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7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50



7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50

Looking ravishing and your best can be hard to achieve even at the 20s. You need to pay attention to have immaculate makeup, great taste in clothes, fit body, and so on. Once you reach the majestic number 5 there aren’t many things that change that drastically. You also need to put effort into wearing perfect makeup, do some sport, but only incorporate different things into reaching your top-notch look. You cannot reverse time, that’s a fact, but you can certainly dedicate your full attention to giving your skin and body the care it deserves. It might be hard to get back into shape after 50, it’s not impossible. All you need to do is be persistent and patient and you will look and feel decades younger by implementing the following 7 tips.

1. Don’t let your skin lose its glow

Woman applying beauty mask, close up

As we age, our skin tends to get looser and more sleepy per se. It goes without saying that we should take care of our whole skin at any given time and moment, however, once you reach a certain age you need to moisturize more. That’s right. Dry skin can be your nemesis once you start aging, and you keep your skin smooth and refreshed should be your top priority. With a good and quality moisturizer cream, you will not only make your skin seem more youthful, but you will keep it healthy and nurtured. And, of course, when your skin looks refreshed and glowing, you will too. Therefore, it is vital not to get stingy and spend a significant amount of money on quality creams. Apply the moisturizer daily to your face, neck and even hands. But make sure that the rest of your body is properly taken care of as well by applying a sensitive body lotion after having a shower.

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2. Alter your eating habits

Let’s be honest, we all like to nibble on sweet and savory dinner, especially if they are serving our favorite dish. When in the 20s you can easily eat an abundance of food lat at night and the following day go for a quick run and literally burn it all. Unfortunately, in the 50s that doesn’t function the same way. One of the most renowned beauty and fitness secret for maintaining a healthy and good-looking body is altering your diet. Make sure that your diet is high in lean protein and dietary fiber. Reduce the overall calorie intake by switching your daily eating habits. Eat more healthy colorful fruits and vegetables. Every day try to eat a variety of fresh produce and healthy proteins like fish, beans, eggs, and tofu. Kick out the processed and fast foods from your diet, with the stress on refined grains in white bread, pasta, and rice.

3. Feel content with your age

Aging is an inevitable process, and even if it would be fantastic to turn back time, that is simply not possible. If you wish to look the very best at the age you are in (no matter the number), you need to look and feel good about yourself. Very often ladies simply wish to undergo some form of cosmetic surgery like a breast lift or neck lift, and in that way gain even more confidence with their new and ravishing look. After performing countless similar procedures, experts at Panthea Clinics say that incisions are placed in such a way that once healed they will not be visible or noticed, so you won’t need to worry about that. Or anything else for that matter. Facial fillers and botox are even less invasive option that can uplift your looks. At 50 you will never look 30 again, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot upgrade your looks with some cosmetic procedure so that you would feel content and have a positive mindset which is crucial.

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4. Be in constant motion

Senior Lady Dumbbells Exercise Workout at Home.

Being physically active has numerous benefits to the whole body no matter the age. First things first, you need to be aware that you need to take special care of your muscles and bones. Find a sporting activity that suits you best. You can go brisk walking, jogging around the neighborhood, swimming, do yoga or pilates, or try out Thai Chi. Whatever sporting activity you choose to implement, the very best secret is to move on and on and be in constant motion. Being physically active will improve your cardiovascular system, make you feel more agile and strenuous. Try to mix up the exercise so that you don’t put pressure on your ligaments and straining the same muscle groups. After each activity, always stretch properly. Due to age, your flexibility tends to decrease, so unless you stretch and warm up those muscles, you could make yourself more prone to incurring an injury.

5. Revive your outlook

Believe it or not, nothing makes you look more young and refreshing like tossing out your old-fashioned clothes and replacing them with more sophisticated and modern clothing items. There is no need to take up that ‘granny’ looks by wearing comfy shirts and long baggy skirts. Revamp your entire wardrobe with clothes that will make you look and feel young. Denim jeans, leather jacket in refreshing colors, classy high heels, and trendy dresses. Wear fitted suits and dresses to work, and never settle for ordinary and plain combinations. Experiment with styles and trends, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Also, never let anyone see your grays. Not because you don’t want people to see your age, on the contrary, grays make your face look long and tired. Choose a color and hairstyle that suit your personality. You will instantly look and feel younger once you cover your grays, wear a red nail polish and put-together a fancy and contemporary outfit.

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6. Have some ‘me’ time

You have spent 50 years of your life running back and forth to schools and work, and now you must focus on doing something solely for you. Take up some new and challenging hobby. Try scuba diving or start learning a new language. Travel the world. Go to places you desire and investigate new cities. Fight off stress so that you can only have happy thoughts about the world around you. Dedicate all your free time to yourself and kill off that stressful feeling. Try meditation or listen to soothing music as you do yoga. Do whatever your heart desires whenever you can.

7. Drink more water and sleep more

If you have never thought this was a secret to revamping your looks and body after 50, you have really thought wrong. Water is the essence of life, and for good reason. Our bodies are made up of water, and it is only logical that water will keep our entire organism in order. Water flushes out all the toxins out of the body that has been accumulating throughout the day, plus you will feel full. Water cleanses the body as well making your skin look more juvenile and vigorous. If you strive to have regular sleep of more than 7 hours per night, you have yourself a winning combo of looking young and beautiful.

The key is to be yourself and feel joyous in your skin. Age is merely a number, but after incorporating these beauty secrets, you will feel more fulfilled and gratified.

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  • 7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50

    7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50

  • Woman aplying beauty mask,close up

  • Senior Lady Dumbbells Exercise Workout at Home.

  • 7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50

Beauty Tips

Put Down the Sugar Bomb: 5 Healthier Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump



woman working in front of a laptop

Once we enter the office on a new workday our main goal is to have a productive one. We probably have a list of tasks we planned the day before. We start our day full of energy and hope it will be like that until the end of our shift. But, the energy levels vary throughout the day and this is something that will most likely affect our levels of productivity. 

Even though we’ve started our day full of energy, we will experience a sudden drop in energy levels usually between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. This occurrence is known as the afternoon slump. When it happens our body usually craves some shut-eye and rest. 

Since this is not possible because we are still at work, we have to be prepared for it and use the following healthier techniques to quickly cure this run-down of energy. People often try to fix everything with a chocolate bar or another cup of coffee, but these don’t really help. Try these healthier alternatives instead:

Step Away from the Computer Screen

A decrease in energy may be caused by too much screen time. Whenever we sit in front of a computer for long periods of time our eyes become tired. We are focused on a single fixed point so we can’t focus anymore. The solution is to step away from a computer and stop this eye strain from happening. Make a mental note to look away from your screen every 60 minutes. You have to close your eyes for a minute or two and keep your gaze off the screen. Use these moments to brainstorm with a colleague, have another glass of water (hydration is important, too). 

Stretch It Out and Move Around

Once you notice this drop in your energy levels, concentration and productivity, it is time to get moving. Another great way to fight the mid-day slump is to power up your body and move around a bit. You can do a few exercises like some squats, chair dips, the leaning plank or any other exercise that is office proof. 

Stretching is also recommended if you also want to beat the effects of being in a sedentary position. These stretches will ease any pain in your neck, shoulders, back, or hips which is caused by sitting a lot. 

Instead of all this, you can always go for a walk around the building. Make sure to skip the elevator and take the stairs instead. If it is a sunny day, go outside for a minute and enjoy a dose of vitamin D. You can even invite a few colleagues so you can have a quick brainstorming session outside in the clean air.  Whatever you choose to do, exercise, stretch or go outside, remember to do it in fixed time intervals. You can even set an hourly reminder to stand up, move a bit or stretch. You will avert your gaze from the screen for a few minutes and break out of the sitting routine. 

Get a green tea boost

Caffeine is a known stimulant and it should be used wisely. Many people can’t even start their day without their cup of jo. However, too much coffee can have a negative effect because it disrupts our sleep pattern and makes us even more tired in the afternoon. Have one cup of coffee during the day but do not reach for another one once the afternoon slump kicks in. Swap this craving with a cup of green tea nad get a tea boost instead. One cup of green tea is rich in antioxidants which your body will use to revive your system to make it through the drop of energy. This hot beverage has less caffeine so it won’t impact your night’s sleep.

Have a high protein lunch instead of a sugary snack

People often try to increase the levels of energy by having a sugary snack, a chocolate bar or a sugary drink. But, sugar is certainly not the answer because it was reported that a high-carbohydrate meal won’t keep you awake as much as a high-protein meal. It is actually a protein that stimulates the cells responsible for keeping us awake. 

If you want to make a healthier choice, have a high protein lunch instead. If you did not have the time to prepare a high protein meal the night before, you can always rely on meals delivered by My Muscle Chef or any other healthy meal producer. By taking care of your body’s needs, you will surely increase the levels of energy when you need them the most.

Stimulate your senses

Your sense of smell can help you become more alert once your energy drops. You-ve never even considered the effects of aromatherapy and the power of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is known for its energy-boosting properties, positive effects on the mind, it improves concentration, and stimulates clear thinking.

It was also reported that people who use essential oils have better health. Whenever you need an energy boost, you just need to sniff some peppermint oil. You can put a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball, and take it out of your drawer for a quick sniff whenever you need to wake up a bit. If you have your own office, you can use an oil diffuser or just put a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of hot water. Alternatively, you can rub several drops of peppermint oil on your hands and pat the excess on your face. Brushing your teeth will also stimulate your senses as the toothpaste often has peppermint too. Chewing gum has a similar effect.

Paying attention to these tips will eventually help avoid this dreaded drop in energy. We should pay attention to our rhythm throughout the day and act accordingly. In addition to this, we have to remember that our trusted sidekicks’ sugar and caffeine are doing us more harm than good and we should put them aside and embrace these new techniques. 

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4 Audio-visual Tips to Create a Positive Event



Av Rental London

When you are planning an audio-visual budget for your event in London, you need to think wisely to allocate the money for theming, lights, sound and vision. To make sure that you are getting the right value for money from your event’s AV design, a solid knowledge of the capabilities of both technology and your audio-visual company are essential.

To make your event great, you have given here the eight audio-visual tips to be considered;

Look for Creativity in Your AV Supplier:

When shopping for an audio-visual provider, you usually seek price, service, and reliability. All are good factors to be considered while choosing the Audio-Visual company. But to do justice to your event, creativity needs to be considered before you select AV hire company.

Advances in event lighting and projection technology mean that the old business model of simply hiring out and operating equipment for a client is not an adequate way to select a company. The main driver of this conceptual shift in the market has been technologies such as projection mapping.

To keep yourself at peace when selecting an audio-visual provider, make sure to ask about their history in presenting similar events and their history at the chosen venue. It is better to look at some examples of their work closest in scope to your event. If they have documentation of their work at your chosen venue, it is better to go for that company!

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Set Your Event Vision and Share It

Having a clear vision of the aesthetic feel and tone of the event is crucial at this stage of pre-production and it is even best to share it with your AV provider.

Storyboard your event like a movie director, discuss themes & images with your key staff and audio-visual team. Don’t get obsessed on what you have seen done before or know to be possible; a professional audio-visual company should be able to take on board any creative idea you have and turn it into a practical suggestion.

Remember the Importance of Sound for Your Event

The event sound system employed to deliver must be able to match the content. Important things to consider are adequate coverage of the room to ensure all attendees get crystal-clear speech and the full impact of any musical material.

If you are employing high-energy music or cinematic sound effects, make sure the system can replicate the full range of sound. A minimum of 2 subwoofers is required to be in place to maximize the impact of any low-end effects or bass lines.

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Think Digital:

Discuss with your London Audio Visual about methods to digitally enhance your event. Can they digitally brand your conference with projections and then successfully transform the same space for the next event? You can change the entire ballrooms into another world, and the walls of an auditorium can ripple at the arrival of a new product. Custom-Built set design can be converted into a living, breathing animal. In this high technology world, pretty much anything is possible, and an in-depth conversation with a design professional is invaluable to help direct your thinking in the planning stages.

Make sure to understand what design and creative support the audio-visual company offer and whether the in-house designers have the skills and experience to guide you through the concept creation, implementation, and delivery of just about anything you can imagine.

Creating a multimedia-driven event from the ground-up can seem to be a longer process than the traditional method of simply stating a theme and letting the staging company deliver, but the results represent a much better return on investment. You cannot use the elements of digital branding or presentation at one specific event but also transported to similar events or venues with no further cost. The same media can also be repackaged as web content where you feel appropriate to use.

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Benefits of Using Good Beard Oil



beard oil

Growing beard has become very popular these days in every corner of the world. But it is definitely not just a fashion statement because growing beard actually has a few benefits. It can block 95 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays and so it can lower the risk of skin cancer. 

If one is suffering from allergies, then growing a beard can help because it can catch the pollen and dust and act as a proper filter to keep the allergens out of the nose and the respiratory system. Beards can also help the skin to remain moisturized by providing an extra layer of protection against those elements.

So, when one is tired of certain skin disorders like blemishes and acne then they need to out their razors away and grow a beard. Though beard has a lot of benefits, every man should know that growing a beard has its own set of challenges.

There can be some issues like beard itch and beard dandruff that one often faces when they grow one. But there is a product which can alleviate the discomfort and aid in beard growth which is known as beard oil. There are many companies selling beard oil in the market and one can check the beard oil price and invest in a good product which can hydrate and nourish the beard. Mostly good beard oils have essential oils and so it serves as a natural cologne.

Carrier Oils

These are absolutely present in beard oil. These are natural oils which are extracted from nuts and seeds of plants and they are mainly used to dilute the essential oils. Each and every carrier oil as its own set of medicinal properties and they have moisturizing and healing benefits for the skin and the hair. The popular carrier oils are jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and moringa oil. When it comes to argan oil, then it is an excellent choice for nourishing and hydrating the beard.  It has Vitamin A and E and some healing anti-oxidants in it. When it comes to beard care then almond oil is good because it makes the beard nongreasy and adds shine to them.

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Essential Oils

When it comes to choosing the right scent for the beard oil then one should go for the oil which is powerful and masculine. Growing a beard makes one look manly but it is even better when one smells nice. Cedarwood oil or thyme essential oil can be the perfect choice for it. They both have proper anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties which can keep the beard safe and make it smell well. They also help in fighting beard itch and prevent infection. It can also nourish and repair the fuzz on the face.

What does beard oil do?

This is mainly used for beard maintenance. One can dab some beard oil on the beard regularly so that they look less dry and feel less scraggly. One can apply this oil and then it is easy to run the hand through beard and release the tangles. It makes the beard soft and manageable. Beard oil is necessary because it can help the beard grow thick and it can stop the dryness and dandruff attacks there. Apart from having a proper facial hair growth, good beard oil also helps in having a healthy skin beneath the beard. Using beard oil can help the skin to remain protected from environmental factors like dust and air pollution. With regular use, one will be able to eliminate split ends, beard dandruff, and itchiness, and appears to be more polished and presentable.

  • Beard oil can stop the beard itching. It is not a good idea that one needs to run their hands constantly through the beard and then scratch. Now beard itch is a very common thing. But beard oil can come to their rescue as they can liberate one from the dying urge of scratching the beard and that too in a public space.
  • Beard hair follicles are rooted in the sebaceous glands. This produces an oil called sebum and it covers the follicles. As the beard starts to grow then it gets longer and the sebum that is produced is not enough to coat the follicles and then keep the skin moisturized. It can cause itching and dryness and beard oil can save one from those.
  • One also suffers from beard dandruff. When the beard gets dry then skin flakes fall off from them and it looks really embarrassing. When one uses a beard oil, the skin and the hair follicles never become dry and as a result, one can save themselves from getting beard dandruff at the first place. Also, it saves one from getting beard dandruff in winter as well.
  • When one tries to grow their beard, they can find some bald spots where no hair seems to grow. This is called patchy beard and no men like having one. This can be a genetics issue, but other things can be dry skin and white flakes. The major reason why bald spots occur is that the skin where the beard is growing is not healthy and so the hair follicles are having a hard time. Some therapeutic beard oil can come to rescue then. They have certain ingredients which have medicinal and healing properties. It can moisturize the skin beneath the beard and help the hair follicles to grow properly.

Beard oil is also a good product for styling. One can add usage of beard oil in their everyday routine so that it cannot only tame the beard but can also make it soft, supple and manageable. But when one is choosing beard oil, they need to be very careful about the ingredients present there. One should not pick oil which has harsh chemicals in it. Instead of that, one needs to pick oil which has natural oils and nourishing elements in them.

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4 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing Wholesale Wig Vendors



wholesale wig vendors

While planning to buy wigs from a wholesale vendor, it is vital to know all the details about it so that you can check it for its quality. Inquire the details of the wigs to the wholesale vendor to check if it is something you want. Here are some of the basic and important questions that you must definitely ask the wholesale wig vendors before making the purchase.


1. How Was the Hair Sourced and Collected?

Hair for wigs are sourced from India, Burma, China, Mongolia, and Eastern Europe. Generally, hair obtained from these countries are bought by the wig manufacturers and taken to the production units where they are shampooed and conditioned to make it clean and presentable. The wholesale wig distributors buy these processed hair wigs and sell it to the other wholesale wig vendors.

2. Does the Wig Contain Synthetic Hair?

There are usually two types of wigs, human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. The good quality synthetic hair wigs are easy to maintain and are comparatively cheap than the natural hair wigs. Medical patients prefer synthetic hair wigs while women who are ready to do regular maintenance like regular trimming and shampooing usually choose human hair wigs.

Some wig manufacturers may mix some synthetic hair to the human hair wig to make it manageable. Therefore, it is best to ask your wholesale wig vendor regarding the authenticity of the human hair wigs.

3. How is Hair Colour-Treated?

Generally, the hair is stripped of its natural pigments and coloured over with the required dye. Some wig manufacturers use fabric dyes to colour the hair. These fabric dyes are near-impossible to colour over. Please note the synthetic hair wigs do not absorb colour while the human hair wigs are treated with processed dye and are challenging to colour again on top of it. Therefore, if there are any plans to opt for new colours, it is best to stay away from the wigs treated with the fabric dyes.

4. Do the Wigs Come Pre-Styled?

All of the synthetic hair wigs are pre-styled with different cuts and shapes. On the other hand, human hair wigs may or may not be styled. Ask for descriptions of the synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs to check whether they come with or without styling from the wholesale wig vendors. Also, ask about the length of the wigs and the number of styling options available. The more varieties the wholesale vendor has, the better options you have to choose from. Moreover, this will also give you an idea of the vendor’s expertise in this field.


It is best to ask for a sample or some pictures of the wigs to check it’s quality and style options according to your preferences before buying it. Make sure to ask all these questions to the wholesale wig vendors first before assessing the quality of the wigs provided to avoid any basic issues with the wigs.

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DIY: Top 5 Easy Homemade Hair Mask Secrets for Gorgeous Hair



DIY: Top 5 Easy Homemade Hair Mask Secrets for Gorgeous Hair

Easy Homemade Hair Mask Secrets for Gorgeous Hair: Think of smooth, glossy as well as definitely stunning hair that can covet those that consider them! Currently, boil down to the truth as well as see your dropping, harmed as well as drab hair. You are helpless as well as have approved that your hair would certainly go on ruining your charm? Do not stress!

Falling, graying as well as drab hair are ending up being typical troubles since a lot of individuals like you have a tendency to overlook them. With the assistance of 100% natural hair masks made in residence, you can instill a brand-new life in your harmed below. Claim excellent bye to your hair-woes as well as make them look much healthier than ever before.

Why Healthy Protein is Needed for Your Hair?

Prior to talking about the essential hair mask that can be the savior to your hair, you require to understand why healthy protein is entirely valuable to your hair. Nearly 80% of your hair is comprised of a healthy protein called Keratin that is polypeptide chains as well as amino acids collaborated. Begin with taking a great deal of healthy protein in diet regimen as well as provide your therapy of egg mask a minimum of as soon as a week to meet the healthy protein demand of your hair.

To make sure healthy and balanced hair that jump as well as a beam with wellness, that feel and look excellent you require to shield them from the extreme summer season. Like your skin, your hair additionally requires a regular cleaning hydrating as well as therapy.

1- Milk as well as Honey Hair Masks:

Milk as well as Honey Hair Masks:

Milk as well as Honey Hair Masks:

Have you ever before used a deep conditioning mask which can instill a brand-new life in your hair? Preparing is as easy as it obtains. Mix a tablespoon of honey right into the milk as well as use the very same. Maintain this mix tepid for far better absorption. Attempt this for a week to obtain your harmed hair fixed easily. Milk is just one of the wealthiest resources of healthy proteins that your hair finest soaks up. Honey is a normally taking place cream that can be an excellent as well as a reliable resource of hydration.

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2- Egg Yolk as well as Brandy Hair Mask:

Egg Yolk as well as Brandy

Egg Yolk as well as Brandy

Fabulous hair requires fantastic hair. This is understood to you. What you do not understand is the reality that egg yolk is really way far better than the egg-white for your hair since it has 80% of eggs’ nourishment. If you toss it while using it onto your hair even if it scents dreadful. Quit doing this! Mix a couple of declines of lemon juice to reduce the scent as well as a tablespoon of brandy (a range of brandy that is acquired after dual purification. Apply this freely onto your hair as well as a rinse after 20 mins to obtain certain shot bounce. You do not require use conditioner afterward.

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3- Olive Oil as well as Lemon Juice Hair Mask:

If you have completely dry as well as drab hair, prepare a blend of 2 teaspoonfuls of olive oil as well as 2 two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, use this onto your wet hair for 20 mins. Being exceedingly abundant in Vitamin E, olive oil is just one of the most effective oils for your hair.

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4- Simply Merlot Hair Mask:

Simply Merlot

Simply Merlot

Like your body goes gala after having it, your hair additionally really feels honored after its application. The beer has the anti-oxidants that maintain your hair young constantly. It protects against the development of dead cell develop, avoids lightening of hair by advertising the development of hair healthy protein called keratin as well as fix the harmed hair. You simply require to wash your hair completely with merlot after shampooing your hair. Please make sure that it obtains taken in onto your hair scalp well.

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5- Banana as well as Almond oil Hair Mask:

Banana as well as Almond oil

Banana as well as Almond oil

This summer season see to it to bring banana together with the seasonal fruits for your hair’s purpose. Being incredibly abundant in potassium, bananaquits hair loss as well as provide your hair the sort of sustenance it requires. Take one ripe banana, mash it completely as well as the blend a tablespoon of almond oil. Apply this mix completely on your hair and afterward in layers onto our hair strands. Allow it obtain taken in for 20 mins! Rinse to obtain the honored hair that jumps with wellness.

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Just How to Use Hair Masks For Ideal Outcomes?

The majority of individuals understand what to use yet they do not understand exactly how to use it to obtain the most effective outcomes … below’s exactly how:

When you are going through hair charm therapy in your home attempt doing these:

  • Your hair needs to perspire not trickling at the time of using masks.
  • Use a thick layer of the face mask as well as aside from using it on your hair scalp, use it on your hair strands additionally.
  • If you have slim as well as oily hair, you require to use the hair mask throughout or an inch listed below the origins.
  • Individuals with thick, broken as well as completely dry hair need to use the conditioner equally around the head from origin to suggestion.
  • If you have exceedingly thick hair, it can be a genuine obstacle. If you intend to use it equally, you require to place the conditioning therapy on layers to make sure that it can get to all the areas of your head. You require to make 3 items and afterward use the mask equally to these items.
  • When you have actually used the therapy, you simply require to cover your hair with a shower cap. You can cover a cozy as well as a wet towel around your cling wrap. This will certainly provide your hair the ideal sort of warmth they require. Leave the conditioner for half an hr as well as provide it sufficient time to obtain saturated. Laundry off.

Allow us to see exactly how these active ingredients assist your hair as well as are best factors to consider for the hair masks.

Additional Virgin Olive Oil:

Moistens your hair as well as it is just one of the most effective conditioner as well as a hair treatment. It has actually long been utilized for the hair treatment charm. It renews the completely dry, broken as well as drab hair.


It softens your hair as well as makes them expand.


It is a normally taking place astringent. It shuts the pores of your scalp as well as assists you remove too many oils. Make use of a watered down type since it whitens your hair.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is just one of the most effective factors to consider for hair masks in your home. It is an outstanding conditioner that makes your hair soft as well as glossy.

Constantly keep in mind not to head out in sunlight without appropriate security for your hair.

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