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7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50

Looking ravishing and your best can be hard to achieve even at the 20s. You need to pay attention to have immaculate makeup, great taste in clothes, fit body, and so on. Once you reach the majestic number 5 there aren’t many things that change that drastically. You also need to put effort into weari

7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50
7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50

Looking ravishing and your best can be hard to achieve even at the 20s. You need to pay attention to have immaculate makeup, great taste in clothes, fit body, and so on. Once you reach the majestic number 5 there aren’t many things that change that drastically. You also need to put effort into wearing perfect makeup, do some sport, but only incorporate different things into reaching your top-notch look. You cannot reverse time, that’s a fact, but you can certainly dedicate your full attention to giving your skin and body the care it deserves. It might be hard to get back into shape after 50, it’s not impossible. All you need to do is be persistent and patient and you will look and feel decades younger by implementing the following 7 tips.

1. Don’t let your skin lose its glow

Woman applying beauty mask, close up

As we age, our skin tends to get looser and more sleepy per se. It goes without saying that we should take care of our whole skin at any given time and moment, however, once you reach a certain age you need to moisturize more. That’s right. Dry skin can be your nemesis once you start aging, and you keep your skin smooth and refreshed should be your top priority. With a good and quality moisturizer cream, you will not only make your skin seem more youthful, but you will keep it healthy and nurtured. And, of course, when your skin looks refreshed and glowing, you will too. Therefore, it is vital not to get stingy and spend a significant amount of money on quality creams. Apply the moisturizer daily to your face, neck and even hands. But make sure that the rest of your body is properly taken care of as well by applying a sensitive body lotion after having a shower.

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2. Alter your eating habits

Let’s be honest, we all like to nibble on sweet and savory dinner, especially if they are serving our favorite dish. When in the 20s you can easily eat an abundance of food lat at night and the following day go for a quick run and literally burn it all. Unfortunately, in the 50s that doesn’t function the same way. One of the most renowned beauty and fitness secret for maintaining a healthy and good-looking body is altering your diet. Make sure that your diet is high in lean protein and dietary fiber. Reduce the overall calorie intake by switching your daily eating habits. Eat more healthy colorful fruits and vegetables. Every day try to eat a variety of fresh produce and healthy proteins like fish, beans, eggs, and tofu. Kick out the processed and fast foods from your diet, with the stress on refined grains in white bread, pasta, and rice.

3. Feel content with your age

Aging is an inevitable process, and even if it would be fantastic to turn back time, that is simply not possible. If you wish to look the very best at the age you are in (no matter the number), you need to look and feel good about yourself. Very often ladies simply wish to undergo some form of cosmetic surgery like a breast lift or neck lift, and in that way gain even more confidence with their new and ravishing look. After performing countless similar procedures, experts at Panthea Clinics say that incisions are placed in such a way that once healed they will not be visible or noticed, so you won’t need to worry about that. Or anything else for that matter. Facial fillers and botox are even less invasive option that can uplift your looks. At 50 you will never look 30 again, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot upgrade your looks with some cosmetic procedure so that you would feel content and have a positive mindset which is crucial.

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4. Be in constant motion

Senior Lady Dumbbells Exercise Workout at Home.

Being physically active has numerous benefits to the whole body no matter the age. First things first, you need to be aware that you need to take special care of your muscles and bones. Find a sporting activity that suits you best. You can go brisk walking, jogging around the neighborhood, swimming, do yoga or pilates, or try out Thai Chi. Whatever sporting activity you choose to implement, the very best secret is to move on and on and be in constant motion. Being physically active will improve your cardiovascular system, make you feel more agile and strenuous. Try to mix up the exercise so that you don’t put pressure on your ligaments and straining the same muscle groups. After each activity, always stretch properly. Due to age, your flexibility tends to decrease, so unless you stretch and warm up those muscles, you could make yourself more prone to incurring an injury.

5. Revive your outlook

Believe it or not, nothing makes you look more young and refreshing like tossing out your old-fashioned clothes and replacing them with more sophisticated and modern clothing items. There is no need to take up that ‘granny’ looks by wearing comfy shirts and long baggy skirts. Revamp your entire wardrobe with clothes that will make you look and feel young. Denim jeans, leather jacket in refreshing colors, classy high heels, and trendy dresses. Wear fitted suits and dresses to work, and never settle for ordinary and plain combinations. Experiment with styles and trends, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Also, never let anyone see your grays. Not because you don’t want people to see your age, on the contrary, grays make your face look long and tired. Choose a color and hairstyle that suit your personality. You will instantly look and feel younger once you cover your grays, wear a red nail polish and put-together a fancy and contemporary outfit.

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6. Have some ‘me’ time

You have spent 50 years of your life running back and forth to schools and work, and now you must focus on doing something solely for you. Take up some new and challenging hobby. Try scuba diving or start learning a new language. Travel the world. Go to places you desire and investigate new cities. Fight off stress so that you can only have happy thoughts about the world around you. Dedicate all your free time to yourself and kill off that stressful feeling. Try meditation or listen to soothing music as you do yoga. Do whatever your heart desires whenever you can.

7. Drink more water and sleep more

If you have never thought this was a secret to revamping your looks and body after 50, you have really thought wrong. Water is the essence of life, and for good reason. Our bodies are made up of water, and it is only logical that water will keep our entire organism in order. Water flushes out all the toxins out of the body that has been accumulating throughout the day, plus you will feel full. Water cleanses the body as well making your skin look more juvenile and vigorous. If you strive to have regular sleep of more than 7 hours per night, you have yourself a winning combo of looking young and beautiful.

The key is to be yourself and feel joyous in your skin. Age is merely a number, but after incorporating these beauty secrets, you will feel more fulfilled and gratified.

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