bio, so if anyone searches anything related to your business, your profile shows up.

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Connect with your Target Audience

Don’t start following people blindly with the hopes that they will follow you back, you might have millions of followers, but if your business type is not in their interest then it will take you nowhere. Find your target audience and people who are genuinely interested in your business type. Check out what they are tweeting about, give your input and share your opinion.

If they are having problems related to your business, help them with a solution. This will help you establish yourself as the market leader.

Trending Hashtags

You can find trending hashtags at the right-hand side of your Twitter page, those are the most popular tags people have been whining about. If you click on any one of those, it will take you to the most popular tweets containing that particular hashtag. Just like you millions of folks click on those hashtags and go through the tweets, especially if it is related to a celebrity or some viral event.

If you tweet content related to these hashtags, you will definitely get some attention, and if your content is unique it might make people curious enough to click on your profile and check out what your product is about. Trending hashtags are one of the best ways to increase your followers and make people aware of your brand.

Ask Market Leaders and Influencers to Retweet

Getting mentioned or retweeted by a market leader is a great way to spread your content and get noticed, getting retweeted by your followers is great, but if your content gets retweeted by a market leader, it adds value to your brand. The impact it leaves on viewers can prove to be rewarding, it will also get you noticed among the big names in your industry. This strategy will definitely help you in promoting your brand and in gaining your target audience’s trust.

Wrapping up

Twitter is a great place to increase brand awareness and connect with your audience on a personal level. Using the right strategy you can build a big network which can help your reach your marketing goals.

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How can i see my Husband’s Instagram activity?




What if your husband has become more secretive regarding his mobile use? With time there are little changes in everyone’s personality and behavior. So, is there something more to this change than what meets the eye and should you be concerned?

Maybe he has joined Instagram and trying to hide his activities there. Do you want to spy on husband Instagram and find out the reality of his actions? As a social media platform, Instagram has mushroomed in popularity.

After all, there are over a billion monthly active users as of January 2019 on Instagram. It just becomes a trend to see the scum of society follow wherever the big crowd is. It is their instinct to take advantage of the vast numbers.

Many also get carried away the glitz and glamour of Instagram. The site is a photo and video sharing service. The resulting interface is quite addictive and can distract anyone from the priorities in life by endless scrolling.

Ever since the launch of direct messaging, many people are using this lie and cheat. It is super easy and convenient as you don’t need to be a follower to send a message unless the account has been made private.

Reason to spy on husband’s Instagram

Social media sites are the usual places where people communicate nowadays. This is especially true for acquaintances and even friends and colleagues. Many people who are a few years into their marriage sometimes are new to Instagram.

As a force of habit, they search for their old friend. What if your husband met his past lover? What if he has been chatting with her? If you are used to seeing his phone, he will delete those messages. Naturally, you want to read husband deleted Instagram messages to know for sure. Best places to View Private Instagram activity and fake id tracking.

Here are a few suspicious behaviors that will make you want to spy on your husband’s Instagram and doubt on his chats:-

  • The Fake ID on Instagram 

Social media sites give you the choice to choose your ID. Most people use their original names, and while some use creative names, they find attractive. Many times there is an innocent explanation for creating a fake ID.

But most of the time, the reasons are obvious. Many times these are created to be a troll. The other reason is to cheat behind their partner’s back. Instagram DMs don’t even have a backup, unlike other chat apps making it desirable for such a purpose.

  • Flirty DM’s

Flirting is an exercise that can sometimes boost productivity and focus at work, and studies even. A little flirting is healthy even, according to some experts. But what about the flirting that happens in secret?

If you caught a little peek and saw your husband send overly flirty DM’s to another woman then it is trouble. A few occasional messages of such nature can be excused as good conversation. Every conversation has its limits, though.

  • Sending Pictures

It is the era of a constant stream of pictures and videos. Social media sites have promoted a culture of continually sending pictures online. But it does matter to who are you sending the pictures and why? Public posts don’t matter.

But if your husband is sending personal photos daily to someone other than you, then this is a big problem. Mobile monitoring software can tell you a lot. Sending this amount of pictures to someone is not without its reason. 

  • Deleting search history

Browser apps are used on every smart-phone. The kind of websites we visit tell a lot about the type of person we are. Browser history is an excellent way to know about the person’s activities. If your husband is cheating, then he could be visiting the same profile.

But what if your husband has started deleting his browser history? There could always be a reasonable explanation for doing so. Or it could be a way for him to remove any evidence of his cheating and conversing with their lover.

  •  Meeting online friends

Social media is an excellent way to meet people around the world. You can meet people based on mutual interests and get entertained by meeting people from different cultures. If it stays just on friendly terms, then there is nothing wrong.

But when you start meeting those online friends, then boundaries need to be set. If your husband is meeting these online friends without letting you know first, he could be hiding something. You need to keep track their activities tell if its cheating or not.

How can a spy app help you track your husband’s Instagram activity?

Now that you have read all the signs and found them matching your situation let’s get to the next step for you. Since he is using Instagram as a tool to cheat on you, you need to spy on the Instagram profile of your husband regularly. You can also use Private Instagram Viewer to track the Instagram activity.

A trusted spy app can help you in this direction. Such spy app solutions can help you get the much-needed information and proof. Listed below are some of the ways:-

  • GPS location tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Live screen-shots
  • Call logs tracking and phone book
  • Installed app tracking
  • Multimedia files tracking
  • Browser history tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • All the information will be available with the date and time stamps


Being on a social media site is an inevitable result of being online. It is even healthy to occasionally to go online and stay connected with online friends and popular stories. But it shouldn’t interfere with personal life. If you have a suspicion of your husband’s Instagram activity, then you should spy on husband Instagram with a trusted spy app.

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Social Media Best Practices For Business Marketing



Bocial Media Best Practices for Businesses

The element that makes social media a living entity is its human interface and personality. People join social media not because they want to make friends and speak out their thoughts while sitting at home. But because they see their complete reflection and personality in their social media profiles, and this is the sole factor that makes social media an ideal place for small business marketing.

However, there is so much to be done using social media for the sake of promoting brands. So, you may get distracted or derailed with miscellaneous information available over the internet. Don’t worry; the post highlights the best practices to ace social media marketing for your business – keeping reading!

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1. Make The Right Choice

Social media forums are categorized according to the audiences. If you are operating on a website only, then your choices should be social media platforms. For visionary class: Twitter, and for the general public + business community: Facebook will do the best.

2. Maintain Your Brand Identity

Remember that your business profile and personal profile are two shores of an ocean. Make sure that you are maintaining your brand identity, without revealing any such information that can bring harms and damages for your business.

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3. Offer Products, Not Bombarding Products

Social media is a forum where you can introduce your products and services to your audiences. However, too much offering would become bombardment, and your audience will become immune to your products. Try to offer them a variety, and if you lack variety, then lower the number of repetition posts about your products.

4. Indirect Buying of Passive and Non-potential Audience

Remember that you cannot reach out the real audiences by simply posting and sharing. It has now become a common trend that the businessmen buy social media operators who function as fake profiles on your page, make real friends and share your posts. In this way, your posts start reaching your real audience, no matter potential or non-potential. Such small investments can bring you big profits.

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5. Ensure Cooperative Corporate Environment

The present-day business trend of a friendly and cooperative corporate environment is not unknown to anyone now. Therefore, you should share other’s content also. Promoting personal content only can build an image of one-man-show in the minds of your audiences and will gradually make them passive. Checkout for social media marketing.

6. Track Performance Regularly

A good business is always built on the foundations of estimating and tracking. Your all efforts will go in vain if you are not tracking the number of people reaching you, responding you and sharing your content. Social media has made it far easier now, and you don’t really require a social media expert for this purpose. Your 15 minutes of weekly tracking activity can save you from big losses.

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7. Remember! Audience is Your Asset

The concept of ‘customer is always right’ became the most successful in the marketing world for it carried its customers as an asset and profit generators. If you are harsh or irresponsive to your audiences, then you are killing your active audience. Remember that whatever you do on a social network is ‘shared’.

You can read in more details if you head over to the blog at one of the best social media marketing agency Dubai.

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How I doubled my business this year? Grow your business with Instagram likes.



Social Media Manager
Buy Instagram likes and followers

Today Instagram has become the part of daily routine. Instagram likes and followers play a vital role in the advertisement. It maximizes reach to people. Establishing your presence on social media is a way to boost your business.

If you try to reach to an unknown person then you have to spend huge time online. Trying to interact with them but most of the case it is far difficult to convince them to like your product. This is because they don’t know you. Even worse if you don’t have any likes or engagement in your Instagram. In this case, you cannot convince them to like your product. Buying Instagram likes is the best option here. Do you want to increase your Instagram followers here is the best way to buy instagram likes.

Instagram - part of our life

Influence of Instagram in daily life

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The Necessity of Instagram likes from a small business perspective.

We can say, Yes. Social media marketing is fundamental today. More likes imply the increase in visibility in explore page on Instagram. The more likes the more reach to the people. Lots of likes imply you seem to have a large community around you. Seems more people trust you and likes your products. Likes and followers show the performance of your business and your presence. This will increase authenticity as people are liking you. People will now start viewing your product. They will think there must be a certain value you can provide to them. This interaction will be valuable for you.  As many likes and engagement, the more Instagram algorithm triggers it to show more. This will beat your competitor showing your post as most engaging.

Grow your business with Instagram

Business strategy with Instagram

Other benefits include re-marketing. Maximize reach for new campaigns that you launch in your business. This develops you as a reputed business with confidence. This is why you should buy Instagram likes.

They help you to explore your business with real people and gain more likes in less effort. You will get quick likes from authentic people. You can get likes super-fast and don’t need to bother spending years to get huge likes. This will save you time. At the same time, they provide you with the highest value of likes and followers in your price. Provides immediate response to any query raised by buyers and will guide you. They are doing this business for a long time with real profiles to generate likes.

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How I double my business in a year?

I usually buy Instagram likes with They are professionals in this field and boosted my post. Now after purchasing likes made me famous. My page is popular and ranked at the top in search on explore page. I used to be dreaming to have much more likes. Their excellent services made my dream possible to achieve. Likes had increased after buying their product.

Profit adopting Instagram

Business profit adopting Instagram

Now I am able to promote my business through Instagram. My business almost doubles in size within this year. More than 30% of my clients use Instagram. They found my product on Instagram and connected with me now.

There are some outstanding features that I had figured out.

  • Quality likes
  • Flexible packages as per your need
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Genuine views without violating terms of Instagram’s
  • Like from active users and verified account
  • Lightning-quick

Now I’m concentrating on my business to expand more. No worries working with them. I post an image of my product and that’s all. They will do rest of the job. I recommend to buy and subscribe instalikes to get enough leads.

There are other Instagram likes and follower provider too. But check reviews before going with them.

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3 Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Site



3 Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Site

Getting backlinks to your site is a great way to boost your search ranking and land near the top of results on search engines like Google and Bing.

As a friendly reminder, “backlinks” simply refers to another site linking to your site. It helps to show authority, authenticity, and credibility. And quite frankly, search engines put a lot of weight on backlinks. To help you increase your SEO (search engine optimization), here are three ways to build backlinks to your website.

The power of guest posts

One of the most common ways to earn backlinks is to guest post on other people’s sites. During the negotiation process, even if you’re writing an article for free, you ask the site’s owner if you can link back to your site, creating your backlink. Of course, you’re also getting your name/brand out there, providing informative content, and showing you’re an expert in your field.

This is an authentic way to get backlinks because the links are relevant to the article and won’t appear as if the site owner is adding links to their site just to add them. It’s an enjoyable process and allows you to expand your horizons while building a relationship with the site owner. Plus, you can tap into their audience and gain more fans/customers.

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Create powerful content

If you want backlinks, then you need to create powerful content. Your content needs to resonate with your audience. If it does, then people are more likely to share it on social media, in emails, or even link to it on their websites.

One effective method is to create well-researched and informative infographics. After all, people love to share this type of content because the research is already done, it’s jam-packed with info, and people tend to trust infographics. Of course, as people link to your infographics, they’ll be linking to your site, creating the backlinks that search engines crave.

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Build relationships

Powerful content is important, but if no one knows about your site, then they simply can’t link to it. While everyone wants an endless amount of backlinks and to acquire them as fast as possible, quality SEO practices aren’t an overnight process.

That’s why you have to build brand awareness and relationships — you need to get your content out into the world and in front of more people. Luckily, there are many different ways for you to do this.

Part of the strategy often involves digital marketing efforts in which you’re increasing brand awareness, guest posting, and other invaluable services. Another way to build relationships is to interview people and have others interview you. This provides more content (videos, social media posts, email blasts, blogs) to both parties.

Interviews allow you to build relationships with the people interviewing you and possibly their fans or following when they post this content on their social media networks and sites. Not only will you look like an authority when another site owner or reputable publication interviews you, but you’ll be able to plug your company and also provide a backlink in the article.

Earning backlinks can be challenging. It’s not a quick process, and it takes time to earn and build backlinks to your site. The good thing is that there are many ways to earn backlinks, not least of which are the three methods above.

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social meadia

The last thing most of us do before going to bed and the first thing before getting out of the bed is to check our phone. Isn’t it? And what do we check? Well, mostly we check if we have any messages waiting to be read in our inbox. And it has been an ever-increasing trend that these messages are coming from most people we don’t even know properly. And if you are too lonely and there aren’t any messages waiting for you then it would just be a random scroll through feeds watching random people post about their life and you really don’t even care about it.

Why This Habit Is On a Tremendous Increase?

Is it because of the growth in unemployment?  Or is it because of reduced data pack rates? Or both? Or are we interested in other’s life more? Or are we depressed and lonely? There would certainly be a list of the question raised over this.

Well, I say social media has found a lot of ways to attract us. It certainly has that what it takes for us to make so much time from our daily busy routine for social media. This can be a good thing or a bad thing as we are religiously investing so much time to this.

Security Is at Stake

Without any doubt, security is something which tops everybody’s list. And we are also aware that there are most of the social media sites try their level best when it comes to security. Still, we hear so many cases where the accounts of famous personalities getting hacked on a daily basis. Accounts being stalked by such people with whom we don’t want to share our life’s updates.

Impact of Social Media

Social media certainly helps us remain updated with all that happening around us. We certainly can see the difference in the way people have evolved. If we move a decade back we can draw a picture in our minds of people of that era, all we can imagine is maximum people in their late 40s not aware of how the technology works. Mobiles were only used for calling. From fashion sense to sense of humor everything has evolved a lot.

Along with the good side, there is a bad side of it as well. And everything has to be taken into consideration. Social media has become one of the most influencing platforms in the world. It has currently become a trend with the majority in the whole world that whatever is posted on social media has to be correct. Very few would use want to dig into reality. And this is slowly leading us to minimize or nullify our thought process.

I am amazed to see people who cannot read or write properly are using social media these days. And when I say cannot read/write does clearly indicate they fall into the category of illiteracy. We are very much aware of the rate of illiteracy we have in the whole world.

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And when there would be a set of such people using social media we can clearly understand the level of thought process these people would have and they would just blindly follow what is shown to them in the form of images and videos. And not just these set of people, however, many educated people are seen to have fallen into this trap.

Exploiters are taking good advantage of such situations. Youths especially are getting too addicted to social media. There was a time when people use to enjoy the moments they are living in. However, these days’ people just love to capture the moments and show it to others and are eagerly waiting for people to watch and share their reviews. In short, what others think has become more important.

It has certainly decreased the communication ties among people we living with and increased the care about people we don’t even know.

For youths spending time on social media has become more important than spending time learning something which would benefit their career perspective. Friends have become more important than parents. Watching the lifestyle of others have lead youths to be wanting the same lifestyle for them as well. Understanding the situation is no more a priority for youths.

Social Media is doing more damage than good to the people using it and it has been an ever-increasing process. We need to understand this soon and work towards a better and well-educated future.

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Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

We know global warming is bad but still, we do not take proper actions to prevent that. We know this is going to harm us yet we are Quite. With all the factors we have seen about social media. We can surely say even social media impact is bad for us if proper care is not taken.

We need to make rules and discipline with our life in terms of social media usage along with what to believe and what is not supposed to be believed. Let social media not lead us to shrink our thinking capacity.

Author Bio: Cory Hungate is a writer living in Chicago and currently working for i.e. Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company, which also offers total home protection plans.

He is very ardent about his work and has a flair for technology and innovation. He is a total health and fitness enthusiast and in his free time, he enjoys exploring new places.

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Top 10 Non-Social Media Apps for Teens



Social Media

Google PlayStore and Apple App Store have already had a parcel of apps for the most profitable user group, teenagers. However, many of the apps targeting teenagers, don’t help them to learn a new thing or to make their life easy. Thus, it becomes crucial for both teens and their parents to make sure the apps teenagers are using must have defined purpose and make them learn new things.

In this blog, I am going to talk the same. I will share top apps which teens can use to maximize productivity and learn new things that can actually help them to grow through life.

So, without any due, let’s proceed.

  • Popplet



Category: learning app

Cost: Free

Platform: IOS and web

Use: Popplet is the very straightforward brainstorming app which enables users to learn any concepts at school or at work in a more rational way. Using it, teen students can develop stronger organizational, memory and writing skills. They can capture the facts and images related to any concept and create a relationship between it, as shown in the following image.

  • NPR News App

NPR News App

NPR News App

Category: News app

Cost: Free

Platform: IOS, Android

Use: NPR news app is one of the most promising news apps. It does not only contain stories to read, but users can also listen to several podcasts. User can read the news of a particular location by either typing zip code or name of the neighborhood. The reasons why teenagers should install this app are – it broadcasts all latest stories in a very understandable language, teenagers can set their preference and app will show only that news, and last but not least, they do not publish crime news or any negative news which may annoy sensitive mind of teenagers.

  • Circle for 6

Circle for 6Category: Personal safety

Cost: Free

Platform: IOS, Android

Use: Initially, Circle for 6 apps was designed and developed for college students to promote safety, but soon it became popular among families, parents, and friends. Basically, it lets users add 6 other users who can be their friends or family members and send an instant call for help to their circle with the single click. Along with the SOS call, the app also sends the GPS location of users. If not for the safety purpose, teen users can also use this app just to keep themselves updated with their friends’ whereabouts.

  • Scholly



Category: Education

Cost: $0.99

Platform: Android, IOS, Web

Use: If you are a teen and looking for a scholarship,  Scholly can be your best friend. It is the robust platform which helps teenagers to find a perfect scholarship that suits their needs. A 21-year old college student has developed it after getting a scholarship worth $1.3 million!

In recent time, Scholly has launched many more services for the students. These services include SchollyEditor which is the AI-powered writing assistance and SchollyMath which is is the AI-powered math solver.

  • Magisto



Category: video editing


Platform: Android, IOS

Use: If you are a creative soul and want to play around videos, Magisto app won’t disappoint you. Using the Magisto app, you can create outstanding videos within minutes with its groundbreaking features like Video Editor, Music Slideshow, Collage and Movie Maker. Magisto claims that more than 100 million people have installed the app to handle their video editing needs. It is awarded Google Play Editor’s Choice, Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ 2018 and #1 video editing app by Consumer Reports.

  • Swelly – What is your opinion?



Category: Lifestyle

Cost: free

Platform: Android, IOS

Use: If you are a teen and can’t decide what to wear, what to eat or even what to post on social media, this very unique app can rescue you. Here is how it works – you just need to post two items with the hashtag. People will then click on the picture they like best and you can know what is the popular choice. The best part of the Swelly app is its privacy policy which keeps your post within the friends you select.

  • Vinted USA



Category: Lifestyle

Cost: Free

Platform: IOS and Android

Use: If you are a teen, you must have a lot of unused clothes in your closet. So, what about selling it and making a few bucks? The vinted app which is exclusively available in the USA helps to achieve the same. It is made to connect buyers and sellers. You can list out your clothing and when style-savvy people buy it, the app pays you the exact same amount a buyer pays.

  • Snapguide



Category: DIY, Lifestyle

Cost: Free

Platform: IOS

Use: Snapguide is the best app to kill time and learn new things at the same time. It is the DYI app which includes thousands of tips and tutorials to make your daily tasks easy. It covers a variety of topics such as food, fashion, DIY projects, makeup and some other life hacks. Not only you can watch tutorials posted by other people, but you can also post your tutorial.

  • 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout

Category: Fitness

Cost: free

Platform: IOS and Android

Use: Having a good physical shape is the dream of every teenager and this app can make it achievable by just investing 7 minutes per day. Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? This app shows you different exercises and time of each of them. You can also track your past workouts and process. Moreover, it supports Google Fit now. Voice control, adjustable circle time, adjustable rest time, beautiful UI design, and ABS workout for different user groups are more features this app provides. Google has even awarded 7 Minute Workout app as the Best of 2016 app, Top Trending app and Best-self improvement app.

  • Skoda Parent taxi app

Skoda Parent taxi app

Skoda Parent taxi app

Category – Lifestyle, Travel

Cost: Free

Platform: IOS and Android

Use: Unlike any other apps which we have discussed in this blog, Skoda Parent taxi app is specially developed for the parents who have teen kids. It is a taxi app which charges kids in the chores. Here is how it works: when parents drive around the kids, this app counts the distance. Based on this distance, parents ask their kids to complete their chores. To make sure teen kids don’t avoid chores, Skoda Parent taxi app lets parents share the chore details on social media accounts. This app exhibits the recent scope in taxi app development.

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What are the steps of (CRO)conversion optimization?



Social Media

Many factors can influence the conversion rate of your eCommerce, but one of the most important elements in your Call to Action: its success is determined both by graphic attributes and by its positioning, up to the path of the user from landing on the site at the end of the process.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your Call to Action and get the best possible conversion rate.

1. Defend yourself against robots

Scripts like Captchas are used to determine if the person sending the data to your database through a form on your website is a person and not a robot. Robots are automated programs that can create fake accounts on your website, make false orders or simply post meaningless comments.

Adding scripts like Captchas before CTAs will make your conversions real and prevent robots from accessing your site. So if on one hand, the addition of these scripts worsens your CTA because it increases the steps necessary for the user to act on the other it improves the quality of your conversions because it creams those that are not real.

2. Do not overdo Social

Even if the social sharing buttons are very useful, if used incorrectly they can compromise your marketing campaigns and reduce your CTA. You must remember that the social sharing buttons are still small CTAs that distract your user from the main CTA you want to reach. Better to use a few or eliminate them in the landing pages of your advertising campaigns.

3. Do not overdo the required fields

Although having all of your customers’ information on file could be important, it has been proven by a lot of research that reducing the fields that lead to your checkout can significantly increase your CTA. Think, for example, of how Amazon has created its pay with a click system, do you think it would have done it without a good reason?

What we recommend is not to ask for all the information together, but to divide it into several forms to be completed at different times depending on the action you want to take. The second piece of advice is to never ask for the same information twice but to auto-fill in the fields for which you already have the requested data.

4 Red is a color that stands out

It seems a minor thing, but colors and contrasts are very important in web marketing and digital conversion strategies when designing your online store. As a general rule, call-to-action buttons should always be red. If the buttons on your website are of a different color, you may lose conversions. Studies have shown that you can increase your conversion rate by up to 34% with a red button.

5. Location is everything

Once you’ve changed the color of your call to action, two other things are very important: horizontal alignment and vertical visibility. Always put your CTA on the right side of your page. Most languages

are read from left to right, which means that a CTA located on the right side of the page will notify the user that he has finished reading the message and can proceed with the action. Also, always place your CTA above the screen line.


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