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5 Things You Should Know About Non Surgical Hair Replacement



Hair Replacement Systems

The struggle of young men and women concerning hair loss is evident in the growing number of hair treatments and products that are taking the market by a storm. Non-surgical hair replacement is one of the most preferred techniques that men and women turn to for solving their problems of baldness and increasing hair loss. The non-surgical hair transplant consists of several options including wigs and hair extensions.

Why Should You Go for a Non-Surgical Hair Transplant?

There are several reasons why non-surgical hair replacement is a better option than the other alternatives.

  • It helps achieve hair replacement without surgical complications and protects the clients from any post-operative side effects. The chances of rashes, infections and other complications that arise from surgeries are minimal.
  • The customers who opt for hair replacement systems will not encounter any medical problems.
  • Alterations of hair replacement systems are possible in case the client is not satisfied with the outcome. The process to implement the hair replacement system is quick and clients can get an immediate outcome.

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Process of Hair Transplant

The client can visit any hair salon and get the density of hair fall checked. The hairstylist can check the areas of baldness, the density of hair, texture and hair color. Based on these specifications, manufacturers can develop customized hairpiece. Before attaching the hairpiece, a light transparent sheet will be placed. This sheet will act as a second layer of skin.

Cost of Non-Surgical Transplant

Innovation and research have brought in a huge transformation in hair replacement systems. The clients can get a customized price quote on their requirements once they reach the salon. The density of the hairpiece along with the texture can change the price accordingly. It also covers for all the maintenance charges.

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How to Maintain Your Hair System?

The client can visit the hair salon as and when required to maintain the membrane and the hairpiece. Special products are available that can help the clients to prevent the wearing away of the membrane.

How a Good Hairpiece Should Look Like?

  • Men and women would want their baldness to be hidden from the world. Hence, a good hairpiece should not be easily detected in public.
  • The membrane should not look artificial in any way. In fact, it should be a replica of the skin or the scalp.
  • The hairpiece should be comfortable on the skin and yet secure when the customers are performing certain daily activities like swimming or taking a shower. The customers should forget that they have undergone any such process.
  • The weight of the hairpiece should be as minimalistic as possible. This is important because if the hairpiece is heavy then it would result in headaches and other ailments. Hairpieces that are lightweight and comfortable to handle can be considered to be of superior quality.

A proper hairpiece application is an important aspect of the system. The professional application helps to reduce the chances of detection by others. Further, the customization of the hairpiece is essential for the aesthetic considerations of the customers. The customers can enjoy them comfortably for around 4 weeks. The best thing about non-surgical hair replacement is that it does not require you to undergo surgery.

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7 Essential Steps To Developing Your Salon Marketing Plan



Salom marketing plan

Planning to get into the beauty business?

So, are you writing a marketing plan for your salon?

Top leaders say “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”. It is clear from the quote that if you have not outlined the strategies, then how you can you examine where are you and where you have to be in the future?

Either you are a newbie or is enduring a salon, it is mandated to analyze your business. So that you check where to put the time, effort and money. Building marketing strategies should be one of your top priorities. By sorting the actions effectively, you can focus on delivering the services critically.

Undoubtedly, to stand out among others, it is required to be whiz for managing marketing adequately. And, highly competitive salon business needs a healthy and fruitful marketing plan.

Making a salon marketing plan to grow and support your salon business is not rocket science. But on the other side, it is also essential that you need a good marketing plan to take the business to the heights where you have dreamt of. Also, to pay a fair wage to yourself as you deserve it. Right??

Depending upon the size of your business (Small or large), the plans vary. So, here we are to give you the best strategies for your salon business to groove you in marketing in no time. Let’s get started!!

Marketing plans that you cannot afford to ignore for your salon business

Evaluate and audit your business

Before making any plans, it would be better if you will evaluate what went wrong with last year and the strategies. From here, you can get an idea about the gaps that you need to focus on. Questions such as:

  • Have you met the desired financial goals last year?
  • Did your business has generates the business that you can pay yourself a proper salary
  • Did new clients have given you some benefits, or still, you are relying on the existing ones?
  • What was the last time you have increased your services price?
  • Calculate the percentage of the customers that are coming back to you regularly?
  • Which are your best services?
  • Is your customer care is better than your competitors?
  • Are you considering clients’ feedback and complaints seriously?

Above are some of the critical gaps that have a valid role to play in the salon or spa business.

Define the business goals

A sounding marketing strategy can give your business immense benefits if you are following the fundamental objectives and goals. So, if you want to make people aware of your salon, then defining the right business goals is compulsory. With the goals and objectives, you can have more idea of what you are required to build a marketing strategy, make a plan of action, and describe how to measure the outcomes. Follow the Specific, Measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) specifications to do the needful.

SWOT analysis

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) is a way of finding and solving the challenges you are currently facing. This factor highlights the

Measures you are following in the right direction and accordingly, you can work more on them. To build a salon SWOT analysis, you need to look after the below points:

Strengths and weakness

  • What’s the current position of your salons?
  • What internal factors you can control?
  • Do you own a good team?
  • Are you falling out of fashion?
  • Are you aware of the latest technologies?


  • Are the latest trends causing problems?
  • Are you losing your confidence with the convenience of mobile services?
  • Is any salon nearby taking the lead and is undercutting your prices?


  • Are you taking advantages of current trends?
  • Are you using any salon software for your staff and customer convenience?

Focus on brand consistency

Do not forget that maintaining your salon business is as important as keeping it offline. Because of the constant, transparent and seamless services that online systems offer. Everyone should know about the core values of your business.

You should maintain your salon consistency with each marketing channel. It means that if the esteemed customers check your salon website and your facebook page, then it is essential that both should look the same.

Mobile responsiveness

It is vital that your website should be updated and well-designed. Currently, every website is being built by keeping mobile responsiveness in mind. So, if you want to be found by new customers than make your salon website responsive, otherwise you will lose your potential customers.

Business strategy

A marketing plan is another term for your brand approach for different business elements. Keep the below factors in your list:

  • Your effective branding strategy to distinguish you from the rivals
  • Are you considering additional salon services to your offers?
  • Do you provision regular discounts? Are your prices and services high end?
  • What promotional strategy you are following?

Budget and resources

Keep your aim for 6% to 10% of your business, depending on the budget. Or how quickly you want to boost your business and the current level of your business life cycle. You should consider marketing as an investment not as an expense that you can minimize it as much as you want. And only those who are successful in this market which takes this factor seriously.

Wrapping up

Most importantly, you need to stay focused! If you want to be bigger and more colourful picture, than you should put your marketing plans efficiently. Successful marketing will bring you brand visibility and also adds new customers to your salon. Expand your reach and grow your bottom lines with the effective plans mentioned above.

We hope you liked this article. Let us know if you have some queries and suggestions in the comment section below. Your one comment will be highly appreciable. Happy reading!!

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Three Simple Tips to Use Argan Oil for Hair Care




argan oil shampoo

Lookup any credible advice on taking care of your hair naturally and you will find argan oil mentioned among the top ingredients. So, why is argan oil considered a panacea for all hair problems? Well! Often called ‘liquid gold’ for its myriad beneficial properties, argan oil can transform your hair if used regularly.

argan oil shampoo

Here are several ways you can include argan oil in your hair care routine.

1. Buy an argan oil-infused shampoo

Ditch those shampoos with several chemicals with tongue-twisting names and go for a shampoo which has argan oil as one of its main ingredients. It makes hair softer, shinier and helps restore strength if your hair is brittle. If you are someone who likes a hued mane or just a few coloured streaks, an argan oil shampoo, in this case, may help prevent the damage that chemicals or other irritants in hair colour may cause. It also works as an anti-microbial agent and helps get rid of dandruff. Though suitable for all hair-types, argan-oil shampoos are a boon for people with rough and dry hair as it also moisturises hair-strands along with cleaning the scalp.

2. Massage it in your hair

Take a generous amount of argan oil and massage it in your hair. Sure, it is an expensive hair care product and doing this will take more quantity; but you need to do it just once a week. And amidst so much of pollution and daily stress, your hair deserves at least this much of luxury treatment. Massage the oil for a good 15-20 minutes, both on the scalp and on the strands (from root to tip) and leave it overnight. You may also choose to warm it up for better absorption. This trick is especially useful to get smooth, silky, manageable, and voluminous hair a night before any special event, especially when you do not have time to visit a salon for a hair spa. For additional nourishment, you may also mix argan oil with any other type of essential oil, for example, almond oil.

3. Argan Oil as a Styling Agent

In a hurry and when out of a styling agent when you need it the most, argan oil could be a quick-fix solution. It is a great way to tame frizzy hair (moustache, and beard too along with the hair on your scalp), and adds strength, lustre, and manageability to your hair. Further, argan oil for hair is lightweight and does not weigh your hair down and makes it easier to mould your hair into any style. But, why restrict using argan oil to times when you do not have any other hair-styling agents such as gels or sprays?

Generally, most hair-styling products are fraught with numerous chemicals. On the other hand, argan oil supplies nutrients like Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are super beneficial for your hair in more ways than one. So, instead of choosing to use styling agents which may cause damage when used on a long-term basis, you may switch to just cold-pressed argan oil or styling products which contain argan oil as one of the main ingredients. In fact, for styling your beard and moustache too, you may use beard crème, beard oil, beard wax etc. with argan oil.

It is simple to use either argan oil or argan oil-infused hair styling product. Just take a few drops of it and rub it in when your hair is damp (not wet). Let your hair get dry (do not comb damp hair as it may lead to hair fall) and then comb your hair to make the oil or the product get distributed evenly throughout the hair. Be careful that you do not use too much oil as the objective is to make hair manageable and glossy and not a full-blown head massage. In fact, using argan oil or a hair styling product with it could be a really economical option to get the benefits of argan oil (because a little goes a long way) without having to apply too much of it.

Please leave comments below.

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Benefits of Using Good Beard Oil



beard oil

Growing beard has become very popular these days in every corner of the world. But it is definitely not just a fashion statement because growing beard actually has a few benefits. It can block 95 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays and so it can lower the risk of skin cancer. 

If one is suffering from allergies, then growing a beard can help because it can catch the pollen and dust and act as a proper filter to keep the allergens out of the nose and the respiratory system. Beards can also help the skin to remain moisturized by providing an extra layer of protection against those elements.

So, when one is tired of certain skin disorders like blemishes and acne then they need to out their razors away and grow a beard. Though beard has a lot of benefits, every man should know that growing a beard has its own set of challenges.

There can be some issues like beard itch and beard dandruff that one often faces when they grow one. But there is a product which can alleviate the discomfort and aid in beard growth which is known as beard oil. There are many companies selling beard oil in the market and one can check the beard oil price and invest in a good product which can hydrate and nourish the beard. Mostly good beard oils have essential oils and so it serves as a natural cologne.

Carrier Oils

These are absolutely present in beard oil. These are natural oils which are extracted from nuts and seeds of plants and they are mainly used to dilute the essential oils. Each and every carrier oil as its own set of medicinal properties and they have moisturizing and healing benefits for the skin and the hair. The popular carrier oils are jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and moringa oil. When it comes to argan oil, then it is an excellent choice for nourishing and hydrating the beard.  It has Vitamin A and E and some healing anti-oxidants in it. When it comes to beard care then almond oil is good because it makes the beard nongreasy and adds shine to them.

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Essential Oils

When it comes to choosing the right scent for the beard oil then one should go for the oil which is powerful and masculine. Growing a beard makes one look manly but it is even better when one smells nice. Cedarwood oil or thyme essential oil can be the perfect choice for it. They both have proper anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties which can keep the beard safe and make it smell well. They also help in fighting beard itch and prevent infection. It can also nourish and repair the fuzz on the face.

What does beard oil do?

This is mainly used for beard maintenance. One can dab some beard oil on the beard regularly so that they look less dry and feel less scraggly. One can apply this oil and then it is easy to run the hand through beard and release the tangles. It makes the beard soft and manageable. Beard oil is necessary because it can help the beard grow thick and it can stop the dryness and dandruff attacks there. Apart from having a proper facial hair growth, good beard oil also helps in having a healthy skin beneath the beard. Using beard oil can help the skin to remain protected from environmental factors like dust and air pollution. With regular use, one will be able to eliminate split ends, beard dandruff, and itchiness, and appears to be more polished and presentable.

  • Beard oil can stop the beard itching. It is not a good idea that one needs to run their hands constantly through the beard and then scratch. Now beard itch is a very common thing. But beard oil can come to their rescue as they can liberate one from the dying urge of scratching the beard and that too in a public space.
  • Beard hair follicles are rooted in the sebaceous glands. This produces an oil called sebum and it covers the follicles. As the beard starts to grow then it gets longer and the sebum that is produced is not enough to coat the follicles and then keep the skin moisturized. It can cause itching and dryness and beard oil can save one from those.
  • One also suffers from beard dandruff. When the beard gets dry then skin flakes fall off from them and it looks really embarrassing. When one uses a beard oil, the skin and the hair follicles never become dry and as a result, one can save themselves from getting beard dandruff at the first place. Also, it saves one from getting beard dandruff in winter as well.
  • When one tries to grow their beard, they can find some bald spots where no hair seems to grow. This is called patchy beard and no men like having one. This can be a genetics issue, but other things can be dry skin and white flakes. The major reason why bald spots occur is that the skin where the beard is growing is not healthy and so the hair follicles are having a hard time. Some therapeutic beard oil can come to rescue then. They have certain ingredients which have medicinal and healing properties. It can moisturize the skin beneath the beard and help the hair follicles to grow properly.

Beard oil is also a good product for styling. One can add usage of beard oil in their everyday routine so that it cannot only tame the beard but can also make it soft, supple and manageable. But when one is choosing beard oil, they need to be very careful about the ingredients present there. One should not pick oil which has harsh chemicals in it. Instead of that, one needs to pick oil which has natural oils and nourishing elements in them.

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4 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing Wholesale Wig Vendors



wholesale wig vendors

While planning to buy wigs from a wholesale vendor, it is vital to know all the details about it so that you can check it for its quality. Inquire the details of the wigs to the wholesale vendor to check if it is something you want. Here are some of the basic and important questions that you must definitely ask the wholesale wig vendors before making the purchase.


1. How Was the Hair Sourced and Collected?

Hair for wigs are sourced from India, Burma, China, Mongolia, and Eastern Europe. Generally, hair obtained from these countries are bought by the wig manufacturers and taken to the production units where they are shampooed and conditioned to make it clean and presentable. The wholesale wig distributors buy these processed hair wigs and sell it to the other wholesale wig vendors.

2. Does the Wig Contain Synthetic Hair?

There are usually two types of wigs, human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. The good quality synthetic hair wigs are easy to maintain and are comparatively cheap than the natural hair wigs. Medical patients prefer synthetic hair wigs while women who are ready to do regular maintenance like regular trimming and shampooing usually choose human hair wigs.

Some wig manufacturers may mix some synthetic hair to the human hair wig to make it manageable. Therefore, it is best to ask your wholesale wig vendor regarding the authenticity of the human hair wigs.

3. How is Hair Colour-Treated?

Generally, the hair is stripped of its natural pigments and coloured over with the required dye. Some wig manufacturers use fabric dyes to colour the hair. These fabric dyes are near-impossible to colour over. Please note the synthetic hair wigs do not absorb colour while the human hair wigs are treated with processed dye and are challenging to colour again on top of it. Therefore, if there are any plans to opt for new colours, it is best to stay away from the wigs treated with the fabric dyes.

4. Do the Wigs Come Pre-Styled?

All of the synthetic hair wigs are pre-styled with different cuts and shapes. On the other hand, human hair wigs may or may not be styled. Ask for descriptions of the synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs to check whether they come with or without styling from the wholesale wig vendors. Also, ask about the length of the wigs and the number of styling options available. The more varieties the wholesale vendor has, the better options you have to choose from. Moreover, this will also give you an idea of the vendor’s expertise in this field.


It is best to ask for a sample or some pictures of the wigs to check it’s quality and style options according to your preferences before buying it. Make sure to ask all these questions to the wholesale wig vendors first before assessing the quality of the wigs provided to avoid any basic issues with the wigs.

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8 Style Finds for an Elevated Spring Season



Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

As springtime rolls back around, so too does the opportunity for fresh beginnings as days stretch and the weather warms. With the season spurring sentiments of rejuvenation and reassurance, now is a great time to spearhead a renewed effort to feel and look your best. To achieve this worthy goal, you’ll want to spruce up your seasonal style—whether that means your clothes, accessories, beauty regime … or all of the above! Toward this end, below are a few fab finds that can give you more panache this spring.

Find U Rings Online Jewelry Store (
To help amp up your fashion accessory game—especially on the engagement and wedding ring front—is, an online jewelry store allowing consumers to benefit from its deep industry knowledge about the modern-day ring marketplace. They have their own processing plants and offer tailor-made services to ensure whichever wedding, engagement or fashion ring design you select meets your distinct needs and desires. Plus, all of their rings are made at their own factory with no outside agent, so prices will be more favorable to a budget-conscious shopper. Whether you’re seeking unique tungsten wedding bands; titanium, sterling silver, stainless steel or ceramic rings, has fashionable styles for both men and women, alike. They are also one of the few brands that offers free engravings of meaningful words, phrases and even fingerprints, adding even more meaning to your personalized design.

One of my favorite rings on the site is the “Sterling Silver Cris Cross Ring,” which is billed as an “Eternity Engagement Band” although I like wearing this blingy bauble daily as a fashion ring. This standard, silver, horizontal ring is made from 925 sterling silver and shiny white cut AAA cubic zirconia. The cross loop is reportedly one of their most popular rings of the year. If you are buying this design for romantic reasons, its exquisite sheen and simple, stylish “X” design are stunning and a symbol of eternal love. For men, I really dig the “Flat Deer Antler Titanium Wedding Band”—a wide flat titanium deer antler-adorned ring. At 8mm wide and 2.0-2.5mm thick, the inside of the ring is made of high-quality titanium and the outside is made of authentic deer antlers. So, each ring is truly unique. Plus, all of their rings are offered with free shipping and a lifetime warranty, with no minimum spend required. Each one has a lifetime guarantee for size exchange and any damage.

NOVICA Artisan Fair-Trade Marketplace (
If you crave distinctive style, worldly sophistication and enjoy shopping for a cause, then NOVICA—the largest online fair-trade marketplace featuring beautiful hand-crafted products from all over the globe—is for you. Their curated cache of artisans is hand-selected, with many having overcome amazing odds by selling their goods. For example, the Blue Jasmine Batik Silk Scarf, designed by Java artisan Yuni Kristina, has expanded business into a global marketplace thanks to the help of NOVICA’s team. Originating in Indonesia, batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. Kristina hand-stamps the blue patterns on the ivory textile and adds red and black designs in batik. Also noteworthy are glass-blowing artists Javier Gutiérrez and Efrén Canteras, who have worked together to preserve Mexico’s blown glass artistry. They work with lead-free, un-tempered and recycled glass, which is melted at very high temperatures and formed into beautiful wares. NOVICA features many other authentic crafts from around the globe and the company has sent more than $89.9 million back to their artisans to date.

Pop Bag USA Customizable Handbags (
Handbag purveyor Pop Bag USA was born in Tuscany and produced in Florence, Italy by local craftsmen whose unique and unparalleled workmanship ensure the utmost standards with the highest quality pebbled and Saffiano leather options. As the movement toward sustainable fashion–and awareness of the negative effects of fast fashion–grows, Pop Bag is an ideal purse for longevity. This is because the bag, itself, is custom-buildable with different components allowing you to mix, match and exchange each front and back panel to achieve your desired (and ever-evolving) look. With four customizable components—a front, back, strap, and interior pouch—a choice of leather, and a multitude of modern finishes for you to choose from, the possibilities for expression are endless. Pop Bag provides the materials, but the panels and pieces you select and the ways you customize your Pop Bag make each a reflection of your own unique style and personality. Design the bags based on your destination, mood or the season. Change colors, materials and hardware. It’s a fun and fulfilling process. Or, if you want it done for you, there are ready-to-wear bags from totes, mini-bags and backpacks to phone bags and envelopes.  With locations all around the world, from France and Germany to Hong Kong and beyond, Pop Bag has now opened its first United States location. Americans can now also enjoy building their own brag-worthy Pop Bag.

Dooney & Bourke ‘Caldwell’ Design Handbags (
The Caldwell Collection from Dooney & Bourke exemplifies understated elegance. These chic, structured bags created from python-embossed leather are refined but with a touch of glam courtesy of the gold-plated hardware embellishment. The collection of products has also been treated to repel some moisture, so those spring showers are nary a worry. One option from the line is the Caldwell Flynn Handbag, which features rich textures of that python-embossed leather that elevates the fashion-forward bag. Soft pleats and a gold logo round out the look on the exterior, while inside there’s a light, twill lining—a bright pop of red juxtaposing my choice of the deep espresso brown option. Aside for its aesthetics, what I adore about this handbag is that it’s extremely roomy, with the main compartment holding an abundant amount, while also keeping you organized courtesy of deep-set pockets galore. Another piece that I especially like for when I only need to carry essentials is the Caldwell Zip Clutch. The exotic texture of python is once again artfully imprinted in leather, making this eye-catching clutch an instant outfit changer. Its classic, timeless shape makes it a perfect companion. It can also be used as a coordinating wallet with the Flynn Handbag. For an effortless polish, day or night, Caldwell bags are a great choice for the season.

Lebody Face & Body Enhancing Devices (
Spring is a great time to amp up that self-care regime and here’s an innovative tech-driven way to do exactly that. With Lebody you can get spa-level results in the comfort of your own home, enhancing both your face and your body. This leading Korean beauty-technology company just launched in the United States this past December, offering two devices that bring professional-level advances directly to the consumer. The ‘Lebody Face’ is a compact, travel-friendly beauty device that uses electrical ionization and micro-currents to stimulate elastin in the skin for an instant lifting effect, while absorbing active ingredients, rearranging collagen and improving skin elasticity. The ‘Lebody Form’ uses EMS mid-frequency to strengthen muscles and increase energy consumption to burn fat components around the body by directly stimulating and activating the muscles for a slimming effect. Use its Slim or Gym modes at up to six varying strength levels to build or trim your abdomen, legs, glutes, chest, back, shoulders and arms without having to drive to the fitness center. Indeed, Lebody products allow consumers to use advanced, cutting-edge technology right at home.

Skin Actives’ ‘Double Action Hair Serum’ (
For those unhappy with their thinning or grey hair, the Double Action Hair Serum from Skin Actives may just be the answer. This serum is specifically formulated to help replenish thinning and grey hair to give it more youthful flare. The product’s key ingredients, Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF), Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase (MSR) and nourishing actives work together to create hair that looks thicker, stronger and healthier while also maintaining its natural color in the process. For this and all of its products, Skin Actives constantly reviews scientific and industry literature to stay at the very front of effective ingredients and innovative approaches. Their formulators use techniques developed over decades of research to manufacture specialty proteins and push the cutting edge of skin care technology. For the most optimal results with the Double Action Hair Serum, specifically, Skin Actives recommends using the product nightly by dampening the scalp area and applying the serum directly to it using the product’s pointed applicator. From there you just have to gently massage it into the area and then rinse or cleanse it out in the morning. It’s as simple as that. Skin Actives says that users begin to see results in just two to six months. Now that’ll put a spring in your step!

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Skincare Line (
For those focusing on skin health and wealth this spring season, next are medically-inspired skin care products from the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek collection by Kosmetik, an elite, 60-year-old German skincare company. Dermatologist, allergologist and anti-aging expert Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio’s professional occupation as a doctor with her own practice strengthened her desire to create a connection between cosmetics and dermatology. Today, thousands of aestheticians and users worldwide take advantage of the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik skin care products. Each item in this highly effective product line was specially designed for all skin types. The company offers a skin care portfolio with seven product lines addressing different skin types and concerns, with each combining innovative and proven ingredients to optimize skin health. All products are dermatologically tested, and many clinically tested, for best efficacy. Thanks to their high ingredient concentration in combination with dermatological knowledge and high-end quality, Dr. Schrammek products are known to achieve excellent results, having received rave reviews from women across the globe.

NIVEA Crème Limited Edition City Tins (
Earlier this year NIVEA launched its first limited edition collection nationwide in the United States: the NIVEA Crème Limited Edition City Tins featuring cityscapes inspired by some of the country’s top destinations like Miami and San Francisco. Now, these stunning skylines are emblazoned on the iconic NIVEA Crème’s travel-friendly one-ounce tins priced around $1. Of course, inside the tiny, travel-friendly tins is the NIVEA Crème, which gives skin the care it needs by nourishing and giving it a protective layer that prevents moisture loss throughout the day. Enriched with Provitamin B5, the rich and creamy formula moisturizes all day and nourishes to protect all skin types. Simply apply to your face, hands and body to enjoy soft, smooth skin any time. For an extra level of care, apply to the roughest areas such as knees, feet and elbows to intensively moisturize.


As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern is an internationally-regarded consumer product trends expert and hospitality industry voice of authority—a travel, dining, leisure and lifestyle expert who spotlights noteworthy marketplace innovations, change makers, movers and shakers. She reports on exemplary travel destinations and experiences, extraordinary events and newsworthy products and services across all categories. Reach her online at, on Twitter at, on Facebook at and on Instagram at

***Some or all of the accommodations(s), experience(s), item(s) and/or service(s) detailed above may have been provided or arranged at no cost to accommodate this review, but all opinions expressed are entirely those of Merilee Kern and have not been influenced in any way.***

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