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Couple’s Retreat: 5 Romantic Spots to Visit with Your Behalf in Australia



Romantic Spots

Calling all the lovers around the world! This is your chance to take the love of your life into a once in a blue moon kind of a romantic experience that will absolutely take their breath away!

Well, you know, loving someone for a long time can be boring sometimes. Getting along with the same routine, nonstop exchange of “I Love You” or “I Miss You” messages, making up after short breakups and on and on.  

So, if you want to level up your bonding and get rid of that tiring daily practices, search no further for answers. This piece totally got your plans covered and will let you realize that there are more things you can do to express your love and affection for one another.  

First and foremost, if you want to completely give your babe, sweetheart, darling, honey, or whatever you call him/her an insanely fantastic getaway, you better plan a couple’s retreat in a magnificent land down under, Australia. 

Got no ideas where to go and what places to visit in the beautiful continent of Australia? Don’t worry, sit back, relax, and get ready for the following helpful and romantic suggestions that will give a great turn in your love life.

  • Stay in luxury accommodation in NSW

For couples, you may know that the obstacles and unending struggles that test your relationship can somehow make you feel drained for no reason. So, one simple thing you can do is to bathe yourselves with a luxurious treat in New South Wales, Australia!

The exquisite continent of Australia doesn’t only house the out-of-this-world kind of natural sceneries and attractions. It also offers a handful of choices for accommodating its visitors and one of these is a luxury accommodation in NSW

Don’t worry, this luxury accommodation in NSW still connects you with the calming and relaxing beauty of nature. So, refresh your mind and your body with the love of your life with this once in a lifetime romantic getaway that will blow your mind!

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  • Mesmerize with the beauty of The Great Barrier Reef

Most people say that you really haven’t been to Australia without making time to see and experience the unparalleled beauty of its very own, The Great Barrier Reef. Yes, the wonderful reef is also a good spot for couples who want to share the night full of love and romance. 

This is a fine spot in Australia especially if you love taking a new level of adventures! The Great Barrier Reef has a lot more in store for you. See the list below and choose what activities you’ll indulge in:

  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Sailing
  • Air tours
  • Bare boats (self-sailing)
  • SCUBA diving
  • Whale watching
  • Glass-bottomed viewing
  • Educational tours 
  • Cruise ship adventures
  • Swimming with lovely dolphins
  • Semi-submersibles

So, what do you think, lovebirds? Can you dive into Australia’s huge world of wonders? Don’t waste any millisecond of your time, enjoy holding the hands of the love of your life while immersing yourselves in the beauty of The Great Barrier Reef. 


  • Check-in into the finest and magnificent hotels in Sydney

If you solely want to take the opportunity to be with the love of your life alone in one place, you can opt for checking in into the finest hotel choices in Sydney. Australia isn’t the 6th largest country by total area for no reason – from the luxurious accommodations, dining, adventure, name it, Australia has it! 

So, come and visit Australia, stay away from home for a little while and take the moment to splurge in the goodness and romance with your behalf in the magnificent country. This is also a great thing to do to restore or ignite the slowly fading love and romance between one another. 

There are hotel accommodations in Sydney, Australia that’s capable enough to provide special amenities for celebrating couples. So, no need to worry because you can have a memorable and pampered vacation with the love of your life even by simple checking in into one of Australia’s best hotels! 

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  • Witness Australia’s rich and extraordinary wildlife

Australia is more like a Pandora’s box of remarkable explorations and adventure in the heart of Oceania. Aside from the wonderful and jaw-dropping tourist spots, it also houses rich and extraordinary wildlife. 

So, if you’re thinking of a different and intensified level kind of couple’s retreat, then you better try hanging out with the wild animals that are very well-known and proudly owned by Australia. 

See the list below for the list of the most well-known unique wild animals you can find in Australia.

  • Kangaroo
  • Koala
  • Echidna
  • Platypus
  • Wombat
  • Macrotis
  • Wallaby
  • Sugar glider
  • Tiger quoll
  • Cane toad
  • Thorny dragon
  • Inland Taipan
  • Tasmanian devil
  • Goanna
  • Dingo

Imagine how much you can have fun all day with your behalf by merely getting along with nature and with these awesome creatures. You should be ready when visiting Australia as it’s well-armed to shoot you the kind of experience you’ve never had before.

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  • Be amazed by the inexplicable beauty of Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park

If you can make time to drive going to the Northern Territory of Australia, you’ll find the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park. The said park is a place to both Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

This place is perfect for couples who prefer a more laid-back type of vacation. Plus, you’ll be waking up to an inexplicable beauty once the rays of the sunrise touch the rock formations. 

The sun rays create a kaleidoscopic and scenic effect on the rocks’ surface. The National Park is noted with UNESCO World Heritage Sites for Natural and Cultural landscape – well, that’s unquestionable. 

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Final say:

Now that you’ve found out the top picks and spots to visit in the land down under, start packing your things up, book a flight and get ready for a fun and unforgettable adventure with the love of your life.

Take photos, enjoy, and keep the fire of love burning as hot as a burning flame! Don’t forget to share your stories, okay?


Kath Ramirez embraced the dream of being a writer since she was in 4th grade. She took it seriously and she now writes for Kims, and absolute beachfront tropical location in the northern part of Sydney. Aside from writing, Kath also keeps herself busy spending time with her family, cherishing the role of a mom to 3 dogs and a puppy, reading random books, and diving into the world of photography. She’s not even a pro to whatever she’s engaged into right now, but one thing she knows, she’s happy and that’s more than enough.

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Looking For a Long-Term Relationship on a Chat Line? Ask These Questions



Long-Term Relationship

Men and women often seem to be from completely different universes. Women are generally good at interpreting male psyche. Men, on the other hand, tend to have a lot of trouble relating to and understanding women. Chat lines can be used for various purposes, but if a man is using a chat line to find a long-term relationship with a woman, there’s a good chance they could use some advice! Not only are women difficult to figure out, but there is the added barrier of the phone. Men, who are visual creatures, are forced to abandon their skills in interpreting visual cues. When speaking with a woman on a chat line, it’s important to ask a lot of questions and take the time to both listen and respond to her answers. Asking the questions is the easy part, but knowing what to ask is not so easy! For that reason, we’ve come up with some examples of questions you can ask a woman if you are looking for a long-term relationship. 

Specific background questions: 

Any person using a chat line has likely been asked the same round of questions: Where are you from? What do you do for work? What do you do for fun? These questions aren’t bad to ask, but they can absolutely feel redundant to a chat line match. Rather than going for the same old same old, we suggest asking specific background questions. Why? For one, it’ll break up the monotony of chat line calls. For another, it shows a woman that you really want to get to know her. Here are some examples: 

Unique things she seeks in a partner: 

This one should be obvious, but you’d be shocked to learn how many people forget to ask this question! People who do ask this question often present it in the following way: What are you looking for in a partner? This is a mediocre way to ask because it immediately puts the other person on the spot. You’ll want to slyly inform a woman that you are concerned with what she wants in a match, but not outrightly say it. She’ll get the idea if you try more subtle ways of asking. Here are some examples: 

Questions based on previous responses: 

This is going to be unique for each match you make because (hopefully) each conversation is unique. But, this kind of question is key in establishing a relationship with a woman. After asking the aforementioned types of questions, it’s important to sprinkle in some questions that come to you based on things she has said. It shows that you are listening and it makes her feel that what she has to say is important to you. Check out some of our examples: 

Emotionally charged questions: 

Without oversharing, feel free to get deep with your match if you feel so inclined. Try to stick to happy subjects. Introducing negative elements to any conversation of this nature is never a great idea. Think about some things that have happened in your life, share, and ask a question that would encourage your match to get emotional with you. Sharing deeper information lends itself to developing a much stronger bond with your partner. We’ve listed some examples below: 

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Ask about her ambitions: 

Men are typically concerned with the here and now; while women are inclined to plan for the future. Go outside of your comfort zone and begin to discuss that in a light-handed way with your match. Asking about her future plans relationship-wise is important; however, do not forget to ask about her ambitions outside of a relationship. Allowing her to share her personal goals will show that you can be supportive of her goals. 


Now that you are armed with some questions and conversation starters, you should be able to use a chat line with confidence! When the conversation nears a close, make sure to tell the woman you are speaking with that you appreciate her time. Let her know that you’d like to take her out on a date and ask her what her favorite place would be for the setting of that date.

Women like to know that their feelings are considered when a man makes plans. They also like to know that a man is legitimately making the plan in the first place. In 2019, women are used to men making suggestion and allusions to date, but never following through. If you pick a place and set a date, your match will know that you are serious. You can even make it old school by offering to pick her up. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t want to take that offer. She likely is putting her safety first by meeting up in a public space before getting into a car with someone she doesn’t know… yet! We hope his article nudges you in the right direction when it comes to speaking to a woman you want a relationship with on a chat line! 


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5 Reasons Why You Should Urge Your Man to Have Sex Every Day




Sex is not just for pleasure. It has several other benefits that you may not be aware of. Making love is not only healthy for your body but also your mind. So, if your man is stressed out after a long day at work and not feeling that urge to satisfy you in bed, educate him with these five reasons on why having sex regularly is beneficial for both of you:

1) Helps you feel better

loveHandling daily stress at work is not easy, but a more natural way to cope with the pressure is by having sex at night. Even better, a bit of morning sex will go a long way in providing an energy boost for the rest of the day. That will rejuvenate your mind and help you sail through the day with a good mood. But, what if your man is down and out in bed before he even hits the right spots? Keep some healthy sex capsules handy and feed him one before getting into the act. Erogan is one such capsule that can keep the stallion running for hours. Bet that will satisfy both of you for the night!

2) Builds emotional intimacy

Sex is not all about physical intimacy. It also creates a strong emotional bond between couples. If you want your relationship to last, explain to your partner why having sex regularly will improve your emotional connection. This is an essential ingredient for a long-lasting relationship, and one of the ways to ensure that is regular sex.

3) Better cardiovascular health

A recent report suggests that couples who have sex regularly or more than four times a week are less prone to getting a heart attack, unlike those who have sex once a week. That is another incentive to keep your man going. When you have sex regularly, you are in a better position to control your blood pressure. 

4) Improves immunity

When you have an orgasm, your body releases a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone. This is responsible for keeping your skin healthy and also repairs the tissues in your body. Most importantly, it improves your overall immunity.

That is why couples who have sex regularly have more chances of getting at least three orgasms a week. This will enable them to live longer than couples who do it once or twice a week and get an orgasm once a month.

5) Keeps insomnia away

This is directly related to reducing stress. If you have sex regularly, it not only keeps your mood happy and reduces stress but also drives insomnia away. Stress can often give you and your partner sleepless nights. If he is having a bad time at the office, make him understand that having sex will make him feel relaxed, which will promote better sleep. Try it, and you will soon see that he is sleeping like a baby.

So, now that you know about the benefits of having regular sex, it is time to explain to him the facts. These five reasons should be enough for him to get straight down to the action.

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Top #10 Budget Friendly Pre-Wedding Themes!




Wedding photography is a significant part of the wedding planning and cannot be overlooked. Not to mention that wedding photographs are the best way to reminiscence the wedding in the future. But unfortunately, it can be a very hefty price in your pocket because the professional wedding photographers can put a dent in your pocket for a long time.

So, are you looking for attractive photography ideas that can help you hire inexpensive photographers to get clicked before getting hitched? Then don’t worry, we have a solution for you! After observing some in budget wedding photographers in Delhi, we came across some photoshoot ideas that can help you economically plan the wedding album!

1- Vintage



Vintage pre-wedding shoot captures the couples in the retro romance look, with all types of antique background and props. Here, the lovely lady can dress up in vintage attire consisting of flowy fabrics, rustic colors, lacy borders backed up by the would-be groom wearing a three-piece suit and gelled up hair.

2- Intimate



This is one of the most beautiful ways to capture the intimacy of the couple. This shoot consists of the intimately breezy shots, like- the hot kissing scene, the romantic hug, the cozy sleeping together frame and etc. Here, the photographer plays an important role in the warmth and the mood of the image.

3- Nostalgic

In this pre-wedding shoot, the professional photographer captures the couple in a nostalgic place. Here, you can suggest the photographer capture the photographs in a way that clicks the strings of the past in a sweet way and helps the couple to reminiscence their past whenever they see those images. These photographs can also showcase a theme or storyline, keeping the couple as the center of attraction.

4- Under Water

Under Water

Under Water

To capture the hot side of the couple, you can have an intimate pre-wedding shoot underwater. The water will give a very unique look and highlight you and your significant other against the attractive blue background. The most famous underwater shots are the floating pose, which comprises of the flowing couple in the water.

5- Bokeh



Bokeh is an effect in photography where the background becomes hazy, and the light is clicked as if it is out of focus. The elegant part of this effect is the colorful and aesthetic blurry lights in dark background. The photographer can click the shots in a way that the background has a heart-shaped Bokeh effect.

6- Black And White

Black And White

Black And White

This goes without saying that black and white photography is the most charming way to capture the emotions of the couple. It is like capturing the couple in their actual and natural state, the romantic state. The photographer can also highlight the couple by keeping them colored and making the background black and white as done in the effect color splash.

7- Snow Or Rain

Snow Or Rain

Snow Or Rain

Rainfall and snowfall look attractive to everybody and is considered as the epitome of a romantic aura. These two kinds of weather can bring the couple exceptionally close, and this is what the photographer should capture. The couple caught amidst these corny and cheesy weather conditions can give a very rustic look to the photo album!

8- Nature



Similar to the rainfall and snowfall, the would-be couple can seem magical at the exotic destinations where the beauty of nature is the main focus. Places in mountain areas, in forest areas, or beachy regions can be the best examples of the exotic destinations. The couple can be simply captured with these grand sceneries to emphasize on their bond.

9- Candid



Candid shots are currently the most popular type of photography in which the photographer tends to focus more on the emotional aspect of the pictures rather than worrying about the composition of the images. These candid pictures catch the couple’s natural bond, as they behave with each other. The beauty of this type of shoot is that it doesn’t have to be planned and can happen anywhere because it is all about the personal space of the couple.

10- Movies



In this type of photography, the couple imitates the poses of the famous romantic scenes from popular movies. A lot of times the couples even wear the same clothes and choose the same background for the pictures.

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13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You



13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

“Does She Like Me or Not?”

That’s not a question, a dilemma that every man has to encounter at some stage of his life. This is a fine thread that binds so many one-sided relationships.

Found the love of your life, but still not sure if she feels the same way. Don’t worry; today we’re going to unveil the mystery of relationship counselors. Scroll down; if you find a few of the below-pointed actions in her behavior, then she is completely into you.-

13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

  1. She Laughs At Your Weird Jokes

Is she the first one to bust out into tears of laughter, even when you’ve cracked the most stupendous joke? Admit you know it was really bad. Man, then that’s a clear-cut sign she has some sort of felling for you, and that feeling is called love.

  1. She Wants To Know More

Well, she might not ask your straightaway, but if your friend or coworker lets you know a mutual know girl was inquiring several questions, then that’s the green flag “She Is Just in Love with You,” So, it’s time to tune into Joe Jonas song Just in Love.

  1. Her Eyes Are Searching You

Caught her glaring at you and then she promptly looked here & there, with all the due experience of the Love experts out there, this is nothing but she has a crush on. Don’t let this opportunity to go by, make a move & get her number.

  1. She Just Can’t Stop Smiling

Smile is a manslayer weapon that ladies employ to take down the man she has a crush on. Is your girl constantly giving an adorable smile? Yeah! Then wait or hesitate, start a relationship, whatever you’ll say she will going to love it, and you’ll booth See Love all around you.

  1. She Wants To Know Your Relationship Status

In 21st, ladies are subtle no more, so don’t be surprised, if a girl straightway comes to ask if you have someone special in your life.

  1. Is She The First One To Like Your Posts

Does she like, share, and comment on whatever you post on your social profiles? If yes is your answer, and then be ready to embrace the new chapter of your life, which everyone wants to get in, the magical world of love!

  1. She Keeps Teasing and Picking

No matter its college love or an adult relationship, these girls have a habit of teasing and picking on her man. So, look for this sign the next time you come across her.

  1. She Wants To Hang Out With You

What’ Your Saturday Schedule?

Does that sound familiar? Man, she is dropping a quick hint that she wants to spend an evening one-on-one with you. So, the next she put forth a similar question, just say ”Nothing, But If You Are By My Side That The Day Will Be Memorable.”

  1. She is Physically Close To at Public Places

Take her for a bus or train ride, and she’ll take the seat just next to you.

  1. She Likes Talking To You

Have you ever felt that she just loves to talk to you anytime and anywhere, via social platforms? Yeah! Don’t hold back &  gradually weave your love relationship.

  1. She Touches You

Even slightly, a quick touch on your shirt to compliment you or lovingly hits you when you say something funny!

  1. Responds to You Text every time

Whenever you text, she responds promptly, even your smiley emoji, then in most likelihood suggests she likes you. And, if it happens during the odds of the day, the girl is into you.

  1. She Put Away the Phone Whenever She Sees You

Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral segment of our lives that lets us do so many things, right from shopping on the move to anytime entertainment. So, if she puts her smartphone away upon seeing you, this means the feeling is the same on both the side.

Final Thought

The above-listed signs that a woman is in love with you vary from one individual to another, so in that case, let your gut feeling make the final decision. Are you a first-time dating a girl, need advice? Contact Relationships MDD right away!

I would love to hear from you, share your experiences in the comment section.

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Make Your Reception More Memorable By These Planning Tips



Make Your Reception More Memorable By These Planning Tips

Every newly married couple wants to hear their friends and relatives say that it is the best and most unique wedding reception they have attended ever. However, make it sure that your reception theme, decoration, and boozy favors to give a kickstart to the party are classy is serious work.

As an experienced event planner, I know how excited you are after your special day. After the special day, you want to throw an unforgettable reception. Follow the planning tips mentioned below:

Select a unique venue

If you find it hard for going outside for a traditional wedding reception, you can think out of the box. By thinking out of the box, you can give uniqueness to your post-wedding bash. Here are some options for selecting the location:

  • Art Galleries
  • Group campgrounds
  • Mid-mountain ski lodges
  • Playgrounds or parks
  • Summer camp
  • Small amusement parks

Selecting any one of these will charge your spirit of hearing the guests saying they are attending one of the best reception bashes.

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Personalize the decoration

Venue decoration is essential, and personalizing the decoration makes it unique and special one. For personalization, you can use decorative items with personalized labels and stickers. From lights to furniture, make everything customized. Paste customized stickers on the items being used for decoration.    

Plan to surprise your guests at the entrance

You are married or you have entered into a new life is not a surprise now. Think to do different things to make your guests amazed when they enter the venue. You can burst news that there is a secret tent, which is serving a themed shot. Besides, you can offer old-fashioned games for the guests.

Produce welcome bags

Maybe you may not available to welcome all the guests at the entrance. Therefore, you should plan to do something that can make them feel having a personalized welcome. Make a person responsible to greet the guest and gift them welcome bags with a personal note when they enter the venue. In the bag, you can place snacks, hangover helpers, and weatherproof essentials.

Set the mood with color

Have a colorful decor whether you want more lively energy at the reception bash or a wedding theme. You can use a large number of items to work on creating a beautiful palette into your wedding reception bash. Flowers with personalized labels at the center, tablecloths, candle colors, and linen napkins can add an extra flair to your reception.

Play the music that the guests get in the mood and start dancing

Plan a playlist. Choose the music that can please the guests and you. For this, you can hire a DJ or a band. The music that will be played should be the one no one can escape from being on the dance floor.

Hire a coordinator

Having an event planner is awesome. Look for hiring someone who can oversee the shindig details if you haven’t hired an event planner. It will worth, as you will be busy in enjoying your newlywed status.

Make a shift and be comfortable

As you finish your first dance, switch your veil and train for the white dress. Make yourself move comfortably. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy more fun and your reception attendees follow the suit.

Set reciprocal/personalized food stations

You know a guest is happy when he/she is fed well. Therefore, serve the guests with specialized treats. You can give a personal touch to food items and beverages with custom label design. Leave no-fail options and ask the planner to have proper food at the right place like pasta bars, mac-and-cheese stations, donut walls, and grilled cheese lines.

Plan for having unexpected entertainment for the guests

To make your wedding reception unforgettable for each of the guests, you can surprise them with a completely unexpected event. Hire a belly dancer or a mariachi band to create Wow factor and surprise your friends and guests.

Refuel with light snacks and drinks

Enjoying the reception bash to the fullest requires energy. You can serve them with the most favorable snacks and drinks. French fries and sliders will give your guests a second wind. You can serve pizza by the slice or bite-sized tacos if your guests are not burger/fries type.

Plan to have a graceful exit

Everyone is in high spirits and has enjoyed a lot at the bash. Now, the time comes to give an end to your reception. Leave a farewell note and opt for sparkle send-offs for the guest at the end. It’s your wedding and it is you who have to make it count. Therefore, you should ensure that there will be a graceful exit and all the guests will happily leave the venue.

Wedding receptions come in all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to add something different to make your bash unique whether you want to be super off-beat or more traditional. It’s you, your budget, wish, or planning that can help you what to do or what not to do for making your reception unique.

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